Obama Jobs Council Chairman Jeffrey Immelt: State Run Communist China ‘Works’ (Video)

No wonder Jeffrey Immelt is the chair of The President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.
GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt and Charlie Rose agreed this week that “state run communism” works.

“Really, the one thing that actually works, you know, state run communism may not be your cup of tea but their government works.”

Maybe he can push that at the next job’s council meeting?

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  • Texmom

    Yes, it works for global corporations quite nicely, just like Obama “works’ for them here.

  • Bill Mitchell

    If there government “works” why don’t you move there?

  • ★FALCON★

    Doubtful “State Run Communist China” would allow Immelt’s GE to pay no taxes on billions in profit.

  • Hippies Still Smell

    They’re especially fond of the “Anti-Dog-Eat-Dog Rule.”

    Dog… it’s what’s for dinner.

  • Economan

    The oppression, forced abortion, labor camps, no freedoms of speech, and the incarceration of clergy…. I suppose that works too Immelt?

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  • Sidney Allen Johnson

    For people who worship an unrestricted government that answers to no one…communism is a dream come true. Its a nightmare to everyone else.

  • Pink Tie Republican

    It has worked for GE, and made Immelt a fortune, not so much for it’s citizens/serfs.

  • Comrade J

    Someone should tell this libtard about China ghost cities, as well as that China abandoned most of the Communism a while ago. Its struggles are directly proportionate to the amount of communism it still holds on to.

  • Robodog7

    Welcome to Premier Obama’s second term. This is the transparency that he promised, now that he no longer has to run for office. The leftists will openly defend communism ( after years of bashing Capitalism) until the mindless masses cheer for it. People like Immelt will be part of the ruling class and for them a life of luxury. The rest of us will be in forced labor camps or exterminated for speaking out against tyranny.

  • jorgen

    Immelt’s job council doesn’t work.

  • Sam Stone

    Of course it works FOR YOU Immelt, you are sending thousands of job there!

  • Bill Mitchell

    Yes, when you can force the masses to work for $2 a week and live in government housing like mice it works just fine.

  • Sam Stone

    Immelt praises the ChiComs and Obama armed the Libyan “rebels” who used those weapons to kill our Ambassador and 3 other Americans and now Obama is sending 20 new F16 fighter jets to the terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood who run Egypt.

    I never thought in my life I would see a traitor elected TWICE by Americans.

  • Bill Mitchell

    There was a time not so long ago that making this type of comment would gotten you arrested for treason. You notice not a single gasp from the audience?

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  • BurmaShave

    Immelt would fit right in with the rest of the “public servants” in the Chinese Communist Politbureau.

  • Tcircle

    Of course, Communism works; if you happen to be the party in power! For all others, it doesn’t.

    It worked very well in the Communist Block Countries. Why doesn’t this asshat and his buttboy Rose ask people who have actually lived under Communism?

  • I would be satisfied to see only 2 shovel ready jobs created all year, just as long as it is to plant this SOB and his boss….Then we all could have a good laugh at their expense like they did at ours not long ago.

  • paul52

    Immelt should go live in a 300 sq. ft. apartment in Beijing and try to live on $30 a week. Tax-dodging a-hole.

  • Old One

    Immelt the leading mouthpeice of the American left Nomenklatura aginn imparts his totalitarian wisdom of the vanguard to we proles. —- you Immelt you dirty little ivy league fascist.

  • Sample size

    China shoots illegal immigrants. Shall we adopt that model?

    And how does immelt know if the Chinese govt works, given they literally make up GDP numbers and lie about everything?

    A child in school says something bad about the govt, the parents are made to disappear. Immelt likes this?

    There is a mental disorder with those who run corps and those in politics. Something s seriously wrong with immelt.

  • Freddy

    Immelt is showing that he has truely risen above respecting the individual.

  • vb

    I recently read an article about the Chinese responses to disasters like earthquakes. It seems that the churches did a far better job than the government in coping. That sounds a bit like FEMA and Sandy. Let’s wait and see how the new government deals with the corruption they have promised to crack down on. And let Immelt spend some time with the rural grandparents who are raising the kids of parents who had to move to the cities to find a job.

  • Whistleblower

    U.S. Attorney’s Office claims author’s of Blagojevich book “Golden” lying


  • sablegsd

    So move there, you arrogant slave using son of a bitch.

  • Dusty

    China is communist in name only. It’s hardly even totalitarian, except insofar as politics is concerned. Certainly as far as the country’s economy is concerned it’s no better or worse than most capitalistic countries. It’s advantage is that it has recently embraced capitalism and with it’s large population, low wages, relatively light regulation and low taxes, it’s out-competing countries such as the US and those in Europe.

    Little of the Chinese people’s prosperity has to do with Chinese government running things, It’s has to do with the Chinese government not running things and that, is what Immelt and the US politicians don’t understand.

  • sharky

    China executes more people every year than all other countries combined. The communist Chinese state run government subjects their own people to human rights atrocities and in many cases horrible living conditions and massacres such as Tiananmen Square. Where hundreds of people were murdered in short order and thousands ended up being wounded. Why? Because they wanted democracy and better living conditions for themselves and their families.

    Upwards of 25,000 people a year are executed in China for simple things like speaking out against the communist Chinese government. There is huge income disparity in China where the government elitists have a stranglehold on power and live the high life, while the majority of the Chinese people live in sub-standard conditions, destitution, and poverty. All the while being enslaved by the communist government overlords.

    The communist Chinese state run government is a ruthless bunch of power hungry elitists who are obviously hell-bent on retaining power at ALL costs and who also deny their own people the common freedoms and liberties, or rights and privileges, that free societies all around the world cherish and take for granted.

    Economies in other countries would expand by leaps and bounds too if hundreds of millions of people were ordered to work their fingers ‘to the bone’ at the threat of prison confinement or even execution, if they didn’t comply with the state run government’s ruthless demands and “bow” to those communist directives. The same communist directives that “enslave” and “degrade” the majority of Chinese people (and Russian people) in order for communist elitists in China (and Russia) to remain in power in perpetuity.

    The majority of people in China (and Russia) are simply “pawns” in a rigged Chess game. If the “pawns” don’t comply with the ‘moves’ by their communist overlords… there will be consequences. Like the upwards of 25,000 people a year in China who are “executed” for ‘non-compliance.’ How many Russians get executed or imprisoned under Vladimir Putin is open for debate. By the way, did I mention Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin have more “flexibility” now that wannabe dictator Obama has stolen, er, won reelection?

    Jeffery Immelt is a kool-aid drinker and a water carrier for Barack Obama’s Socialist/Marxist/Communist policies. Which are currently strangling the U.S. economy and weakening the United States of America. According to Jeffery Immelt’s own words he apparently wants America to become a similar “communist” run society that China became. Run by none other than the ‘Dictator in Chief’ Barack Hussein Obama himself. If Barack Obama keeps “bypassing Congress” (like he’s currently doing) and continues to ‘trample the Constitution’ (like he’s currently doing) and continues to “divide” the country (like he’s currently doing) and continues to “rob” from achievers and distribute the wealth to ‘non-achievers’ (like he’s currently doing) Jeffrey Immelt may soon get his wish.

  • Patty

    Obama, Immelt and who ever else in their gang are shipping jobs to China.

    China eases regulation to encourage foreign investment in its travel industry.

    Report: 180 Solar Panel Makers Will Disappear By 2015 – Forbes


    No longer will you see made in America but made in China, why? because they see they can buy up companies here because of what Obama has done, nothing a lot of bankruptcies and then China is buying them up.


    Chinese company buys battery maker that got recovery funds


    If I didn’t know better I would think Obama and Immelt are giving away the store to China.

    These are our regulations, compound this with higher taxes and we are doomed

    Newly Posted Regulations

    Last 3 Days(207)
    Last 7 Days(530)
    Last 15 Days(1,044)
    Last 30 Days(1,935)
    Last 90 Days(5,877)


  • Patty

    Obama Jobs Czar Closing Wisconsin G.E. Plant & Moving It To… CHINA! Obama Cheers Jeffrey Immelt. Who is the “Outsourcer In Chief”?

    Obama Jobs Czar Closing Wisconsin G.E. Plant & Moving It To… CHINA! Obama Cheers Jeffrey Immelt. Who is the “Outsourcer In Chief”?
    Obama Jobs Czar Closing Wisconsin G.E. Plant & Moving It To… CHINA! Obama Cheers Jeffrey Immelt. Who is the “Outsourcer In Chief”?
    by MarinerFH Posted July 17, 2012
    Related Topics: China, Obama, Polls, Mexico, 21, Loans, Billion, Lights, Poll, Wisconsin, Americans, Image, Profits, Incandescent Light Bulb, 2010, Images, Opening
    Read More Do You Want a More Colorful iPhone?

    +38 Rave
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    153 votes
    Read all 210 opinions
    Lightning Report View Results and Demographics

    Obama is Outsourcer In Chief (explain) Obama is Outsourcer In Chief (explain)
    Immelt is Outsourcer In Chief (explain) Immelt is Outsourcer In Chief (explain)
    Other, explain… Other, explain…
    Join the discussion. Share your opinion with millions!
    Add this to GE closing the last Incandescent Light Bulb plant in the USA and opening new plant in China to make Compact Fluorescent Lights of CFL’s.

    Obama’s Green Energy investments creating far more jobs in China and Mexico than in the USA.

    But Obama cheers Jeffrey Immelt on…

    I thought this guy was supposed to help create jobs in the USA….Not in China!

    Obama Jobs Czar Closing Wisconsin G E Plant Moving It To CHINA

    Obama has guaranteed over a $ Billion in loans to GE, but GE paid no US Taxes while sheltering overseas profits.

    Over 60% of GE employees are not Americans.



  • Patty


  • Patty


  • Great find, Jim! It is not often these guys say in public what they really believe. I have linked to you here: http://bobagard.blogspot.com/2012/12/obama-advisor-praises-chinese-communism.html

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “…you know, state run communism may not be your cup of tea but their government works.”

    Well, that all depends on how one defines “works”, doesn’t it?

  • Mad Hatter

    All the Commie lovers have been coming out of the wood works since Obama was elected.

  • Someone please put him a large UPS/FED EX box and ship HIM there!

  • stuart

    No Jeffery, Communist China doesn’t work.
    But the Chinese peasants do….. for you.
    And they work.
    And they work.
    And they work.
    Twelve hour shifts, six days a week, and for what? Survival wages. So they can survive, to continue to work for you, Jeffery.
    No wonder you want America to be just like China. Just think how big your plantation could be then. No wonder you are a Democrat.

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  • Bigkahuna

    Ask the Chinese about income inequality, unions and benefits.

    1. No EPA
    2. No labor unions
    3. No lawyers pushing costs up and suing everyone
    4. No healthcare force on them, little o no health insurance
    5 low low wages
    6. No foodstamps and welfare( $1 trillion / year in USA )
    7 reduced red tape.
    8 environmental activist…dead
    9. Freedoms…not so much
    10! Send libs there to live.

    Yes china is awesome

  • David616

    How the Board of Directors of GE allow this guy – to open his mouth and talk this stupidity? or maybe the question should be ‘Why’ – does the Board of Directors of GE allow this guy their CEO – spout this stupidity. Chairman of the Jobs Council or not!!!

    GE Stock has to drop…… for Stockholders have to ask themselves – this is what we get from our investment?????? What gives…….. ??????

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    Jeffrey Immelt the Genius of GE:
    Stock price in 2000 when Genius took over: $60
    Stock price in 2012 with Genius as Jobs Czar: $21

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  • This idiot, Immelt, is the reason I will never purchase any GE product. I vote with my wallet.

  • Limousine Barry

    I agree with Jeffy Immelt. I am for communism! It works… for power hungry guys like me! I am sure Bill Ayers would agree.

    If necessary I will run over any of my opposition with my limousine! I cannot answer any more questions. Good day.

  • duedad

    Their communist are not black muslims

  • bg


    “The social experiment in China under Chairman Moa’s leadership
    is one of the most important and successful in human history.”

    ~ David Rockefeller

    scroll for more..


  • Amalgamated Cliff Divers, Local 157

    Yeah, it works if you’re a party official. WTF! Do we really need to relive the 20th century in terms of this type of ideology?

  • bg
  • Hitler’s German government worked exceptionally well too.

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  • repousa

    The only reason communist China works is because we are willing to borrow money to buy their crap. When we exhaust our debt capacity, which has already happened, the end of China will begin. They are an american consumer driven economy. We made them rich, just like we made Japan rich in the 70’s and 80’s. Immelt is too shallow to understand that their success is held in the Government not the worker. The economy is not working for the forgotten hundreds of millions of Chinese that live in rural china. Communism won’t end poverty but when a communist country participates in capitalism with starving slave labor, it isn’t hard to make a profit.

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  • aprilnovember811

    Don’t buy anything GE. This communist punk needs to be put out of business.

  • aprilnovember811

    Obama and Immelt laugh about no shovel ready jobs.


  • Jessie Jackson’s whore

    Come to my house Geiss and Tony Cummings. Soon you’ll have big tattoos of beautiful women on your backs.. DON’T PICK UP THE SOAP IN THE SHOWER!! LOL YOU FAGGOTS.

  • Shawn

    Quisling probably sold every DoD system spec to the PLA. When Beijing sinks an American aircraft carrier we will know who to bayonet.

  • USMC Thomas

    In China, a failure like Solyndra would spell firing squad for those responsible.

  • Emma

    Did you notice that Immelt did NOT say, “Nazism worked”! Why not? There is really little difference between the totalitarian Nazis and the totalitarian Chinese Communists! Actually the Chinese Communists killed a lot more of their own people.

  • bg


    Breaking The War Mentality

    by Barack Obama
    March 10, 1983

    [In 1933 the German establishment thought it could use Hitler to restore a modicum of order to the confused and confusing Weimar Republic. In fact, Hitler did strengthen the German establishment, but not exactly in the way the bankers and businessmen had wanted; and now, fifty years later, it is clear who was using whom. Nevertheless, the Western World did not complain in 1933 because Hitler, though a fascist and a totalitarian, was seen, like countless American puppet dictators today, as someone who leaves the established order in place.

    Not so the Greens. If a group of young, anti-establishment pacifists wiith unusual ideas and uncomfortable answers to hard questions terrifies us more today than Hitler, Himmler, Goering and Goebbels did back in 1933, our terror says more about us than it does about the Greens or the Germans. It indicates that we have failed to comprehend the meaning of Nazism and blind obedience to authority in their full horror, and that we, unlike the Greens, have yet ourselves to learn the democratic lesson that we have taught the Germans so well.]



  • Hey, Immelt! Everything you and everyone in your family has ever had, has, and ever will have was because of Capitalism, not Communism. You are an idiot if you think for a second that under a Communist form of government you would be allowed to keep a dime of all the money you made and that two bit sellout corporation you run would be allowed to make.

    Obviously you know nothing about Communism. If you did you would not be in bed with the Communist in the White House! And like all liberals who are the most ignorant people in the country, you all think that even if Communist did take over your lives wouldn’t change whatsoever. They would be just like they are now, and would probably get even better since you’d be the only one’s with all the money and all of us would be in the poor house. All liberals live in a fantasy world where everyone else suffers from your enlightenment except for you.

  • And the picture below tells it all. Look at the look on Obama’s face. It’s a look that says, “That’s it you fool. Just keep telling those lies. And there may not be anyone working that has any respect for you, but there are even more money people who do. And they’re the only one’s who count.”

  • Frank S

    WTF! Can’t believe this jackass is actually the CEO of GE?!

  • sandyshores

    wait let me get this right. People came to the usa from all over the world to get Away from communists to forge their own future and lives.

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  • Ella

    I have been to China. I have seen the abject misery on people’s faces. I have seen the horrible buildings they live in. That communist sh_t doesn’t work. No way, no how.

    Shame on you, Immelt.

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