Leadership: Obama Lashes Out – Blames Congress For Fiscal Mess (Video)

Barack Obama held a press conference this afternoon after holding fiscal talks at the White House with Republican and Democratic leaders from the House and Senate. Obama lashed out at Congress for not doing their job.

Ordinary folks, they do their jobs. They meet deadlines. They sit down and discuss things and then things happen. It there are disagreements they sort through the disagreements. The notion that our elected leadership can’t do the same thing is mind-boggling to them. It needs to stop. So I’m modestly optimistic that an agreement can be achieved. Nobody’s going to get 100% of what they want. But let’s make sure that middle class families and the American economy and in fact the world economy aren’t adversely impacted because people can’t do their jobs.

That’s a pretty bold statement considering he was in Hawaii golfing all week.

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  • Everyone Gets a Trophy

    Unserious twink

  • bg


    good cop bad co0 crapola.. *sigh*


  • SeniorD

    They ARE doing their jobs (as defined by The PARTY). The Clowns in Congress don’t care about the economy, don’t care about the people that voted them into office and certainly don’t care about any Fiscal Cliff. Their salaries are solid, retirements guaranteed, life long comfort for a few short years of ‘toiling and fighting’ for something (and then heading for the local Congressional bar).

    I say just ignore them and invoumtarily secede Washington, D.C. into it’s own little country. Hey, they live in a different world anyway!

  • Piece of crap.

  • http://nation.foxnews.com/barack-obama/2012/12/28/obama-gives-congress-federal-workers-raise…………….while the country is broke, clowns give themselves a raise..

  • Bigkahuna

    Says the jerk off in chief who has never passed a budget or cut squat.

  • JenBee

    This is EXACTLY why the ignorant Honey Boo Boo people voted for him for a second term. If all you do is take 5 mins a day to watch crap like this from the Democratic Media Complex, then you’re left thinking this Obama fellow is a pretty good guy… quite moderate and middle-of-the-road… eager to compromise and negotiate… a non-partisan get-along guy… rising above petty partisan politics, working so hard to get everyone to come together for middle class Americans.

    Of course, all of us informed voters understand this is nothing but a photo-op, a hoax, a mirage. The REAL Obama is NOTHING like this. The REAL Obama is in fact doing everything OPPOSITE from what he gets up there and says.

    But they don’t know that. And the media are only too happy to oblige and promote the phony.

    And it continues, for another four long, miserable years.

  • bg


    [DH: Wait, you’re DHS—not some Wall Street insider.

    RB: So you think they are separate agendas? That’s funny. The coming collapse of the U.S. dollar is a done deal. It’s been in the works for years—decades, and this is one of the most important cataclysmic events that DHS is preparing for. I almost think that DHS was created for that purpose alone, to fight Americans, not protect them, right here in America. But that’s not the only reason. There’s the gun issue too.

    re: #2 December 28, 2012 at 5:16 pm bg

    co0 = cop


  • bg


    deja vu.. 🙁


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  • Jack Rackim

    I can’t say it any better than JenBee did.
    I second everything she said.

  • the only thing obama wants for the american people and the american economy is failure. it is what he has worked for from the first day he took office.

  • Everyone Gets a Trophy

    The Bush tax cuts were only for millionaires and billionaires, so why the John Kerry faces?

  • Oliver

    As I watched Obama’s little speech this afternoon, I was thinking pretty much the same thing as JenBee expressed so well. In fact, his “reasonable guy” act was SOOOOOO convincing, I actually began to wonder if he might not be aware of what’s going on behind the scenes?

    Let’s face it, he’s not nearly as bright as the media would like you to believe, and we all know it’s his commie pals (Jarret, Axelrod, maybe even Michelle) who are running the show. Small consolation, but it would be pretty funny to learn that he’s just another one of their ‘useful idiots’.

  • Truth Teller

    Will not mince words:

    Fu(k You Barack Hussein Obama, you piece of sh!t

  • Buzzy

    SeniorD- Oh I agree that there are a lot of bad Republicans in the House and Senate, but if you can’t even give credit to the 13 or so that stopped Boehners Plan B crap, you have an ulterior motive. There is a contingent that must slam even those that have been fighting in the Republican party so as to being about their wildest dream of a winning third party. It will not happen in my lifetime, or yours.

    ponderon- Obama signed an executive order to give congress pay raises. The congress never had the first say on it. Stop blaming those that are not guilty, as few as they may be.

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  • coo joe

    Oh yeah this is all planned and being played out and we are the pawns. Behind the curtain Jarrett is planning on taking our guns and when we resist the police will come after us and we them (just like the Sunnies and Shietes) Are you all ready to play the game of “One world Goverment” as daddy Bush was so proud to announce….

  • Rose

    It is never his fault. He doesn’t even pretend to lead and NO ONE says a word. What does he think his job is ?

  • coo joe

    Oh the raises were hush money they have lots of insiders yacing to the alt media. I hope all my friends here are ready with food and other supplies as they are almost ready for the next act. I say spring will be it 1st we got another false flag. This one will be bigger

  • repousa

    Yep do their job!!!!! NO MORE DEBT LIMIT INCREASES!!!!!!! If Boehner was a real man, he’d smack the big one on the table and say “Love this like a Greek libtard wh0re” You want a fiscal cliff, do ya, well how about telling your government program sucklings that your broke cause you screwed America too hard. Democrats and Big Government RINO’s can just SUCK IT!!!

  • jainphx

    The constitution says that all money matters must start in the house, so how can Obama raise any ones pay? Unfortunately the republican leaders will just go along and say nothing.

  • Objective Analysis

    lol – reid will do nothing for the emperor with no clothes

  • ★FALCON★

    Ordinary folks don’t spend more than is in their checkbook and then blame their neighbor.

    Can we just jump to impeachment and if not, how about the Uncivil War?

  • Freddy

    Does Obama understand that HE is the one refusing to extend the Bush tax rates?

    I do not think that Obama actually has ANY high ground if everyones taxes go up because he HATES sucessfull people.

    Forget all of the media spin, Obama is going down HARD if there is no deal.

    Has ANY President been a ‘lame duck’ from BEFORE the inauguration?

  • RB_Murican

    #15 Truth Teller beat me to it. All I can and is: Fu(k it! Let’s just go over the cliff and see how his sycophantic followers react to the mess that will ensue. Keep ’em locked and loaded folks, it’s about to hit the fan I’m afraid.

  • Path

    So he’s rewarding those in the Senate for not doing what they are responsible to do….pass a budget. They haven’t done that since O’s been in office. instead of putting them out, he rewards them.

  • SEHaase

    I blame everyone who has ever voted for a democrat seeing that liberals are enemies of the U.S. and what is mind-boggling to me is that so many people still turn on their television for news.

  • owl

    Someone just please tell me why? WHY??

    Why would Repubs allow this show? Just why?

    Obama uses them and then comes out and bashes them.

    So why do they play? Why not stand up and crawl out from under those desks? Do they like/crave abuse? It is enough to make a person cry.

    Why do they continue to allow this abuse? At least come out and tell him to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine and when he is ready to treat them with respect, call and they MIGHT take the call.

    This is pure BS and we have idiots for leaders that love to be abused.

  • ★FALCON★

    #27 December 28, 2012 at 6:43 pm
    Path commented:

    So he’s rewarding those in the Senate for not doing what they are responsible to do….pass a budget. They haven’t done that since O’s been in office. instead of putting them out, he rewards them.

    Pretty much sums it up – Obama thinks he is a king and loots the treasury like a fool following orders from the Bilderbergers.

    Someday when I’m king – I’m going to rounded them up and have them all publicly executed.

  • bg


    re: Everyone Gets a Trophy #13 December 28, 2012 at 5:39 pm

    The Facts About the Tax Cuts and Why They Were Extended

    [Tax cuts are always an easy and quick way to stimulate the economy by putting more money directly into taxpayers’ hands. President Bush gave tax cuts to families in 2001, and to businesses in 2003. These were due to expire in 2011. He mailed out a one-time tax rebate to unsuccessfully ward off the financial crisis of 2008. Instead of expiring in 2011, the Bush tax cuts were extended in 2010 for two years. Debate over whether the cuts should be extended for those making $250,000 or more is an important factor in the 2012 Presidential campaign.]

    [What Is EGTRRA?:
    The Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 (EGTRRA) was part of the George Bush tax cuts. EGTRRA gave income tax relief to families, who were expected to spend the extra money. This increase in demand would boost the economy and lift it out of the 2001 recession. It saved taxpayers $1.35 trillion over that 10-year period. The Urban Institute said the tax cuts benefited families with children, and those with incomes over $200,000, the most.]

    may not be the best source, but it’s better
    than Wkipedia, and what’s coming.. *sigh*


  • Mac

    And then he gave the bottom feeder a raise: Unconstitutionally, I might add. Only the bottom feeders can do that. Which is why they used to try and hide it in the dead of night.

  • bg


    owl #29 December 28, 2012 at 6:46 pm

    re: [Why would Repubs allow this show? Just why?]


    and not only that, but..

    “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”


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  • BurmaShave

    “Ordinary folks, they do their jobs. They meet deadlines. They sit down and discuss things and then things happen. It there are disagreements they sort through the disagreements. The notion that our elected leadership can’t do the same thing is mind-boggling to them. It needs to stop.”

    Yes, that is a decent comment about ordinary folks; BUT NOT ABOUT ELITIST A-HOLES WHO POSTURE TO REPRESENT ORDINARY FOLKS. The elitists don’t do anything except preen themselves; they neither represent nor resemble ordinary folks in any way except basic biology. We are talking about YOU, OBAMA.

  • owl

    Sure we have some good ones but they are not in leadership. We have idiots in those roles that love abuse.

    They were given the House in 2010. How you like the way Fast & Furious moved along? Now they sit back and allow Obama & Friends to talk about guns killing children? Hundreds of dead in Mexico with their blood on Obama’s and Holder’s hands. Dead children from Obama’s guns.

    Yep. They moved right along on Bengazhi. Flexed those muscles and in the end, zero.

    Been watching politics for many a year and I have never seen such an impotent group that needs a hot poker …………

  • George

    Well, do your job ***hole! What a weasle!

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    That’s a pretty bold statement considering he was in Hawaii golfing all week.

    It’s that media cover again. As long as they keep soldiering on for him, he’ll keep on acting like, and being, an arrogant a-hole.

    If he ever somehow manages to lose his media cover before his final term is over, his goose will be very thoroughly cooked.

  • mg4us

    the propblem stems from a lack of leadership. . and it starts with OBAMA

    HE has failed to draft a budget with responsible cuts for over three years. .
    Black or not, in private business he would be fired or bankrupt

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  • I told people he was passing the blame to this on Congress, I hope other people feel the same way…He shifts the real work to others, and the media say how “exhausting” being president is!

    it’s all on you O voters, Happy New Year!

  • USMC Thomas

    Where’s the Joe Wilson Republican’s when we need them?

  • owl

    I no longer care what Obama does or even his Poop Scoopers.

    I care about why our side of ELECTED voices are allowing him to run these games.

    He is the ONLY player. He is playing all moves.

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    it’s all on you O voters, Happy New Year!

    It’s extremely unlikely that many of those “O voters” feel any remorse or trepidation about what they helped to do, especially the low-information types. All they’ll hear is Republicans this, Republicans that, all negative, and that’s all that enters their heads.

  • bg


    it’s staged, all of it..


  • DomesticGoddess

    The idiots who voted him in believe every word he says.

  • Adi

    The child-emperor never met a deadline; not on his school projects, passing a budget or protect US ambassadors. But the Community Agitator surely likes to lecture everyone else.

  • shadow

    Of course, all of us informed voters

    Yeah, all of you “informed” voters who don’t know that presidents don’t “pass” budgets or can’t spend money that is not appropriated by Congress. I’m soooo impressed by you “informed” voters.

  • shadow

    Unconstitutionally, I might add.

    You could add it, but you would be wrong.

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  • Economan

    Congress not doing their job Obama? You bet, but neither are you jerkwad! You’re supposed to defend the border and you ignore our laws. You go golfing and partying with celebrities when our financial @@@@ is hitting the fan and you use Airforce one as your private vacation jet. Jerk.

  • Look-Out

    Barry, this business woman has a few words for you —


    As POTUS, here’s your legacy: YOU’RE A FAILURE.

    But you don’t care so long as America fails too. I don’t know how you can say the things you do (like in that video I forced myself to watch) and how you can look in the mirror without hurling. YOU MAKE ME SICK, you foul-smelling (according to your wife and kids) POS.

  • snewb

    JenBee #7 nailed it.

  • Kissmygrits

    A lot of ordinary folks don’t have jobs. The only deadline I want dear leader to meet is the one for packing and moving out of our house in Jan ’17. If he stayed on the golf course for the next 4 years or jetted around the world, I’d be happy.

  • gwhh

    when DOESN’T the manchild lash out and act like the spoil brat he is?

  • paul52

    Barry said, “do their jobs”? Barry is the FIRST Prez in American history not to pass a budget. ‘Nuff said!

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