You thought the last four year were disastrous?
Wait until Obamacare hits. It’s already forcing companies to cut jobs and hours.

It’s now clear that Obamacare is already forcing businesses to cut employees and employee hours in order to comply to the law.
Thank you Democrats.
The National Review has more on Obamacare’s jo-killing mandate.

American manufacturers are already struggling to recover, never mind expand. In that context, the Obama health law’s employer mandate proves especially counterproductive.

The Census Bureau doesn’t calculate how many manufacturing firms are near the 50-employee threshold. But its numbers do show that the majority of them are small enough that the employer mandate may be a significant problem. Of America’s total 258,662 manufacturing companies, 197,701 had fewer than 20 employees in 2010, around the time when hiring growth picked up. Another 46,005 had between 20 and 99 employees.

And it doesn’t matter that most manufacturers already provide health care: The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) estimates that 97 percent of its members already do so. Employers’ plans must cover at least 60 percent of employees’ average health expenses, and workers can’t contribute more than 9.5 percent of their family income, or the fees kick in anyway. That $2,000-per-employee penalty falls on top of the stiff taxes, trade barriers, and environmental limitations that manufacturers already have to contend with.

“The employer mandate is part of the overall negative business climate that manufacturers have been facing,” NAM spokesman Matt Lavoie observes. “It’s 20 percent more expensive to manufacture something in the United States than in our major trading partners, and that’s before you add in labor costs.”

As the Obama administration has argued, the employer mandate is one of the critical components of the health-care law. But too little consideration has been given to its consequences. The employer mandate is already having an adverse effect on the growth of U.S. companies and U.S. employment. Many existing businesses will scale down or avoid expansion. Meanwhile, would-be entrepreneurs may observe Schanstra, Murphy, and other business owners as a cautionary tale, realizing the risks they incur may not yield the payoffs they expect.



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  1. I’ve always known that my perverse pleasure would be this consolation prize: that the idiots would get what they deserve.

    still remember Fred Thompson’s speech at the 2008 RNC: (in a moosehead, dumbo voice), “uhhh, it ain’t gonna affect MEEE, huh-uh”

  2. Confirmed non-math majors and non-readers writing legislation with major economic impact. What could possibly go wrong?

  3. Well, dems had to pass it so we could learn what is in it. (Brillant way to pass a law.)

  4. The Obama economy already claimed the business I worked for during college. I was there for a total of 6 years off and on. It was a good company that moved to a new location and improved the foot traffic of all the other businesses in the immediate area.

    They were in business for more than 50 years. I worked everyday with the founder of the business, a retail genius. Everybody loved the store around the holidays and it was always busy, year round.

    Two years of the Obama economy is about all it took. 3 locations down to 1. 75% of their workforce laid off. Now that last location is gone.

    But look on the bright side. Nobody will boycott them for cutting hours.

  5. A conservative morning show host in my state still believes the fraud punk illegal racist child’s policies are what he thinks will solve the problem. It is amazing. He thinks the fraud is wrong, but that he is not doing it on purpose. This is an educated person. We are screwed. How do we get it out to the hard working Americans- The fraud is president for 1 reason- to collapse the white capitalist economy PERIOD. You evil commie bastards are gonna win because of PC BS.

  6. Obamacare making Doctors need to snitch with their patients especially Patriots who own handgun and rifles going to tell the truth to them. Nah, it won’t happen.

  7. Obama WANTS. He has no conception about what will happen in the long run. He is so out of touch with our economy and how it works. He is the ME, ME PRESIDENT. No regards for the rest of us and what Americans could do when left alone.

    Destroys the confidence and divides a NATION.

  8. People pass it on! He is a racist anti American child punk. He follows a script provided by international agents (Soros) intended to collapse the American economy. The only thing this little punk is good at is acting and he is very good at it. Pass it on to your only vote democrat fools. He is not a democrat- He hates white America. You idiot Americans could you please research this anti- American racist fraud .

  9. #9 January 19, 2013 at 11:13 am
    Patty commented:

    Obama WANTS. He has no conception about what will happen in the long run.

    IMO, He knows exactly what will happen if he gets his way. He will have turned the US into another Cuba.

  10. Seattle City Council prevents Church from feeding homeless it’s beginning to be enforced.
    Tax Payers money are disappearing that fast into thin air. 699 speeches looking at teleprompter. Socialist Democrat Commie CNN 1460. 5 years old girl can’t tell anything to her friend.

  11. Dinesh D’Souza has enlightened many Americans on how to not only understand Obama, but to be able to actually predict his moves. Too many people believe that socialism and Islam is what primarily motivates him. Those beliefs take a back seat to what really drives the man.

    Obama was raised primarily in Hawaii and Kenya. Many Hawaiians are still angered over how the United States took their country from them. They have passed their anti-colonial anger on to their children, but to a lessor degree than Kenya. Anti-colonialism is what drives Obama, and he wants all Americans to feel the pain. His notion of “equality” is mistaken as a socialist equality among US citizens, but in reality…he is determined to make us equal, or less than equal, to the Kenyan citizen whose average income amounts to $1,020. No, Barry is not finished with us yet…there is much more to come.

    Everything makes perfect sense once you begin to understand anti-colonialism.

  12. bg
    watch this video Vatican praises Traitor in Chief Gun Control Plan stepping in right direction backs firearms limit.
    Dubai, Corruption US government has paid out $6.8m for truck repairs that don’t exist

    3 1/2 years already ready New World Order Orange Purple Orange.

  14. But too little consideration has been given to its consequences.

    Actually, NO consideration was given to its consequences.

    I had four employees. Had.
    Laid off all four, and hired two back on strictly via contract.

    Not taking any chances.

  15. The Tea Party folks told the Democrats that one of the reasons we opposed Obamacare was because it would cost much, much more and operate much less efficiently under Government control than under private industry. Now, all of the people who believed the propaganda that Obamacare was going to be cheaper (or free) are finding out they were lied to by the Democrats. With Medicare out there as an example of how costs for such programs skyrocket, I find it unbelievable that the Progressives could be so intellectually challenged on basic economics. They may have to take responsibility soon for their outlandish spending soon. Our country’s real debt is projected by some economists to be somewhere between $88-$100 billion. This week, both Germany and The Netherlands asked to USA to return their gold currently stored in the Fed’s New York vaults. This shows a basic distrust of our country’s economic condition. As well, many countries that used to buy our bonds are no longer buying them. Economically, the world as we know it could spiral out of control any day. Even if we survive this current threat, I fear that Obamacare will destroy this Nation economically in the future as it races to exceed Medicare’s costs.

  16. AssaultCare

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