A great-grandmother fought back after she was mugged on a bus in Detroit. The woman stepped off the bus and fired off ten rounds.
The woman told reporters later. “I used to support gun-control. No more.”
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Click on Detroit reported, via Gun Saves Lives:

When a young man tried to rob a woman, a great-grandmother, on a bus in Detroit, the woman fought back.

There were other people on the bus when the man tried to assault the woman and steal her backpack and purse, but no one made a move to help the woman.

The suspect fled with the items at the next stop, but the woman got off the bus, going after him, and confronting him. When the suspect turned to confront her, the grandmother, a concealed weapons permit holder, then drew her semi-automatic 9mm pistol and fired 11 shots at the suspect.

The suspect was able to get away. It is unknown if the man was hit.

The woman used a semi-auto 9mm that held at least 11 rounds. This type of weapon would be banned under Dianne Feinstein’s proposed assault weapons ban.

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  1. ++


    way to go fellow ggma..


  2. HOARRY! Another one for the good guys!:)

  3. someone needs to hit the gun range and practice…. 11 shots and he ran? Must not have been hit hard.
    Other than that, way to go!!!

  4. Ya, Obama was just saying that urban areas are different from rural areas. Out in the country we hunt deer, turkey, pheasant, ducks, geese.

    In the urban areas, people need weapons for self defense from human predators. Big difference there.

  5. That grandma had better get her eyes checked and go out to the range and learn how to aim that thing if she’s gonna carry it. 11 shots? No way he should have been running away.

  6. “No one on the sidewalk was hurt.”

    Notice how he interjected that no innocent person was hurt – subtly warning that if people have guns, who knows what innocents will be shot.

    Three cheers for her!!!

  7. Good for her! But aside from that — a “great-grandmother” in Detroit? I’ll bet she’s no older that 42…

  8. Umm…She was ‘for’ gun-control before she was ‘against’ it….

  9. In the words of that great-grandma, “I used to support gun-control. No more.”

    And that ain’t hunting…

    Tyranny-loving Feinstein, Cuomo, and “Skeet-Shooter” Hussein, you hear that???!!

  10. “U bye yo self, b1tch!” Shameful.

  11. Three questions I’d like to know the answer to:
    1) When did this woman stop supporting gun control?
    2) When did this woman start carrying.
    3) Did 2) happen before 1) or the other way around?

  12. More practice REQUIRED!!! She could have hit an innocent.

  13. You realize that if the LoopyLibbies address this at all, they’ll say she should NOT have shot at him, that “it was only ‘stuff’ and ‘stuff’ is replaceable”.

    The Libaroonies don’t notice that it takes TIME and WORK to earn however-much-money was required to BUY that “stuff”. When that mugger/ thief steals your “stuff”, he’s taking from you –not just the “stuff” itself– but the number of hours (or days, or weeks) that it took to earn the money you purchased the stuff with. And afterward, you’ll have to work MORE hours/ weeks/ however-long to be able to replace the stuff.

    So, by my lights, “Shoot The B@st@rd” is a reasonable response. Once the little twit violates another person’s civil rights, it’s reasonable to assume that he has willingly forfeited HIS civil rights.

  14. Um…before we celebrate this Dirty Harriet, some fun facts to consider.

    I don’t know what time this happened, but it’s unlikely a 93 year old was on the bus late at night. Lets say afternoon, on a street with at least moderate traffic, and most likely a not deserted sidewalk.

    So this lady pulls out a gun and fires off 11 shots, and not only didn’t she put him down, it’s not even clear if he was hit??? So…uh…where the hell did all those bullets go? This bimbo granny was obviously spraying bullets wildly. Good grief…is that anyone’s idea of a “BOOOYAAAA…YOU GO GRANDMA!!!” moment? Get real. This just goes to prove another angle of the whole gun control angle…not everyone SHOULD have a gun. If you can’t shoot the damn thing, then drop the bull**** “I’ma packin’ and goona shot anyone who deserves it.”

    Oh, and speaking of “deserves it,” if she DID manage to plug the guy, it would be interesting to see how it plays out in court. Is it self defense if you chase down a guy who robbed you? NO…NO IT IS NOT. Yeah…yeah…the guy supposedly confronted her, but what the hell does that mean? If he said, “beat it, you old bag…I got your stuff, and I ain’t giving it back,” do any of you Rambos out there think she has/had a right to pull her gun and start blasting? And by the way, it’s evident from the story (firing 11 shots, the guy got away, it’s unclear if he was even hit) that the guy was running away from her while she was spraying bullets wildly. Dream on, if you think THAT is anything close to justified self defense.

    No…Gateway, you blew it (again). This isn’t any type of “thank God she was armed” story to celebrate. It was a mess, and Granny should be thrown in jail, based on her reckless endangering of society, and opening fire in a case of non self defense.

  15. Next stop, Dead fish will find out if woman was registered and if not arrest her.

  16. Three questions I’d like to know the answer to:
    1) When did this woman stop supporting gun control?
    2) When did this woman start carrying.
    3) Did 2) happen before 1) or the other way around?
    Possible she carrying the pistol and believe Traitor in Chief in the past.
    Present she continue to carry the pistol and stop supporting gun control.

  17. add, for the second and third time. You see you may have a permit but you have to keep up on them pretty much forever.

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