We’re broke – But not too broke to stop funding wind farms.

The White House boasted over the wind energy incentives they were able to include in their Senate fiscal cliff plan. The fiscal cliff budget package approved by the U.S. Senate today will provide a one-year extension of the wind production tax credit.

Extension of renewable energy incentives, the R&E tax credit and other business incentives: The agreement extends tax relief for businesses through the end of next year. This means extending the Production Tax Credit, a key incentive for renewable energy that many Republicans had been trying to end, as well as the Research & Experimentation tax credit. In addition, the agreement extends 50 percent bonus depreciation, a cost-effective temporary measure to support investment and growth. All of these would be extended through the end of 2013.



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    January 1, 2013


    [Obama is like a nasty, vengeful creature from Bizarro’s World, the
    cube-shaped fictional planet, in the DC Comics universe. He could be
    “Bizar-Ro-Bama,” an effeminate villain who engages in double-speak,
    lies, and misdirection.

    Clothed in his public persona as president, his latest attempt at
    disguised villainy was to convince people he has a fiscal plan that
    would save America from insolvency and crushing tax hikes when,
    in reality, his actions are pushing America into the financial abyss.

    Sunday morning on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” he told the people of
    America: “I offered not only a trillion dollars – over a trillion dollars
    in spending cuts over the next 10 years, but these changes would
    result in even more savings in the next 10 years and would solve
    our deficit problem for a decade.” This coming from the president
    who has raised the deficit by over $6 trillion since taking office.

    The problem is that the so-called Republican leadership is complicit in
    Obama’s deceit and fiscal maleficence. They conspired with Obama 16
    months ago to kick the financial can down the road knowing it would
    confront us today.]

    more at link..


  2. I want to see one of these ugly wind farms on Obama’s Hawaiian estate 5 years from now. Then I will believe he cares about the environment.

  3. The Republicans caved. Was there ever any doubt that the outcome would’ve been different?

  4. It also includes tax breaks to businesses involved in some “film and television productions”.

    Payback to all those adoring fans with big wallets in Hollyweird I guess.

  5. 2013 Predictions:

    – Debt ceiling will be raised
    – A new tax bill (originating in the Senate, but who cares anymore) will pass both Houses and be signed into law in April that raises taxes on those earning $200,000 a year
    – Assault weapons bill will be passed by both Houses and signed into law by June
    – Obama will golf
    – Obama will laugh

  6. oops…forgot one.

    – No spending cuts agreed upon other than Dept of Defense

  7. Darn, I was hoping to see a compromise on Pink Unicorn Clouds. Glad they are staying with the important stuff. Polishing the bell while the ship goes down.

  8. Gateway Pundit 25 out of 100 top conservative website for 2013- By Alexa http://redflagnews.com/top-100-conservative Congrats, Jim!

  9. The Republicans are proving to be COMPLETELY ineffective in supporting conservative principles. We have no voice for conservatism in the government.

  10. The Senate bill also includes continued subsidies for the dairy farmers. It has been the Democrats, the media leftists, and Obama’s Agriculture Sec. Vilsak that has been fear mongering about the price of milk doubling unless the dairy subsidies are extended. The fact of the matter is that the subsidy goes to those dairy farmers who are “guaranteed” a certain price for milk and milk products. If for some reason the price of milk drops below what has been set as the going price, the subsidy kicks in and pays the dairy farmers for the difference. It has nothing to do with droughts or environmental disasters. Why is the federal government involved in setting the price of milk? Why are those that want to start and run a dairy farm controlled so as to keep the supply under a certain limit. When is the last time you ever saw Milk on sale at any store, because it is nearing it’s expiration date? You never have as it is removed from the shelf by the milk distributor so as not to harm the set price per gallon or quart or whatever. You always see meat products on sale when they are nearing expiration date, and eating tainted meat is as dangerous as would be consuming turned or soured milk. Milk can be frozen just as meat can. I am sick to death of the overbearing, all controlling, overpowering federal government. Then of course you have those with farm lands being paid by the federal government to not farm that land. There are 6 and a half million acres of farmland lying fallow via the federal government so as to keep food prices at what they have determined they should be. So the liberals are against those evil rich that have the nerve to make a profit, but not when it comes to farmers apparently. Wouldn’t I love to see many of those 6 million acres turned into farms that grow corn for human and animal consumption rather than vehicle consumption. The prices of thousands of food products would immediately go down.

  11. I said this before the Hollywood people really only care about their egos. I heard once Martin Sheen threw a bunch of homeless people off his Malibu property. Yes, the same Martin who urged his son to “not make money out of nothing” in the Wall Street movie!

  12. more money laundring to his political supporters.

  13. And over on the left-wing blogs they are complaining the Obama caved when he decided not to raise taxes on those making less than $450K rather than $250K, so nobody seems to be happy. Well, he won, and we’ve got him for the next 4 years.

  14. The USA has become on big joke.
    But the joke is on the poor citizens who will be paying for decades for the fools who have been elected.

  15. CBO: +$330B


    Aren’t we so glad to have elected all of those Rs in 2010 to put a halt to this mess then! :-(

  16. Obama wants to give in Incentives for Wind Farms that don’t produce enough power to lite up a small town, but he won’t give any Incentives for the real energy, Coal, Natural Gas, and Oil. Nice to see Obama discriminating against Industries he has a prejudice towards.

  17. It’s not that the country is “addicted to oil” or any other hogwash like that.

    The Ruling Class in Washington is addicted to taxpayer dollars.

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