David Plouffe: Obama Is Going to Push His Ban on Assault Weapons Through Congress (Video)

David Plouffe, senior adviser to President Obama, told Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday that the president is going to push Congress to pass his assault weapons ban.

“Everyone’s trying to divert from the core issue which is there is a huge consensus in the country including a vast majority of Republicans that things like the assault weapons, high capacity magazines, universal background checks, making progress on mental health. These are things we should and can do to help reduce gun violence. No set of laws is going to end violence, obviously or these episodes. But, if we can save one life we should take it. And we think there is consensus on Capitol Hill for this. We think we can get 60 votes in the senate and 218. It’s going to be hard… Look the president put together a variety of things. We think there is support for a lot of these things and are going to push forward as hard as we can.

Bring it. The last time Democrats banned guns it cost them in the next election.

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  • Joe College

    “Making progress on mental health” means your doctor ratting you out to the government or losing his license.

  • JoyO

    We the People will be watching how our Representatives and Senators vote and will reward or punish them in 2014!

  • Leslie Brillstein

    Yesterday’s headline:

    5 people shot at 3 different gun shows on Gun Appreciation Day

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  • Tiger Eyes

    Isn’t that a lie David, the polls indicate the opposite is true?

  • RedBeard

    The only conclusion to draw from this latest dictatorial power grab, stacked on top of Obamacommiecare and all the rest, is that Obama and his cabal of thugs really do want to divide this country more severely than it has been in well over a century. Obama won’t win and be able to finalize his tightly controlled collectivist utopia, but he may very well cause the destruction of the country in the process.

  • Tom Doniphon

    The campaign begins!

  • lizzy84
  • wales

    Time for the admin to hit the switch on their next mass sh-ooting. Hummm, where will it be this time?
    How many will die? A rest home? A kiddie park? A church?

    They need one more atrocity to get this through… mark my words. They control the ones that make the news!

  • forest

    “universal background checks, making progress on mental health”

    That’s the trojan horse. They want us to be talking about barrel shrouds and pistol grips because we will lose our rights through “universal background checks”.

    Note that it does not say “felony conviction checks”. I’m for that. “Universal background checks” could mean anything, including but not limited to, arrests (without convictions), non-violent misdemeanors, conveniently packaged electronic medical records (what prescriptions have you had in your life?), and financial records/credit reports (if your finances are out of control, maybe a gun would be too).

    Anybody who doesn’t want guns banned needs to start attacking the “universal background check” terminology instead of embracing it.

  • rrpjr

    I’m putting my money on Obama. He gets whatever he wants. He wants the end of the 2nd Amendment. Why won’t he get it? The GOP is useless. And we’ve already proved we can’t stop him on our own.

  • wales

    If they can redefine mental health, they will have the tools to confiscate whatever they wish.

  • Arch

    Obama is being pressed hard by his base to deliver on gun control, but he knows that he cannot get his legislation through Congress. Too many democrat Senators from red states are up for reelection in 2014; if they vote to ban assault rifles or limit magazines to 10 rounds, Reid will become Senate Minority Leader again. Remember, though, nothing is ever Obama’s fault. He will sigh and blame the failure on Congress.

    However, if he manages to flog the Senate into passing a bill, it will identify vulnerable Senators but won’t reach the floor of the House. Look at what happened in 1994.

  • Catherine

    300,000 babies killed by planned parenthood last year which democrats support.
    So the democrats are liars the democrats do not care about children only power. Do Not give it to them.


  • wales

    IS anyone asking why the admin has purchased over 1.6 billion rounds of a-mm-o in the last 4 years?

    Every dept has what they need to go door to door. Didn’t pay your taxes. SWAT!, have a prescription for prozac you need refilled, SWAT! Write a blog post critical of the admin on guns, SWAT! Talking to your co-workers about how pissed you are at what’s happening in the country on guns, SWAT! Use your firearm in a home invasion, SWAT! and the list goes on…
    We are being surrounded…

  • Multitude

    In Obama’s defense (I can’t believe I just uttered those three words…), he has no choice but to confiscate all guns. His owners understand they’re sitting on a powderkeg about to blow, when the masses discover just how fundamentally f-ed they are from the elite robber barons not only sucking the system dry, but owing tens of trillions in loans that were taken out in the people’s name.

    And the people are the numerically most well armed militia in the world (per capita, the Swiss take that honor in their country with no statistically significant gun crime).

    Do you think these Democratic and RINO Republican politicians and those who bribe and manage them want to face this pissed off people’s army? The collapse of the system is coming. They just have to disarm the people so they’ll stay in control when the game is up.

  • wales
  • Skandia Recluse

    If Obama really wanted this gun control passed he would be doing it quietly, covertly, secretly, under the radar as an amendment to some ‘must pass’ legislation. This provocative ‘in your face’ approach is for some other reason.

    Bill Clinton has already warned democrats that some will lose their seats in the Senate if they pass this legislation.

    This media hysteria, especially the reporting of record numbers of guns being purchased only encourages the undecided, the indifferent to hop on the bandwagon and get theirs before the guns are all sold out. The media doesn’t understand this, instead the media believes they can demonize all those gun owners. It’s like the old Salem witch hunts and a lynch mob mentality; ‘burn the witch’, hang the gun owner.

    Obama doesn’t care if gun control passes congress or not. What he wants is the turmoil, the hysteria. He is doing the only thing he knows how to do; feed the hate and discontent, feed the envy and jealousy. Stir up trouble. That’s all he knows how to do.

  • wales

    Skandia, He’s spent a lifetime learning “the art of agitation”.

  • SeniorD

    Go ahead Omaba! Push your anti-gun legislation through the spineless Congress (vuewed only slightly more positive than getting a root canal). Then, only the gang bangers, drug dealers (with their Fast and Furious provided weapons) and outlaw bikers will have weapons. Except for those of us who possess fire arms, know how to use them effectively, and have sworn to protect this country from enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC