Super Bowl 2013 will feature brother coaches for the first time.

Siblings will square off after San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens win playoff games.



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  1. Yeah, who cares about the actual game when you the HarBra’s throwing temper tantrums on the sidelines.

    Ready for the worst Super Bowl in 20 years.

  2. Now we’ll learn the answer to the Smothers Brothers’ stchick, “Mom Always Liked You Best.”

    Who’s she putting her money on?

  3. A Civil War in 2013… who da’ thunk it?

  4. I rather waste my time on my interest. Not going to waste my precious time Superbowl XLVII compared to London Olympics Occult ridden airtime.

  5. From my viewing vantage point about 1/2 mile from the new Santa Clara 49ers stadium –
    The rest of you anti-Americans can go pound sand -

  6. This is all meaningless anyway. The ONLY game that matters was played back in December when Navy beat Army (although by a heartbreaking fumble). Go ahead and watch millionaires play for billionaires in front of corporation executives and other Elitists.

    Get some perspective on life – the Academies play for honor. The Pros play for money.

  7. #2 January 20, 2013 at 9:10 pm
    Janet K. commented:


  8. “Mom likes me best.”

    “Nuh-uh. Mom thinks you suck. She likes me best.”

  9. Senior D,
    People play the game for different reasons.
    My father played in order to get an education. He was being raised by an aunt, and back in the day, got an athletic
    scholarship to Baylor, but he had to play all sports. When he graduated, he played
    professionally for the Giants when they won the championship in 1938, and he played
    until he earned enough money to go to medical school. He always played with honor,
    loved the game until his dying day, and instilled a love for the GAME in us.
    Congratulations to the 49ers and Ravens and to their fans.
    #7, we are Cowboys fans (as was my father), so we pound sand every year, hahaha,
    but we love the game.
    (But seriously, two brothers facing each other as coaches in the Super Bowl? Almost
    sounds like that outcome was rigged…just like the election! JK! Perspective, indeed!)

  10. Yawn … Texans vs Packers would have been a much better Super Bowl … Ooops. Am I allowed to type the words “Super Bowl” without paying someone some money?

  11. Wow, a lot of hate here. In the Age of Obama, where humility is gone, modesty is dead, show boating is celebrated, universal deceit, it’s troubling to realize my conservative brethren are really no different than moonbats.

    Pretty incredible that two brothers are meeting in a championship game such as the Super Bowl. Congrats to both and their parents. They must be so proud.

  12. Thank you Voice of Reason ! Sounds like a lot of sore losers ! #1 January 20, 2013 at 8:55 pm ★FALCON★ Seems to have set the tone, and maybe there are others, like Patriots fans.

    Thanks again Voice of Reason & the rest of you ……………….grow up.

    Go Niners !!!! Go Ravens!!!! Go Harbaugh brothers!!

  13. This will be the first Super Bowl in which the officials will have to wear gun muffs in order to maintain their sanity. No one can whine like the Harbaugh Bros. They are probably partners in a ‘whinery’ in California.

  14. I, for one look forward to the game. Two great coaches, both with some great (but imature spoiled) atheletes locked in the epic battle to claim the title of NFL’s best. Good luck to both.

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