Americans Buy Enough Guns in Last Two Months to Outfit the Entire Chinese and Indian Armies

Honest Americans Bought Enough Guns in November and December to Outfit the Entire Chinese and Indian Armies

The Obama Administration is the number one threat to the nation’s gun rights advocates.  In the four years since Barack Obama was first elected president in November 2008, an estimated 67 million firearms have been purchased in the United States. In November a record 2 million guns were sold in America.  This was followed up by another record in December.  2.7 million guns were sold in America in the last month of 2012.

To put this in perspective.
Chinese and Indian Standing Army Numbers:

– There are 2.29 active members in the Chinese Army.

– There are 1.13 active members in the Indian Army.

There were enough guns sold in the US in November and December to outfit each active member of the Chinese and Indian armies with a brand new gun.

UPDATE: Ann Coulter added:

And they bought enough guns in December alone to arm the entire Chinese army. Violent psychopaths may miscalculate in the future if they assume shoppers, theater-goers and teachers aren’t armed.

(Say, maybe talking about gun control is the Democrats’ secret plan to stimulate the economy!)

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  • walknot

    No sarc tag; Seriously, I feel safer.

  • CO2HOG

    Obama – the best gun salesman ever.

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  • drunken sailor

    Yes, and Stag Arms, a popular manufacturer of AR-15 rifles, says they have an approximately 2 year waiting list for gun purchases.

  • Jerry C


  • Paul

    Well Obama wanted Hope and Change so it looks like we got some!

    I haven’t bought any guns cause I learned way back in the Clinton Admin what these Democrats were all about. I got plenty and I laugh at the prices they ask.

  • Gretchen Iverson

    Please, please, please careful with the guns you buy. Follow all the safety rules and keep them out of the hands of children. So many people are unintentionally shot every day.

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  • alanstorm

    Gretchen, your comments are probably not needed by the vast majority of gun owners, as they are well aware of the safety issues, but it doesn’t hurt to state it.

  • Temnota

    How many people are unintentionally shot every day?

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  • Servo1969

    I heard that Magpul already has orders amounting to over 1,000,000 magazines.

  • Militant Conservative

    #12 January 14, 2013 at 8:15 am
    Temnota commented:Ignorance of your magnatude is astounding.

    Second amendment is about protecting ones self against politicians not hunting.

    Some people die every day because they are too stupid for common sense to help them.

    Are you one of these people?

  • TwoDogs

    So many ! Gretchen says so. Numbers don’t matter.

  • Lim Lynn
    Have anyone follow up about Walmart Gun issue?

  • Actually, it’s more than that. One background check can cover multiple weapons at a purchase (and a LOT were buying more than one). I would bet the number was closer to 4 million for December.

  • Ezra Gonzalez

    I waited in line for hours to buy a single shoulder thing that goes up, and the high capacity magazine bullets were nowhere to be found.

    This is getting out of hand again.

  • Repubtallygirl

    I bought a Bushmaster .223 last week for double of the price a few months ago. I was saving for a bathroom remodel but instead bought the gun. Ammo is hard to come by now.

  • Daniel in Brookline

    – There are 2.29 active members in the Chinese Army.

    – There are 1.13 active members in the Indian Army.”

    Those are awfully small armies. Perhaps you meant 2.29 million and 1.13 million?

  • MarkJ

    Meanwhile, Senator Chuck Schumer reminds us all again that he’s a smarmy, hubristic POS:

  • Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    Glad I got mine 9-12 months ago, though I did pick up an SKS and a Kahr K9 the weekend after Newtown, just in time before the gouging started. Ammo prices are bothering me more, and I suppose I’ll have to hit the range less often until that hysteria dies down and 5.56 rounds aren’t >$1 any more.. (still got my 1k 5.56 and 2k 7.62, along with about 2k 9mm, but I’d hate to not be able to replenish affordably.. Plus, I got a new .45 to feed :p)

  • hiram

    Wait a minute… I bought a pair of rifles in November, but only had to do ONE background check.

    The actual number of firearms purchased is probably a bit (and likely quite a bit) higher.

  • apodoca

    Can you imagine a Ruby Ridge happening now? In this climate, Ruby Ridge and Waco would start a civil war. That’s how deep the distrust of the government is now. That’s what Obama’s gun grab has wrought. Cops doing those middle of the night break down the door of the wrong house are putting their lives at risk. That fear will make armed government personnel think twice about mass arrests,

  • Daniel in Brookline

    Dr. Noisewater — congratulations on your new purchases! But I wouldn’t be so hasty about calling this “price gouging”. The American market for guns and ammo is outstripping suppliers (who, I’m sure, are gearing up as fast as they can to meet the new demand). Only last year, Ruger thought it was a big deal to try and sell one million guns in a single year. Now we see more than two million NICS checks in a single MONTH, two months in a row… and I’m sure than Ruger owns more than one-twenty-fourth of the US market.

    When supply goes down or demand goes up, prices go up. That’s the way it works. My guess is that, over the next few months — if Washington doesn’t do something stupid, like a Federal ban on the shoulder thing that goes up — gun and ammo sales will slow down, and it will take the manufacturers awhile to catch up to that… meaning that there’ll be an oversupply for a while, and prices will go down.

    In the meantime, enjoy your new acquisitions!

  • FrankB

    I don’t think American Spring will come this year. It’s at least two years down the road.

  • AdamM

    If I was a gun maker I’d be trying to make as much money as I could right now. There’s a chance that the Government is going to intentionally kill my business.

    Check out the petition to make areas around politicians ‘gun free zones’ basically disarming the secret service. Since gun free zones are enough to protect children it should be enough to protect our government officials.

  • Hamburger_Hurter

    Patriots all. Be ready to use them.

  • BigBob

    Re: Background Checks

    I have a CCW permit. I don’t know about other states but here in the Commonwealth of KY I do have to fill out the BATF transfer form. Then the dealer enters my Concealed Carry Permit info into the form and that’s it. I don’t have to sit there while he makes a call to the NICS lady to get an okay for me. Saves a lot of time for all three of us.

    That’s an additional benefit of going out there and getting your Concealed Carry permit. Just do it.

  • King

    The problem for gun manufacturers is that while they’re making huge money now what do they do with everything back-ordered til the second coming? Bare shelves don’t keep a gun business open. The Left urging this panic buying may be well aware of what they’re doing.

  • Allan E.

    In my opinion, This Administration, is doing everything it can to start a civil war so that it can destroy this nation and create a dictatorship. They do not care how many people are killed so long as they end up at the top.

  • gwen2k

    Numbers for traffic deaths per year in the US: 35000. Gunshot deaths that are not suicide: 3100. Numbers of criminally related gsw: 2000.
    So perhaps you should outlaw those darn cars Gretchen.

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  • paul52

    Hey, Temnota, how many Americans are unintentionally killed in vehicle accidents everyday? Right around NINETY? Wanna ban powered vehicles?

  • Snitch-in-Time

    Keep them out of the hands of children? Gretchen, how are the kids going to learn to shoot? I teach all my kids the rifle, pistol, and shotgun. They have been shooting since 6 years old. As soon as the child is physically strong enough to hold the AR-15 they start training with it. The same is true for handguns. It is a time honored way to teach American children how to appreciate, respect, and defend their liberties. Guns are not mysterious to my kids, they are used to them and have a healthy respect and fear of what they can do to flesh and material.

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  • andre

    Maybe we need a reverse FAst and Furious from Mexico, as the US is running out.

  • Yog-Sothoth

    “- There are 2.29 active members in the Chinese Army.”

    How do you get 0.29 of a person? Perhaps there’s a “million” missing there? 🙂

    The anti-gun scare is just more Keynesianism in disguise. He’s scaring people into spending money to stimulate the economy.

  • Bruce Parker

    It would appear that “The Militia” is “Well Regulated”!, the Militia being the Armed Citizenry and Well Regulated meaning Well Equipped, according to the Framers of the US Constitution!…

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  • Berkant

    Why is it alright for innocent people to die on such a regular basis? Why is this ‘normal’ for everybody? All these guns have only one purpose and its never good. I remember watching the President announcing the latest school massacre. He seemed concerned and sad, but nothing has changed. All that potential has to be to be used, I imagine that these shootings will be as common as the local traffic report.

  • Tabby

    This is Obama’s claim of embrace of capitalism & the second amendment. He is, after all the greatest gun salesman in the history of the world!

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  • Skip

    @ Daniel in Brookline #27:

    Which is all fine and dandy, except that it isn’t the manufactures doing the price gouging, it’s the retailer. Most manufacturers have the same pricing as they did 2 months ago. The raw materials for gunmaking aren’t any scarcer.

    I see people buying used guns on gunbroker (with the title “Pre AWB!!!”) for 3x their normal retail.

    I guess there’s one born every minute. ‘Bammers and crazy Uncle Joe aren’t going to have enough votes to break a filibuster in the Senate, much less pass any of this in the House.

  • Ralph W

    Guns have only one purpose huh? And what might that be? I like to shoot holes in paper, carefully operating the device and achieving excellent results – poking holes in paper. Is that the one purpose for my gun? Poking holes in paper? Because that’s what I do with my guns.

    Perhaps it’s the trigger actuation nut that’s causing the problem, not the gun?

    I guess my guns are defective because none has caused a crime.

  • Tabby

    #43 you obviously don’t understand that according to the FBI’s OWN data; spree killings have diminished by nearly 50% in the past decade recorded & you are far more likely to be killed by hammers as by gunfire. The same is true for knives as well as fists. Also of note is that these happen primarily in gun free zones because the killers seek them out knowing they can take their time & nobody will stop them.
    Also keep in mind that the majority of homicides by firearm are committed by criminals on criminals (gangs), with illegal guns like the ones Obama’s administration armed the Mexican drug cartels with. The top 10 cities with the highest deaths & crimes using guns are those with the tightest regulations where it’s hardest to obtain them for the law abiding.
    Now gun ownership protects 65 lives for every 2 lives lost & used in self defense to stop a crime by law abiding Americans approximately 2.5 million times per year.Often the gun is never fired & no blood is shed including the ‘bad guys’. They protect innocent people far more than they hurt them. A great example just the deterrent they are in the Kennesaw, GA, who has the lowest rate of crime in the US ever since becoming the town to mandate each home be in possession of a gun.
    Please download the free book at & I’d highly recommend the $5 kindle version of the book “More Guns = Less Crime” for more research & facts that continue to prove that an armed society is a polite society.

  • Patty

    Wait a minute, is it up to par with what this communist administration has bought up?

  • #24 January 14, 2013 at 9:01 am
    Dr. Kenneth Noisewater commented:

    Glad I got mine 9-12 months ago, though I did pick up an SKS and a Kahr K9 the weekend after Newtown, just in time before the gouging started. Ammo prices are bothering me more, and I suppose I’ll have to hit the range less often until that hysteria dies down and 5.56 rounds aren’t >$1 any more.. (still got my 1k 5.56 and 2k 7.62, along with about 2k 9mm, but I’d hate to not be able to replenish affordably.. Plus, I got a new .45 to feed :p)

    Two things:

    (1) You sure you want to make your arsenal and stockpile known publicly?

    (2) Look into reloading.

    …and, if you do, you might want to look into black powder pistols. They have the advantage of no FFL whatsoever (in most states) and combine the two pastimes: reloading and shooting — in one session.

  • More Minty

    Who has two thumbs and doubled his money selling guns to right wingers afraid of the scary black man? (You can’t see it, but I just pointed at myself with my thumbs.) I plan on doing the same once Hilary gets elected.

  • How many people are accidentally shot to death each day? For the last year available, the CDC says there were 606 fatal firearms accidents, including just under 400 fatal hunting accidents. Counting hunting accidents, about 1.65 a day. Omitting hunting accidents, about 0.6 fatalities a day.

    73 of those were children under 16. Of those 28 were killed by a carelessly laid aside police officers duty weapon. So the overall childhood death rate from firearms is about 1 every five days. If we could get tired cops to put their guns out of reach of their children, that would be 1 ever 8 days.


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  • Winston Wolfe

    @ Minty

    It ain’t the ‘black man’ who concerns me. It’s leftist phucks like you.

  • todd

    And this is the number 1 reason that the Japanese nor the Germans invaded the US during WWII. A armed Civilian population can and will fight back.

    For those that want to know why the Swiss always seem to be able to stay neutral during these wars, every civilian must serve 2 years in the army, and must take their rifle home with them when their tour is over. They must be ready to take up arms in a moments notice.

    Look at Israel. Surrounded by hostile enemies, but they do not invade. Ever wonder why? A quick google search and you will see people (men and women) walking the streets with their fully automatic weapons hanging on their shoulders.

  • burt

    Your money is going down in value. Your gun is going up in value. Buy now!

  • Anthony

    The biggest problem with these headlines is the liberals and the liberal media will spin this out of control, inferring the weapons purchased were military grade, select fire, etc. when we know they were not…but the truth has never stopped those with an agenda.

  • Freddy

    What we are dealing with here is a complete lack of TRUST in the Federal Government.

  • Flyingguns

    I personally have 7 firearms.

    1942 Mosin Nagant 91/30 (round receiver)

    Ruger Tactical 10/22

    Maverick 88 (stock 28″ barrel switched out with a Mossberg 500 18.5″ barrel with a door breecher front end)

    Hi Point JCP 40

    Smith and Wesson Sigma (40S&W)

    Glock 19 Longslide

    Remington 700 Tactical in 308

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  • Nice starter set.

  • valerie

    #8 January 14, 2013 at 8:00 am
    Gretchen Iverson commented:

    “Please, please, please careful with the guns you buy. Follow all the safety rules and keep them out of the hands of children. So many people are unintentionally shot every day.”

    While I agree that the vast majority of gun owners are well aware of the safety issues, I’ll tell the story about how all the gun owners in my family wound up with gun safes. My oldest son, then about 5, was visiting my parents, and he asked my daddy, “Grandpa, why do you have a gun in _____?” which was the super-secret hiding place my daddy thought was good. He bought a safe the next day.

    He went through two or three safes before he found one that he thought was secure enough.

    Just sayin’

  • More Minty

    Is that Mosin Nagant Russian or Finnish?

    Hi Points and Sigmas are really dodgy.

  • cowboybobmt

    Cool, now we won’t have to worry about either of these slave countries attacking us.

    Please quit with the implied numbers of all the “unintentional” shootings “every day”. Unless you have stats, that is nonsense. Now granted, there are those out there who have NO business operating ANY type of mechanical device, guns included…and they should think twice before owning/operating a weapon…you know who you are. For many millions more, there is no issue. I grew up in a household with guns and was hunting unsupervised in my early teens…with cousins of the same age. My kids grew up the same way and my grandchildren are now growing up in similar households. Guess what, not one incidence of accidental gunfire or injury. We were taught the proper rules and respect and acted accordingly. There were no exceptions to the rules.

    Now what price do we pay for this freedom? One person killed in anger or unintentionally even is one too many. But we do that with education and enforcement. We do not ban guns. More people are killed each year by far in auto accidents…so….what to do? Just for “fun”, let’s compare some of the more successful gun-control programs in history…we’ll begin with the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany…they managed to exterminate upwards of 40-50 million of their OWN citizens before all was said and done. In fact, we’ll never have an accurate count of how many Stalin murdered since he managed to bury all those records along with the victims. Now, your typical liberal will exclaim in dismay, mock horror and disgust how that could never happen in the USA…but then again. many of the same ilk said the same about Stalin and Hitler before and during the war until the facts came out. I for one am not willing to risk my children’s future for some phony hand-wringing agenda.

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  • Pablo

    One would think that in an ideal society, where the nation’s leader was honored and respected by the people, such a large body of law abiding citizens would be welcomed as a potential supplement to the regular military and police as part of a “well regulated militia” in a possible time of national emergency.
    As it is, Obama is so paranoid of the American people that he’s determined to crack down and put controls on the very people who have shown themselves to be the foundation of a functional society. His administration has even gone so far as to categorize our veterans as “potential terrorists”.
    This pathetic excuse for a leader is so desperate that he threatens to use Executive Action if the votes don’t go his way. What a sad commentary on our country due to this President!

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  • Truth Teller

    Given the traitors in this nation, gun owners may get the opportunity to use them to protect their families.

  • VetMike

    Add these numbers to those of guns already out there and there are a lot of guns in the hands of a lot of very pissed off folks. Can you imagine what the BATF, FBI, DEA and Homeland Insecurity agents will say when they are told to go confiscate them? And nobody is tracking ammunition sales or sales of reloading components. There may be people with tens of thousands of rounds stored. And today Obama stated that he has all the executive power he needs to go after “assault weapons” and high capacity magazines. Molon Labe

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  • HunterEdInstr

    Vet Mike, I think we have that amount covered in just .22 LR…we buy it whenever it is on sale. 500-525 rounds at a time. That is just about enough (500-525) for a good day plinking.

    As is previously noted, a Waco or Ruby Ridge happening today…might be the Feds going looking for a gas leak with a road flare for light. One heck of a kaboom.

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  • Richard

    This likely does not include guns sold at gun shows as that does not increase the total number of firearms in private hands.

  • zilla

    A good start!

  • Andrew

    Dr. Kenneth Noisewater commented:

    Glad I got mine 9-12 months ago, though I did pick up an SKS and a Kahr K9 the weekend after Newtown, just in time before the gouging started. Ammo prices are bothering me more, and I suppose I’ll have to hit the range less often until that hysteria dies down and 5.56 rounds aren’t >$1 any more.. (still got my 1k 5.56 and 2k 7.62, along with about 2k 9mm, but I’d hate to not be able to replenish affordably.. Plus, I got a new .45 to feed :p)

    Buy a hot pot, some linotype or Lyman #2, a 45 bullet mold (or ten or twelve in my case) and some once fired brass from Gunbroker. Now, getting powder and primers, that is the problem now. Glad I have about 28 pounds of powder and 50,000 primers in the boom room on hand. I saw this coming 4 years ago and stocked up.

  • The purpose of the Second Amendment is to arm people in order to prevent future tyranny. They need the tools to do this.

    The term “Well Regulated” in the Second Amendment meant “Well Manned and Equipped ” in 1791 as was determined in the 1939 United States v. Miller case after referencing the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. The concept of Government Regulation, as we understand it today, did not exist at the time.

    United States v. Miller also determined that the term “Arms” refers to “Ordinary Military Weapons” (not crew operated). American Citizens have the right to Keep and Bear, which means Own and Carry, any weapons that a soldier carries into battle. That includes past, present and future weapons. A Militia consisted of armed volunteers willing to fight with their personal arms and not under government control.

    The 2008 Heller v. Washington DC decision reaffirmed that the Right to Bear Arms was an Individual right. The 2010 McDonald v. Chicago decision reaffirmed it yet again and made it clear that it applies to every state, every city and every town in the United States.

    To limit the Second Amendment to muskets would be the equivalent of limiting the First Amendment to writings in quill pens.

    Liberty is worth the risk of death!

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  • Everyone needs to go to the Washington Times and read Judge Napolitano’s article from yesterday. It’s title is, “The Right To Shoot Tyrants, Not Deer”. That says it all. The rest of the article explains why Thomas Jefferson believed that the people should have the latest version of weapons that the government has that would be used to take your guns away from you. He backs this up with the Constitutional rights that we all enjoy. I’m surprised that BG hasn’t shown this link yet, but he probably will in time.

    Also you can find part of it on the “Gun Appreciation Day” site as well. Print this article and send it to your representative and maybe when they are buried in these letters they will get the picture that we are not going to give up our weapons no matter who the President is, and especially since we have a Communist in the White House now.

    Also, I can’t understand why NO conservative talk radio host hasn’t reminded everyone that Obama, Eric Holder, and Bill Ayer’s all sat on the board of directors of the Joyce Foundation in as late as 2005(I think) and the Joyce Foundation was a think tank that was created by Communists for the specific purpose of coming up with ways to get rid of the 2nd Amendment. Obama himself said last week that, “I have a historic background in wanting to get rid of these kinds of weapons.” as he was being interviewed by some useful idiot reporter when asked some dumb question about the Feinstein Gun Ban bill.

    That says all we need to know that he has no intention of allowing us to keep our semi-auto loading handguns, rifles, shotguns, and any accessory that goes to any of those weapons we legally and lawfully own. And to be clear it Thomas Jefferson was telling us what God given right we really have we should be able to buy fully automatic M-16’s and anything else like that because that is exactly what the cops and those in the military who don’t think anything is wrong with disarming their fellow citizens on order from and despot in the White House, will use on us when they come for our guns, which I may add aren’t fully automatic. Well it that’s what the 2nd Amendment means and that is we have the right to be on parity with those who would take our rights away, then we should be able to buy automatic M4’s, AK’s, or anything else like that.

    Hell, I would love to have the fully automatic version of what I have. That would be fun.

    But as it is now, you have to have a class III license to purchase any automatic and pay the $200 dollar license fee and keep all the dumb records that goes along with all that.

  • What I’m worried about is there may be some “deal” made by Republican’s that will allow us to keep everything we have but like after the McDonald decision, you could have a gun in your home but the problem was with that decision was that anyone who had a gun couldn’t take it outside their home….ever! That included even in their own front porch or back yard.

    We could be looking at some kind of law like that, that if you own one of the banned guns you can keep it but you can’t ever take it outside your home. You can’t take it to a gun range, competition, or just out to the woods to shoot it. If you are found to have one of the banned guns outside your home it will be taken from you and you will be arrested and charged with a Federal gun law violation.

    Like that?

  • richard40

    Maybe Obama is not as bad as we thought. Maybe this proposed gun ban is just a way to stimulate jobs, in the gun industry. If that was his plan it is working well. Of course knowing the idiocy of your typical leftist it is probably just an unintended consequence.

  • richard40

    I hope the repub party will have enough backbone to kill gun control, but I agree if they cant they are useless, and its time to jump to the libertarians. I can understand the cave on the fiscal cliff, since the alternative that would have resulted from doing nothing would have been an even higher tax hike, but on guns, the result of doing nothing is just fine, so any “compromise” on guns is nothing but a craven betrayal.

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  • Consider practicing with pellet rifles and airsoft rifles. No restrictions on purchase, prices haven’t soared yet, and you get most of the feel of a real gun. Trigger management, sight picture, etc., are the same as for a real gun .

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  • its pretty sad when the american citizen feels they need a gun to protect themselves from their elected officials.

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  • melvin polatnick

    Gun owners with a short fuse are responsible for 90% of the shootings, most are due to road rage or parking lot disputes. Shootings that occur in the home are rarely against intruders, 95% are between mentally disturbed family members and friends. Only 2% of bullets fired actually hit a person involved in illegal activity. Fifty thousand Street crime deaths result from gang bangers fighting over a bag of dope or the earnings of a hooker. Gun are safer in the hands of cops with long fuses, it will result in honoring not the killing of one’s neighbor.

  • cwfarms

    In many states if you have a current concealed carry license, therefore have already had a more in-depth FBI background check, you don’t have to have the call in phone check. I would say the numbers would have to be higher.

  • Daniel

    To be honest, it is likely that way more weapons were sold than we have stated here. What they’ve listed are NICS checks for those months. That does not necessarily translate into the same number of weapons being sold. Multiple weapons can be sold under one check. Of course, there could have been hundreds of thousands of denials (unlikely to be that high), maybe a few thousand. There are also people who are approved by way of having a CCW permit in some states, so the NICS is not even needed.

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  • nra member 99

    yep. i have many hundreds of rounds and plenty of firepower. i learned after the rush on guns in 08. besides. its looking as if congress aint passing the AWB. the grabbers are loosing ground. and democrats have commited suicide for the next election. illinois here tried the house and senate to pass an AWB and failed in both.

  • GEM

    That doesn’t include those of us who have a CCP no background checks are needed, I see as many people with them purchasing them as not.

  • Bmac

    Brownell’s sold 3.5 years stock of Magpul in two day following Feinstein’s statement about gun ban. Magpul has 1,000,000,000 AR15 mags on back order. Ammunition is nearly non existent in stores. Sturm Ruger is at nearly $48 a share. Components to build AR15s have tripled, when still available. Ammunition components such as powder, brass, primers are flying off shelves. Reloading press’ are selling better than ever. So what, exactly, do they think a gun ban will accomplish? Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the country and is also the murder capitol of the entire US. Mexico has a near total ban on guns and ammunition, anyone vacationed to Mexico City recently? The UK implemented a weapons ban as well. Not only has violent crime increased, it is higher than the US. Where is the logic in a gun ban?

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  • Limousine Barry

    I find this to be disturbing! My cronies only have twice that amount!

    What about Mexican Gangs? Did they buy their fair share?

    If not – then I think it is time for another round of government sponsored “Guns 4 Mexican Gangs” I am sure Eric Holder will agree!

    My enormous Limo is spewing fumes and David Axelrod and has a new unified scam to shake down gun owners. It’s a variation of the Big Bubba Clinton Lie. I cannot go into details. My last scam failed.

    Further, Hillary and I will not be available to testify about the Benghazi massacre. She has a pre-hearing blood clot. I cannot answer any more questions. Good day

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  • rightswatcher

    Maybe Obama and the Democrats should wake up, people are tired of their BS and infringements on Constitutional Rights. The American people will not be told what they can or cannot have by a temporary occupant of the White House.

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  • I’ve been accumulating magazines and ammunition for forty years, shooting only about 10% of stock reloaded or acquired new. Was not caught off guard by the Clinton ban, but after the ban expired, I bought over 150 Glock magazines at $11.99 each, and 150 AR-15 magazines for under $10.00. Have about the same number of M-14 magazines. Figured the gun banners would be back, as the pendulum swings back and forth. I can equip about two squads quite well, and I will never run out of ammunition. When I am too old to utilize all of this, my collection will easily pay for my retirement. I bought my first M-1A in 1976 for $400.00. It is now worth six times that….better than the stock market. My ammunition is worth five to six times what I paid for it. Thanks, Clinton and Obama, for securing my financial future!
    Seriously, this is nothing more than a ban on MODERN guns. It’s a power grab, simple as that. My friend manufactures the excellent Robinson XCR in Salt Lake City. He sells many of these in France, Germany, Canada, and Switzerland…all countries that the banners say have “reasonable” gun laws. I think Switzerland has the best, as silencers are unregulated accessories, and most of them own machine guns. Lowest crime rate in the world. Canada scrapped its ridiculous gun laws years ago, and France and Germany have relaxed theirs as well. No one has died as a result of me having modern weapons.

    Mexico has some of the toughest gun laws in the world, and it is awash in homicides and assassinations. Switzerland is a quiet, even boring country….everybody has a machine gun. No crime there. Hmmmm. Maybe there is a problem with the Leftist’s fantasy paradigm.

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  • will Rodgers

    Perhaps this may help these random shooters think again before entering a theatre or a school. Now, with any luck, they’ll be out numbered and out gunned. This is great news.

  • will Rodgers

    Everyon should support Congressman Steve Stockman from Texas. He has told Obama that if he tries to subvert the Constitution via Executive Order he will move to have him IMPEACHED! Isn’t about time someone enforced our Great Constitution and the Law?!?
    Do I hear Stockman in 2016 :))

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  • the_nev

    also doesn’t cover the evil evil private sales. I’m guessing the number was between 4 and 5 million.

    and while i’m thinking of it, I submit that taxes on firearm purchases infringes on the 2nd Amendment. Firearms, ink, and other rights-related items should be tax free.

  • joe

    you’ll shoot your eye out

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  • David169

    Why does everyone play into Obama’s game. Obama is delusional and the rest of the Democrats who go along with him are facilitators.
    Obama can no more nullify the 2nd ammendment than he could re-instate slavery or prohibition. Further the “Bill of Rights” consists of the basic “Rights” the Federal Government guaranteed each and every citizen of every state upon joining the Union. The instant any of these “Rights” are withdrawn from our Constitution by the Federal Government it becomes an illegitimate entity and forfeits it authority to govern.

  • Jay

    @Gretchen, while I appreciate your sentiment for safety please don’t perpetuate false information.

    The US has the highest gun ownership rate in the world. There are 89 guns for every 100 Americans, that’s over 277 million guns, by comparison England and Wales have 6 per 100. The accidental deaths for firearms in 2010 was 606; by comparison there was over 19,000 or 8 deaths per 100k people, from accidental overdose from LEGAL pharmaceutics. That’s over 30 time the national accidental deaths for firearms and almost 4 times the national firearms murder average. Now tell me how big our gun control problem is?

  • reece

    Dont waste your ammo on the firing range, there will be plenty targets later.

  • scott

    #93 January 14, 2013 at 10:03 pm
    melvin polatnick commented:

    Gun owners with a short fuse are responsible for 90% of the shootings, most are due to road rage or parking lot disputes. Shootings that occur in the home are rarely against intruders, 95% are between mentally disturbed family members and friends. Only 2% of bullets fired actually hit a person involved in illegal activity. Fifty thousand Street crime deaths result from gang bangers fighting over a bag of dope or the earnings of a hooker. Gun are safer in the hands of cops with long fuses, it will result in honoring not the killing of one’s neighbor.

    my responce

    tell that to the inocent people shot by ny police officers at the empire state building. cops shoot more bystanders than ccw holders i think the ratio is like 2 out of 11. the 2 being civilian ccw holders vs your average badge wearer

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  • nikomo

    wow i actually thought it was news hype on the overpriced and empty shelves of new/used
    firearms,but nope it’s for real and man are people pissed off right now about thier

  • T wilson

    FYI if you show your chl the company does not have to perform a background check

  • Impeach! Seriously, we need a whole new government, one that upholds the Constitution of the United States of America.

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  • melissa

    I own one gun but I know that in an event of s situation of loss of power or natrual disaster its not going to stop mass looting of my home and property if I use my two shot derringer 9mm at best I take two of possible god knows how many desperate hungry or criminally Intent people out before the reach me and hurt me and my family for our livelyhood because a mental or seriously criminal is not gonna stop from me brandishing and people remember this fact intruders armed with weapons and no discuise do intend harm and will leave no whitnesses its not the amount or speed of the bullets its the intent behind the assault and the mind setand goals of the offender if we placed measures for exit only on all our doors in the schools that are not used and security armed sign in with detectors we would save because banning is not the answer prevention in by better security will help and our government must be mind readers if they know who is mentally ill and I dont but through keen observation. But also better measures need to be inforced we have the darn laws enforce them. My final statement is that if you have a person in residence in your home that may have mental health issues make sure all weapons are un reachable if possable and if you dont stop the denile that there might be a propblem it wont matter if u even have guns desperate people do crazy stuff and they could kill u jo blow and themselves. With a darn butter knife without u seeing it comming because u dont want to see the propblem awareness is key in all aspects. Of life.

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  • me person

    now, i just hope they use them all. on other americans. or themselves. that way, most of the world problems will get solved.

  • Joel

    I don’t see an issue, if you can track the sale chances are they are lawful gun owners and not the problem. Focus on the criminals and the mentally ill.

    The mentally ill can be dealt with by access to mental healthcare by the way. A medical record release is an infringement of privacy and adds a stigma. Making the people we want to prevent from getting a gun to go into hiding.

    SO access to mental health care. Reaffirm their right to privacy and allow it to be easier for parents of the mentally ill or caregivers to have something go through the court system which woudl bar them from the use of arms.

    Further more parents with a mentally ill child require a safe and to restrict access of the mentally ill. So they don’t get a hold of it.

    These are laws that punish people whom have never committed a crime.

    Stop legislating the law abiding out of their right to choose which arms they want.

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  • Aphra Behn

    This is doing nothing to stimulate the economy, just the parts of the brain that respond to fear and anger.

  • Mass

    You do realize Obama was elected in 2008 when the economy went to hell, the recession started, and business’ started laying off workers en masse, right?

    That means more people are purchasing guns to defend their property against the new wave of future criminals and thugs that will resort to robbing and stealing due to there being no other way to make money.

    While I’m sure there were a few stereotypical conservatives buying guns simply because Obama was elected, they were few and far between. The simple fact is that people started buying guns en masse since 2008 due to the economy and recession. It’s as simple as that.

    And by the way, when people spend money buying guns, it does help the economy. Deal with the facts.