House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Leads Opposition to Fiscal Cliff Tax Hikes

Eric Cantor is leading Republican efforts in the House to oppose the Senate’s fiscal cliff tax hikes.
CNN’s Deirdre Walsh tweeted:

In the very least – Republicans need to make sure Democrats own these devastating tax hikes.

The Senate bill includes tax hikes and no spending cuts. In fact the senate budget agreement will lead to an overall increase in spending of about $330 billion over 10 years.

Politico reported that House opposition is growing to the fiscal cliff deal.

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  • Chippy

    Stop the socialists NOW! Laugh at them! They are a bunch of losers who are stealing our money and our liberty!

  • Bob

    How can the support it. Just raising taxes and no spending cuts!

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  • TeachX3

    And as the curtain opens for another act in the dog and pony show, the people sit on the edge of their seats waiting for what comes next in the political theater… but we all know it will not have a happy ending.

  • Look-Out

    HOw about this? Plan C —

    I saw that decoupling tax increases from spending cuts and entitlement reform would result in what we now have, where we give up on taxes but get nothing in return. We no longer have bargaining power because we have nothing left to give except even more taxes. We shot our wad on a fiscal three-card monte game.

    Plan C did nothing more than maintain the status quo until all issues were addressed as part of a “grand bargain” type agreement in which Democratic sacred cows were on the table.

    Plan C did not force either side to concede anything. Indeed, if passed now, Plan C would not rule out that part of the eventual deal on taxes may be what just passed the Senate … but at least we’d get something in return.

    Even people (like me) who are against any tax increases could live with some tax increase if it were part of a deal which actually put the country on a proper fiscal road and substantially addressed our spending problem. Let both sides sacrifice their principles, if either side does.

    It’s not to late for the House to reject a piecemeal approach. The House should mark-up the Senate bill to reflect Plan C and send it back to the Senate.

    We’re going to have a debt ceiling and spending fight anyway in two months, let everything be on the table when it happens.

    (my bolding)

    Besides, I heard Barry say he’d hoped for a “Grand Bargain”. For the pathological liar, this statement was no exception.

  • Rhonda

    remember conservatives this is why you still have the HOUSE, if you don’t stand up now you might just as well pack up and go home.

  • Mad Hatter

    King George wanted the people of the 13 Colonies to pay higher taxes.

    Obama wants the people of America to pay higher taxes.

    Both Dictators have a greed for more power, and for more of the peoples money.

  • Multitude

    So if it is amended to strike the new spending and instead have dollar for dollar cuts that target indefensible Obama waste (eg ObamaPhones, another year of unemployment pay, billions to Egypt, etc.), does it go to conference committee where it can get all Boehnered up?

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  • donh

    HOW many times have we seen this…..GOOD people in the House succeed in stopping a bad measure from passing …only for the fascist to come back days later and shove an even WORSE bill down our face. It happened throughout the Bush administration. It has to END. When the House defeats something, make measures more to conservative liking or take NO for an answer. People will support some tax increase if there are CREDIBLE cuts . This bill is GARBAGE !

  • Skandia Recluse

    So H.R. 8 was the original House tax/revenue bill that the Senate gutted and rewrote? So why not just return the favor, gut the Senate version, restore the original House version, add in a flat 10% spending cuts for every number in the budget and send it back to the Senate with a few gratuitous insults directed at the President, just to be fair.

    What…wait…we don’t have a budget? Who knew?

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Double knot the ole diving trunks and jump off the cliff!!! It’s the only cuts they’ll get.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    PS: If the military is going to take the biggest hit then bring em all home now. A threat to some progressive sewer like New York or DC isn’t worth anymore flyover country blood.

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  • TeachX3

    #13 … I agree 100%

  • Larse

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  • Houstonpetitions

    #13-no kidding! Especially when you throw in current open borders invasion policy….what’s the point?

  • Buzzy

    Please guys, don’t be fooled by Cantor. Either Boehner is stepping back on the negotiations as he was so damaged with his secretive negotiating with Obama, and his plan B deal, or what is even more likly is that Cantor is making moves to replace Boehner as Speaker. Haven’t we all been reading for more than a year that there were animosities between Boehner and Cantor, and that Cantor wanted to take the Speaker’s position? I promise you, Cantor replacing Boehner would be like shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic. There is nothing conservative, or small government about Cantor. Cantor is well known in our 7th VA district as a power seaker, opportunist, who is never at a loss for a federal government fix for everything. Oh please God don’t make the mistake of putting Cantor in the Speakers chair. Two big government examples, Cantor said the Republicans don’t want to replace all of Obamacare, they want to keep the pre-existing condition portion of Ocare. He was a big champion of the Cash for Clunkers program which took many many perfectly fine vehicles off the road that is all what some people can afford without a huge monthly payment. There is alot more, but that should make everyone run for the hills, or against Cantor. Cantor will never ever move to stop Obamacare, never.

  • Buzzy

    On Thursday of last week, Eric Cantor took to the microphones, and said unqeuivocally that the House had the votes to pass Boehner’s Plan b. That was just a few hours before the vote had to be cancelled because the House did not have the votes to pass the crap called Plan B. Cantor pushed for the support of Plan B. That’s a conservative with backbone?

  • Lightwave

    In the very least – Republicans need to make sure Democrats own these devastating tax hikes.

    Senate Republicans have already ruined any chance of that.

    Scuttle the bill. Let taxes go up. Then pass a bill as soon as the new House is sworn in that makes the Bush tax cuts permanent for all Americans, and cuts spending deeply. Explain to Americans that Senate Democrats are now holding their tax cuts hostage.

    They’ll blink first, I guarantee it.