Stunner. Obama Supporters Cheer as He Talks About Hiking Taxes on Wealthy Americans (Video)

Barack Obama held a last minute press conference today to bash Republicans and gloat about his election victory. At one point in his speech he bragged about how he’s going to be able to raise taxes on wealthy Americans.
His supporters cheered – as if they earned it.

And, of course, not one of his low information supporters understands that Obama’s tax hikes will only pay to run the bloated government for 8 days.

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  • Dien Cai Dau

    Cant wait for the liberal fools to figure out that “wealthy Americans” actually means ALL AMERICANS

  • dfbaskwill

    The most tasteless address ever given by a President. He will emerge from now on as a full-fledged committed Socialist. He will do all he can until every American has the same amount of money (none BTW).

  • Multitude

    They’re Deatheaters, to use the Harry Potter term. Proud Germans who cheered when the Jews saw their wealth confiscated for the health of the Fatherland. Few seem to understand today that when the Progressives took power in Germany, the Final Solution was instituted in phases. At first, it was violence and hatred against the rich (Jews), then progressive taxes and confiscations. Relocation to camps happened much later, taking years to develop.

    As Progressive ideology understands, it takes time to progress toward ultimate goals. By no means, however, does this excuse these deatheaters in our society. When you desire the taking of that owned by another, through the force of government, there is little difference whether that taking is of one’s money, property or life.

    If you’re an Obama voter and supporter, you’re guilty of embracing genocide.

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  • Economan

    It is appearent why the left hates guns, they don’t want to get sniped because of the real Communist damage they’re about to do.

  • American Woman

    The Fascist Liar spoke again; nothing new said.

    He puts working Americans under the tyranny of a socialist-like government that takes its money and redistributes it to the lazy and those, who have decided to be dependent on the welfare state anyway they can.

    The fascist Liar spoke again; nothing new said. America is still in fiscal trouble, because the federal government went beyond the limited amount of enumerated power the Constitution originally delegated to it.

    Our government unconstitutionally redistributes wealth through entitlements, welfare, and overreaching federal regulating agencies. The Fascist Liar doesn’t care; because he promised to fundamentally change America. His fellow fascists cheer him on.

  • Tom Doniphon

    This guy is shameless! He turned the job over to SlowJoe Biden, then he jump in front of a camera?

    Cheering audience! Women in the background! Reading something somebody wrote for him!

    Makes you think all he knows how to do is CAMPAIGN!

    If I thought it was possible, I would think he was running for office!

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  • ★FALCON★

    I listened to an entire seven seconds of the tyrant’s voice and almost vomited. I made it all the way to “last year we started to reduce the deficit by a trillion dollars”.

    I want no deal that raises any taxes and has no cuts. In fact, I want no deal at all that raises taxes. Period.

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  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    we will see if they cheer when he confiscates their wealth and property. it all belongs to the state(politicans)anyway.

  • http://! l.barney

    Frankly, I can’t wait for that moment when O voters realize what they have done. all that snugness, and shaking of their heads at us will cease. When they find out, I hope they are reminded of their mistakes over and over again!

  • saveus

    O voters are clueless or socialists so they are happy whatever he does and could care less about the consequences for the once great USA.

  • lincoln’s widow

    Better for the rich to be taxed than for me and the rest of the middle class.

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  • NJ Mike

    #14, here……..I bought you a ticket so you too can enjoy the play.
    You think you will escape the grasp of the Wan? BUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  • Winston Wolfe

    Bring it. Leftists are rich, too.

    And then let it burn to the ground. The sooner, the better.

  • john graham

    # 14…..hahahahahahaha….how many times do “the rich” have to be taxed on what they…….wait for it…….EARN????? I realize you think the rich were just born that way….but unless you made it like joe kennedy, taxes were paid on all their money at least once…….BUT DONT WORRY…..THEY’LL BE ALONG FOR YOURS SOON ENOUGH

  • Winston Wolfe

    Better for the rich to be taxed than for me and the rest of the middle class.

    You’re going to be taxed, too, dumb@ss. A lot.

  • Gary

    I was just arguing about this with an acquaintance over the holidays.
    It was a calm enough conversation until he started in with the “fair share” stuff.

    I do not know how in the world highly-educated people can fall for that idiotic notion.

    Even a flat tax would still be a progressive tax, because the higher earner would still pay more in taxes. How can anybody consider it fair to charge the higher earner a higher percent as well??

    Never mind that the income tax didn’t come around until World War I, so we survived as a nation just fine without one for 140 years.

    We shouldn’t have a flat tax, a fair tax, or the over-progressive tax system we have now.
    The income tax should not exist. It was unconstitutional when the colonies ratified the Constitution, and when the amendment was passed, it was intended to raise funds for the war.

    Also, there is nothing in the language of the amendment that allows the government to withhold the tax dollars throughout the year, rather than let us keep our own dollars all year and pay at the end.