First it was Greece…
Cold and freezing Greeks are stealing and burning trees to keep warm this winter.

Now it’s spreading…
Germans are stealing wood from forests and wood piles to keep their homes warm this winter as energy costs continue to rise.
Spiegel reported:

With energy costs escalating, more Germans are turning to wood burning stoves for heat. That, though, has also led to a rise in tree theft in the country’s forests. Woodsmen have become more watchful.

With snow blanketing the ground, it’s the perfect time of year to snuggle up in front of a fireplace. That, though, makes German foresters nervous. When the mercury falls, the theft of wood in the country’s woodlands goes up as people turn to cheaper ways to heat their homes.

“The forest is open for everyone to enter and people just think they can help themselves, but they can’t!” says Enno Rosenthal, head of the forest farmers association in the northeastern German state of Brandenburg. “Naturally, those log piles belong to someone and there is a lot of money and work that goes into them.”

The problem has been compounded this winter by rising energy costs. The Germany’s Renters Association estimates the heating costs will go up 22 percent this winter alone. A side effect is an increasing number of people turning to wood-burning stoves for warmth. Germans bought 400,000 such stoves in 2011, the German magazine FOCUS reported this week. It marks the continuation of a trend: The number of Germans buying heating devices that burn wood and coal has grown steadily since 2005, according to consumer research company GfK Group.

That increase in demand has now also boosted prices for wood, leading many to fuel their fires with theft.

Rosenthal said just last weekend someone stole an entire bundle of oak wood worth about €150 ($199) from a private forest in the town of Neuruppin outside of Berlin. “Many foresters come back to their wood piles and find them a little smaller or even gone,” he says.

More… Forest added:

Ban nuclear, shut down coal fired plants, and everyone can burn coal and wood in their individual stoves. It’ll be just like 1910 – when the air was nice and clean.

Next up: Get rid of the sewer plants and go back to dumping chamber pots into the street.




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  1. Regulation is the cause and solution of all life’s problems…

  2. Don’t they know that there freezing to death is required for the sake of Gaia? Self preservation trumps environmentalism every time.

  3. there s/b their

  4. Ban nuclear, shut down coal fired plants, and everyone can burn coal and wood in their individual stoves. It’ll be just like 1910 – when the air was nice and clean.

    Next up: Get rid of the sewer plants and go back to dumping chamber pots into the street.

  5. Where are the worlds humanitarians? Why are they not speaking out against the multiple regulations that are creating and forcing such terrible humanitarian conditions?

  6. Comrade Obama will be giving us the same treatment soon. As he said energy cost will skyrocket, but the DF greenies still voted for him.

  7. I can see that we going backward through a few 1000 years old without discoveries and technology not being used if we listen to hippies pagan new age environmentalist. Wood and coal aren’t useful since you get soot and carbon monoxide poisoning.

  8. Black carbon (soot) is more of a global-warming element than CO2, according to some sources, and wood-burning stoves produce a lot of black carbon, CO2 and CO as well. Way to help the environment!

  9. I thought all those damn windmills were gonna keep toasty! Idiots!

  10. Man is not causing global warming. Ice is melting on Mars, just as glaciers are melting on earth. Deal with it you green wheenies!

  11. I thought all those damn windmills were gonna keep toasty! Idiots!

    Bird blenders require redendant backup when the wind isn’t blowing, and those redundant backups aren’t Gaia-friendly. Go figure.

  12. At this pace, we’ll be making buggies and buggy whips in a decade.

    Jay-Z will still have a stable of Bugattis and Rolls’, though. So will the rest of the mandarins.

  13. Wow, GP is loading slowly.


    On drudge, four in a row, top center:

    VIDEO: Woman Thrown on Subway Tracks During Vicious Attack…

    Police didn’t tell public for days…

    Woman With Baby Brutally Stabbed Inside BED BATH & BEYOND Store…

    SHOCK: Robber Beats Clerk With Hammers…

    Girl, 14, vanishes after video of her being beaten at school goes viral…

    Can you guess the ethnicity of the perps before reading the articles?

    I knew you could.

  14. what is the “DF” with greenie?

  15. I’m wonder if these events are simply the OFA application process. Initiation, if you will.

    Prove how brutal you can be, and we’ll hire you to be our SS troops.

  16. Pretty cool. We’re going back to the old feudal days. Survival is illegal. Instead of poaching, now it’s stealing wood to keep warm. I’m sure they’re just a few regulations away from the poaching starting up again.

  17. Maybe we are seeing first hand how some of the civilzations of the past declined and disappeared without a lot known about them. They had their own leftist who drove them back into the stone age and destroyed them.

  18. When are we going to understand?

    via drudge

    Again, guess the ethnicity of the savages. You know the answer.

    But Zimmerman is Big Freakin’ News.

    How much worse can these savages get? I mean the MSM, here.

    Chistian and Newsom: unavailable for comment.

    I hear NBPP-types saying “White Devils”.

    Seems to me there are far more Black Devils.

    Savages, I didn’t make me this way. YOU and the savages you consider “Your People” did.

    Face it.

  19. Meanwhile in Londonistan;

    VIDEO: “Muslim Patrol” thugs harass Londoners for not observing Sharia in “Muslim areas”

    The footage is likely to have come from East London, where ‘Shariah zones’ were set up last year. The new tactic of intimidation is said to appall local residents, who will likely find the ‘patrols’ disconcerting.

    In the videos, the ‘Muslim Patrol’ is heard to say, “Alcohol banned. This is a Muslim area. Muslims patrol the area.”

    One young woman, when confronted by the patrol, states, “I am appalled, this is Great Britain”, to which the authors of the video are heard to remark, “We don’t care. It’s not so Great Britain”.

    Where’s Smeato when you need him?

    “Glasgow doesn’t accept this. This is Glasgow; we’ll set aboot ye.”

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