Figures. FBI Reportedly Investigating Top Dem Senator For Sex with Underage Dominican Hookers

It’s like a James O’Keefe plot has come to life!
In 2009 James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles exposed systematic corruption in multiple ACORN offices while posing as a pimp and prostitute who were setting up a whore house for underage Latin American hookers. It was a spoof.

Now we find out that the FBI has been investigating top Democratic Senator Bob Menendez for having sex with underage Dominican hookers.

Barack Obama, former Dem Governor Jon Corzine and Senator Bob Menedez

It’s a good thing James and Hannah didn’t stop by the good senator’s office.
The Daily Caller reported:

Documents published online for the first time Thursday indicate that the FBI opened an inquiry into New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez on August 1, 2012, focusing on repeated trips he took to the Dominican Republic with longtime campaign contributor and Miami eye doctor Salomon Melgen. TheDC reported in November that Menendez purchased the service of prostitutes in that Caribbean nation at a series of alcohol-fueled sex parties.

The documents, which The Daily Caller had obtained hours earlier from an anonymous source, also indicate that Carrie Levine, research director at Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), was alerted on April 9, 2012 to Menendez’s habit of paying for sex while outside the United States.

ABC News senior investigative producer Rhonda Schwartz was aware as early as May 2, 2012, the documents show, when Levine wrote a source in the Dominican Republic to say that she had “shared your allegations, but not your identities, with a respected, trusted journalist with whom we have worked on other stories.”…

Information made available to Schwartz and Levine at that time included allegations that some of Menendez’s prostitutes were as young as 16.

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  • Adirondack Patriot

    The Democrats’ War on Underage Women.

  • MicahStone

    “Menendez purchased the service of prostitutes in that Caribbean nation at a series of alcohol-fueled sex parties.”

    …in other words, we should call him “ted (the drunk who killed mary jo kopechne) kennedy #2” That will, of course, make him an idol of the lunatic-left d-cRAT socialist extremist degenerates. Move over ted and “monica-stain” bill.

  • steve clark

    They should also be looking at new Representative Mark Pocan, WI 2nd for similar crimes, according to one of his insiders.

  • http://Americanthinker paul

    Are we sure they are female?

  • SeaBass

    It would matter what the meaning of is, is.

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  • CW

    its for the children…i mean, dont they need love too?

  • NitneLiun

    There are so many underage girls in the United States who need love. Why did he have to go overseas to love foreign underage girls? Why does he hate American lolitas? Why does he hate America?

  • Exile1981

    How come we see democrats stealing, embezzling, cheating on their spouses and having sex with underage children more often than Republicans. I think someone needs to do a study on that. If we find a correlation between these sorts of crimes and people who run for office as democrats then we should do something about it. Obviously a small number of criminals who happen to be democrats means all democrats must be criminals. That is the same logic they use about us. So we should separate democrats from children and money to prevent these crimes from happening in the first place. So no democrat teachers and democrats will have to get someone else to run their finances.

  • YourMaster

    why aren’t they investigated Bill Clinton…
    I would think he would be a prime client of underage prostitution.
    Hillary is just too b*tt-ugly to have sex with…
    or even tolerate her presence for more than 2 mins at a time.

  • John

    Oh come on, they are just little Dominican girls, what difference does it make? Does anyone really care? /Sen Menendez

  • Jackson

    If the execrable MSM had reported the Menendez story before Election Day, he would have won re-election even more handily. Mentally-challenged and character-deficient voters,i.e., Democrats/Leftists, tend to want to vote for candidates just like themselves.

  • democraps suck

    Can you say presidential pardon in 3…2…1…

  • MT Geoff

    This one puts me in a quandary.
    I’m a libertarian, heart and soul, and I think prostitution has no business being a crime for adults, not as the buyer and not as the provider.
    But underage is obviously different. And having any Dem trotted out as a slimeball is always fun.

  • Mad Hatter

    Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, but in all reality, do you really think that anything is going to come of this? There’s no way Obama and Holder is going to let a Democrat get caught with his pants down, especially with an underage girl.

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  • Rock

    So did the Secret Service provide him with contact numbers, they do not appear to have a procurement problem. Or did he sneak a look into WTF Blackberry.

  • JoyO

    So, will the White House’s Propaganda media cover this or will they consider it as unimportant as the Benghazi killings?

  • Ray

    Doing the jobs Americans won’t do.

  • Injunjoe

    They’ll let anyone be a senator, even a slimy pedophile…