Hah! Dana Loesch Pulls Out AR15 Lighter on Piers Morgan Show (Video)

Dana Loesch was on with Piers Morgan tonight to discuss gun rights in America. Piers is still on a mission to ban automatic weapons in America. During the segment Dana pulled out an AR15 lighter on the show and began to school Piers on automatic weapons. He didn’t like it much. Piers told her,
“Dana, stop talking for a moment.”

For some reason Piers always looks pained when Dana is on to talk about guns.

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  • Sam Stone

    Why didn’t she answer, keeping those who use firearms in the commission of a crime in jail for 30 years, right off the top?

  • Alvin

    Piers must really like it when Dana PWNS him. He keeps trying to redirect her answers back into his narrative but can’t do it. She knows the subject too well, and he does not.

  • Alvin

    Sam she did allude that, tougher penalties. But libs want to cut criminals incarceration time assuming they have paid their debt or have been rehabilitated.

  • NeoKong

    I admire Dana but she needs a better answer than not disarming law abiding citizens.
    For example if there were a thousand more law abiding citizens on the streets of Chicago it would not lower the violence in my opinion because the young drug dealing gang bangers aren’t afraid at all with getting in a shooting match.
    They do it for fun.

    If Piers asked me I would say that if a certain area meets a specific per capita number of residents in shooting deaths then we can designate that area a high crime area and allow police broader enforcement discretion and a lower standard of probable cause.
    It is no different then setting up a roadside DUI checkpoint were people are compelled to be searched for alcohol or arrested.

    Why must we pretend…?
    We know exactly where these neighborhoods are and dare not speak their name because of their specific demographic traits.
    The majority of gun violence is in concentrated in certain areas and we all know the reasons.
    You’ll notice that Piers never ever brings up this certain truth.
    They never do.
    It is always the Ted Nugent guys they want to talk about or the .0001% of the perps.

  • Your opinion notwithstanding NeoKong, that’s not what actually happens. When law abiding citizens are armed, crime drops.

  • NeoKong

    “#6 January 28, 2013 at 10:18 pm
    Mad William Flint commented:

    Your opinion notwithstanding NeoKong, that’s not what actually happens. When law abiding citizens are armed, crime drops.”

    In the vast majority of places sure but there are some area where common sense is defied.
    With all due respect. Explain why the city of Chicago eventually had to tear down Cabrini Green when an army of police could not stop the crime.
    Your example assumes that many of the local residents in fact want to end the gun violence but reality has proven they do not.
    There is a low level tribal war going on in those neighborhoods and the word “tribal” comes from Gen. Stanley McCrystal who said the violence in Chicago reminded him of the violence in Afghanistan with the territorial enclaves battling their local neighbors.

  • The point is if there are people who can commit mass-slaughter with a semi-automatic rifle, then how in the hell is it going to help a damn thing to take away the rights of law-abiding citizens to own such firearms? It doesn’t help anything but the criminal, PERIOD!

    Listen, this argument is already won. We should always argue it from the winning position, not the defensive. The SCOTUS ruled in “D.C. v. Heller” that the 2nd Amendment is not just for hunting, but for protection against those who would do harm to us, like a tyrannical government, for example.

    The question is what do people like Piers et al. hope to change by proposing legislation that severely infringes on the right for Americans to bear arms? The crime stats just don’t back the lib’s arguments–quite the contrary.

    There’s one argument that can’t be one by a liberal on this matter. I’m tellin’ it can be done: if we outlaw guns, then only outlaws will have guns. We have already given up way too much already.

    Guns in the hands of citizens will result in accidents; but guns only in the hands of government always lead to genocide.

    Wake up, America!

  • Ray

    Piers Morgan is a tabloid media carnival barking hack. We need to stop legitimizing him by playing into his garbage. He doesn’t give a crap about gun violence. He loves gun violence. It’s propelled him into Washington chattering class circles.

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  • Lim Lynn

    Piers Morgan is an uneducated idiot who will make noise like empty tin can but will not shut up until you politely tell him which hits him in his vulnerable point. Dana Loesch was on with Piers Morgan tonight to discuss gun rights in America.

  • B.O. don’t know diddley squat

    Two articles worth reading:

    The Project Exile in Richmond,Va basically goes after the ILLEGAL gun owner (convict,drug dealer,etc etc) who commits a crime with the ILLEGAL gun..they get time added for the illegal gun
    In short,they made the person the criminal…not the GUN
    BTW: stats show..it seems to have worked



  • Godzilla

    Charles Blow? LOL

    What would a pantywaist and lalagirl from NYT know about firearms?

  • airon-later

    Not a fan of Piers Morgan, though he does ask tough questions from time to time. As for Loesh, one of the RW’s premiere sophists, she is doing nothing more than trying to prove some sort of reactionary point in the most childish way possible

  • Nelle

    The mass shootings that are the catalyst for this conversation can be reduced when we deal with the dangerous mentally ill people off their meds and wandering around, listening to voices in their heads. People around them know they should be locked up, but it’s rarely possible. As long as we tolerate this neglect of sick people and of public safety, we will have to accept some horrible crimes and hope it doesn’t happen to us or to our loved ones. I for one would like to hear our politicians address this problem, but they seem to be obsessed with counting bullets and restricting the freedoms of stable, law abiding people.

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  • Highlander

    NeoKong, what you’re describing is a scenario in which there are no “law abiding citizens” left, and yes, areas like that certainly do exist in America. However, we must ask ourselves how they GOT that way in the first place. They got that way through gun control and lax liberal criminal justice policies that allowed criminals in urban areas to multiply and profit from preying on society unchecked. Honest citizens, who’ve been disarmed and left defenseless will flee those neighborhoods rather than face rampant crime with no way to protect themselves or their families. It’s not rocket science …

    Urban war zones, like LA, Chicago, and DC are the exception, not the rule in America, and if you ask me, they should be treated as such until the criminal element is eradicated and law and order is restored. It simply makes no sense to allow the Constitution and the second amendment to be trampled just because a group of lawless thugs are breaking other, lesser laws. Local and State law enforcement should given the tools they need to restore law and order in our cities, and they should be held accountable if they fail to do so.

    In MOST areas of this country, permitting and encouraging as many law abiding citizens as possible to bear arms is the best approach. We have a Constitutional right to protect ourselves and our families, and allowing us to do so will go a long way toward preventing these war zones from ever forming in the first place…

  • Highlander

    And Nelle, it’s important to point out ONCE AGAIN, that although these occasional mass shootings are horrible and shocking, they represent a TINY fraction of the firearm violence in this country. Focusing on those incidents while the rest of the country burns every night is foolish and shortsighted. There’s an elephant in the room, but nobody wants to discuss it. They’re too busy trying whipping the country into an anti-“assault weapon” hysteria and trying to strip decent citizens of their gun rights to admit who’s really doing all the shooting.

    When they’re ready to get down to brass tacks, discuss the reality of the situation, and start holding the REAL perpetrators of all the gun violence accountable, I’m all ears. Until then, they can just keep their hands off my guns because I have no intention of becoming a victim…

  • FearsOrgan

    I almost unloaded my gun when she was demonstrating semi auto operation, her spot on defense at the front line of freedom vs media brainwashing is a beautiful thing, unlike most media socialites who are glamorized for constant baby mama drama and Hollywood entitlement.

  • Campfollower

    Pierce is concerned about “a few more dead” but to quote our esteemed secstate: What difference does that make????? WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?”

    They don’t care about carnage in Benghazi or Afghanistan, but they care SO MUCH about it in the instance here.

  • Practical Jane

    Entertaining, but, in the end, just noise.
    No matter, the Communists are coming for Americas guns.
    Figure out what you’re going to do.

  • crackermike

    But, the Liberals and Progressives know BEST. Their policies enforced for the last 50 years have produced the wonderful, peace loving and child protective cities of Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC, East St. Louis, et al. It’s all “FOR THE CHILDREN” so, er, ah, uh it’s allright. Maybe if we all try really hard, we can “fundamentally transform’ our cities into these models of civilization too. Yes we can!

  • rabble-rouser

    Gotta luv Dana’a spunk. She is a firecracker!

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  • shadow

    However nobody actually saw it, seeing how it was on the Piers Morgan Show.

  • robins111

    She beat him like a rented mile… well done.

  • Oh Really

  • Oh Really

    This is just sad…

  • PAvolley

    Though it feels We The People have beaten down the gun grabbers I can’t get past a gut feeling they’ve laid a trap. They mostly push a ban on semi-auto “assualt weapon” rifles, leaving handguns out of it. Gun rights activists fall into using ‘handguns are used in more crimes’ & ‘handguns shoot just as fast as assualt weapons’ as a defense of banning semi-auto rifles. I just see these progs throwing it back in the face as “most people agree handguns are more dangerous and kill more people therefore we must ban all of them.”

  • DanS.

    How to stop gun violence: make the perps owners of society – improve the lot of humans so that resort to a gun is more a pain in the butt than anything else – make it so everyone does not want to commit violence because it will ruin what they have obtained. make everyone own America. once you own it, you want to protect it.

    If you are looney enough to employ gun violence, we put you away for a VERY LONG MANDATORY TIME.

    In the meantime, arm everyone. An armed society is a polite society.

    Just sayin’…….

  • bobbi

    All he does is interrupt his guests. I m so sick of his face.

  • Paul60

    NeoKing, You Say More guns = More Death. You are wrong, here is what happens: Man comes into a CO Movie Theater, pull gun, shoots people, Law abiding gun owners pull weapons and fire back, Total Dead about 3 or 4 NOT 30. Now Which is better? 3 Dead and 1 dead gunman, or 30 ???
    Person walks into a school, pulls weapon maybe a knife, starts killing kids, someone in there pulls CCW and Stops the rampage, (didn’t even have to shoot one bullet sometimes) Now 1 dead kid and 3 wounded, or for you 20 Dead would be better???? Your Call.