Westboro Cult Plans on Protesting Sandy Hook Funerals

The Westboro Baptist Cult is planning on protesting the Sandy Hook funerals with their vile signs. Margie Phelps tweeted this today.

The Examiner reported:

Less than 48 hours after the Connecticut school shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, which took place on Dec. 14, the Westboro Baptist Church is already making plans to picket. The Westboro Baptist Church is known for picketing and protesting at funerals across the country.

“Westboro will picket Sandy Hook Elementary School to sing praise to God for the glory of his work in executing his judgment,” Shirley Phelps-Roper tweeted on Dec. 15.

“They need to come back to Oklahoma,” Bryan Weathers, from Moore, said. “We know how to take care of them here.”

“Westboro ‘God hates Fags’ Baptist Church is planning to pciket at Sandy Hook, to praise ‘God’s judgment,’” Margie Phelps tweeted as well on Dec. 15.

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  • Patty

    Just said to my friend, I wonder when these loons will protest. They waited a few hours. I have no more to say about these arrogant people.

  • Economan


  • Jawknee

    We as conservatives should find away to organize a counter protest and possibly a blockade of some sort to keep these vile POS as far away as possible.

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  • Sasja

    Satan has legions.

  • Linda

    God did not call anyone to rejoice at tragedies!

    God instructed us to COMFORT, TO WEEP WITH THEM THAT WEEP!


    And while God hates the sin of homosexuality, REST ASSURED GOD HATES WHAT WESTBORO IS DOING!!!

  • ★FALCON★

    Lanza should have shot his way into the Westboro Baptist Church and we wouldn’t even be talking about this.

  • Granny

    Sounds to me like a whole lot of people need to drive down to New Town and fill every single parking spot within miles of where they intend to protest.

  • texasscitizen

    Let them protest. Just ignore them. They have a right to free speech. We have right to ignore them. They are decieved and misunderstand God’s word… or they just dont want to know the truth. If the media ignored them they would stop their stupid protests. But the media loves to put fringe cults out there to discredit the genuine gospel.

  • Stormin

    It should be noted that Westboro Baptist Church has no affiliation with the mainline Baptist denomination. The “church” is made up of a large dysfunctional family. The dad is the pastor and most of the members are related to him. This cult is a ticking time bomb and its only a matter of time before the group does something violent, at the direction of the dad, under the guise of doing it for Jesus.

  • Jim

    While the Westboro folks actually believe what they believe, they do it for another reason:

    To incite people to attack them so they can sue them out of existence.

  • Trevor (@tjexcite)

    But Mike Huckabee will be the one who is ridiculed as the face of religious nuts jobs and not these nuts as they are just nuts. Well at least this time they have to fight for space outside the churches with the media vultures and it will hard to ignore when standing beside them.

  • Navy Seal

    If it was one of my children I could not ignore it.. To be honest I don’t know what I would do?? But I don’t think it would be anything nice… I would not want to be hearing people protest at my son or daughters funeral.. That would drive me off the deep end!!!

  • Sasja

    Remembering Vicki Soto. She put herself between her students and the monster. Protecting them she lost her life. John 15:13. Greater love hath no man than this. That a man lay down his life for his friends.

    God bless you, Vicki Soto.


  • Evil comes in all forms.

  • Sasja

    These poor families should not have to endure these nutjobs from Westboro, or the ones from the media. The so-called journalists have become such a nuisance, it has been necessary to assign law enforcement to keep them away from the grieving families.


  • Ashley

    Comment #7 made me laugh 😀 I was just thinking as I read this that they’d be singing a different tune if somebody came and burned down their church, killed their members, then protested their funerals.

  • bg


    those attention seeking fools are the least of our problems.. 🙁

    Army acknowledges pedophilia part of Islam

    [Clare Lopez, a senior fellow with the Center for Security Policy,
    said the suggestion that U.S. soldiers are to blame for the attacks
    on them by Afghan security forces is outrageous.

    “To suggest that our troops are somehow being murdered because
    of our insensitivity to their culture is essentially saying it’s our own
    fault that the troops are being killed because we weren’t nice enough
    to them,” Lopez said. “The fundamental refusal to acknowledge that
    the enemy fights because of what he says he fight for, which is Islam,
    is a failure by our professional leadership from Secretary of Defense
    Leon Panetta on down. Because of this, we have no strategy.”

    This year alone, more than three dozen attacks have killed 63 coalition
    forces. In an attempt to quell the attacks the Army report has issued
    a list of “taboo conversational topics.”]

    New Army Manual Tells Soldiers Not
    to Be Critical of Taliban…or Pedophilia

    [The draft leaked to the newspaper offers a list of “taboo conversation topics” that soldiers should avoid, including “making derogatory comments about the Taliban,” “advocating women’s rights,” “any criticism of pedophilia,” “directing any criticism towards Afghans,” “mentioning homosexuality and homosexual conduct” or “anything related to Islam.”]

    inch by foot by yard by mile.. 🙁

    [“Speakers addressed the around 50 individuals in attendance on themes ranging from the notion that pedophiles are “unfairly stigmatized and demonized” by society to the idea that “children are not inherently unable to consent” to sex with an adult. Also discussed were arguments that an adult’s desire to have sex with children is “normative” and that the APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) ignores the fact that pedophiles “have feelings of love and romance for children” in the same way adult heterosexuals and homosexuals have romantic feelings for one another.”]

    Ayatollah Khomeini

    [“A man can marry a girl younger than nine years of age, even if the girl is still a baby being breastfed. A man, however is prohibited from having intercourse with a girl younger than nine, other sexual act such as forplay, rubbing, kissing and sodomy is allowed. A man having intercourse with a girl younger than nine years of age has not comitted a crime, but only an infraction, if the girl is not permanently damaged. If the girl, however, is permanently damaged, the man must provide for her all her life. But this girl will not count as one of the man’s four permanent wives. He also is not permitted to marry the girl’s sister.”]


  • anonymous

    I grew up in newtown and will stand in front of every protest at every funeral as will probably the rest of the town this is disgusting

  • Mad Hatter

    I’ve convinced myself that these people aren’t Christians, they’re radical leftist pretending to be Christians in order to discredit Christianity.

    I’ve never, and people that I know have never known fellow Christians to be this bitter, radical, and just looking for trouble. Their tactics are that of their fellow travelers of the left.

  • JenBee

    #7 Falcon, as usual, you’ve written exactly what was in my head.

  • shadow

    they’re radical leftist pretending to be Christians

    I was wondering when someone was going to call these people leftists. I’m just surprised it took 20 posts.

  • bg


    shadow #22 December 15, 2012 at 8:09 pm

    what would you call them??


  • #22..well they certainly aren’t conservatives.

  • Trish

    Hopefully, the town will come together and form a human chain to protect the families. This has been successfully done in other parts of the country.

  • WarEagle82

    I am more than a little bit interested in what God is going to do with these miserable, hate-filled people when they eventually come face-to-face on that last day.

    The pure evil that comes out of this cult (led by REGISTERED DEMOCRAT, Fred Phelps) is unbelievable.

    We must read from a different Bible, assuming these hateful, spiteful people can read…

  • Clyde

    Hopefully the town will come together and give these liberal scum the beating they so deserve.

  • NoResolution

    Howcome the LBGT never protest the WBC? But they will protest Chik-Fil-A. Just curious.

  • Bigkahuna

    If lightening happened to strike and burn down their homes and church while they were gone it wouldn’t make me sad.

  • I think that the local fire dept should be called out and they should turn fire hoses on them. And when they sue, every judge should dismiss the case.

  • Nanna

    They evidently haven’t read the Bible much. For Paul instructed that we should NOT use our freedom for a cloak of maliciousness.
    These people are a far cry from Christians, and are a blight on His name!!!

  • el polacko

    how i wish that you folks who are now condemning the actions of the westboro so-called church would have spoken up and acted against them way back in the 1980’s when, at the height of the aids crisis, these heartless maniacs were protesting the funerals of gay men with their vile, hateful signs. those families went through all the horror of having their lost loved ones reviled by westboro but sadly, at that time, most folks didn’t much care or actually voiced support for westboro’s ‘getting out god’s word regarding homosexuality’. i guess we’ve made some progress as a society if, at least, people are now seeing that what they are preaching is hatred and bigotry but there are still many among us who need to take a good look in the mirror and recognize how much of westboro’s philosophy exists their own hearts.

  • el polacko

    @#28 noresolution: the gay community has a long history of protesting and defending itself against abuse from westboro. groups were formed, often dressed as angels, who would place themselves between grieving families and the vile signs and taunts from the westboro clan, using large wings to block the view of them and singing hymns to blot out their hateful shouts. this has been going on for decades. your comparison to the recent fast food protest trivializes what so many have done to protect good people from the evil that is preached by westboro.

  • Danielle

    Those people are just sick! Could you be anymore f****d up? This is disgusting! I don’t have children but the thought of anyone protesting at my child’s funeral makes me feel ill! I couldn’t be held responsible for my actions! I’d like to hear they’re response to ‘God’s judgement’ then! If they genuinely believe that ‘Jesus’ wants them to do these things they are just wrong! I am not a believer in Christ but I fully respect other people’s beliefs except this! It’s wrong, immoral and just sick!

  • Dien Cai Dau

    Im on the verge of converting to athiesm….If god is real they will ALL die in a horrific bus accident on the way there.

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  • rebecca

    I think they should take their cult and go to HELL!!!!! That’s more than enough said that’s you are some horrible people how would you feel If one of those children who were killed was one of your children that’s ignorant and inhumane and you should be ashamed your not praising god because god would not ever want that to happen that’s just so horrible and you are not beleive in god if you show so much disrespect to those poor familys and their lost loved ones shame on you ignorant people

  • Maddie

    As a “leftist” (and Christian) I am offended that people think these are left or right. They are so out of the norm that they cannot be given political power. If they go to Newtown, so will I. I will stand against this idiocy.

  • Transfixus

    These people have no shame. That is not a question, but a statement, as I used to live in Topeka, where the Westboro Baptist Church is located. I’ve long privately thought them part of the religious lunatic fringe. But I now realize they are much worse than that. It is my belief that these people are evil and they are doing the work of Satan himself. The God of Abraham would be and is offended by the use of His Holy Name by these evil ones, promoting the work of Satan. To use the tragic unwarranted deaths of 20 CHILDREN, ages 6 and 7 to punish the nation for some perceived offense is not the work of God! It is the work of Satan. It is evil. It is wrong. It is an abomination to my Lord. I support the town people making a human wall to keep these demons away from the children’s funeral. And I firmly believe these evil people will suffer the wrath of God for their sins and their alliance with Satan.

  • BruceC

    What possible “rationale” could they have for protesting these funerals? Even for them this seems sick and twisted.

  • squeaky

    “What possible “rationale” could they have for protesting…” emotions will be high and as others have said they benefit from lawsuits. one or more are lawyers and they make ambulance chasers look classier.

  • Navy Seal

    To the people of Newtown, stand up to these cowards!!! Get other counties around you to come & build the wall!!! And when the funerals are over, & the families have gone, let these evil people have it…

  • Cindy

    You know what ppl, this never ever happens, it is their way to get attention. Remember Sly Stallone, they said they would protest that one and Whitneys also. They never show up, they just rant and rave

  • Navy Seal

    And bring you’re own lawyers to help build the wall!!! I say forget a lawsuit, make them leave by ambulance or air lifted!!!!!!!!!!!!! Show no mercy!!!!!

  • Sam Honeycutt

    These hats filled devils are about as Baptist as Joseph Stalin and will be dealt with about the same as God I am sure dealt with their kin folk. Stalin and Hitler. They can all roast togather.

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    When I read about a suicide bomber or the beating of a raped woman because she allowed herself to be raped in the name of Islam I am repulsed by that religion. This may be fair or unfair, but it is the way I feel.

    When this group of people show up I have the same feeling about Christianity. Since I understand Christianity I know those feelings are unfair.

    The Westboro group has done great damage to Christ by helping to move the country farther from him through their actions done in his name.

    A merciful God seems so unfair, and yet where would I be without a merciful God.

  • Mitchell Spielvogel

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn Their message is no different than Huckabee’s.

  • Bekah

    These people have lost their mind !!!!! it sickens me to even think there are people claiming to be christian ( Baptist )…I was raised Southern Baptist and there is no way any one from the Baptist faith would even come close to thinking about protesting at a childs funeral…what is wrong with the world and a majority of the people in it??????? claiming to do all this murdering of innocent people in the name of God…whose God???????????/ cause my God would never be ok with this…they will get whats coming to them in time…Bet my God has a nice little plan for those fools…lets not forget about the real issue at hand here thou… 20 children are going to be burried in the next few days…lets send our love, support, and prayers to those families in need right now….as a nation , come together and find love and peace again…if thats at all possible… those 28 people that lost their lives on friday are now our Angels…fly high babies and spread your wings wide…your home now

  • Somebody should shoot these mother fu..ers. I hate them. Scums!

  • Anonymous
  • DomesticGoddess

    Please Jim, don’t give them any publicity. I attended a funeral for a soldier with the Patriot Guard Riders and the Westboro people were “protesting.” All eight of them. They had a permit and were placed a half mile away. Nobody even saw them. They left after an hour. They are tiny and irrelevant. They just want to sue if they are denied a permit, as several of them are lawyers. They pick the most emotional venue they can find, and if they are denied a permit, they sue. That’s how they make a living.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    No fan of the CT State Police here and I can assure you they will be there in force and are less than cordial.

  • Grace&Peace

    This religious group is doing the work of the devil and have been taken captive by him at his will. God is not judging the world at this time for their sin, because at this time He is offering reconciliation through the blood of Christ. Christ took our judgment for us on the cross and He is speaking grace and peace to the world at this time. God tells us he is holy and hates sin, but has shown his love, mercy, and grace for the sinner by coming to earth and paying the wages of those sins for us.

    To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, NOT IMPUTING their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation. Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God. For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him (2Cor.2:19-21).

    Even the righteousness of God which is by faith OF Jesus Christ UNTO ALL and UPON ALL THEM THAT BELIEVE: for there is no difference: For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; Being JUSTIFIED FREELY by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus: Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God; To declare, I say, at this time his righteousness: that he might be just, and the justifier of him which BELIEVETH IN JESUS(Rom 3:22-26).

    All any sinner must do is believe and trust the Saviour’s death on the cross as payment for their sin and believe that He rose again for their justification. It is all by God’s grace through faith, and not of works. Noone can work their way to salvation.

    However, this offer of grace and peace will not go on indefinately…only until God is finished forming the Body of Christ: For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in (Rom11:25). Once the Body of Christ has been caught up to be with the Lord, God will resume where he left off with Israel with their promised tribulation (the time of Jacob’s trouble) and pour out his wrath upon all unbelievers (those who never trusted Christ’s shed blood on the cross for their justification).

  • MAC

    The media makes the Republicans own every right wing religious group. Why doesn’t the media make the Democrats own the Phelps family and Westboro Baptist Church?

  • po’d

    They came 2 Nashville 2 protest a military funeral & we had every interstate exit blocked. When they got out of their car & started walking & screaming their crap,motorcycles reaved engines until they got back n car & left. They don’t use parking spots. Just pull over on side of the rd. How could they think the loss of these precious children & teachers be in God’s plan?

  • Warren Bonesteel

    Why does this shock conervatives? …especially SoCons?

    What they are doing, with admittedly tasteless protests, is merely the logical extension of what you try to do with government legislation and policy.

    This is the choice: Freedom or death.

    The only alternative is slavery…and deciding who ends up the master and tyrant, and using the whip on the rest of us.

    In the case of this Baptist church, they just happen to want to hold the whip.

    Left wing, right wing, liberal, conservative, it doesn’t matter: Protect your own freedom. Leave everyone else alone.

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    Fred Phelps, the head of the Westboro Baptist ‘Church’, is a former Democrat candidate for office. Why do you suppose the old media has suppressed the fact that ole Fred is a Democrat? All you read is that they are Baptist (white Christian). This would put everything into perspective for those not aware of from whence this ‘preacher man’ cometh. His degradation of the Baptist Church and Christianity in general fits nicely into the template of the secular Democrat party. He and ‘His Most Liberal’ ‘Reverend’ Barry Lynn (Americans United for Separation of Church and State) should team up. It’s no surprise that both Phelps and Lynn have the ACLU on their sides to disrupt funerals and remove Christianity from our country.

  • Penny Townsend

    What has kids getting killed got to do with troops being fags or deserving death for going to fight. These people are just like the killer at Sandy Hook, publicity whores.
    They need locking up and the dam key thrown away bunch of idiots.

  • Chris

    Why is everyone mad at WBC? They say God hates homosexuals and you say God hates homosexuals. As long as you keep saying this you are giving others the right to say it also. God also hates divorce but I dont see any of you speaking against it. Since God hates divorce then you are also going to hell. Dont you people ever think before speaking or do you just like repeating what you hear some preacher say?

  • shadow

    what would you call them??

    From your link (the world according to Phyllis Schlafley):
    His views are rejected unanimously by liberals and also by the majority of conservative Christians;

  • Barbara

    #20 December 15, 2012 at 7:52 pm
    Mad Hatter commented:

    I’ve convinced myself that these people aren’t Christians, they’re radical leftist pretending to be Christians in order to discredit Christianity.

    I’ve never, and people that I know have never known fellow Christians to be this bitter, radical, and just looking for trouble. Their tactics are that of their fellow travelers of the left.

    The ‘travelers of the left’? You have obviously been thoroughly brainwashed/duped or in some manner had your sense of logic removed. The majority of the bigoted opinions during the last campaign came from the right. Or did Fox not cover all the moronic statements about rape in your area? If anything, the so-called far left are usually attacked for bending over backward to be lenient.

    We agree on the point that no true Christian would act like this, but your stated reasons why are so far off kilter they are laughable.

  • shadow

    #22..well they certainly aren’t conservatives.

    I don’t presume to know all of Phelps’s political views, but as far as the ones that is the most obvious, his beliefs are echoed by many a conservative. Only his tactics are condemned.

  • Barbara

    I have read that in many parts of the country, the Hells Angels and similar groups will show up and blockade the cemetery so only the mourners can get through. I would imagine that in a case this tragic, they will be there in large numbers to help the families.

  • thestorm

    People have learned how to stop these people in their tracks. They have surrounded all roads to the sites & blocked them off in the past. It will be handled peacefully and the towns people will continue their funerals in peace.
    Westboro family are a sick bunch of human flesh. The last 4 letters of the name westboro are interestingly descriptive. Boro is a hole in the ground where rodents hide.

  • Jai

    Good does not care if your gay! You ppl are so damn judgmental or just plan stupid! How can you be a God fearing Christian when you say things like that which are not true or in the Bible! Your not doing anything but following the commandments that fit you! May my God have Marcy on you and bless those Lil kids.

  • trish

    These people need to be watched VERY closely. Charles Manson came to mind when I read about them. Burning down their so called church is a great idea! It’s time for Americans to stand up against evil. Bless these little children and their families.

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  • bg


    shadow #62 December 16, 2012 at 11:45 am

    [#22 December 15, 2012 at 8:09 pm
    shadow commented:

    they’re radical leftist pretending to be Christians

    I was wondering when someone was going to call
    these people leftists. I’m just surprised it took 20

    what would you call them??

    please, just answer the question..



    To the next crazy gunman who wants to commit mass murder,
    How about you barge in on the next meeting of the Westboro Baptist Cult? Oh, but if you get them all, who will protest at their funerals??

  • texashero

    You know they can’t sue if they are all dead~ just sayin….