Obama to Attend Psy Protest Despite His Anti-American Past

Barack Obama will attend the Psy concert in Washington this week despite his anti-American past.
Psy has the most viewed YouTube video ever – Gangnam Style.

This is the same guy who palled around with Bill Ayers, so is it really a surprise?
Yahoo reported:

President Barack Obama will attend a charity concert where PSY is scheduled to perform after reports that the South Korean rapper participated in anti-American protests several years ago.

A spokesman says Friday that the Obama family will attend the Dec. 21 Christmas in Washington concert, as is custom.

News reports cite two instances of the 34-year-old “Gangnam Style” rapper participating in concerts protesting the U.S. military presence in South Korea during the early stages of the war in Iraq. In a 2004 concert, PSY performs another act’s song about killing “Yankees” who have been torturing Iraqi captives and their families “slowly and painfully.”

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  • RealMc


    Obama to Attend Psy Protest Despite His Anti-American Past

    Attend Concert perhaps it what was intended….

  • ★FALCON★

    Barack Obama will attend the Psy concert in Washington this week despite his anti-American past.

    Obama can sniff out an American hater all the way from Kenya.

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  • Pink Tie Republican

    Whose Anti-American past? Psy’s or Choomboy’s?

  • helen

    will there be a duet where they sing Two of a Kind??

  • mcashc

    It is mob rule chicago style. They are threatening anybody who might disrupt the one world order. Roberts was threatened, not him but his childeren or their childeren. The election was a complete fraud. This child punk actor has his orders and he is following them perfectly to destroy our great country. They will kill your loved ones if you get in the way- that is fact folks. Tell your only vote democrat friends that they voted for the number 1 enemy of the United States. If you are white and voted for this child actor punk you have blood on your hands. Can someone explain this to the low info white idiots out there? obama or whatever his name is hates white America. Pass it on to your democrat fool friends.

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  • GotFreedom

    Birds of a feather flock together!!!

  • Look-Out

    Another inaugural swearing in behind closed doors? Even Chuck Todd is bothered…

    The White House press corps acknowledges that nothing is set in stone. But even the possibility of a closed-press inauguration has stirred up immense frustration among the White House press corps, who note that past Sunday inaugurations were open to press.

    “Call me shell-shocked. I’m stunned that this is even an issue; it boggles the mind,” NBC News White House correspondent Chuck Todd told POLITICO. “This is not their oath, this is the constitutional oath. It’s not for them. It’s for the public, the citizens of the United Sates. It just boggles the mind — How is this even a debate?”

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2012/12/press-fear-obama-private-swearing-in-84776.html#ixzz2ETkbCGKn

    I remember deciding not to post what I saw right before Chief Justice Roberts’ disgusting decision on Obamacare — a list of Bilderberg attendees, with his name on it. I remember being surprised, and when I checked back, his name had been removed from the list. Too conspiracy theory…?

  • SoLongSong

    #9 Look-Out: NOTHING is too “conspiracy theory” for THIS administration – and this is from someone who used to think tin foil hats were silly.

    I think we’re gonna need a lot more Reynold’s Wrap.

  • Big Al

    How sad for our brave guys who fought and died to give these people freedom. The USA protected Korea, rebuilt Japan and most of Europe then protected all of them from the tyranny of communism and our young people don’t even know it and most of those countries seem to resent us now. There is a wonderful history lesson buried in this PSY story if someone had the balls to tell it. I am afraid HRH Obama doesn’t believe in that history so he doesn’t care. It makes me weep for our beloved country.

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  • thebronze

    Stupid song. Stupid video.

  • MyBleedingHeart

    Raise your hand if you know what a vague pronoun is? A comparison of a President to an internet Celebrity makes as much sense as me comparing a “right-winged red-necked republician” to his atrocious grammer. Stop pulling hairs, and come up with legitimate concerns please. Nice headline though, I guess it was a Freudian slip. Just google the big words Pubs.