RFK Jr: Right Wing Media, FOX News Has Divided US to a Point not Seen Since Civil War

Good grief.
And, these nuts really believe this nonsense.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told an audience at the Huffington Post that the right wing media and FOX News has divided our country to a point not seen since the Civil War.

This was during a discussion on fracking.
The Blaze reported:

During a discussion on HuffPost Live Friday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gave a strong condemnation of what he calls the “right wing media” and particularly Fox News.

“It’s divided our country in a way that we haven’t been divided probably since the Civil War,” Kennedy said of Fox News during the discussion focused on fracking. “Its empowered large corporations to get certain kinds of politicians and ideologues who are in the United State Congress elected — the Tea Party ideologues who control the Republican Party.”

The nephew of President John F. Kennedy and son of former senator and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy made these claims against Fox while describing what he sees as the two biggest problems in American politics: the influence of big money and “the right-wing control of the American media.”

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  • chris

    Can the left take (at least some) responsibility for anything? So tired of their games of race, class and blame.

  • Ghost

    please remember folks, this guy’s forebears NEVER! embarrassed themselves like he does

  • Chris

    What a complete idiot. You have a president spending more than all presidents combined and you blame a damn tv station. Sorry we are not all MSM fans.

  • Lily

    This man needs to get his OWN house in order before he comes to ‘help us out”. He tormented his last wife until she committed suicide. Go home, you odious man!

  • Amalgamated Cliff Divers, Local 157

    He’s a effin’ heroin addict! Who the he!! cares what this addled heroin addict has to say about anything. If he was anyone else he’d still be serving jail time. Have another balloon, bobbi!

  • Jeff

    Chris, “Obama spending more than all other presidents combined….”

    Blatantly untrue. Not even close and a minute of research will demonstrate it. If the information you get makes you routinely repeat nonsense you should question your sources more.

  • Ghost

    EVERYONE… ignore Red Square Kremlin ‘Jeff’, an avowed Putin operative

  • eatmelickmebiteme

    A heroin addict who drove his estranged wife to committing suicide. Someone I’d say worth listening to.

  • bobdog

    We gonna put y’all back in chains! We gonna start lynching people again any day now. We gonna take away your welfare! No Food Stamps! No free cell phones! We gonna eat your little black and brown babies! We gonna take away your Freedom to Choooose. The Rich are gonna take away everything you have “worked so hard to accomplish” over the past 40 years. We gonna make you get a J-O-B, whether you like it or not.

    To hear him tell it, anyway.

  • Blatantly untrue. Not even close and a minute of research will demonstrate it. If the information you get makes you routinely repeat nonsense you should question your sources more.

    At the rate of current progression, widdle Jeffie, the national debt will be between $20T – $25T by 01/20/2017.

    No, dumbass, it’s not “blatantly untrue”, it’s not “not even close”, and had you climbed off the short bus long enough to have done, y’know, actual research, you might have figured that out.

    Then again, I suppose we shouldn’t expect too much out of Demoscum retards who stamp their feet and bang their widdle sippy cups when presented with facts they don’t like.

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  • And in case you’re tempted to stamp & bang some more, widdle Jeffie – yes, that’s more than double what Bambi started out with.

    Not bad for a jackass who pledged to have the debt cut in half by the end of his first term, huh, numbnuts?

  • Candy

    Excuse me, are you in public? Speaking? Even laying blame?

    RFK Jr. cut off late wife’s credit and stiffed lawyers: court papers


    Mary Richardson Kennedy had to scrounge for cash to pay for even the most basic needs in the last months of her life, according to new court filings.

    “Mary was left to sometimes ask for $20 from the parents of her kids’ classmates to buy gas and groceries,” a source close to Kennedy told The Post.

    The revelations come from a petition filed last week in Surrogate’s Court in Westchester County by Mary’s former divorce attorneys, who say Robert F. Kennedy Jr. failed to pay them a promised $278,000 in legal fees.

    They say RFK practiced a “scorched-earth litigation approach” that left her cut off from a $20,000-a-month, court-approved credit card, leaving her unable to buy groceries, gas or even medical care for their son.


    Oh yeah, the voice of morality. I want to see him in public; I’ll tell him him what his momma looks like (by his actions, of course). I wouldn’t want to be there when he stands before the Man on the last day.

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  • Indiana

    Haven’t the Kennedys figured out that we quit taking them seriously a long time ago?

  • Patty

    Do YOU care about what any KENNEDY has to say, I know I certainly don’t.

    They are LEFT wingers with an agenda to continue to take our Constitutional rights as AMERICANS away. And they are doing it methodically and with a vengeance never before seen in history.

    I am sure Hannity will bring this up tonight but they are going after him more then anyone. And of course the usually suspects like Rush.


    RFK Jr., you’re no saint!

    Tuesday, June 12, 2012

    Can’t Bobby Kennedy Jr. let his tragic wife Mary rest in peace?

    And if he can’t, why doesn’t he at least man up and admit that his affairs had a part in driving her crazy?

    In longtime Kennedy chronicler Laurence Leamer’s Newsweek cover story, we learn that Mary, who hanged herself May 16th, had over the years beaten him, screamed that he was a sex addict in front of their children, stolen from her stepdaughter and had been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.


  • Marmo

    Robert Kennedy is the poster boy on the dangers of inbreeding.

  • Digger

    Sorry, Mr Kennedy, but the majority of Americans do not ascribe to the socialist group-think as blindly as you wish we would.

  • Candy
  • Candy

    Guess what Patty? There’s still an investigation going on re: abnormalities at the crime scene, timeline of events (found by AA sponsor, changing stories from RFK Jr. and with the autopsy). Not that anything will come of it.

    Do you know how sick you have to be to fight the family for the body, bury her near Kennedys, then dig her up to bury her further away?

  • John21

    Fox is the reason? not the DNC Propaganda networks of MSNBC, NBC, CNN or CBS?

    I know he is a Kennedy and stepped in the DNC Kool-aid. I know being a Kennedy and never having to deal with real people and surrounded by fellow liberal elitist can lead to misunderstanding of reality. I was unaware that it could cause so much brain damage but being who he is and what little he is capable of it makes sense.
    If the country has such a great need for such a useless opinion we are truely at the end of our independence and intelligence.


    Such a peculiar thing indeed to receive a moral lecture from a Kennedy.

    Projection is the specialty of the liberal (guilty conscience), and this would be a prime example since the marxists have, by design, caused the class-warfare, the weakening of Christianity (in popular culture), and most or all of the other things that have divided us.

    We now stand at a place where there is virtually no commonly-shared beliefs between the competing interests, which may very well ultimately lead to a similar result as that period which he cites.

    In fact, it was the economic interests that outweighed the interest of those who had no say in the matter (slaves). Today, it is the economic interests (created by the welfare state) that outweighs the interests of those who have no say in the matter also (future generations who cannot vote but will bear the burden of the immoral debt laid upon them).

  • Oliver

    “Right wing control of the American Media” – WHAT??!! ROFLMAO


    As I recall Senior Kennedy liked Hitler.

    Let me take count…FOX cable news = 1


    So exactly who is responsible…if news is responsible at all?

  • burt

    The confedercy was 100% Democrat! One of their top generals was Vice President John C. Breckenridge. After loosing the election for President, he decided to kill as many Americans as possible.

  • Kids, Robert Kennedy prime example what happens to your brain on drugs……

  • surfin’ bird

    I’m feeling lucky today…
    So I’ll see your RFK Jr. and raise you a Ronald Reagan Jr.

  • GotFreedom

    The Kennedy’s are only relevant in MA anymore and this man should be worrying more about helping his children deal with their mother’s suicide than about conservative news sources. IMO, just trying to make himself more important than he is!

  • Doug Wakeman

    These Leftist scum have their marching orders from their KGB handlers – sow hatred and division throughout the land. Pit American against American. Never offer a syllable for morality, decency or honor. Make certain that every utterance springs from vile, ruthless, spittle-spewing hate.

    These tactics will find fertile soil in a nation that failed to collectively vomit when Bill Clinton advanced the “war on women” meme during the last election cycle. This little puke’s actions toward traditional Americans are identical to Der Sturmer’s towards the Jews in 1930’s Germany.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    RFK Jr: Right Wing Media, FOX News Has Divided US to a Point not Seen Since Civil War

    Bzzzzzt!!! WRONG.

    Idiots like RFK Jr are responsible for it, doing exactly what he just did: endlessly repeating the class-warfare incitement that low-information types unquestioningly snap up.

  • Patty

    Here’s another one;

    Joe Scarborough has a solution for the Republican Party’s electoral woes: take on conservative talk radio.

    On Monday’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, Scarborough likened conservative talkers to schoolyard bullies and suggested Republicans “punch them in the face,” which is something Mitt Romney failed to do during his campaign, Scarborough said.

    “What do you do to a schoolyard bully? You punch them in the face. You think any of these people on talk radio, if they’re punched in the face by a Republican nominee, you think they would push back?” Scarborough said. “No, they are cowards. They are bullies. Punch them in the face and they back off. Bullies do that. Mitt Romney, and we’ve said it nonstop, for two years, he would never stand up to these bullies. And so they framed his campaign, and he got his tail whipped … and we started saying this, Mika, in 2010 when Glenn Beck said the president was a racist who hates all white people. We said this is your Sister Souljah moment. And what did he do?”

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/12/10/scarborough-to-gop-punch-bullies-cowards-on-talk-radio-in-the-face/#ixzz2Efrjz0cO

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “You think any of these people on talk radio, if they’re punched in the face by a Republican nominee, you think they would push back?” Scarborough said. “No, they are cowards. They are bullies. Punch them in the face and they back off….”

    Note to the Republican Party: Keep on listening to idiots like Joe Scarborough, and you’ll keep on losing the big one.

  • bobbi

    What kind of s guy is RFK JR? His wife and mother of his children hung herself in a barn because he was screwing around.

  • squeaky

    kennedy’s brother douglas works for fox.[ He joined Fox News Channel as a general assignment reporter in August 1996 and hosts a bi-weekly program on the network, Douglas Kennedy’s American Stories. While at Fox News, he covered the Presidential elections of 1996, 2000, and 2004, as well as Hurricane Katrina.[2]]

  • Tee Dub

    Talentless legacy of a showbiz political family. Bubby J. you ain’t half the man your father was, and I wasn’t all that impressed with him. Shut the f*** up and quit living off the dead.

  • BurmaShave

    It sounds as if the present day slave owners – elitist Democrats all, just the same as it was more than a century and a half ago – sense that the slaves are restless and are looking for ways to get off the plantation.

  • The Central Scrutinizer

    The thing I find most hypocritical about Democrats is the this. Democrats look to the Kennedys as their first family and most people would agree that J.F.K. is there posterboy for what they represent. I am sure most would agree with this statement.

    However, J.F.K. lowered taxes for everyone, promoted the invasion of a soverign country, and probably his most famous quote is “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

    Yet somehow, despite his policies and philosophy being the complete opposite of todays democrat ideology, they still consider the Kennedy’s and J.F.K. as their icons.

    What a bunch of idiots.

  • BurmaShave

    This guy is a disgrace to JFK.

  • kay

    So, in theory, we should have only the 3 major tv stations to listen to and no AM radio? Because it was the advent of Rush on AM radio when the rules of ownership relaxed and the stupid “fairness” doctorine was stopped* that we got 1 – ONE – national voice across the country on AM radio and that was RUSH.

    It was many years later that Fox came on the scene and by that time? CNN had already eclipsed ABC,NBC, and CBS if you were one of the “elites” who had the money to shell out for cable. CNN at that time was all news – no commentary – and even Ted Turner now looks back and says he misses the all news channel that reported on things around the world. I certainly liked the international news within CNN when I saw it at the airports or at the university lunch section. I was happy when at the age of 20 my parents got cable and I could watch it when they weren’t home.

    So, to blame Fox is worthless. What happened is that CNN started doing hard news as news with a bias and we all saw it. The biggest names were given the prime spots and in Desert Storm One around 1990/1991 and it was Bernard Shaw and his reporting that made us see, as we heard his choice of words, that there was a bias.

    Fox came along with the ‘commentary’ spots like O’Reilly, and Hannity – 2 shows out of a hard news line up all day. Then they added The Five which is a spin off of the CNN’s 2 person show with 2 visitors (one leaned left/one leaned right) called CrossFire.

    If anything – blame Ted Turner and CNN. Everything is a derivative. He was the first.

  • BigRed

    “However, J.F.K. lowered taxes for everyone, promoted the invasion of a sovereign country, and probably his most famous quote is “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. ”

    If he were alive today they’d be calling him a racist teabagger! Ironic, isn’t it? JFK would be considered a traitor by his own party.

  • Jackson

    RFK Jr. is, and has been his entire life, a dimwitted,third-rate, trust fund ignoramus. He also sounds and acts like an old woman. And he drove his ex-wife to suicide. But you can’t say he’s the biggest Kennedy disappointment. There’s always his craven idiot late uncle Ted. Besides, from early on, RFK Jr. was recognized as the kind of talentless twit who who would never have the promise or potential to really disappoint- even a cannibal serial killer needs some bit of lowgrade animal wit to make a mark. RFK Jr didn’t even need that. He’s turned out to be every inch the nonentity that he was expected to be.

  • sablegsd

    Seems anyone with a brain would realize that if the tea partiers controlled the gop, romney would not have been the candidate.

    I hate the kennedys. Hell, I hate all regressives. They are all insane.

  • Deserttrek

    another kennedy flapping their gums. the south was correct then and is correct now.

  • fs

    Liberals are getting dumber by the day. Oh and it has nothing today with the run away spending by the current administration and bigoted filth they are continuing to spew out on a daily bases.

  • Arius

    Another stupid Kennedy. FOX didn’t divide the country, the country was becoming divided before FOX came on the scene.

  • BarbaraS

    When, oh when are the kennedys going to sail off into the sunset and never be heard from again? I am truly sick and tired of this psuedo royalty we have been stuck with for decades. Camelot, my *ss. Isn’t it amazing how the media ignores all the facts and still reports the doings of this desfunctional family. JFK and RFK were prime examples of this. Both were womanizers extradinaire and really not guys you would have wanted around your wife. And let’s not mention Ted or his offspring. RFK, jr. is us another idiot branch of this family who loves him some Chavez.