The Pope joined Twitter this weekend… And was immediately greeted by vile, leftist tweets.
Life News reported:

Pope Benedict joined Twitter today and was greeted by hateful tweets from Catholic bashers laced with profanity. Pope Benedict XVI ’s new Twitter account has been revealed, @Pontifex, and it already has more than 100,000 followers and is expected to be eventually followed by millions.

The Vatican revealed the new personal Twitter account for Pope Benedict XVI, and said the leader of the Catholic Church would answer one question about his faith every week — with the first coming next Wednesday. Users of Twitter can send questions using the hashtag #askpontifex or #B16 and church officials said the first tweets from the account would come this week…

…Pope Benedict himself will hit the button to send the first tweet from the account, but others will send tweets on his behalf frequently. The term @Pontifex means “bridge builder” in Latin.

Immediately after the announcement, the account was hit with a rash of vile tweets.

Roseanne Barr led the hate brigade:



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  1. Liberals, brats of liberals have always had a COMMUNIST agenda. Nothing knew to see here, just move along.

  2. Just wait until you hear what they say about him in these comments….

  3. Satan’s minions doing their master’s bidding. Somehow I am not surprised at the vitriol directed at the Pope.

  4. God has been watching and when it all comes crashes down, they all will drop to their knees and prayer they get to Heaven.

  5. More proof of the moral bankruptcy of the liberal progressives.

    From re-electing a man while he is in a mental ward to the convicted child molester that may get elected to his seat to the support of illegal aliens and criminals to the destruction of the Christmas spirit.

  6. And these same immoral people still bring up the molesting priests but never go after the UNION TEACHERS who molest and rape more children than all the priests combined.

  7. The left is a mindless, hateful bunch. The worst of humanity.

  8. Reasoning in a Circle

    Look at the nasty things liberals are saying about the pope.

    How do you know they’re liberals.

    Because they are saying nasty thing about the pope.

  9. Twitter and other social media have always highlighted divisiveness. You need look no further than the hate speech in these comments to see that. I am sure the Pope expected nothing less.

  10. The Pope should tweet in Latin as a reminder to the lefties that they’re not quite as smart as they like to think they are.

  11. oh big deal… twitter accounts are regularly hijacked. what did the folks at the vatican expect ?what the heck does the pope need with a twitter account anyway ?? it’s ridiculous.

  12. So much about the Alinsky left being open minded to opposing points of view. I don’t ever want to hear these cry babies talk about hate speech this, and hate speech that.

    The Alinsky left never practices what they lecture.

  13. How do you know they’re liberals.

    Because they are saying nasty thing about the pope.

    Because basically, liberals typically act that way.

  14. Must everyone in the world try to be cool and trendy with so called social media? Bah humbug.

  15. #12 yeah the Pope should be banned from twiitter and violence would end in the world if the NRA didn’t exist. You are an idiot.

  16. #2 I agree – there has been some ugliness here that is alarming. Catholics that don’t go to church, believe its doctrines about marriage and natural planning voted for the current idiot in the white house. It is a reflection of where they went wrong and the overall attitude of catholics post vatican 2. It indicates to the church, what mistakes need to be corrected and improved on – I have faith on the Catholic Church to do so but to throw out the Social Cons with the bath water, like so many mainstream repubs (here on this site) want to, is plain suicidal.

  17. its the famous liberal civility.

  18. Because basically, liberals typically act that way.

    And that is because whenever you see someone acting that way, you label them liberals.

  19. The Pope in his infinite wisdom and liberal philosophy is being attacked by the liberals that hate religion. As the saying goes “there are no fools like old fools”.

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