Oh, Good Grief… Al Sharpton: KNIFE CONTROL Comes Next After Guns (Video)

Oh, good grief.
Al Sharpton tells listeners to this radio show that KNIFE CONTROL comes after guns.
Via Radio Equalizer:

From the video:

REV AL SHARPTON (28 Dec 2012): In any civilized society you do not see massacres continue to happen, from Tucson to Aurora to Columbine to Virginia Tech to where we are now in Newtown to Chicago and you keep the same laws when clearly they’re not working.

ROSCOE IN MARYLAND: What happens when the criminal goes to knives Al?

REV AL SHARPTON: Then you deal with knives.


REV AL SHARPTON: The same thing as if you have a head cold and the same thing you do if you have a head cold and the cold is gone and you have a headache. Then you take headache medicine. The job of society is to deal with whatever problem confronts it.

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  • Granny

    They are actually attempting to regulate the sale of kitchen knives in the UK – no standard chef’s knives allowed unless you are a chef. LOL

  • cavt

    Can’t stop laughing—–

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  • http://teachx3sblog.wordpress.com/ TeachX3

    The insanity is mind numbing

  • Midwestengr

    It’s far overdue to start “Idiot Control”

    Let’s start with you Al!

  • vityas

    I will filet anyone who comes for my Henckel’s.

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  • http://! l.barney

    Does this man expect us to sanitize meat scissors to cut our meat? No wait, what if proposes a ban on scissors too? Will we then cut our meat with saws? No wait, saws are “knives” too right?

    I;ve got it! Al wants us to GORGE on the meat RAW like in those Earth Children’s books!

    Or we can COOK it over a fire and THEN eat it!

    Face it, guys, it is going to be a very LONG four years!

  • anti-bho

    My God! I never realized the man’s absolute profundity!
    Where would we be without you Al?

  • Granny

    No, of course not l.barney – you might kill somebody with meat scissors! Those will be outlawed along with all the rest!

    On a rather funny note, I recently flew to the UK. In checking the forbidden items list, I learned that my embroidery scissors – DEFINITELY sharp and pointed enough to kill somebody – have short enough blades that they are now allowed on the plane.

  • Dennis

    Yeesh…even when we are all running around naked, people will still kill people.

    Will they cut off our hands to keep us from strangling people?

    Will they cut off our feet to keep us from kicking people?

    Will they cut off our heads to keep us from thinking?

    Morons. Laws might deter some, but they don’t stop a darn thing. They just outline what will happen if you are convicted of violating them.

  • bigkahuna

    I would prefer to see Dumbass control. That would take care of 85% of the dummycrat party.

  • http://! l.barney

    Happy New Year Granny, I guess nothing is sacred in the AGE OF O!

  • Granny

    Happy New Year to you too l.Barney . . . . may we all live to see another one!

  • stuart

    OK, let’s take this to the absurd level. Let us say everything was banned, guns, knives, bats, golf clubs, even pointed sticks. That leaves rocks; specifically flint and obsidian. I can create out of obsidian, a knife sharper than any available on the market. (Ask the Aztecs, they used to cut out human hearts with them for sport.) So Reverend dumb ass do we institute rock control? No, don’t answer, just shut up and go away.

  • Erik

    And when everything that can be used as a weapon is banned, they will ban using anything as a weapon.

    Then self defense itself will become illegal, if it is succesful. Hit someone hard enough to make him stop hurting you, and you will be guilty of assault. You are only allowed to block any punches or stabs directed at you as long as you dont hurt the attacker and take the first possible opportunity to run away.

    And no, this is not hyperbole. This is the situation in many European countries, including Scandinavia.
    There are several cases when a person has been convicted of assault because he did not run from his own house when someone broke in to try and kill him, even though his family would have been at the mercy of the attacker had he ran.

    It’s not about guns. It’s about making the individuals powerless, so the state or any of the lefts goons can do what they want without any fear of anyone fighting back. Once the guns are gone, you can expect the union goons and occupy thugs to show up at peoples doorstep to intimidate and threaten them, and later on confiscate their property and beat them up.

  • Susie Sunshine

    re: “The job of society is to deal with whatever problem confronts it.”

    So Al, what if the problem with society is an over-abundance of ‘race baiting’ phony reverends? How do you propose we get rid of them – hang the nasty suckers, or just stick them in prison for 100 years with a truck load of MRE’s?


    Stalin, Hitler and Mao also banned sharpened gardening tools as well, for your own safety of course.

    America’s modern day Gestapo, AKA, TSA and Homeland Security hate it when the subjects fight back from the Messiah’s edicts.

  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    one of many stories we won’t hear about via MSM
    because it demonstrates how “guns save lives”..

    December 14, 2012

    Clackamas Mall Shooter Was Confonted
    By Concealed Carrier (Oregon)

    On Tuesday night 22-year-old Nick Meli went to the Clackamas
    Town Center mall with his friends Casey and Ashley as well as
    Ashley’s four month old son***. They were walking through
    the mall when a masked man, now known to be Jacob Tyler
    Roberts, opened fire.

    Nick’s reaction? “I heard three shots and turned and looked at
    Casey and said, ‘are you serious?'”. Nick told Casey to get down
    with the baby and positioned himself behind a pillar in the mall.
    Oh yeah, Nick is a licensed concealed carrier in Oregon. ]

    links & more at link..



    Read about the communist takeover of Europe and how banning a persons means of self defense is imperative to their success.