Two Mexican Nationals Charged in Killing US Coast Guardsman

Federal prosecutors charged two Mexican nationals today in connection with the killing of a US Coast Guardsman.
The incident occurred near Santa Cruz Island on Sunday morning.

Today two Mexican nationals were charged in US court.
The LA Times reported:

Federal prosecutors charged two Mexican nationals in connection with killing U.S. Coast Guardsmen Terrell Horne III after they allegedly rammed his vessel with a drug-smuggling panga boat.

The two men, boat captain Jose Mejia-Leyva and Manuel Beltra-Higuera, are expected to appear in court Monday afternoon to face charges that they killed a federal officer.
Horne, 34, of Redondo Beach, was killed Sunday after suspected smugglers in a panga rammed his vessel off the Ventura County coast. He died of severe head trauma, officials said.

The Redondo Beach resident was second in command of the Halibut, an 87-foot patrol cutter based in Marina del Rey. Authorities said they could not recall a Coast Guard chief petty officer being killed in such a manner off the coast of California.

Early Sunday morning, the Halibut was dispatched to investigate a boat operating near Santa Cruz Island, the largest of California’s eight Channel Islands. The island is roughly 25 miles southwest of Oxnard.

The boat, first detected by a patrol plane, had come under suspicion because it was operating in the middle of the night without lights and was a “panga”-style vessel, an open-hulled boat that has become “the choice of smugglers operating off the coast of California,” said Coast Guard spokesman Adam Eggers.

The Coast Guard cutter contains a smaller boat, a rigid-hull inflatable used routinely for search-and-rescue operations and missions that require a nimble approach. When Horne and his team approached in the inflatable, the suspect boat gunned its engine, maneuvered directly toward the Coast Guard inflatable, rammed it and fled.

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  • SeniorD

    Here’s an idea: let them go free but only AFTER announcing they sang like canaries. It doesn’t have to be true, but the death penalty will get served anyway.

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  • damnnodaks

    Hang em from the yard arm

  • Economan

    What’s the use… Obama will pardon them and appoint them to cabinet posts in charge of the border patrol.

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  • cavt

    Wow–know Santa Cruz island. Oxnard is about an hour drive north of LA so this is nowhere near the border.

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  • ar05075

    Wow,mexican terrorists.

  • Buffalobob

    Did they find any of Holder’s Fast and Furious Guns?

  • GotFreedom

    Obama and Holder will invite them to the White House; grant them immunity and give them amnesty and and a big welfare check/food stamps and an Obama phone!

    The dead CoastGuardsman will be vilified by the media for for being a racist. . .how dare he try to stop these men from making a living. . .it was because they are Mexican right that he tried to stop them?

  • GotFreedom

    Bet the WH will release a statement anytime now that if BHO had a son, he’d be just like these 2 Mexican nationals. . .

  • GotFreedom

    #9 December 3, 2012 at 7:32 pm
    Buffalobob commented:

    Did they find any of Holder’s Fast and Furious Guns?

    No doubt they were dumped at sea. . .you know, like they dumped Osama Bin Laden’s body so we will never know!!!

  • The Coast Guard acted stupidly. /sarc

  • RayRayII

    How quickly will the 0bama admin & La Racist jump to defend the two killers?

  • SeniorD

    But, isn’t the Coast Guard part of Big Sis’ Brother’s Insecure Homeland? This means Dear Leader will simply toss the Coasties under the bus and let these two criminals stay rent free.

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  • tbflowers

    Did the Halibut open fire on the aggressive vessel? I think the class of cutter comes armed with a pair of machine guns. I sure would have liked them to have given the smugglers a proper send off rather than read the smugglers fled the scene. :/