The global warming nutjobs will love this–

The Eagle Ford Shale can be seen from space.

The US shale boom is so big that you can see it from space.
The Scientific American reported:

It can be difficult to comprehend just how big the current U.S. shale boom is. Here in Central Texas, we hear about the Eagle Ford Shale and how it’s transforming South Texas (in both positive and negative ways).

The shale, named for the town of Eagle Ford, TX, is a geologic remnant of the ancient ocean that covered present day Texas millions of years ago, when the remains of sea life (especially ancient plankton) died and deposited onto the seafloor, were buried by several hundred feet of sediment, eventually turning into the rich source of hydrocarbons we have today.

The shale was first tapped in 2008 and now has around 20 active fields good producing over 900 million cubic feet per day of natural gas. For perspective, the United States produced over 2 trillion cubic feet of gas in September 2012.

There is so much activity in the Eagle Ford Shale that you can see it from space.

This image is originally from NASA’s Earth at Night series that I’ve been following. The Eagle Ford Shale shows up as bands of lights below San Antonio, stretching from where the “Tex meets the Mex” to Interstate 10. What we’re seeing on the shale is not city or town lights that have sprung up because of the fracking activity. More than likely, we’re seeing well flares that are picked up by the imaging sensors aboard the Soumi NPP satellite, which detects both city lights and gas flares using a “day-night band”.

Related… The International Energy Agency (IEA) forecast that the United States will become the world’s biggest oil producer by 2017 thanks to an explosion in hard-to-reach energy trapped in shale.




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  1. Sounds like Palin was right all along. Just a thought. WE ARE RICH IN RESOURCES. Now, what will Obama do?

  2. #2 What will Obama do?
    Find some bureaucratic way to either loot the profits and thereby shut the boom down, or simply declare a “climate emergency” and shut the boom down. Can’t have the gas companies or America, for that matter, succeed. It might offend the “poor” in third world countries.

  3. Palin was right about everything she said, unlike obama, who lies every time his mouth opens. Unfortunately, the media decided to destroy her and she faded away.

  4. The International Energy Agency (IEA) forecast that the United States will become the world’s biggest oil producer by 2017 thanks to an explosion in hard-to-reach energy trapped in shale.

    Always keep in mind – it’s a forecast. Keep on voting for more liberals in government and all bets are off.

  5. Obama will have his EPA shut down all shale fields because ‘extensive environmental studies’ will need to be conducted. If that doesn’t work, he’ll have the fields shut down because of some ‘endangered’ rodent or insect.

    If that doesn’t work, he’ll use his office to pressure those companies who will be involved with the fields into halting production. The government has many departments and bureaus which can do his dirty work. Transportation, Labor, OSHA. He’s gots of bureaucratic weapons, not to mention his use of Executive Orders.

  6. Oh, Obama simply cannot allow this to continue. America’s riches are something to feel shameful about, and this must be suppressed. I think we all know Obama and his EPA are at this very moment conspiring and plotting ways to end this boom. If, big IF, it IS somehow allowed to continue, Obama and his EPA will find a way to tax it til it’s crippled… still barely alive, but severely scaled back. America simply must not be allowed to enjoy its God given natural resources; America must be punished and made to suffer.

  7. I’m sure Obama’s Saudi masters are cooking up a scheme to shut it down. Remember how Obama bowed to that Saudi prince? Obama came at a high price and they want their investment to pay off.

  8. ++

    Obama’s pals are getting richer..

    December 4, 2012

    [Shale development in Texas and North Dakota
    using hydraulic fracturing is leading the way.]


  9. ++


    December 31, 2012

    Judge Robert H. Bork And Double Standards

    [by Dan Bubalo – Judge Robert H. Bork passed away on December 19th with hardly a mention in main stream media outlets, thus continuing a profound ignorance and prejudice that borders on hatred by news dissemblers toward a brilliant jurist, and perhaps in their warped minds they felt they were dealing him one final body-blow of disrespect. The Fifth Column operatives have nothing to fear in terms of reprisal regarding outrageous characterizations and misrepresentations, and it was apparent in the short obituaries and biographical accounts of Judge Bork because any forthright portrayals of his sagacity were in ultra fine print or relegated to obscure footnotes.]

    much more at link..


  10. Gov. Sarah Palin-right again.

  11. What’s the best place to go to get an entry level job down there? San Antonio?

  12. My nephew -in-law, an auditor for a compny that insures dollar multi-million businesses often goes to Midland, Texas for his firm where it insures drilling operations tells me the Mc Donalds to get help are paying $15 an hour up to start. Three weeks ago I was in Ozona & Ft Comstock and found the towns and their surroundings awash in campers and 5th wheelers housing oil drilling firms’ who were tired of being robbed by motels.

  13. #2 December 31, 2012 at 12:44 pm
    Patty commented:

    Sounds like Palin was right all along. Just a thought. WE ARE RICH IN RESOURCES. Now, what will Obama do?

    From past experience it appears that Obama will give away our rich resources to our enemies — while we learn to read by candlelight.

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