An Al Qaeda-linked group from Mali has attacked and taken control of a natural gas field partly owned by BP in southern Algeria, taking at least three Americans hostage, a senior intelligence official tells Fox News.

A group called the Katibat Moulathamine, or the Masked Brigade, called a Mauritanian news outlet to say one of its subsidiaries had carried out the operation on the Ain Amenas gas field, taking 41 hostages from nine or 10 different nationalities. They claim they are holding seven Americans. Read More From FOXNEWS

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  1. bbbutttt…but….alqaeda is on the run and binLaden is dead
    and……aaaand muslims love Americans now that Hussein Obama is lord of the WH….

  2. Question: Is this a ‘”3:00 AM phone call” or “a bump in the road”?

    It will be very interesting to see how Dear Leader handles this situation, if at all.

    I fear for those hostages, all of them, not just the Americans.

  3. These guys must have thought Mitt won. Dear leader will give’em a call and get this mix up fixed.

  4. smells of Benghazi !!!!!

    where was the ARMED security!!?


  5. Traitor in Chief will get a different outcome from this incident yet again. Hostages will be harmed as usual. Since, he didn’t crush and abolish Al Qaeda.

  6. Official Democrat response to the incident: ‘Confiscate all guns, knives, bows/arrows and Easter Baskets from all typical bitter clingers !….. If it weren’t for them and Teh Eeeeevil Jooooooooooos, none of this would have ever happened !’

    Gee, I sound a bit cynical there, eh ?

  7. Carol-Christian Soldier commented:

    where was the ARMED security!!?
    What ARMED security ?
    Guns kill people donchaknow ?

  8. ..if some Americans want to help moslams, they should be prepared for the consequences.

    They are there for the money-

  9. I thought Obama had defeated Al-Qaeda…lol!

  10. Must be the result of some video they saw on

  11. Don’t expect much from Bobo. He’s a sadistic thug with a chip on his shoulder the size of Mt. Rushmore. His insatiable need to be a class 1 A-h***, greatly outweighs his obligation to Americans abroad. Hog tying the military is only next to a round of golf for this guy.

    Our only hope is to give Hannibal, Face, Murdoch and B.A. a call.

    Or maybe we can strap Will Ferrell into the Iron Man costume and drop from 10,000 ft. into the area and say “well, even if it saves just one life, it’s worth the effort.”

  12. World is total mass….thanks O

  13. …taking at least three Americans hostage,…

    A feckless American foreign policy certainly didn’t help matters.

  14. As Hillary gets back she kicking a$$ with some of that “smart foreign policy”!
    Back in the real world, those guys are in deep sh!t.

  15. As soon as Hillary gets back she will…..

  16. Quick–call Ben Affleck

  17. I do believe Algeria has a ban on Assult Weapons and any clip over 10 rounds, so this should work out just fine.

  18. Should be mess not mass there……..

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