Stunning Admission: NAACP Leader Says Blacks Are “Doing Far Worse” Under Obama (Video)

Wow. NAACP leader Ben Jealous actually admitted that blacks are “doing far worse” under Obama.
It was a rare moment of honesty for the far left hack.
Jealous made the comments on Meet the Press this past Sunday:

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And yet 93% of blacks voted for Barack Obama.

Your Black World reported:

In a recent interview on MSNBC’s “Meet the Press,” NAACP CEO and president, Ben Jealous, told the show’s host that black Americans “are doing far worse” than when President Obama first took office. “The country’s back to pretty much where it was when this president started,” Jealous told show host David Gregory. “White people in this country are doing a bit better. Black people are doing far worse.”

The Labor Department reports that the black unemployment rate was at 12.7 percent when Pres. Obama initially took office. As the employment rate for the nation dropped below 8 percent, black unemployment increased to 12.9 percent and then to 14 percent for December.

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  • Lim Lynn

    At last Ben NAACP Leader just woke up from his day dream.

  • jbinnout

    NOBODY is doing better! Gas,food,energy bills,water, waste, insurance, everything has gone UP and not just on the black folks. I would call him a racist, but he can’t be one./sarc

  • Rachelle

    No surprise there . . . everyone is except his Hollywood, union boss, and corporate cronies.

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  • Ghost

    93% – that’s all?!

  • Patty

    But then in another day they say horrible things about the Republicans, Conservatives and Tea Party.

    Blacks seem to have had a foot on them by handing out food stamps and welfare checks like candy. Democrats keep saying especially Pelosi this is growth, our economy is best win jobless keep get their checks.

    Here is something a republican senator from Tennessee suggests and I am so in favor of it.


    Tough news for Tennessee parents on welfare: Republican state Sen. Stacey Campfield introduced legislation last week that would slash welfare benefits for parents whose kids get crummy grades, Fox News reports. Critics call it an unfair proposal that will ultimately hurt children, but Campfield says the bill will inspire parents to do a better job. “We’re not asking children to re-write the Magna Carta,” he said. “A D-minus gets you through.”

    But Senate Democratic Leader Jim Kyle says a grades-for-welfare plan would “stack the deck against at-risk children,” pressuring them to study “when there is no food on the dinner table.” The state already cuts benefits by 20% for parents whose kids don’t go to school; Campfield’s bill would raise that to 30%. Campfield said his proposal would “break the cycle of poverty,” but a state youth official tells the Knoxville News Sentinel that a single mom with two kids receives just $185 a month, and “that’s already low.”

    Our nation has many programs for parents, teachers and kids, but many have failed, now is the time to cut them and start working the real problem…..LAZY ARSE PARENTS.

    So, for you Pelosi and the NAACP try and get your act together and take a look at what real work can be done for blacks, white and all colors. Time to hit the lackies in the pocket.

    It is called scared straight. get you kid in school. Maybe then the Blacks wouldn’t have so much trouble. Enough of the talk start walking the walk.

  • Hadrian Rises

    If obama were white they’d have run him out of office for being hostile to blacks. The joke is on them. Well its on all of us, but the schadenfreude is sweet.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Well, I’ve got some news for you BEN –
    Your boy in the WH isn’t finished yet.

    He will do in four more years what his Party has been trying to do for fifty: The complete subjugation and neutering of the Black America.

    But you’ve got to hand it to them, BEN: They have made YOU think THEY are on your side, so you’ll keep voting them into office.

    Some joke, huh?

  • bobbi


  • Patty

    btw, many people of every color are far worse since Obama.

  • NeoKong

    There is always plenty of more welfare.
    Who needs to work…?

  • B.O. don’t know diddley squat

    Ben hasn’t seen anything yet.
    After the unions have stolen everything that’s not nailed down,
    After “special interest groups” have extorted everything in the bottomless well of $$$
    When the entitlements have crash thru the ceiling

    Who does Ben think, will be the first group to get cut loose

    Look Ben,there’s a squirrell skiing on youtube,don’t look over hear

    deaf ,dumb and blind sheeple

  • Arnonerik

    We are all doing worse under Obama, but of course women and children suffer most.

  • L.barney

    That guy should be looking over his shoulder! I’ll bet right now he’s thinking:”$$##! King’ll be ((((((!”

    Cue the Rockwell song “Somebody’s Watching Me”

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    having the country do worse was obama’s plan from the start. yet the NAACP still supported him. it not going to get any better, especially if you work.

  • jony101

    93 percent voted for obama? thats an understatement, more like 98 percent. Why work when obama gives you everything for free including free cellphone, only a fool would work.

  • Objective Analysis

    Okay so now NAACP President Ben Jealous is NOW sounding the alarm. Really, now you are concerned about the economic policies of the Obama Administration and the impact for blacks and other Americans?

    I am through. These far left wing policies are hurting every American and especially black ones the hardest. It is creating only rich and poor and no middle class. You just can’t tax everyone and expect to turn blood out of an empty turnip. Tax is a cost and any business or employer will minimize costs by avoiding taxes and cutting jobs to avoid the tax. It is not racist/sexist, it is basic essence of survival (Darwinism).

    We saw the crap with President Carter in the 1970’s. Now this crap. I am through.

  • Jedward1000

    Stupid is as Stupid does.
    Sucks when you wake up and realize you have been suckered……..
    What really stinks is these fools have subjected the rest of us to this man for another four years of krapola.

  • Ruebacca

    This cult of personality is just cover for looting.

  • Lim Lynn

    The person who work isn’t an idiot if the money you earn when you spend it feel great once in the while. For instance currently I just got a Nintendo DS after earn my keep.