Coming soon to your television… “All My Baby’s Mamas” a reality show starring rapper Shardy Low and the ten women who had eleven of his babies. The show is scheduled to air this spring on Oprah’s Oxygen Channel.

That’s not a house. That’s a harem.

Rapper Shawty Lo is pictured with his 11 children and their 10 mothers in an online video promoting the planned Oxygen TV special “All My Babies’ Mamas.” (screenshot)




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  1. And that’s just the ones he was ever sober enough to remember! fo shizzle, shawty

  2. Since the taxpayer is probably supporting all 22 of them….can’t we have them all spayed or neutered?

  3. And this is something to be proud of, NOT!!!

  4. Just one more push to mainstream the idea of polygamy . . . see “Sister Wives”

  5. Oprah? My how the once powerful have fallen.

  6. You know, unless I’ve somehow forgotten how to count, that sure looks like fourteen definite women with boobs to prove it and a couple of maybes much older than “babies”

  7. Vomit time!

  8. That’s not a harem, it’s a whorehouse.

  9. No shame in that community.

  10. Everything that’s wrong with America in one picture.

  11. I can smell that stank from here.

  12. And this is what America has become……….very sad.

  13. Guess he’s doing his part in populate the hood…………

  14. Gee, do you suppose the liberal racists will attack Shawty Lo the way the attacked honey boo boos mom? Remember how they called her an uneducated redneck? Yet she is responsible, her family is hard working, and she is saving for her children’s future?

    Contrast that, with Shawty Los disaster and brood of future welfare recipients, who will likely never contribute to the countrys tax structure, but instead live off the hard work of the hard working Americans?

    This is the America you want?

    Nice work, stupid lazy racist liberals!

  15. Is this the new Al Jazeera channel …already promoting polygamy sit coms ” Little Harem on the Prairie ?

  16. Mommie and Daddy families are out and a-h’s with a bunch of children from different women are in. Hard to believe! In the end Libs will lose their ability to shock and disgust us and like most people who try too hard to be fascinating– they will become tedious.

    Right now I find intact families and God far more interesting then a bunch of dumb ugly women who give it away for nothing but a stint on a reality show.

  17. Is Shawty Lo supporting these MAMA’s and his kids or are they on welfare.
    The public has a right to know.
    Pundit go get the truth and let the world know if he is a deadbeat dad.

  18. Shawty Lo stands there with his short legs and baggy pants body thrust out like a superstud — as though he actually accomplished something. The accomplishment would be supporting this brood.

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