Hillary Clinton GOES OFF on Sen. Ron Johnson During Benghazi Hearing (Video)

Hillary couldn’t handle the pressure.
The Secretary of State went off today after Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) questioned why Ambassador Susan Rice went on television and misinformed the American public on the Benghazi attacks.
Hillary did not like the questioning.

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  • Lim Lynn

    Criminals usually hates to answer question what do you expect?

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  • Tom Doniphon

    Looks like Hillary is feeling much better!

  • airon-later

    Hillary responded as she should have to Johnson’s blatant over-simplification of the attack and how he thinks the the situation should have been handled. Good for her.

  • Economan

    Arrest her, maybe she’ll cool off faster in prison.

  • Lim Lynn

    Difference old fashion CSI and real CSI.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    What’s with the phony “eyeglasses” costume? Suddenly she looks like a librarian?

    Did her concussion prevent her from wearing contacts?

    Typical defense lawyer move. Look like a victim. A meek and mild person caught up in circumstances that surpass one’s abilities.

    Don’t fall for it America. She is cunning and shrewd and is playing the victim role again.

  • owl

    All our ELECTED voices had to do………………………was divide the questions between them.

    They could have kept their loving short and asked her ONE question.

    Asked her the question OVER & OVER & OVER and SHOUTED over her when she STONEWALLED.

    I do not know ONE thing more than I did before.

    Why are they accepting this?

  • Sam Stone

    SoS Clinton says “What difference does it make and who cares if Ambassador Rice LIED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! My husband lied to the American people and i am still with him.”

  • GotFreedom

    Why do they always dance around the questions. . .cut the flowery prelude to each question and just get to the meat of the matter. . .4 Americans were murdered; why weren’t they helped; who knew; who ordered the stand down; where are the others who were injured. . .I’m sick of all the niceties. . .cut the crap and go for the jugular. . .put her on the hot seat. . .I don’t give a darn who she is or who she’s married too. . .she’s lying and needs to be treated as a hostile witness and questioned extensively!

  • cavt


  • Linda

    She’s a professional at lying and acting out, and does well at it, but “We the People”, don’t believe you, you are a phony and we know it. . She is a just a puppet . Liar, liar, pants on fire.

  • Lim Lynn

    I wonder the next incident will happen after John Kerry become Secretary of State.

  • Ed

    1:09 thur 1:24, a flat out lie. Also, she says she did her best to get the facts but told Johnson she didn’t think it appropriate to question her employees before the FBI. This is nonsense. And ‘airon,’ go f yourself!

  • when are they going to let that gentleman out of prison …you remember him ….the one where hilary announced the verdict before there had even been an investigation …. the utube video caused this ….funny

  • Practical Jane

    #8: Why are they accepting this?

    For the same reason Allen West was “voted” out and John Boehner remains Speaker of the House. Americans don’t run America any longer.

  • Sasja

    Where are the survivors?

  • Lim Lynn

    3rd picture looks like she saying I want to get out from this hearing as fast as I can similar to frog jumping in extremely hot water.

  • Finncrisp

    It’s the VIDEO, stupid was the response for days after. State Dept under their desks to this day in dealing with only the 6th assassination of a US Ambassador in history!

    Hilary is still suffering amnesia when it come to the truth. The cover up continues…

    The Ambassador’s family deserved better.

  • RedBeard

    The spotlight is obviously making her edgy. She’s ducking the question, dodging responsibility, and trying to deflecting criticism by means of some theatrical desk-pounding. This happens when someone is questioned on a matter which has been handled dishonestly. Hard to remember which stories were told, and when.

  • donh

    WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE ?…….the FAKE blame game of a ” protest over a video ” was PUSHED by our own government to TAKE AWAY our free speech rights…. culminating in Obama’s UN Proclamation that ” THE FUTURE DOES NOT BELONG TO PEOPLE WHO INSULT THE PROPHET MUHAMMED ” ….and a man REMAINS IN JAIL…for uploading a Youtube video that had NOTHING to do with this terrorist attack.

  • tim

    Then why, Madam Secretary, if indeed the administration did not know what caused this incident why didn’t Sec. Rice, instead of saying that it was a protest, merely say what you’re telling us now – “We don’t know yet…”? Wouldn’t that have been the more responsible thing to do rather than to guess and ultimately, intentionally or unintentionally, mislead the America public?

  • Ed

    At 1:51 thru 2:08, Johnson asks the central question on his mind: Why didn’t she interview her own injured employees just hours after the attack. At 2:08 thru 2:15 she responds that she didn’t want to interfere with any other processes (re: FBI). What other processes? Did the FBI tell the executive branch, “Don’t talk to anyone?” Damned liar!

  • USMC Thomas

    It all depends on the meaning of the word “misleading” is.

    Answer the simple f*cking question, b*tch!

  • OMG! Hillary shouts: ” The fact is we have four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or because some guys were out for a walk one night and decided to kill some Americans. At this point what difference does it make”!? What difference does it make? Can she get any more callous? I’m sure the four dead American’s families are going to appreciate that statement. Remember fellow Americans, she shouted it out loud and clear. It makes no difference to her how or why these people were murdered.

  • CommieJuice

    She is just as pathetic as the loser who spanked her in the DNC primary in 2008. What a horrible, loathsome worn out old woman. Who cares why they did, they did it, so what, let’s move on now is her attitude.

  • Ed

    Tim at #22, nice shot. Bullseye!

  • donh

    fascinating performance…Broom Hildabeast wearing her finest Wicked Witch of the West green and black wardrobe… > http://scm-l3.technorati.com/11/05/05/33081/wicked-witch-of-the-west.jpg?t=20110505174825

    …. NOTE at the 2:20 mark how shakes a threatening baphomet hand gesture when she makes her #2 point and then proceeds into her femenazi shrill rage attack mode…Lets see what evil befalls Senator Johnson in the days to come for he hath been CURSED by the most high witch…. > http://www.saintsagainsttyranny.com/peacesign_satan.jpg

  • Sandy

    Hillary’s a good actress but she gave herself away by going off while reading her script. She should know that you never give your ace performance until you know your lines.

  • Lim Lynn

    In his second inaugural address, President Obama made every effort to tie his political philosophy to the ideals and principles of the American Founding, even as he made clear how little he understands those ideals and principles. The gist of Obama’s speech was that only government can grant freedom. Or as he put it, “[W]e have always understood…that preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires collective action.”

    To be clear, Obama doesn’t mean this in the sense of a limited government’s importance in securing certain unalienable rights. Rather, as his speech made clear, he means it in the sense of an activist government’s importance in consolidating power effectively, redistributing wealth liberally, taxing and spending prodigiously, and heavily regulating the possession of that portion of Americans’ property that it allows to remain in their hands.

  • hermie

    What difference does it make? Instead of blaming the Al Queda-affiliated terrorists she and the Obama regime concentrated on some D-list video producer and kept lying about it for days. The FBI hasn’t done squat ‘investigating’ this attack. The survivors have been kept as prisoners by their own government as if they were being prosecuted for the inconvenience of staying alive.

  • Ray

    I wish it had been her at Benghazi that night.


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  • Servo1969

    Let’s say the police answer a call at the home of a married couple. The husband is dead and has obviously been shot. They ask the wife “What happened here?” and she replies “My husband is dead! How can you ask me such questions? What difference does it make?”

    Think that would be good enough for them?

  • paul52

    Shrillary has been living the lie since the first time Willie cheated on her. Ask Vince Foster… oops! She and Willie are still victims of that “vast right wing conspiracy.” Oh, and ‘Air biscuit, the wonder troll’ is back.

  • .Alinskyites are good at lying and deception,evil,treacherous … doesn’t matter that four people died…… all that matters is main-goal..to bring america down to impose marxist dictatorship, while arming our enemies to bring about their main goal of muslim calaphate….

  • Adirondack Patriot

    The media is now spinning this that Clinton is “feisty”. When a Republican does the same thing, they are derided as “combative” and “disrepectful.”

    I wonder if they would be so forgiving if a journalist was one of the four killed at Benghazi?

    She is Arkansas trash.

  • mg4us

    She should be tried for TREASON

    It make all the difference. . . it affects America’s standing in the world. .it puts all our embassies and businesses at risk. . .

    This IS treason. . .

    Clinton, along with Obama, is not incompetent but working AGAINST the best INTEREST of OUR COUNTRY. .TAR & FEATHER HER and her Perv of a Husband. . and OBAMA too!

  • dan’l

    She’s using a tactic that all skilled liars use.

  • Pablito

    Madam Secretary….if it makes no difference, why has the administration continued to lie? Why lie if it makes no difference? Please Mrs. Clinton…..let’s bring in the families of those killed and see if it makes any difference to them .

  • Ray

    38-C’mon,don’t bash Arkansas. She is from Chicago.

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  • Lim Lynn
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  • tj

    Hillary said it does not matter why they were killed.. we must simply get the killers…

    Suppose the terrorists were there to eliminate Stevens.. the only man who could directly link Obie to providing weapons to Al Qeda (Thru Turkey.. to overthrow Syria)..

    If that’s true.. WHY is all that matters….

    And why does Hillary want these terrorists dead… so they can’t tell why…

    Looks like Chicago gangsters running our country… now that couldn’t be true… could it?

  • bg
  • Chris W.

    Excuse me Mrs Clinton, but the reasons behind the attack are entirely relevant.

    As US forces assisted in liberating Libya, then the fact that Libyan terrorists are operating with impunity and murdering Americans after the liberation proves a failure on the Administration’s and the State Department’s part. You took the wrong side, or at the very least should not have taken any side at all. Further, to blame it all on a Youtube video (unseen by most people in Libya, who are lucky to have a refrigerator much less internet access) is nothing less than a deflection and, more likely, a deliberate misrepresentation and lie to the American people.

    Or is this too obvious a point to make? Apparently so, since the weaklings in Congress did not push the issue.

  • B.O. don’t know diddley squat

    And the Oscar goes to ……Hillary

    Madcow is getting “the tingles”
    Tingles will call it her “Rosa Parks ” moment
    Special Ed will blame the Tea Party

    Andrea Mitchell is busy editing the tape

  • Servo1969

    So, the sworn testimony of the Secretary of State as to what exactly led to the assassination of a U.S. Ambassador can be summed up as “I don’t know. Who the hell cares?”

  • BrumaShave

    ” The fact is we have four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or because some guys were out for a walk one night and decided to kill some Americans. At this point what difference does it make?”


    State Department Security was lax and inadequate and on top of that it was deliberately weakened despites Ambassadors Stephens’s persistent pleas for greater security, not less. And who was responsible for THAT, Madam Secretary? YOU! Two months too late you rhetorically proclaimed that you were responsible in the most vague and general sense. But now, four months after the fact, you are mendaciously trying to evade and obscure your responsibility.

    What difference does it make? PLENTY!! It is way passed time that our leaders started to admit real and specific mistakes and learn from them, including taking REAL RESPONSIBILITY. And if people were really responsibility and really learned from their mistakes, it would make a real (and very refreshing) difference. The administration’s lying about the phoney video and refusal to admit the lying show that REAL RESPONSIBILITY IS OFF THE TABLE FOR THE TIME BEING.

    PS, Hillary, forget about any “Presidential ambitions;” we already have more than enough faux leaders as it is.

  • B.O. don’t know diddley squat

    “At this point what difference does it make?”

    Hmm…Hillary just gave these 4 men and their families..THE FINGER

  • Catherine

    throw this liar (b%th) in jail.
    He the Senator asked about days later why she lied to the Parents and the American people not just days latter but weeks later hell the president of the USA went in front of the UN 2 weeks later and said it was because of a video.

    Throw this tratior in jail.
    she is sleeping with the muzzis for money.
    Remember the people at state watched live the asalt.
    what was Stevens doing there on the 11th?


  • Adirondack Patriot

    If the death of Americans negates the reason to ask questions, why did we have a September 11th Commission?

  • Carlos

    Hillary’s appearance changes frequently. I wonder if her coke bottle thick glasses and overall haggard appearance are merely part of her schtick…see how I’m wearing myself out for this country!

  • Ghost

    I’ve offered this comment many times on this blogsite: the Left’s mantra response to every Superior argument, “it doesn’t matter… it doesn’t matter… it doesn’t matter”

    You heard that today is Supreme Shrillary Style, didn’t ya’? now, remember the lesson

  • browncoat

    I cannot begin to express how I feel about these lowlifes, and if I did, I’d probably earn a visit from the Secret Service. Clinton and Obama either completely and maliciously neglected their duty, or they watched as good men died fighting, expecting the help that never came. No one is going to charge this lying old bag or our punk president with treason, but they are traitors nonetheless and the deepest circle of hell awaits their putrid souls.

  • dunce

    The Sgt. Schultz defense, “I know nothing!!”. She is even starting to look like him. The prisoners in Stalag 13 got better protection than the diplomats in Benghazi.

  • BarbaraS

    The fact still remains that she and her cohorts (except obama…he went to bed) watched the battle for hours in real time and did nothing. All aid that was sent to help was told to stand down. All the people who disobeyed the order to stand down were removed from office and from what I read the plane en route to the scene was told it would be shot down if it did not return to base and the drone was shot down. What kind of administration is this? Crooked, that’s what. Also traitorous. But, then, we all knew this administration are all traitors up to and including our imposter in chief. The truth of the matter is that obama is in cohoots with al quaeda. This has been proved by his arming these thugs in Libya and in Syria and now in Algeria to say nothing of Mexico and other South American countries. He is setting us up for invasion and death.


    These politicians are despicable. Utterly and totally despicable people. I wish we could put them all on an island far, far away, in the middle of the ocean and then sink the island.

    They all are rotten and corrupt to the core.

  • Joanne

    Deflecting, deflecting, deflecting. This is what someone does when they do not want to accept any blame for what they are responsible and accountable for. ‘What does it matter now what happened, when there are four dead Americans.’ It matters dumb beeatch that there are four dead Americans, when there was no protection for the consulate, even though they repeatedly asked for protection and it was denied, and that those who were able to rescue them weren’t allowed but were also denied to help.

    He pointed out that she only had to do something so simple as a phone call, and she didn’t. He pointed out that she is either a complete moron or a liar – hah! The woman was quick to do an ad blaming the attack on a film maker, but she tries to make out that she told the world it was a terrorist attack from day one.

  • JoyO

    What difference does it make? That was an unbelievable callous response — but something I am not surprised to hear from a self-declared Progressive.

    Americans still need to demand the answers to: (l) Did the President really give the order for everything possible be done to save these Americans? (2) If so, who countermanded the President’s order. The media will never investigate Benghazi. They will protect the President to their dying breath.

  • Danger


    (Said with the righteous indignation of a fired up Southern Church Preacher)

  • grandmaC

    She is a liar. What a waste of time.

  • just-saying

    Not the most diplomatic sort, is she?

  • bg


    re: “what difference does it make”..

    is that like, not optimal?? /s/


  • bg


    “what difference does it make”??

    “it is our job to figure out what happened”, etc..

    uhm, doesn’t that mean IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE??

    hypocrite, and i can just imagine the air heads
    clapping when she sputtered that nonsense..


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