Barack Obama met tonight with Psy, the anti-American South Korean rapper, at the Christmas in Washington Charity Concert.
Psy sang at a Seoul concert that took place during the Iraq war:

“Kill those f**king Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives Kill those f**king Yankees who ordered them to torture Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law, and fathers Kill them all slowly.”

Tonight he met with Barack Obama at the White House.
Kristinn at Free Republic reported:

Here’s another shot of the two meeting in Washington last night.

Warm welcome: President Barack Obama warmly greeted PSY at the White House, despite the rapper’s anti-American lyrics (Daily Mail)

It looks like they had a great time partying.



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  1. 0 has never met an America hater he didn’t like.

  2. A slap in the face of every man who fought and died in Korea. Shame. Shame.

  3. Holy crap! In the top photo there’s the Grim Reaper–Mr. Death himself–standing right there in front of Obama, grinning with his skeleton face.

    Looks like the Grim Reaper came to party with Conan O’Brien, whose distinctive hair style and forehead you can see over Obama’s left shoulder.

    I don’t know Death was so short.

  4. Why would Obama not shake hands with Psy, no matter what he said about America?

    (1) Psy is a celebrity
    (2) Psy is not American, and
    (3) Obama is not a Yankee

  5. I never thought I would see the day our government was subverted. It’s happening in plain sight.

  6. oBama is a self absorbed thug with no idea what America is or what it stands for..he never has and never will.

  7. Stay classy Obama by chumming it up with the American hating, Kim Jong Il look alike.

  8. If they shook Barack’s hand they better hope it was his right hand – he wipes his butt with the left one! Stinking muzzie!

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how Barack has been smiling at his oldest daughter? I wonder if he’s been punching her dance card? A good muzzie daddy takes care of things like that…

  9. This is nothing new. Obama has met with more of America’s enemies than he has met with our allies. As a matter of a fact that’s about all he does is meet with America’s enemies. He is a subversive, a Communist usurper, but you can’t call him a “traitor” because he’s not a U.S. citizen. Only a citizen can be termed a traitor by being a legal citizen of the country you are trying to overthrow with the help of those either of foreign conspiritor’s inside the country, or from support of foreign conspiritor’s outside the country. Even though Obama is operating by orders from conspiritor’s inside and outside the country, i.e. the Communist Party USA out of Chicago and no telling where else, he is a Communist who is operating by his own agenda which is overthrowing the country.

    Here’s a question. Is there a time period required in order to overthrow a country? Is it supposed to take a few days, a couple of months, a year or more, or what? Could it take as long as a hundred years so long as there is proof that the movement of the various associations and organizations were operating from a agenda whose end would be the overthrow of the country they are operating in? This obviously is what we have here.

    This “Psy” gook is nothing more than a anti-American subversive and possibly a Communist as well. He would fit right in with Obama.

    Isn’t it funny that Obama seems to have a affinity for Muslim terrorists, and Communist radical subversives? I wonder why? Could it possibly be that he is both of those things himself?

  10. #12. There is no place called the “Intelligence Institute” so I would have to hazzard a guess that this misinformation is for the leftist ignorant masses.

  11. I’d love to take this putz and drop him into North Korea. He should love it there.

  12. @
    #12 December 9, 2012 at 8:15 pm
    Lucretia D’Obabydaddy commented:
    ROFL Sorry, but I don’t own a TV. Who needs the propaganda? Just send me your links for Huffpo and all the other Slutty crap you dose yourself with, then I’ll be prepared to vote for Obama like a good Repubic loser.

  13. #11 Your the “kind” that give the rest of us a bad name not to mention, you’re disgusting. Go somewhere else and puke will ya?

  14. It’s keeping out in front of popular culture, as defined by the entertainment industry. This solidifies the street cred of our ‘kool president’. Real leadership, real issues, ahh that stuff is irrelevant, but cool is forever.

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