Figures. Government Pushes Handouts to Humans – Restricts Handouts to Wild Animals …(They Might Become Dependent)

This comes from my friend Walt:
Irony – Defined
The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U. S. Department of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing this year the greatest amount of free Meals and Food Stamps ever, to 47.5 million people.

Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U. S. Department of the Interior, asks us: “Please Do Not Feed the Wildlife.” Their stated reason for the policy is because “The animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.”

Obama voters

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  • dan

    One thing that I get upset about is the idea that everyone on food stamps is somehow sponging off the Gov. The facts are why we have so many on food stamps is the 25 million of us out of work.Myself I been out of work 14 months no income.No I am not on food stamps because they told me I had a 40 acre ranch . Now if I could only find this imaginary ranch and sell it ….

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  • MrGoodWench

    I think it is time to have a national conversation about the real facts about food-stamps recipients :

    People , specially illegals , BREEDING exclusively for the purposes of getting welfare ,
    food-stamps and freebies .

  • Jimmy

    We’ve become nation of dependents.

  • stuart

    They say that once a bear is hooked on garbage it’s hooked for good.
    In Yellowstone the park policy is that a garbage dependent bear equates, for all intents and purposes, to a dead bear.
    The rangers usually try to capture it the first time, and air lift it to a remote part of the park by helocopter. But this seldom works for long because the bear finds its way back to the garbage. often two or three times. Eventually the rangers are forced to shoot it down before it kills somebody.
    There’s a lesson in all of this somewhere.

  • bigkahuna

    That sign needs to be put up at double the size at the whitehouse

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  • Remco Kimber

    I’d prefer the bears be fed than the surly “underclass” aka Obama voters.

  • Rock

    What, cut off the Dimwits voting base, not likely. Besides King Sadim might be offended, poor dear.

  • that is precisely why we have welfare.

  • Sasja

    Those cubs are awfully cute. Unlike the parasites who vote for gimme this and gimme that.

  • Chippy

    Proves the government cares more about animals and votes.

  • cavt

    Good analogy–

  • MrGoodWench

    Those 3 cubs in the picture are begging for their Obama phones

  • donh


  • Rock

    @ #15 donh

    Well under this regime, are you sure? If the dead can pull it off who knows.

  • Rock

    On the plus side we have a Government document stating what we have always known, that they fully understand they are buying votes with the promise of free food, phones, other peoples money, and WTF stash.

  • #1 January 12, 2013 at 2:24 pm
    dan commented:

    *sigh* We know about the lousy economy. We also know about the egregious policies that very predictably led to both the housing bubble and this prolonged failure to recover from the housing bubble. And we are unfortunately well acquainted with the negative motivations built into our welfare system, at great cost to our society.

    According to your post, you were working until late 2011. You are a victim of the wrong-headed fiscal policies that PROLONGED this mess, and not of the original economic wobble. If Obama had listened to us, and re-calibrated instead of doubling down on bad fiscal policies, you’d be working.

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  • bg


    aww, what a cute pic.. 🙂

    circa what (50’s)??

    my grandpa had a woody with a convertible
    bumper seat (as we kids called it back then)..


  • bg


    Valerie #19 January 12, 2013 at 4:22 pm

    ah yes, but do we know about this.. /s/

    January 17, 2011

    The Ruling on Dispossessing the
    Disbelievers wealth in Dar al-Harb

    [Even though it is allowed to seize the property of individuals in dār
    al-ĥarb, we suggest that Muslims avoid targeting citizens of countries
    where the public opinion is supportive of some of the Muslim causes.
    We therefore suggest that the following should be targeted:

    Government owned property


    Global corporations

    Wealth belonging to disbelievers with
    known animosity towards Muslims

    In the case of the United States, both the government and private
    citizens should be targeted. America and Americans are the Imam’s
    of kufr in this day and age. The American people who vote for war
    mongering governments are intent on no good. Anyone who inflicts
    harm on them in any form is doing a favor to the ummah.

    Careful consideration should be given to the risk vs. Benefit (i.e.,
    maslaĥa) of any specific operation. Because of the very negative
    implications of an operation that is exposed, it is important that
    the benefits outweigh the risks.

    For Muslims who are associated with groups that work for jihad,
    we recommend that the decision to involve oneself in any illegal
    activity to acquire money from the disbelievers be taken by the
    Amir and the shūrā of the jamā’ah. We say this because since
    there is a liability on the jamā’ah, the decision needs to be made
    by the jamā’ah. We also recommend that the decision on how to
    spend the money be left to the Amir and the shūrā. We need to
    mention however that if the jamā’ah adopt the view that what is
    seized is considered ghanīmah, then if a percentage less than
    80% is to be given to the ones who seized it, that needs to done
    with the agreement of the participants of the operation because
    according to the rules of ghanīmah they are entitled to the full
    80%. The same is said if the jamā’ah follows the Hanafi opinion.


    [Dear brothers: Jihad heavily relies on money. In Qur’an, the physical
    jihad is associated with jihad with one’s wealth in eight verses. In
    every verse but one, jihad with wealth preceded the physical jihad.
    That is because without wealth there can be no jihad. Our enemies
    have realized that. Therefore they are “following the money trail”
    and are trying to dry up all the sources of funding “terrorism”.

    Our jihad cannot depend wholly on donations made by Muslims. The
    Messenger of Allah (SAW) sent many armies for the sole purpose of
    raiding caravans of the disbelievers. Not only was jihad financed by
    booty but also throughout our early history them Islamic treasury
    itself was mostly dependent on income generated from jihad. A tax
    called kharaj was placed on land opened by Muslims, enslaved POWs
    would be sold, and the people of the book paid jizyah. All of these
    sources were generated through jihad. Zakah and Şadaqah
    represented only a small portion of the income of the Muslim

    It is about time that we take serious steps towards securing a
    strong financial backing for our work rather than depending on

    May Allah grant us the high status of the mujahidin and forgive us all.]

    much more at links, in connecting links, and scroll threads for more..


  • the grinch

    Please Government! restrict us! make laws that say we can’t get anything from you, unless we do something for you! PLEASE MAKE A LAW that WE CAN’T Have more than 1 child, please take away our guns, please hack our banks and blame iran, please pick a fight with vlad putin because he was rated more powerful than you. . . pls go fk urself govt. if you can’t see the sarcasm, fk off.

  • attagirl

    Here’s an idea. Let’s compile ‘real life stories’ of food stamp recipients. Here is mine. Went to the
    market before Christmas. A shopper had 2 orders in her basket. One was an assortment of food items, which she paid with her EBT card. The other order was entirely made up of bottles of wine, liquor et al. This she paid with cash. No comment.
    Went to Whole Foods. I went to get only 2 items, not available elsewhere. As a rule, I avoid the store, as the items in general, are overpriced. Noticed a basket of items, paid with an EBT card.
    I guess I would be chastised called insensitive and mean spirited, for being so critical. So what is the moral of the story……….? Why work.

  • MrGoodWench

    attagirl commented:

    Here’s an idea. Let’s compile ‘real life stories’ of food stamp recipients.
    My city imposed a ban on grocery bags last year.
    So we have to carry our own bags when we go grocery shopping.
    Guess who gets free grocery bags , as many as they want, everytime they go shopping ?
    Guess WHO pays for those bags and yet is forbidden by law to receive even one complimentary grocery bag?
    Now look at the intent of that law.
    The intent was that grocery bags cause pollution and so should be banned for people who pay for their own food.
    Now that Obama has bumped up the number of parasites by millions, thereby drastically increasing the number of FREE grocery bag users, guess what happens to the same pollution which this tyrant and his people want to stop to save gaia ?

  • Patty

    The Pic is adorable.

  • Lim Lynn

    Bears are smarter than human they don’t act like human, don’t speak like human and don’t think like human. Barack Hussein Obama supporters Socialist Democrat Commie gaining illegals who takes freebies, food stamp and free money. Too dependent on Government Welfare will cause debt ceiling rise eh?

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  • FMB42

    Our government buys allegiance with handouts paid for with our money.

    Those who are on the public assistance/sector tit are far less likely disagree with the beloved government that they’re so dependent on.

    This, and a wide variety of “bread and circus” entertainment, has long been used to pacify the public assistance/sector crowd.

  • centra

    Never feed able-bodied adult humans. They are free creatures. And they should not be made dependent on handouts. My new bumper sticker.

  • Camilla

    Ulike DAN @ # ! …..Here is a real-life true story…..
    This Woman (((Ginger))) ”always” picks a Sugar Daddy. (The Richer the better)…She is the most Vain creature that I have ever known. ….When he Sugar Daddy dropped dead of a massive coronary, she went briefly to the Funeral…..LEFT EARLY! Went to MANSION on the Lake (3 stories and 2 pools)) …..Both were not legally divorced! But she locked out the ‘estranged wife and his son…))) She kept the Masion, Golden BMW Convertible, The Boats. Even denied the son (greg) a photo of his dad and his gun collection……))She already had a Husband and a Boyfriend on the side ((who says…I can’t afford her))
    SO NOW…She has it all as well as facelifts and other Cosmetic Surgery.
    BUT she is on FOOD STAMPS!!!
    An Aside….I Can Not get Disability (((Applied YEARS AGO)) Denial after denial…))
    Have ABD surgery x 3 and have another later this month. (((((Just the Beginning of my Health Problems)))
    She voted for Obama!!! ((((Nothing stays hidden @ a Yacht Club)))….I DO NOT go the Yacht Club!! Most are ******now-a-days….LIVE ABOARDS!!! **** They DEMAND Street Lights OUT!!! Nearly fell off the Dock in the dark.
    BESIDES …..Boats are not MY thing!! (((Yep!!! Ginger is a member of the Yacht Club))))
    Must pay Members Fees and DOCK RENTAL))))) ALL this while living on the Obama Handouts!

  • tony

    i know i will be flagged cause idiots hate the truth but when wages have stagnated and jobs are shipped aboard for 72% profit margin and the few waste there money on overpriced icrap and gun that if the goverment wanted could take i mean i have never heard a gun stop a drone but 1776

  • The sign pictured at top is from Tanzania, where one can take a safari on Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s labelled “Harambe Conservation Code”, the relevant Tanzanian law. This picture is not from any US Park Service warning. There may be such a warning in Kentucky, as indicated by the linked instruction from Mammoth Cave, but this picture of the Tanzanian warning does not illustrate it. I swear to God, Jim, you do us no favors with this kind of inattention to detail.

  • Daniel F. Melton

    This only illustrates the “success” of the welfare system.
    Communists cloward and piven (devotes of saul alinsky) penned the strategy to collapse the capitalist economic system by increasing the welfare and entitlement burden until the nation’s economy collapses.