David Limbaugh: The Left Says We Can’t Get Over Obama’s Race – “No, I Can’t Get Over He’s a Marxist” (Video)

Conservative author and speaker David Limbaugh was on fire tonight on Hannity. When asked about Rep Hank Johnson’s outrageous attack yesterday, David responded,

“They say we can’t get over Obama’s black. No, I can’t get over he’s a Marxist.”


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  • lynno

    Right on, Call all of them out.

  • Allen West would make a much better president than Obama. He is everything Obama isn’t.

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  • Tired Okie

    A marxist who will instantly turn islamist if he ever gets perminent control.

  • lynno

    Alinsky back at them.

  • Patty

    You just got to love the Limbaughs!!!

  • About time somebody said it.

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  • Joanne


    Picture of Obama with children taking away gun rights, and Hitler with children taking away gun rights. Does Obama have an original thought in him? He must like playing follow the leader.

    I can’t get over the fact that Obama is so much like Hitler.

  • Amash

    We need more and more people to call out this fool. Juggears is incompetent and gives new meaning to the term narcissist. After 4 more years we won’t recognize this country.

  • Multitude

    Philosopher Hannah Arendt observed that the Soviet Marxists were always defining the struggle as a function of classes and history, and the German Reich Marxists were defining it as a function of race.

    How is it that the American Marxists (aka “Progressives”) fully embrace both? Every comment made about their Leader is immediately constructed by them to be a race matter. Every obstacle, every middle class citizen who doesn’t want to embrace progressive totalitarianism, is accused of being a racist when they express their right to speak and resist. Yet every proposal offered by the American Marxists is also one that embraces the class purification ideology of the Soviet, eradicating the upper and middle classes in a utopian drive toward totalizing class purity.

    American democracy appears to be giving birth to the rise of the unification of Soviet and Reich Marxist ideology. The failure of both systems to have succeeded may now be attributed by the progressives to have been the refusal of each to embrace the full spectrum of Marxist dialectical transformation.

  • Bronson

    I love how the liberals in that thread tried to pretend Hitler was more pro 2nd amendment than the NRA or something

    He disarmed anyone that wasn’t a Nazi you morons

  • 10gallonhat

    He obviously has no respect for the rule of law and aspires to be a fascist dictator like his buddy, Chavez. As far as the “gotcha” word games by the left, nobody gives a d***.

  • Campfollower

    The NORTHvsSOUTH meme is the next thing they’re trying to push. We in the south are racist (again?) when in reality many of us are from up north, but this is where all the jobs are. Or were.

  • American Woman

    This is a fight between good and evil. Have no doubts about it. We are seeing what happens when Godless people have the reins of government.

    Their thoughts and the fruits of their labor are destructive, because they deny the sovereign power of Great God Almighty. They deny Him, but cling to their false ideolgies, their false gods.

    Obama was elected, but his presidency has not been successful nor will it be. I read that the Lincoln Bible will have a place in Obama’s 2nd Inaugural. (Let’s hope Obama reads it.)

  • Highlander

    Marxist, yes, but let’s not forget FASCIST too ….

  • Beth just south of Berkeley and just east of San Francisco

    As I like to say, “It’s not that he’s black, it’s that he’s RED!!!”

    That said, if people are noticing similarities between Obama and Germany’s National Socialists, well …

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  • Steve

    We have the FULL LANCE ARMSTRONG INTERVIEW on Oprah posted now on Common Cents…


  • mg4us

    Any one hiding behind OBAMA’s abysmal performance and socialist actions are truly COLOR BLIND. . they cannot see a RED Commie if they tried. . .

    They also are stupid beyond compare hiding behind emotions and character assassinations rather than facts to debate a point or make a case for change or a new law.

    Beware. .be very aware. . .

    And worse are the Democrats in Disguise as Republicans called RINOs. . .

    Need elected officials who take the oath to DEFEND the CONSTITUTION seriously.

  • Lim Lynn

    Fascist Socialist Democrat Anarchist Commie Traitor in Chief will never be pointed out by Socialist Democrat Commie supporters.

  • Fu#kObama
  • usamopatriot

    Juan Williams, a marxist, communist POS!

  • Susan Daniels

    He is also committing a felony by using a phony CT SSN.


    Where are the libs today????????? Agree Patty, the Limbaughs are the best. The GOP lost me when they did not make Allen West our speaker. They blew a great one in lifetime opportunity.

  • Valerie

    The Republicans are the ones with minorities actually holding positions in high public office. Take a look at the Republican governors, for example.

    And the ONLY black US Senator is a Republican.


  • BurmaShave

    The leftists pretend that anybody who criticizes Obama is a racist, because they treat him as if he were too good to be criticized. This is RAW B**LS**T! What the left is doing is deliberately slandering, marginalizing and n*ggerizing everybody who disagrees with them, plain and simple, AND THEY KNOW IT!

    Every broadcast network whose staff has deliberately engaged in this blatantly Un-American practice should be required to immediately fire any such staff member or have their FCC broadcast licenses yanked and revoked. That would not be an infringement of their freedom of un-American speech, which is to be expected of such a**holes; but it would send a message that the public air wave cannot be used to deliberately abuse and slander innocent people wholesale. Since this practice has been going on for years, I say revoke all relevant licenses.

  • dusel1

    Dumb-Ass Rep. Hank Johnson doesn’t know that Barry is more cracker than blacker.
    Barry is 50% Caucasian, 34% Arabian, and 16% African.
    What part Caucasian are you Rep Hank Johnson, racist prick?

  • Questionman

    Racist right is determined to destroy President Obama to save White America!

    I love being right! All these proved I was right! Anyone who Hates Barack Obama IS in fact a racist!

    Shocker we live in time where racists like you calling your fellow racists, bigots, extremists as “Patriot”

    People like you are ruining the word “Patriot” when you are nothing of the sort. Just a hateful cowardly racist, bigoted, extremist that hates having a minority sit in the oval office! THAT”S what makes you sick!

    It’s obvious you racists didn’t learn from your lost in the 2012 election, We didn’t vote for a party of racists who disgustingly claim that America’s biggest threat is not terrorists, it’s not Natural Disasters, it’s not tradgeies such as school shooting, It’s a Black man as President of the United States. YOU. MAKE. ME. SICK!

    Let me ask you something. When Bush/Bush Sr/Ragen was President were you that terrified of the government? If Obama is dictator then why did we just have a Presidential election? If Obama is a dictator then would he deal w/ all the filibuster and disruption from the GOP? The government is not out to get you for goodness sakes.

    Obama is not a dictator and there were already social programs before Obama became President.

    When the Stock market (which FELL 23.7% under Bush, but is UP 64.2% under Obama) falls to below 8,279….THAT would be an indication that Obama has been a “failure”….but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you!

    When we slide back into a recession. When the unemployment rate doubles, When he gets us into two wars and triples the national debt — in other words, when he starts looking like a Republican. When will Republicans finally see that Obama was re-elected because he isn’t the failure the right wing propaganda machines portrays him as?

    Has it not occurred to you that if 65% of Americans own US stocks, and you do NOT, that maybe YOU are the “great failure”? Just a thought!

    Now, Obama was elected president in 2008, and survived the second greatest economic calamity in our history. He’s been president for four years, and has done nothing comparable to what Hitler did in Germany. As you may recall, on 27 February 1933, the Reichstag building was set on fire. Göring blamed a communist plot. History, however, supports the argument that Hitler had some of his thugs burn the building.

    Is Barack Obama an “illegal”?
    No, he was born here. No evidence to the contrary.
    Is Barack Obama a coward?
    Yes, he can’t fight the GOP on anything. He’s a wimp.
    Is Barack Obama a racist?
    No. This one is just stupid.
    Does Barack Obama hate America?
    Why would he be president if he did?
    What role did voter fraud play in Obama’s re-election? What is the proof?
    None. No evidence of voter fraud for Democrats. Republicans are the ones doing voter fraud.
    Is Barack Obama an evil man?
    Is Barack Obama a traitor?
    How? Did he side with Al Queada? Hell no.
    Is Barack Obama an Anti-American?
    Why would he be president if he was?
    Is Barack Obama a “Urusper”?
    You mean usurper? No he was elected democratically.
    Is Barack Obama a Marxist?
    No, name one thing that he did that was Marxist.
    Is Barack Obama a communist?
    Is Barack Obama a Muslim?
    No, there is no evidence for that.
    Is Barack Obama’s birth certificate a fake?
    No. The only people who believe that are hysterical

    Barack Obama is the leader of America, not it’s enemy.
    He is NOT a narcissist, either

    Just because he doesn’t agree with you somehow that makes him the great divider? Guess what, a lot of people agree with him, does that make them great dividers too? The GOP has done nothing but push an obstructionist agenda since Obama got into office and now you have the hair to say he is a divider? Look in the mirror Republicans. You people have supported the politics of division since Newt was Speaker of the House. You are totally incomprehensible and disgusting acting like it’s wrong for Obama to talk about MLK!

    First off, and I invite you to look it up, President Obama has signed FEWER execute orders than all the Presidents over the last 100 YEARS did in their respective terms.

    What Mr. Obama did is not grounds for impeachment.

    i don’t even think these people know what fascist, Marxist, socialist or communist even means! I hate repeating myself but THIS bare repeating!

    the racist right call Obama a marxist, a socialist, a Communist, a muslim because they can’t call him a Ni@@er! That’s what they mean! They can’t stand having a black in office. that this the cold hard truth!

  • don

    questionman is living in a state of denial…

  • bg


    don #31 January 18, 2013 at 7:24 pm

    more like the definition of..