Today in Lansing, Michigan union goons trampled and destroyed conservative group Americans for Prosperity’s tent during protests against right to work legislation. AFP members were caught inside the tent during the attack. Conservative Steven Crowder was brutally assaulted by the goons during the attack.

After they destroyed the tent the union members cut up pieces and divvied up the spoils.

Like a pack of barbarians at a pig slaughter.

Surely, Barack Obama will condemn this violence and destruction.




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  1. Thanks for bring peace, rainbows and unicorns, President Obama!

  2. Thanks for bringing us peace, rainbows and unicorns, President Obama!

  3. Who cares about Obama? The mayor is the one allowing this to go on.

    The governor should have the mayor arrested unless the mayor does his job and orders the police to do theirs.

  4. The idiot @.50 “Koch brothers are Russian… that’s why they are behind all this, their family is Russian…”

    Ok, what’s that supposed to mean? Has the Democratic KKK party expanded its target list from African Americans to Russians too? What a bunch of racist loonies.

  5. I thought that vandalism was against the law. If the government can ignore the law when libtards break it, then maybe we should declare open season on libtards.

  6. “Vote for revenge.” Barack Hussein Obama

  7. “Like a pack of barbarians at a pig slaughter.”

    That’s a slur on barbarians. These lazy worthless lumpen proles wouldn’t know how to slaughter a pig. They would just steal somebody else’s or have the gov’t do it for them.

  8. They had to make stuff up about the Tea Party. Nothing on tape. No reward for $100,000 from Breitbart.

    The msm will not cover this tonight.

  9. The connection between unions and Muslims couldn’t be clearer.

  10. Fox News just reported NO ARRESTS WERE MADE tonight.

  11. Criminal destruction of property. On camera. Eminently identifiable culprit. That tent is (was) worth several thousand dollars, so probably felony territory.

  12. The people on the right side better press charges. This CANNOT go unanswered.

  13. Gateway Pundit Something going on in Washington, a shooting in a mall.

  14. Sorry Portland Oregon.

  15. “The idiot @.50 “Koch brothers are Russian… that’s why they are behind all this, their family is Russian…” he should probably check his retirement portfolio. the wizards of wonder in wisconsin were woofing about koch but hadn’t considered that their own retirement investment package included koch.

  16. I am pretty sure the first piece of that tent went right to the white house. Thanks for the unity oh great UNITER!

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