Postal Workers Continue Hunger Strike Over Proposed Cuts to Bankrupt Agency

A group of six retired and current postal workers are holding a hunger strike protesting cuts to the bankrupt government agency. The same group, Communities and Postal Workers United, held a hunger strike earlier this year over proposed spending cuts.

The USPS lost $5.5 billion the first three quarters of 2011.

The Hill reported:

Despite most of Congress leaving town for the holidays, postal workers are continuing a hunger strike protesting legislation to save the United States Postal Service (USPS) through budget cuts.

The hunger strike began Tuesday and is expected to end late Saturday, according to The Washington Post.

Six former and current postal workers, part of a group called Communities and Postal Workers United, are calling the strike “six days starving to save six-day delivery.” Their goal is to stop Congress from reducing postal delivery to five days a week.

“We have to be on guard, to raise awareness and pressure the decision-makers as they wrangle back-room deals,” group spokesman Jamie Partridge, a retired letter carrier from Portland, said in a statement.

The same small, grassroots group staged a hunger strike in June to protest legislation proposed to overhaul the service.

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  • Raoul Duke

    So…go hungry rumpswabs! See if I care. I don’t particularly feel it’s my duty to pay your pensions.

  • nomobama

    The new “postal” diet.

  • bigkahuna

    Starve stupid.

    The one reason they keep losing money is they are inefficient and waste money and over pay workers becuase of unions.

    Congress forces them to fund pesnions early or something though. Im noyt certain if thats a good excuse or not I dont know the details but thats some of it. Governemnts all need to do matching payments for retirement funds and thats all. You dont get pensions that are unfunded ever. They cant afford it and the worker ends up putting nothing in.

  • Navy Seal

    Lol, that’s the stupidest sh!t I have ever heard of… Oops, I’m sorry Jim Hoft, please don’t take down my comment like you have in the past couple of days!!!

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  • nomobama

    If our omniscient federal government would leave the postal service alone and let it operate like the independent business that it is, then maybe he postal service would have a better chance in a tough environment. The federal government needs to stop meddling in the postal service business.

    I know some postal employees that are not exactly union supporters who actually voted against the”once” on election day. The unions, I suspect, have more support from the sorters on the floor than they do the letter carriers and counter people.

    Also, I recently learned that the postal service hires temporary employees as a cost saving method which doesn’t sit well with some full time employees who believe that they will be let go, and replaced by temps.

  • SeniorD

    Billions of dollars over budget, Cadillac health care and retirement plans for employees and those self-same employees have the gall to go on strike??? Who do these people think they are? UAW members???

  • maraz

    They all look like paid OWS anarchist. I’m tired of these paid union bullies.

  • drunksailor

    Hunger strikes only solve one question, whats for dinner?

  • RKflorida

    Sounds like the same thing the unions did to Hostess.

  • Alana

    We don’t need Saturday delivery and haven’t for years.

  • John03

    Well just get ready. This is what our health care industry will look like in a few years.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …postal workers are continuing a hunger strike protesting legislation to save the United States Postal Service (USPS) through budget cuts.

    These people must look at everything through the cardboard tubes in the middle of paper towel rolls…

  • Cube

    Understand one thing guys – these budgets WILL be cut and reforms WILL be made. The current situation cannot last, and it won’t. Major changes are coming.

  • Jim

    If they are not eating, we don’t have to pay them as much – right?

  • lynno

    wow, they are going to get so thin. Post office 5.5 bil. this year, next year 10.5 bil. This government can’t stop the spending and can not run anything right, waste, waste, look at Amtrak, privetize and watch the improvements. Our poor America, what’s to come of her after 4 more years of this administration.

  • Hey guys, you’ve been replaced by email and fax machines. I’d lose my appetite too.

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  • Sasja

    In the past our letter carriers were changed more than a baby’s diaper. This year, we have been able to get to know the young man who delivers our mail; as we once did back in the olden days when I was a mere child. I miss those days because people had time, or took the time mostly, to intereact with the men (there were no females) who came every day, rain or shine, to bring us news from those still away at war or relatives who lived far away. So I grew up with a respect for those much-maligned men and carry that to this day.

  • bigL

    It used to be part of the Department of the Interior. Send off the advertisements to whom ever wants it like val-pak. Deliver the freaking mail. We can blow $500 millionon dumb dead-end solar. But we can’t give the USA the mail delivery?

  • atticcellar

    The very large percentage of these carrier’s are on thier second govenment career.. They are already collecting a big fat pension with big bennies.. Many are even on their third government career and currently collection an additional two pensions .. No government worker should be allowed to get rich off of “We the People”.. They should only be able to collect one government pension ( only after they reach an appropriate old age ) and that only after they really retire.. No more double or triple dipping.. Is it any wonder the government borrows over fourty cents of every dollar it spends?

  • YourMaster

    did michael moore join them?
    it would be a good thing for him to lose weight…
    or even starve to death.

  • the once great post office; a monument to affirmative action.

    i have a friend that at the time had worked fo the post office for 34 years. they closed the facilities where he worked. he sat in room for a year doing nothing until they could find him a new job, all he while hiring new employees. your tax dollars at work.

  • Bob

    From the picture, it looks like some of them could hold out on the strike quite a while

  • Bob

    Why don’t we just raise the postal rates to the point that they would cover the deficit? And when the volume decreases they can raise the rates again, and again.

    Isn’t that the solution we voted for for deficit reduction.

  • PB-in-AL

    Six days does not constitute a “hunger strike” this is a fast. When they’ve passed 40 days, then it’s more than a fast.

  • just sayen

    undocumented americans will deliver the mail for min. wage and no pension.

  • olm

    I hate the post office with a passion. Strike away you fools. Santa Obama has you on his list but you are way way down there and only because you’re union and government and embody every negative thing he wants to expand.
    I have zero sympathy.

  • bobdog

    I just ordered them a double meat double cheese pizza from Domino’s.

    A small one.

  • Ripped

    More efficiency from our wonderful government. What did you expect? We allow a bunch of entitlement hungry idiots (Congress & the Senate) to make the rules all these years. Do you really expect the same people that caused the problem to fix it?

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    They all look like postal workers. What’s up with that?

  • greenfairie

    My mom just tried to mail something to my brother in another town. Even though the address was correct and the writing on the envelope was legible, it was marked “undeliverable” and “return to sender.” It reminded me of those stories about people getting things mailed to New Mexico returned because they didn’t have international postage.