Thanks Barack… US Holiday Sales Worst Since 2008

It’s an Obama Christmas…
The numbers are coming in and it looks like this year’s holiday sales were the worst since 2008. reported:

U.S. holiday retail sales this year were the weakest since 2008, when the nation was in a deep recession. In 2012, the shopping season was disrupted by bad weather and consumers’ rising uncertainty about the economy.

A report that tracks spending on popular holiday goods, the MasterCard Advisors SpendingPulse, said Tuesday that sales in the two months before Christmas increased 0.7%, compared with last year. Many analysts had expected holiday sales to grow 3%-4%.

Shoppers were buffeted this year by a string of events that made them less likely to spend: superstorm Sandy and other bad weather; the distraction of the presidential election, and grief about the shooting of schoolchildren in Newtown, Conn. The numbers also show how Washington’s current budget impasse is trickling down to Main Street and unsettling consumers.

In the end, even steep last-minute discounts weren’t enough to get people into stores, said Marshal Cohen, chief research analyst at the market research firm NPD.

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  • ★FALCON★

    What a laughable horse’s ass Obama is. During the final weeks of the campaign he was claiming the economy was about to turn around and he wasn’t going to let Romney and the Republicans claim credit.

    Focused like a laser – on killing jobs and the economy.

  • cavt

    Doesn’t matterwhat reality is. You could have a 50% unemployment rate and demo-liars will claim that is good and the dictator is improving the economy. You sheep==don’t believe your lying eyes.

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  • succotash

    All according to plan,we shall be poor and defenseless.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Weren’t we assured by Ds that unemployment checks and foodstamps are good for the economy?

  • shadow

    sales in the two months before Christmas increased 0.7%, compared with last year.

    So sales were 0.7% better than last year, yet the worst since 2008. Sounds like someone dropped a word when crafting this headline.

  • PJay

    What put a damper on Christmas shopping was the re-election of Obama. With tougher economic times ahead, everyone with an ounce of common sense cut back on gifts this year — buying stuff that people don’t need with money people don’t have.

  • Fido

    Only a fool or someone with the cosy guarantee of welfare payments,

    would squander money at the moment.

    The self-sufficient and those who fully understand what the future holds,

    are conserving their resources.

  • Buzzy

    Overall sales may have been down, but, without doubt the most highly sought after Christmas gift was guns and ammo. One of the ammo manufactures of ammo said they sold 31/2 years worth of ammo in just a few days, and couldn’t keep up with the massive numbers of orders. They should send Obama a personal thank you note for their increased sales and so-called evil profits.

  • CR

    That’s a lot of excuses, as usual. Superstorm Sandy which impacted a limited area months ago. An election that somehow continues to distract people after a month and a half. And grief about the Newtown victims? What grief? Their families are certainly grieving but grief isn’t among the emotions the rest of us felt.

    It’s all leftist excuse-making BS, again. I’m surprised they didn’t throw in fear of the Mayan calendar cycle, concern about Hillary’s concussion, and profound sadness for Baracka-Claws having to cut his vacation short.

    I think a lot of people blew their holiday budgets making unplanned purchases of firearms. Others held back because of fiscal uncertainty and the inevitable tax hike that’s coming our way. And finally, all those people who have dropped out of the workforce just don’t have any extra money.

  • Wing_attack_Plan_R

    and that’s with three extra days added to this years Christmas shopping season.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Elections have consequences.

  • Look-Out

    Some Drudge linked article said Barry spent over 20 hours of his Hawaiian holiday on the golf course or in the gym. Only 4 hours with the family.

    With the cost of flying him back, separate from “the family”, that’s quite a bill we taxpayers will be footing for a few hours of exercise.

    But he brought back the new (replacement for Inouye) Senator Schatz with him…NOT the one the late Senator had asked for on his death bed. Probably one the commies preferred. Hawaii’s governor is a DSAer…the DSA claims it’s so, but he always denies it…his wife is one, with no apologies. She and hubby Abercrombie took the newly elected (surprise! she was way behind..more election fraud, perhaps?) Representative Gabbard under their wings during the campaign. Let’s hope Tulsi turns on her commie handlers and disappoints them, though I don’t hold out alot of hope. She’s even younger – and more “obscure” – than the 42yr. old Schatz (who’s proven he can be counted on by the Dems). Get ’em when they’re young…

    Remember the DSA’s Vice Chair, Mazie Hirono, won in November! Barry’s “home state” is doing its best to populate Washington with socialists/commies. Must be their version of Aloha from Hawaii…and might be some comfort to Frank Marshall Davis, who can’t be too comfortable about now.

  • Scared Sandy
  • Scared Sandy
  • dwdude

    i’ve been backing myself up as far as ammo, gold and guns along with food storage since the last election. the economy is going to go south fast, so be prepared.

  • mg4us

    At Macy’s and the mall today. . more goods coming back and being returned than going back out to cars. . .

    Major recession is close at hand. . .

    Prepare for the decline of the dollar and food prices to go through the roof. . .

  • JILL

    @Shadow-Sales are the worst since 2008, despite an increase of .07, because the numbers are adjusted for inflation. When the volume remains largely the same, despite rising prices, economists determine that spending is flat.

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