Barack Obama took the opportunity this morning to speak at Senator Inouye’s funeral in Washington DC. He droned on about himself and his life for ten minutes.
It’s a pathology.

Very classy.
President Obama used the funeral of Hawaii Senator Daniel Inouye to talk about himself and his life story for ten minutes.




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  1. Our dear self-important, self-absorbed, and self-serving leader. But despite all that – hes’ for US. Because he says he is.

    What’s the word? megalo . . . megalo. . .

    megalomaniac. That’s it.

  2. Bizaaaaar !

    An important man is dead and you talk about the macaroni and cheese you ate at Howard Johnson’s when you were 8 years old and how 50 years later your still angry at your parents for bossing over the television in the motel room.

  3. OMG, that was pathetic! Who cares about his going to Disneyland and being fascinated by the ice machine in the motel and not being able to watch cartoons ’round the clock?

    Doesn’t he even have people to prep him to say things that are politic and sound statesman-like? He certainly has enough people for whom we pay extravagant amounts.

    How could anyone think someone who can’t even make a decent memorial speech would “bring us together”?

    Senator Inouye VOLUNTEERED for the 442nd Regiment and had to fight being classified as an enemy alien to get into the military. There was a classy race card that Obama could have played, and he couldn’t even do that.

    Me, me, me. Picture of Obama looking up at the moon for Neil Armstrong. Picture of Obama sitting in a bus for Rosa Parks. Little Obama’s first trip to the mainland for Senator Inouye.

    Stuff like this is supposed to be inspiring??? Could this brat be any more pathetic?

    It is to weep. RIP, Senator Inouye, and thank you for your brave and courageous service.

  4. Can’t watch the video. Just looking at this guy makes me sick. I’ll take your word re his talking about himself since that is all he does anyway. I’m amazed democrats can stand to watch this guy–anyone who talks just about themselves and is so self-centered is usually irritating to the average person.

  5. SOP. The United States did not exist until 2008. Narcissistic zero.

  6. Jim,

    Why do you think this is unreal? This is typical Obama. He’s a Sociopath.

    For those who aren’t sure what a Sociopath is, it’s a perfect description of Obama.


  7. The third to the bottom of the first list doesn’t fit him, but everything else does.

  8. I have just one thing to say.

    AH – reincarnation!

  9. #9 December 21, 2012 at 11:43 am
    Mad Hatter commented:

    The third to the bottom of the first list doesn’t fit him, but everything else does.

    All those rumors of bathhouse hijinks and gay lovers, all of whom magically turned up dead, didn’t come from nowhere.

  10. I am somewhat surprised Barry restrained himself with only 10 minutes spent praising himself. That is uncharacteristic of his all-consuming narcissism.

  11. I turned the channel when the creep started to talk. I can’t stand to listen or look at the loser.
    All I can say is what do you expect from a narcissist? EVERYTHING is and always will be about him. And we have 4 years left of this nonsense. 4 more years of muting my TV whenever the creep appears.

  12. This is what we can expect whenever Obama doesn’t have his teleprompter to read from.

    Obama just can’t break away from his “I, me, and my” mindset when he has no teleprompter to depend on.

    Oh well, this once again proves that Obama is absolutely infatuated with himself.

  13. I say he was stoned; he could hardly open his eyes. He rambled about himself without any inflection and his face looked slack.

  14. Viewed it half way, I-my-me couldn’t stand anymore.

  15. America is toast.

  16. I’d bet that only a fraction of that trip occurred, if that. Obozo said “we flew to the mainland…took Greyhound buses, most of the time, and rented cars.” (a transportation nightmare)…and ALL the places he went (WOW!). He spent way too much time depending on his notes to recalling the trip. I’m surprised he also didn’t include something about going to Washington and sitting at the Lincoln Memorial and reflecting on Lincoln’s (or his) greatness during that trip!

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