Coming Soon to Your TV… “All My Baby’s Mamas” Starring Rapper Shawty Lo and Ten of His Baby’s Mamas

Coming soon to your television… “All My Baby’s Mamas” a reality show starring rapper Shardy Low and the ten women who had eleven of his babies. The show is scheduled to air this spring on Oprah’s Oxygen Channel.

That’s not a house. That’s a harem.

Rapper Shawty Lo is pictured with his 11 children and their 10 mothers in an online video promoting the planned Oxygen TV special “All My Babies’ Mamas.” (screenshot)

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  • anti-bho

    And that’s just the ones he was ever sober enough to remember! fo shizzle, shawty

  • Indiana

    Since the taxpayer is probably supporting all 22 of them….can’t we have them all spayed or neutered?

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  • McartyM

    And this is something to be proud of, NOT!!!

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  • Granny

    Just one more push to mainstream the idea of polygamy . . . see “Sister Wives”

  • scituate_tgr

    Oprah? My how the once powerful have fallen.

  • Granny

    You know, unless I’ve somehow forgotten how to count, that sure looks like fourteen definite women with boobs to prove it and a couple of maybes much older than “babies”

  • Gail

    Vomit time!

  • sablegsd

    That’s not a harem, it’s a whorehouse.

  • Rachelle

    No shame in that community.

  • greenfairie

    Everything that’s wrong with America in one picture.

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    I can smell that stank from here.

  • Joe Blow

    And this is what America has become……….very sad.

  • Guess he’s doing his part in populate the hood…………

  • DecentAmerican

    Gee, do you suppose the liberal racists will attack Shawty Lo the way the attacked honey boo boos mom? Remember how they called her an uneducated redneck? Yet she is responsible, her family is hard working, and she is saving for her children’s future?

    Contrast that, with Shawty Los disaster and brood of future welfare recipients, who will likely never contribute to the countrys tax structure, but instead live off the hard work of the hard working Americans?

    This is the America you want?

    Nice work, stupid lazy racist liberals!

  • donh

    Is this the new Al Jazeera channel …already promoting polygamy sit coms ” Little Harem on the Prairie ?

  • Sandy

    Mommie and Daddy families are out and a-h’s with a bunch of children from different women are in. Hard to believe! In the end Libs will lose their ability to shock and disgust us and like most people who try too hard to be fascinating– they will become tedious.

    Right now I find intact families and God far more interesting then a bunch of dumb ugly women who give it away for nothing but a stint on a reality show.

  • Danny

    Is Shawty Lo supporting these MAMA’s and his kids or are they on welfare.
    The public has a right to know.
    Pundit go get the truth and let the world know if he is a deadbeat dad.

  • Sandy

    Shawty Lo stands there with his short legs and baggy pants body thrust out like a superstud — as though he actually accomplished something. The accomplishment would be supporting this brood.

  • Joanne


  • FMB42

    We don’t need the damn show.

    We see this same disgusting story ad nauseam in section 8 housing across the country.

    Yep, free housing, food, energy, cash, and health and day care for anyone and everyone who breeds with the likes of this guy. And remember, these “baby mamas” (both citizens and illegal immigrants) will continue to qualify for such public assistance benefits just as long as they keep breeding with guys just like this.

    And let’s not mention the fact that untold millions of similar “sperm donors” collect a fraudulent welfare check from each and every one of their many “baby mama’s” section 8 residences on the 1st and the 15th of every month.

    And too think that many progressive liberals can’t seem to figure out why this country is bankrupt, both financially and morally. But hey, according to Obama and the Dems, we can just keep borrowing ever greater amounts of money from China to “help” pay for this nonsense. (that is, until China stops loaning money to us).

    Anyway, I sure hope that the Atlanta authorities nail this guy for any child support that he might owe these “baby’s mamas” and their “children” (or should we say “living welfare checks).

    Meanwhile, where’s “question(not a)man and his race card?

    Can’t wait to hear what that race card flapping liberal has to say about this disgusting storyline.

    Let me guess, he/she/it will call us all a bunch of (Democrat party borne) “KKKers” for having the nerve to speak the truth about such “breeding for dough” lifestyles.

  • It’s a good thing this show is on Oprah Winfrey’s network since The O is an approved liberal. Were this show to appear on a conservative owned channel……the spit would hit the fan.

    Hey, black America, this is what the entertainment industry thinks of you. Happy?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Coming soon to your television… “All My Baby’s Mamas” a reality show starring rapper Shardy Low and the ten women who had eleven of his babies.

    Only idiots watch garbage like this.

  • bg


    in Islamic Countries, Muslims are allowed 4 wives,
    me thinks they support that in England as well..



    factual, fictional, composite names) AND HIS INVISIBLE LEGIONS

    Planned Parenthood praises sexual pleasure for kids

    and much more.. 🙁

    Planned Parenthood’s New Annual Report:
    We Did 333,964 Abortions; 1 Every 94 Seconds

    oh btw there are numerous “white baby daddy’s” too.. *sigh*


  • bg


    “all his baby mama’s and daughter’s”

    i could be wrong.. but it looks to me as if there’s only one boy in
    the bundles of joy (i feel for the kids, not their daddy parent/s)..


  • JDubya

    How much are WE the PEOPLE paying for this slacker wanna-be buffoon’s baby mama (whores)…

    Sorry for the rage. I am getting tired of this story showing up.

  • bg


    why are 5 missing, they move out?? /s/


  • Sasja

    That’s quite a picture. A boar and his sows. One can see that any day on a farm.

  • Benjamin Bilstein

    That picture is of some tribe in Africa, right?
    And don’t forget – you can’t have CRAP without RAP.

  • ToxicAAAvenger

    Typical savages. All they seem to know how to do is breed. And steal. And mug. And rob. And loot. And, well, you already know.

  • Mad Hatter

    10 tramps with 11 children.

    And he probably thinks this makes him a man.

  • Objective Analysis

    it’s a recession baby mamm’s and illegitimate fathers need to get paid too.

    Oprah needs money and ratings, so why not have ghetto trash on and let people profit off of it. MTV had the redneck trash show on and it had stella ratings.

    What do you expect in Obama’s version of the Great Depression II? What morals, values? Huh. Holla.

  • liberal american values. no civil rights leader will complain about this. its why they destroyed the black family.

  • wth

    Some say that in the early days of the Arab markets the Chinese preferred purchasing only castrated slaves.

  • Mikey

    Is this what we’ve become?

    At least this fool and his harem will be paid for parading their amoralistic life in front of the cameras, so they won’t be drawing welfare, this year.

  • Economan

    This is something they shouldn’t be promoting, no class. Shows the fundamental problem in the ‘hood, moral poverty.

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  • paul52

    When will O air the episode when this sperm donor is neutered… with a butter knife? BTW, there are white families here in the great white North who have kids with 4 different last names.

  • Patty

    Hope no one watches. Really a sad commentary on the nation we live in. No substance just make lots of money and go home.

    More trash for our youth to watch. Less and less family values and more inconsequential gibber jabber with a bit of filth spun in for good measure.

  • Flintstone F.

    Not much of a family photo. You all stand back there next to my crib, and I’ll stand up here, lookin’ like a cracker, with my arms folded sayin’ look at all my sh** yo.

  • shadow

    And who would watch this crap. Oh, that’s right, JH watches Honey Boo Boo. He probably can’t wait.

  • shadow

    Hope no one watches. Really a sad commentary on the nation we live in.

    Dang! Another point of agreement. What a night!

  • joeOrwell

    That’s a lot of free cell phones.

  • shadow

    At least this fool and his harem will be paid for parading their amoralistic life in front of the cameras, so they won’t be drawing welfare, this year.

    Oh, for Christ’s sake, let them draw welfare. Please don’t make them rich by watching this crap.

  • I came of age in the 90’s; when Blacks rejected wiggers, and rap music was not Black culture.

  • Simsalabim

    If 0bamao had a son, this is what he’d look like.

    He’d be in the ‘choom gang’ too.

  • conservative dude

    this is what happens when government replaces an intact family and the church.

  • Marsh626

    I doubt it. Laughing at White Trash families is the only reality TV shows mainstream society finds acceptable. Exposing how trashy most black families are in America is a big no-no. The whole point of the “Cosby Show” for example was to portray black families in a positive light. It was essentially racial propaganda and the makers of the show were honest about it. Do you really think they’re going to reverse decades of ceaseless efforts to make blacks look like suave intellectuals? Pfft. Don’t count on it.

    If you want to see what Black America really look like (and the real reason why America has such high gun crime rates and low standards of living in general), watch this documentary…

    *warning for content*

  • Mac in NM

    You can take the savage out of the jungle but……….

  • Mitch Rapp

    How many are on welfare and what is this clown costing us?

  • UpChuck.Liberals

    Future SEIU workers. Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, the fools prove me wrong. How much are these kids costing tax payers? Given their outstanding family life I’m sure they’ll be doing exactly the same thing, maybe we SHOULD encourage Planned Parenthood. It’s a tough call.

  • bg


    Marsh626 #49 January 8, 2013 at 8:18 pm

    re: [Exposing how trashy most black
    families are in America is a big no-no.]

    you are a turn a molehill into a mountain opportunist racist..

    you hang with the hood Revs or what?? /s/


  • bad actor

    Danny (#19): You have to ask? You KNOW they are all on welfare, sucking at the govt teat.
    This show is most definitely NOT coming to my tv. No way.

  • NoResolution

    Another Obama voter looking for a handout.

  • vb

    Actually, Weekly Standard linked to a reaction to this at the blog My Black Baby. The blogger was appalled. Although the blog seems to have a liberal bent, it seems to share our values about responsible parenthood. We should be careful in our comments not to seem to put all blacks in the same pot. It’s probably far better to let blacks take the lead in objecting and ask how we can help.

  • ar05075



  • dwdude

    the desperation of the doprah network

  • scneocon

    We used to watch “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom” when I was a kid. Now Marlon & Jim are gone, the indigenous African species & their mating habits remain & we’re the sponsors.

  • bg


    scneocon #60 January 8, 2013 at 10:42 pm

    Indigenous peoples

    Indigenous peoples are ethnic minorities who have been
    marginalized as their historical territories became part of
    a state..


  • scneocon

    @ bg #61 January 8, 2013 at 11:57 pm

    in·dig·e·nous [in-dij-uh-nuh s] adjective 1. originating in and characteristic of a particular region or country; native

    Wiki much?

  • Highlander

    What amazes me is that there is someone in a relatively high position in that network who actually thinks this should serve as entertainment. Disgusting ….

    I could almost see putting it on and using it as a commentary on how screwed up America is, but I just know that isn’t their intent …

  • bg


    scneocon #62 January 9, 2013 at 1:05 am

    Indigenous peoples


  • bg


    vb #56 January 8, 2013 at 8:36 pm

    re: [We should be careful in our comments
    not to seem to put all blacks in the same pot.]

    Amen to that..

    however, racists, black, white, etc..

    simply can’t avoid doing exactly that..


  • Jim

    Ah one big happy family, aint they cute. One hell of a christmas card. allen west, clarence thomas,alan keys,walter williams bad bad bad. This frickin muhdikker cool as cucumber. This guy should have his skull crushed for the good of the world. Way to much spandex ready to explode for me. People really wonder why

  • Like Whoppie Goldberg says — it’s a “cultural thang.”

  • Elizabeth

    This idiot show reinforces stereotypes about black people that should infuriate decent people.
    Where are the race baiters, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on this one?
    Oh, that’s right, Shaprton and Jackson aren’t decent people.

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  • Allen

    …and good thing we don’t let those gay and lesbian folks get married ….they’d be destroying the good, heterosexual examples of relationships …wait, what?

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  • bg


    Allen #70 January 9, 2013 at 1:48 pm



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