Tonight on Special Report Charles Krauthammer nailed the Pelosi-Obama motto –
“We have not begun to tax and spend.”

From the video:

We have Pelosi, with apologies to John Paul Jones, which she and the president said last week is “We have not begun to tax and to spend.” And that they’ve been open about this. She said we got you on rates. That’s round one. Round two is we’re going to squeeze the money out of your by eliminating deductions and loopholes. Look, it seems to me with the Boehner interview that the Republican leadership is finally understand what some of us have been arguing now for four years. Barack Obama has zero interest in cutting spending.




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  1. They are going to over-reach. I just have to believe that at some point even the most ardent lefty will say, OK, enough is enough.

  2. Barack Obama has a tremendous chip on his shoulder and the only thing that is going to make him feel better is driving this country into the ground. The left is too clueless to stop it.

  3. “We Have Not Begun to Tax and Spend”

    True, but I’m done paying, so come and get it. Good luck with that. And try and collect the firearms while you’re here.

  4. Give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile. The time to put our foot down and slam the brakes on this nonsense is NOW!!!

  5. #4 January 7, 2013 at 7:03 pm
    ★FALCON★ commented:

    Many feel the same way. I and my family included. We cannot be taxed over and over and expect an economy to flourish. Therefore, hopefully, someone will call for the resignation of Obama. Of course, I am laughing as I typed that.

  6. OT

    Michelle’s “Let’s Move” Bud Beyonce Selling Sugar Water

  7. CAVE MAN BONER…is still going to give in to Pelosi 90% of her revenue demands in exchange for phoney 2% cuts in the rate of growth. ….because BONER is her PET PUPPET…..They even DRESS alike…” Look matching colors “….>

  8. i do hope all can see something here. obama and his administration and the entire democrat party truly hate the American people! these are true Marxists! Bolsheviks to the core!

  9. Disagree with Charles that the GOP leadership is finally learning–don’t think that is possible. When you start taking well over 50% of a persons income(all taxes), the people start becoming enslaved. Unfortunately those takers that either don’t pay or pay very little, are too stupid to realize that eventually this will also effect them negatively.

  10. Boehner and the rest of the Republican so-called leadership have known as long as we have that the Choom Gang has no intention to cut spending. The Republican so-called leadership obviously has had no intention to cut spending, either. It’s becoming more clear to me every day that they – the Republicans and the Demonrats – are on the same side…and it’s not my side.

  11. WOW what a surprise! Washington establishment just figuring out they got screwed. Republican party is nailing its own coffin.

  12. Obama praying for stupid republicans to ensure he gets dems in all 3 bodies. Hello constitutional amendment to allow unlimited presidential terms. Republican leadership is clueless!

  13. auntie, welcome aboard , they are all complicit they have to be.There can be no other rational conclusion. Soetoro would never have been elected if these filthy conartist traitors did what is right. Soetoro hides,conceals,lies and nobody,nobody in our esteemed gov. cares enough to find out the truth. Well we sjre are now.

  14. @AuntieMadder
    It’s true anyway since it’s control by shadow global governing NGOs.

  15. The house should pass a tax bill that eliminates all deductions, exemptions, etc., and sets the tax rate for everybody and everything at 100%. Send it to the house and let them decide what is ‘fair’, they started it, let them finish it.

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