Angry Turks chase NATO German Soldiers on the Streets of Iskenderun (Video)

German soldiers manning Patriot missile batteries on the Turkish-Syrian border were attacked by an angry mob of nationalist protesters.

The Turks thought the soldiers were Americans and were chanting, “Yankee, go home!”

The Local reported on the incident:

After some 40 people surrounded the soldiers in the southern town of Iskenderun, one German reportedly had a bag containing white powder thrown over his head. Four other soldiers managed remained unscathed and all five made it back to their army quarters after Turkish security forces arrived. All of the Germans were in civilian clothing at the time of the incident.

While the authorities stepped in quickly enough to prevent things from escalating further, similar attacks have happened in the past on foreign soldiers on Turkish soil.

Thought to be from the Turkey Youth Union (TGB), a nationalist youth organisation, members have been known to throw bags over NATO soldiers in the past in reference to the treatment of Turkish soldiers captured by US forces during the 2003 Iraq war.

The German soldiers manning Patriot missiles on the border are part of a NATO mission requested at the end of 2012 by the Turkish government to help protect against attack during growing unrest in Syria.

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  • NavySeal

    Obama is giving our technology away to foreign country’s like it’s not nothing… Patriot missles, tanks, jets, drones, ect… We are screwed big time.. What are we going to have left to defend against our own military equipment?

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  • Marsh626

    Why on Earth are we allied with the Turks? Are people that ignorant of history?

    Constantinople used to be the heart of European Christendom. Then the brown skinned muslim Ottomans finally successfully invaded it after muslim armies tried and failed for centuries.

    They robbed, raped and slaughtered the White Christians living there. And they converted one of the greatest Churches in Christian hostory into a ghastly victory mosque celebrating islamic imperialism.

    The brown skinned muslim Ottoman Empire invaded and colonized White Christian Southeastern Europe for hundreds of years and enslaved the locals (yes, White people were the slaves of brown skinned muslims. That’s something your anti-White, anti-Christian, brown power “liberal” professors will never tell you…)

    They even invaded Central Europe. Their goal, like the goal of former muslim imperialists, was to take over Europe, wipe out Christianity (just like they did in the Middle East – the former heart of early Christendom) and enslave the natives. But they were eventually defeated by the White Christians and pushed out of Europe (mostly).

    After the Ottoman Empire was defeated in WWI, the Turks embarked upon on a radical Westernization process because they realized Christian Europe had left islamic [lack of] civilization in the dust and that islam was a failed oppressive and backwards system that was holding them back. They wanted to compete with the Christian Europeans by adopting their way of life.

    We aligned ourselves with secular-ish Turkey during the Cold War to offset Left-wing socialist imperialism. But the Cold War is over now. And Turkey has re-islamized. They’ve become a nation full of anti-Western “islamists” again. Turkey is one of the most anti-American countries in the entire world now.

    So, why on Earth are we still aligned with them and sending them advanced military weaponary? And why are mindless Western tourists giving them tourism money???

    People these days have lost their common sense…

  • BruceC

    Would anyone like to place any bets on the end state of the decline of Turkey? It’s smelling more like an Iran every day. I hope when the balloon goes up we have had the common sense to evacuate our embassy. I’m not looking forward to another hostage crisis.

    What’s even scarier is we have the second coming of Jimmy Carter in office right now. Perfect.

  • Marsh626

    And oh, yeah. I forgot to add the obvious. They should be kicked out of NATO immediately. Or we should leave NATO and let the idiot ingrate Lefty Europeans deal with them.

    And I can’t believe I have to state the obvious, but muslim non-White Turkey should be permanently denied entry into the European Union (which I think should be disbanded anyway).

    For those who don’t follow European politics, Turkey is desperately trying to get EU membership and many idiot Western leaders support them. Including “conservative” David Cameron in the UK and Obama here in America.

    If Turkey gets EU membership, Europe will collapse even faster than it already is under self-destructive Left-wing socialism. The whole Middle East will have easy access to Europe because if you’re a member of the EU then you can easily move from one EU country to the next. Brown skinned muslims will flood all of Europe more than they already have and turn Europe into a giant Middle East.

    Gaddafi even bragged about muslim schemes to do exactly that when he was still alive.

    We live in a crazy world these days. Common sense isn’t so common anymore…

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    The Turks thought the soldiers were Americans and were chanting, “Yankee, go home!”

    Why are we even doing this sort of thing for those creeps? The screw us at the beginning of the Iraq campaign, they’re drifting ever-deeper into the Islamist sphere, and they’re turning into enemies of Israel. Why they’re even still in NATO is beyond me.

    Cut ’em loose, and let them go their own way with a warning to stay out of our way.

  • American Woman

    Some idiots still talk about a Secular Turkey; they are not only idiots, they lie.

    Let’s also remember that there are multicultural Progressive zealots, who want Turkey to be included in the European Union. They purposely ignore the genocide of the Armenians that the Turks say never happened, despite the historical evidence that shows it did. Read here for some of that proof:

    The Turks also deny their Jihad against the Armenian, Assyrian, and Greek Christians, which resulted in the deaths of roughly 2 million Christians. You can read sbout that here:

    The Turks and the Iranians are big players in the Syrian “revolution”, and they work to recreate the Islamic Caliphate. In case, you are unaware of it the next leader of that Caliphate lives in Pennsylvania and his name is Fethullah Gulen. You can read about him here:

    Also, read here:

  • Economan

    But tons of Turks live in Germany. I guess that’s OK,,,

  • this is the same thing turks do to germans on the streets of german cities.

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  • Lim Lynn

    Opps Turks mistaken wrong German troops for America troops. What a strange phenomena.

  • SeaBass

    Thank God that Turkey has an assult weapons ban and no magazines over 10 rounds. Dear leader’s little carney should point this out.

  • More liberty

    Just another reason why need to mind our own business. Let Europe defend themselves, let South Korea guard its own borders, let Afghanistan build its own schools. We need to guard our own borders first. But to be honest, if German or Turkish troops were on our land I wouldn’t be happy either.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    These are NATO allies? Along with Egypt, SA and all the other muzz nuts, what could go wrong?

  • Beth Truvale

    I think we can blame this on Hillary and/or Obama.

  • Stella Baskomb

    “The Turks thought the[German] soldiers were Americans”

    Cheese, who’da ever thought Muslims would practice racial profiling?

    I’m shocked – shocked, I tell you.

  • feduptoo

    I wish everyone would stay in their home countries! I’m sick of this global social experiment, Merkle and Cameron have both said, multicultralism does not work!

  • MarkJ

    The German troops should have just given the Hitler salute and that would have stopped the Turks in their tracks. 😉

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    Boy, first the Algerians step in and take care of business, now the Turkish security forces step in to save the Germans. And Obama did what in Benghazi?

  • I wanted to search about global thoughts about this issue. And i read your comments. Not many of you know nothing about middle-east and current situation going on here. I live in Adana, where is your 39th Air Base Wing.

    Nonsense about islamic jihad and stuff. 1 sided thoughts… What do you know about islam? I’m a sinner muslim, but i’m proud of that. You all hate muslims because of the media manipulation and 911 events. Not all of the muslims are terrorists. You all think that muslims marry 4 women or so. Even though you won’t, at least read this wiki part; Birth of your (and our) prophet Jesus from Quran. Servant of god, speaks as a newborn…

    Ignorance… All is happening because of your “Greater Middle East Project” led by puppet America who are enslaved by jewish community.

    And just 1 sentence for Marsh626;

    If, ottoman empire tried to convert all christians to muslims, maybe history would not be like today. There was no force on natives of the conquested countries. Like you, christians do at Renaiscance era in Africa. Wipeout christianity? I’d say LoL.