Washington DC hookers and sex workers are getting pretty fired up for the inauguration.
The sex workers are in high demand for the Democratic inaugural festivities.
Buzzfeed reported:

When Steve Baker talks about the inauguration, he gets a little giddy. For the company he works at, Hire Party Strippers, which does exactly what its name suggests for clients in the Washington DC area, inauguration weekend means a big boost in business.

“Oh my God, it’s bananas,” says Baker, describing the interest he’s had so far. Hire Party Strippers does about double the business on inauguration weekend, during which he can boost rates about 25 percent. This means $650 to $700 for “two girl fantasy shows”; $350 for one girl; and $300 for one male stripper, though demand is never as high for men as women. “It’s going to be really, really busy,” Baker says. “We have a lot of people coming [to DC] from out of town, and they want to have adult entertainment in their rooms. It’s crazy.”

Strippers, escorts, dominatrices, and even sugar babies looking for sugar daddies are planning for a jam-packed — and potentially quite lucrative — weekend across the greater DC area.




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  1. They should be pumped! Now they get to do extras AND have their clients pay for their birth control. Oops…. I guess we’re all clients now.

  2. Hope the Secret Service tries to hold it together for a minute or two.

  3. Do they accept EBT cards?

  4. I could have lived a long time without reading this post. Everyone knows the politicians in DC are corrupt, sex driven lushes who have no clue as to how to legislate. It seems everyone who goes to DC gets indoctrinated to this lifestyle.

  5. The only difference between hookers and Democrats is that the hookers are honest about what they’re doing to people.

  6. I guess where Robert Menendez will be on inauguration day.

  7. Prostitution is the #1 industry in D.C.

  8. Because most democrats are ugly, and beta males. They can only hire what well grounded conservatives have to turn down for free (or gleefully accept if not attached) every day.

    Yeah, it’s a tough life being an Alpha conservative.

  9. The hookers go to DC for the same reason that Willie Sutton went for the banks: that where the money is, so I don’t fault the little ladies. Whatever your opinion, they at leas provide a service.
    The only thing is its payed for with OUR money. That Giant sucking sound you hear ain’t the girls at work, its the money being vacuumed from our wallets on its way to the robber barons of the government.

  10. #8 Very true, RedBeard.

  11. Saddam and Gomorrah comes to mind. Will have to rebuild after the war. I feel really sad

  12. Let’s talk about sex, babies. Looking at sex scandals in politics…

    • Democrats tend to have more problems with harassment, staffers, and underage girls; Republicans tend to have more problems with prostitutes, hypocrisy, and underage boys.

    So, what I’m guessing is that FEMALE prostitutes are excited for the Democratic inauguration. The pretty little boys will have to wait for our next GOP president to come around.

  13. A lot will be paid via EBT cards. I am NOT joking.


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