The State Department announced this afternoon that Hillary Clinton was released from the hospital today with a blood clot in her skull.

Bill and Chelsea were there to pick her up.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (L) leaves New York Presbyterian Hospital with husband, Bill (TOP R), and daughter, Chelsea (R), in New York, January 2, 2013. (Reuters)




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  1. I thought she was brain dead, although, how could you tell?

  2. With her having health problems, and she’ll be almost 70 years old in 2016, this must confirm that she would not be qualified to run for Office. I mean after all, we can’t have someone with serious heath issues running for the highest Office in the land.

    She needs to stay at home, be monitored, and take care of herself so she doesn’t have any bad affects of the blood clot.

  3. What???? She wasn’t knocked off yet?

  4. What a hag!

    And this retread is the Dems’ on-deck batter?

    Brain-related stuff sank Dem Tom Eagleton in 1972.

  5. You’re right, Mad Hatter, we certainly wouldn’t want anyone in the highest office in the land who showed, say for instance, early signs of Alzheimer’s, now would we?

  6. This reminds me of Ted Kennedy’s neck brace. How dare anyone investigate such a selfless civil servant undergoing such difficulties?

  7. Thank God it’s a head shot and not another of her elephankles. I don’t think I could stomach that twice in a lifetime.

  8. #7
    you’re good with someone who shows every sign of fraud, narcissism, buffoonery, ill-manners, incompetence, hypocrisy, hate, envy, vengeance, sociopathy and… anti-American evil

    I ran that list off in 9.2 seconds, sorry to be so brief but I’m hungry for dinner now.

  9. With these people it is very difficult to know what’s true and what’s a farce with their track record. Pathological liars are they, so who really knows if she has a blood clot. If so, I do not wish her any ill. If it’s a lie; then damn them to hell.

  10. #7
    Dave commented:

    You’re right, Mad Hatter, we certainly wouldn’t want anyone in the highest office in the land who showed, say for instance, early signs of Alzheimer’s, now would we?


    It’s not Alzheimer’s she needs to worry about. Having a blood clot could result in a much worse ailment for her, and I hope it doesn’t. Blood clots can move quickly without warning, and can be deadly.

  11. Im sure the skank was ordered 6 months of bed rest to be sure she doesnt have to testify on Benghazi

  12. Hilary, I want you to get well and take care of yourself! Stay away from stress, life is too short. The world will turn without you …

  13. notice she’s holding Chelsea’s hand…when was the last time bill and hill were seen together? looooong time ago…it’s now just a power partnership only

  14. Huh! She does look worse than usual, doesn’t she?

  15. #11 January 2, 2013 at 6:08 pm
    Sasja commented:

    If it’s a lie; then damn them to hell.


    Seriously. If they had any track record of truth I would grant them one instance of compassion, but I’m not that generous.

    She was probably in there to get her face lifted after Bill and Barack used it for a doormat.

  16. This is just more of the same BS. If it was the truth how come no comment from dear leader????????? The only ones who are caring are the media hacks… She needs under the rock with willie and the fugly daughter.

  17. Hope she didn’t have stroke if not she will suffer the whole life. After drinking too much alcohol.

  18. I have no sympathy for this evil woman

    She lied to the faces of the Woods family and blamed their son’s death on a Youtube Video

    Then she locked the guy who made a 10minute Youtube video in Jail

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