At Least Six States Will Take Legislative Action Against Obama’s New Gun Control Laws (Video)

At least six states say they are seriously considering taking some sort of legislative action against the government on the new gun control laws. They include Alabama, Missouri, South Carolina, Montana, Texas and Wyoming. Many more sheriffs around the country are also calling for action.
Via America’s Newsroom:

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  • Sam Stone

    The battle between tyrannical leaders and The People who delegated limited powers to them will soon be in conflict. No telling where it may end.

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  • Darlene McDaniel

    Obama and his admin and liberal dems have asked for all this but I’m afraid govt too big to fight if the military obeys its orders from the CIC

  • Paul

    No worries. Military knows their duty and what they swore an oath to. I have no doubts that most military members would stand up for everyday Americans and stand against the tyranny this admin. has been bringing upon its people.

  • Erik

    Wyoming’s house passed the bill last week. We are awaiting the state Senate and the Gov to sign.

  • Tenacious221

    What is the Missouri Bill number? I’d like to read the text.

  • AM

    Law enforcement and military WILL NOT enforce Obamanation’s executive decisions… Executive orders are not enforcible by anyone other than a fed agency… All funding for executive action must go through Congress and Congress will NOT authorize funding… “Sorry DICTATOR – you lose”…

  • Tabby

    Well come on Arizona, why aren’t we listed yet? Get off your duffs & get to work Az RINOs! Prove your not a joke like our Governor is right now! SHERIFF JOE HelloooooooOOooo? Where arrreee ya?
    (No in all seriousness I have total faith in the Sheriffs of Az to not comply with any over-reach by the psycho in chief concerning firearms.) 😉

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  • Gort

    Since over 70% of gun murders are happening in inner cities by thieves and gang bangers the solution is obvious. Enforce the existing laws….oh yeah, that would be racist

  • Highlander

    They push, we push back. It’s a beautiful thing. Maybe Democracy isn’t as dead as we thought it was …

    I haven’t heard where my state stands on this nonsense, but considering the fact that we have a solid Conservative governor, I’m guessing he’ll be weighing in soon. The Obama administration is overstepping it’s bounds on this, and they’re about to find out that the people of this country have about had it with the executive orders and unconstitutional actions coming out of the Obama administration. It still boggles the mind how people could have been stupid enough to re-elect this tyrant. He made it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that he had every intention of ramming his radical agenda down our throats in his second term … abundantly clear to anyone who was paying attention that is. Apparently, too many people were focused on the goodies he was promising …

    Regardless, even the left is beginning to feel a little nervous about Obama now. In a few months, when the true impact of his second term is being felt, they’re going to rue they day they ever pulled the lever for this traitor …

  • Practical Jane

    Don’t want to relocate over this.
    Come on Florida….

  • Marcy

    Stuck in NEW YORK with that crazy ass cuomo…and I mean CRAZY…he’s so scary I want a gun just to protect myself from him.

  • brian

    #7 – congress authorizing funding is irrelevant. No budget has been passed since 2009, white house hasn’t submitted budgets. He’s using the debt to spend what he likes to bypass congress. The house really has no choice but to use the debt ceiling to force a real budget to be passed which properly allocates monies to real interests other than paying for illegal executive order enforcement and political payoffs.

  • ponderon
  • ponderon
  • TeachX3

    #6 January 16, 2013 at 10:33 am
    Tenacious221 commented:

    “What is the Missouri Bill number? I’d like to read the text.”

    … Me too.

    Mr. Hoft, please provide further information regarding Missouri and what we can do, as citizens, to make sure this comes to fruit. Thanks!

  • Sam Stone

    23 Executive Orders? I never heard such crap in my life. Exploiting dead children is not below this tyrant.

  • Sam Stone

    Obama follows the NRA lead and calls for more funding for armed police in schools.

  • Lim Lynn