Rep. Gohmert: I Wish to God the Principal Would Have Had an M4 in Her Office Locked Up… So She Didn’t Have to Lunge With Nothing (Video)

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), a staunch Second Amendment defender, told Chris Wallace today on FOX News Sunday,

“Every mass killing in more than three people have been in places where guns are prohibited except one… And, hearing the heroic story of the principal lunging, trying to protect. Chris, I wish to God she would have had an M4 in her office locked up. So when she heard gunfire she pulls it out and she didn’t have to lunge heroically with nothing in her hands, But she takes him out, takes his head off before he could kill those precious kids.”

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  • donh

    Calling for help waiting for guns to arrive in the form of police officers has been known to fail…….A side story to the home invasion massacre in CT house of Dr. Petit is how the police sat outside the home in their cruiser debating what to do as young girls were being killed in cold blood….>

    This satanic butcher appears to have had an abundance of time to be breaking through a door, engaging in a verbal argument with the principal, over the school intercom system, then kill 28 people in multiple gun shot wounds. How far away was the police department ? Why did the killer he have so much time ? and not one person in the school is allowed to defend themselves appropriately. MAYBE THE PRINCIPAL OF EVERY SCHOOL SHOULD BE A POLICE OFFICER instead of some nanny hen den mother.

  • lincoln’s wife

    This guy should be the first in line to get a mental health checkup to determine if he is worthy of the responsibility of a gun. He clearly has no grasp of reality.

    GP – where reality came to die.

  • Sasja

    Congressman. Those of us with a lick of common sense agree with you.

    lincoln’s shrew. We all know what an idiot you are. You don’t need to come here to prove it to us each day.

  • http://GatewayPundit Cutlers Bad Thumb

    Mr Gohmert, well said but try explaining that to a Liberal and a Democrap….

  • lincoln’s wife

    “nanny hen den mother”

    From nanny state to police state. Pick your poison folks.

  • Opaobie

    lincoln’s wife, another binary brain thinker….everything is either all or nothing. Thinking people inhabit the land between those two extremes…too bad you don’t qualify.

  • gastorgrab

    We’re still talking about Gun Control when we should be talking about ‘Mentally Deranged’ control. How does the American Welfare State fail so miserably when it comes to TAKING CARE OF PEOPLE WHO CANNOT TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES?

    Don’t all the the recent shooting rampages involve someone who is mentally unstable?

    No, Liberals would rather give out FREE cellphones, fund unproven technologies, and bail out their political allies, instead of actually solving some problems.

  • DecentAmerican

    Dear foolish #2…… So you are ok with sending your defenseless children to places where they are completely unprotected, and there is no one there with any ability to protect your kids from crazy violent liberals like Lanza?

    You don’t love your kids, do you?

    Just like this demon prez who sent Brian Terry into harms way with beanbag bullets, and sent assault rifles to his enemies to murder him, the blood of these children are on the liberals hands, who did not protect them who defended school security, who prevented the mentally ill from getting treatment.

    God help you abd other liberals for your hatred of children that you would refuse to protect them.

  • iconoclast

    The approach of arming a certain number of school staff has worked well in Israel, which has not had an incidence of school shooting since 1974. A vice-principal in Pearl, Mississippi was able to stop a killer (after having had to go to his vehicle to get a gun).

    Laws don’t stop atrocities. People with guns stop atrocities. And if people mistrust their children’s teachers so much that they don’t want any of them able to protect their children then just maybe the kids are in the wrong school.

  • averagemelon

    When the devil comes to fight, he never comes fighting fair.

    Oh, what a sad and terrible day for the victims and all those left behind who loved them. Blame is irrelevent unless we can learn to love one another more than hate them. Guns don’t operate by themselves: they are commanded by either good or evil to perform. It is horrifying to know how many people keep choosing evil to use their hands.

    We will NEVER get rid of this problem until we yank its root. If you outlaw guns, the evil will just use bombs, knives, arrows, fire. We need to stop the evil before it blooms and consumes its first victim.

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  • iconoclast

    “the evil will just use bombs”

    The worst school massacre in US history was done with a bomb. Look up Bath Massacre. And bombs are a favorite weapon of our Islamist enemies.

  • iconoclast

    “God help you abd other liberals for your hatred of children that you would refuse to protect them.”

    She merely demonstrates the left’s tactic of never letting a crisis go to waste. Deal with the real problem? Not so much as exploit a tragedy or atrocity in order to advance an agenda. That the agenda will either make no difference to the issue or make matters worse is a feature, not a bug.

  • gastorgrab

    As offensive as this might sound, I believe the first victim, the mother, “enabled” the shooter.

    I DO NOT BELIEVE that the shooter had Asperger’s Syndrome. The traits explained by a few who came into contact with the shooter seem more consistent with Schizophrenia than with anything in the Autistic spectrum. (but i’m no expert)

    The mother was clearly struggling with caring for her son, according to news reports. “Trying to hold herself together”, according to one person who knew her. So why would she not limit access to potentially dangerous cars, knives, guns, etc, like anyone with small children might do?

    Was she lying to herself with the Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis? Was she afraid the neighbors might not want to live next door to someone who is Schizophrenic?

    Denial sometimes kills.

  • gastorgrab

    I repeat, this is not a Gun Control emergency! This is a Mental Health Care emergency!

  • Ella

    What is going to happen if we take away all guns from all US citizens and another massacre happens? What will be outlawed next? Nobody has been able to explain that yet.

    Secondly, we all get disarmed but obama’s worthless Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano refuses to seal a very porous Southern border so armed illegals sneak through and we get to be sitting ducks?

    Are you kidding me?

    Hammer liberals with this.

  • Norma

    Rep. Gohmert is a TRUE AMERICAN! It gives TRUE AMERICANS REAL HOPE that America might not be destroyed from within. There are still PATRIOTS OUT THERE in the land of free, as much as Anti-2nd Amendment Obama and vermin hate it. We see through Obama’s fake tears, all the lies and con games. We the people are onto you. Contact your congressmen and senators, both at the state and federal levels, let them know that half the country might be a bunch of yellow bellied freeloaders, but the other half is mad as hell.

  • iconoclast

    “What is going to happen if we take away all guns from all US citizens and another massacre happens? What will be outlawed next? Nobody has been able to explain that yet.”

    Whatever is next on the progressive agenda. You do realize that the failure of their nostrums is a feature to them, not a bug, right? When more atrocities occur then another right can be taken away. And, as long as that right has little to do with the atrocity or tragedy, they are assured of many more crisis to callously exploit.

  • Ghost

    when seconds count, the police are only minutes away

    I’ll believe gun control advocates are sincere when any one of them puts a “Gun Free Zone” poster on their front door, until then STFU

  • Bigkahuna

    Lincolns nasty wife….read the following and ask yourself if its not true