CONFIRMED: Nancy Lanza Not Affiliated to Sandy Hook School

** FOX News just confirmend that Nancy Lanza, the deceased mother of shooter Adam Lanza, was not affiliated to Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Murderer: Adam Lanza, killed himself after murdering more than two dozen others, including 20 school children. (Daily Mail)

* * * * *

As reported earlier……
We’ve heard all day that the mother of shooter Adam Lanza was a substitute teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School. But it may not be true.
Josh Marshall at TPM reported:

There have been a lot of factual errors in the chaotic rush to get details about today’s shooting in Connecticut. But one fact that seemed established across the board was that victim Nancy Lanza, the mother of alleged shooter Adam Lanza, was a teacher at the Sandy Hook Elementary School — specifically that it was her class that Adam Lanza massacred.

But this story just out in the Journal suggests that’s not true.

Oddly, it’s buried down at the bottom of the story, almost as an afterthought …

A former school board official in Newtown called into question earlier reports that Nancy Lanza had been connected to Sandy Hook Elementary School, possibly as part of the teaching staff.

“No one has heard of her,” said Lillian Bittman, who served on the local school board until 2011. “Teachers don’t know her.”

It’s mentioned so offhandedly. And this apparent fact was so widely reported that I’m still wondering if I’m misreading these two grafs.

A woman leaves flowers at a makeshift memorial near Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut December 15, 2012. (Reuters)

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  • Fox news interviewed somebody earlier this evening who said the same thing. That she was not heard of and they checked and her name was not listed on the substitute list. I cannot remember which Fox ‘show’ it was reported on.

  • It was not a ‘report’, it was an interview.

  • donh

    This is what makes conspiracy theories so believable. A cop pulls you over for speeding, he looks you up , and the cop immediately knows everything there is to know about you down to how many times you use the bathroom every day…

    but slaughter 28 people and 12 hours later nothing but shady shadowy intel. …Maybe the mother is a COP…She had quite a stash of cop grade issue weapons in her home…This is Jarred Loughner all over again…Remember how we got NOTHING on his parents…never saw them or heard from them…to this very day …completely INVISIBLE unknown people….because they were on the government payroll.

  • Patty

    And this is why the networks must tread very carefully and must wait for all investigations to be fulfilled completely.

    Sounding like a Benghazi to me.

  • Multitude

    I’m speechless at the outrage at the shooting, when so many in our country voted for a killer who executes little children in the thousands using his gun-by-proxy, the Predator drone. New York University recently participated in a study on President Obama’s illegal program to execute enemies using drones and found that in the past several years, the number of innocent women and children exterminated through the drone strikes numbers in the thousands.

    Barack Obama has killed hundreds of times more children than any deranged psycho. Barack Obama does not have any constitutional authority to commit these extra-legal strikes (and some in the global community are noticing). Yet 52% of American citizens voted to give the gun back to the killer for another four years of children killing.

    Conclusion? Liberal Americans only care about white, U.S. children. The brown children of the global south can die. They don’t even merit a back-page headline in the New York Times.

  • Jeny

    I heard she was a teacher’s assistant. Not a teacher, thus the confusion

  • Ofthe

    Some truly insane comments have been noted herein! Clearly we must all have to tread as if stepping on pins and needles, if these are the folks alongside us eating, drinking, going to the movies, to school or just down the street!

  • Patty

    #2 December 14, 2012 at 9:54 pm
    TeachX3 commented:
    I heard the same interview. She said she never heard of her.

  • A_N_B

    WOW @Multitude – with comments like that, you sound just as deranged as these crazy shooters themselves.

  • Patty

    MEDS? Shooter suffered from ‘personality disorder’ …
    ‘Obviously not well’…
    Intelligent and Shy…
    *Brother has told investigators that Adam was ‘autistic’…
    Dozens Dead At School…
    District Had Just Installed New ‘Safety’ Protocols…
    8-year-old says teacher saved him…
    Screams ‘over intercom’…
    Four weapons recovered…
    Scene ‘atrocious’…
    Newtown, CT Described as ‘Adorable Little Town’…

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  • Patty

    The residents said that this school’s education was great. A quite place to live.

  • I’ve been so disappointed by the media coverage of this event. The entire day there were several occurrences of bad information. From getting the brothers mixed up, to reporting the father was found dead in a home to the mother ‘nancy’ being found dead in the school with the others and then subsequently found dead in another home. The father being brought in for questioning and the brother being ‘in custody’. Most of the reporting done today was not based on anything confirmed by the police. Once we heard the actual press conference only 1/3 of what was ‘reported’ was accurate. I agree with Patty – please News teams, report what’s confirmed.

  • Mya

    @ Multitude… WTF are you blabbing about. What is this blog about politics or the masacre in Ct.

  • Practical Jane


  • donh

    Here is a picture of the mob of media rubberneckers swarming over Newton….>

    and with all these 100s of highly paid educated people… the best the media can do is find some 5 year old boy who rode the bus to tell us what little he knows…

    and what a grotesque apologist for the fasci state Mr SNOB elitist at # 8…What ONLY THE SELECT ELECT are allowed to know the facts of a case when an entire community suffers a massacre ? ….Because if people are told truthful information about the killers it might reflect poorly on people who work for government and damage the cause for your scheduled 5% annual pay raise ?

  • Betsy Young

    Multitude is EXACTLY RIGHT. Hypocrites!

  • Limousine Barry

    Let me be clear, my gun free zones work! All schools should be gun free!

    There were over 700 people in that school who played by the “no-gun” rules. Only one person did not.

    Judging by the number of people killed or injured we can expect the same results with more of my gun free zones!

    My pig of a limo is spewing smoke and David Axelrod and a new scam to shake down gun owners. It’s a variation of Bait and Switch scam. I cannot go into details. My last scam failed. Good day

  • Patty

    More Info here on Lanza:

    “Kind Of Strange”

    Adam Lanza was a 2010 graduate of Newtown High School. Andrew Lapple, who sat next to Lanza in homeroom, described him as a skinny, reserved kid “who never really talked at all.”

    Lapple said he played Little League baseball with Lanza and remembers he wasn’t very good. Instead, Lanza was more of a “tech-geek,” he said.

    “He was always carrying around his laptop holding onto it real tight,” Lapple said. “He walked down the halls against the wall almost like he was afraid of people. He was definitely kind of strange but you’d never think he’d do something like this.”

    One former classmate of Adam Lanza remembered him as quiet.

    Kateleen Soy, now an undergraduate at Hofstra University in New York, said she was in Lanza’s seventh-grade class at St. Rose of Lima School in Newtown.

    She recalled that he joined the class after the school year began and left before school got out for the summer.
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    “He was really shy, really painfully shy,” Soy said.”He was a little hard to talk to.”

    After he left St. Rose, she didn’t recall seeing him again until she spotted him in a hall while they were students at Newtown High School.

    “I wanted people to know he wasn’t always a monster,” Soy said. “He became one, but he wasn’t always that way.”

    Police have given no indication of what Lanza’s motive may have been and it is not clear what his connection was to the elementary school. There have been reports that Nancy Lanza worked at the school, but that has not been confirmed.,0,5043872.story?page=3&track=rss

    much more here

  • Hired Mind

    “A cop pulls you over for speeding, he looks you up , and the cop immediately knows everything there is to know about you down to how many times you use the bathroom every day…”

    Um, since when? All they know is what you put on your vehicle registration and your driver’s license. Until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t changed my address with the DMV for years. So if I had been pulled over, the cop wouldn’t have even had my current address. And I live in a rental – so even if they had access to county property records, they STILL wouldn’t have had the address. All they would have is my name.

    Your government isn’t nearly as omnipotent as you seem to think.

  • Patty

    Police have given no indication of what Lanza’s motive may have been and it is not clear what his connection was to the elementary school. There have been reports that Nancy Lanza worked at the school, but that has not been confirmed.,0,5043872.story?page=3&track=rss

    much more here

    This statement above was buried. It was never confirmed she ever worked there.

  • Patty

    #21 December 14, 2012 at 11:02 pm
    Hired Mind commented:

    BS! won’t go into details.

  • Candy

    I see there are many obfuscating on this thread.

    What was reported… was meant to be reported; Down to the fact his weapons were legal.

    So what happened to the other person arrested?

    If anyone believes this BS, I don’t know what to say.

    And Multi, you’re right re: drones. This type of thing woke up many a communist after Vietnam. When we left and the massacres went on, silence. Commies were like ‘Hey, I thought we cared’. Then they dealt with what they had done. It took some till 9/11.

    They weren’t communists. They were wanna-be commies and useful idiots. The programming is deep my friend. At least they lived. This time around, the disappointment will be so great, those close to the top will have to be taken out; They know too much.

    And believe me, if you’re not convinced google and others aren’t keeping every word you type, think again (they did it for China, complete with scrubbing and censorship).

    There’s a reason communist and socialist regimes know exactly where to go and who to take out… They watch for years.

    And no one is willing to do what must be done to turn it around. It will take at least one generation.

    Yuri Bezmenov and others told us to our faces. This is a good time to look at news re: Obama, Russia deals.

  • donh

    #21…Tell it to Gen. Petraeus’ mistress Paula Broadwell…We all saw with our own eyes how fast and how much information about a person can be dumped on the media when the government wants to shut people up from talking about Benghazi or anything that might embarrass Obama……. But hundreds of common little people losing family members in barbaric slaughter…..YOU don’t need to know what WE know…. and only on a need to know basis shall details be forthcoming.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    This is why I always wait to see what the real circumstances of this type of event turn out to be, usually a few days afterward, because the initial reporting is unlikely to be worth much.

  • most of the misinformation about this story(and just about any other one)comes from the media’s desire to get it first not to get it right. i think its a staple of journalism school education.

    when i was working the star-ledger(the newspaper that told us islam is the religion of peace)couldn’t get a story about a local fire right.

  • Patty

    #6 December 14, 2012 at 10:13 pm
    Multitude commented:

    YOU ARE RIGHT about the Obama drone attacks. And the abortions in America. Why do you think our population is in declined. GOVERNMENT WANTS IT THAT WAY

  • Patty

    #27 December 14, 2012 at 11:55 pm
    tommy mc donnell commented:

    Sounds exactly right.

  • Patty

    They want people to know so much and even then they tweak the truth.

  • Sandy

    Jim you’ve done a great job covering this story. Thank you so much.

  • Sandy

    Do you guys remember Laurie Dann? A young woman who shot up a school in Chicago in the 80’s. The parents must have been well connected because we never heard or saw them.

    Laurie Dann was no kid but the parents knew she was mentally disturbed and it might have been very informative to hear what they had to say.

  • onbe

    I watched an interview with one of the teachers reliving her experience today. You could see the fear in her eyes as she openly wept as she described how she hid the kids in a classroom after she pulled a bookshelf across the door.Why do we do this over and over again let good honest folks like her to believe that they will be safe in a gun free zone because it is a gun free zone.No amount of new gun control or bigger gun free zones or security doors will stop these acts. Sometimes it takes someone with a gun who is willing look pure evil in the eye and end the situation before it progresses any further.

  • alllpatsys

    SEe anything suspicious about the father? Who does this guy work for? Possible connections are possible I would imagine.

  • alllpatsys

    I put in the wrong link, but still relevant to news reporting. Here is the link I meant to post about the father.

  • Redwine

    Comrade Barry’s crying over this was truly disturbing. He appeared insincere and lacking empathy – just like the sociopath that he is. He’s really not a very believable actor. Something is very wrong with the picture.

  • onbe

    Comrade Barry’s crying over this was truly disturbing. He appeared insincere and lacking empathy – just like the sociopath that he is. He’s really not a very believable actor. Something is very wrong with the picture.

    I missed it as I usually do when it comes to Obama. Obama does not make a move unless
    it will benefit him somehow.That is a given.

  • Highlander

    This story makes three things painfully obvious …

    1) Journalism is truly dead. They’ll print or say anything they think will gain shares, without the least bit of concern for the truth …

    2) Gun free zones = shooting galleries. It amazes me how many people refuse to accept that simple fact.

    3) Obama, in concert with the mainstream media, is going to attempt to use this tragedy to ram some form of gun control down our throats.

  • onbe

    Highlander commented:

    1) Journalism is truly dead. They’ll print or say anything they think will gain shares, without the least bit of concern for the truth …

    2) Gun free zones = shooting galleries. It amazes me how many people refuse to accept that simple fact.

    3) Obama, in concert with the mainstream media, is going to attempt to use this tragedy to ram some form of gun control down our throats.

    4.Republicans will cave on gun control issues.

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  • JV

    ive been a regular & substitute teacher (2 bachelors plus masters degree)…as a substitute in a very large school district I would regularly encounter adult “teacher aides” in the classroom (usually without any sort of ID and often looking like a parent-figure; so you depend upon the kids being familiar with him or her; usually her) and have no real knowledge of how long they’ve been working in the classroom, their education or experience level,etc. (unless you “interrogate” them, which isn’t very conducive to a working relationship for the day; for a sub, the aide can make the day much easier,or worse). They also arrive later than the start time, & leave before the final bell (and sometimes its only a few days per week), so other teachers may not know them at all. if the Newtown school district is similar,this would explain why other teachers didnt know her. They come & go without much introduction or farewell & often look like a parent visiting the school. That’s my hypothesis anyways. The major news outlets (MSM, main-stream media) should have waited to make sure they truly had all the correct information.

  • squeaky

    “Comrade Barry’s crying over this was truly disturbing. He appeared insincere and lacking empathy – just like the sociopath that he is,” shades of bill clinton at ron brown funeral. talking and laughing with a couple other guys until he caught the camera then he developed a somewhat long face and wiped the corner of both eyes.

  • squeaky

    we should remember the media circus that the Zimmerman case was.

  • squeaky

    “..using drones and found that in the past several years, the number of innocent women and children exterminated through the drone strikes numbers in the thousands.” there was a post someplace within the last week about double taps….which would be a second hit that takes out the responders. the air of weakness from our leaders is like blood in the water to sharks.

  • JT

    Brett Baier was interviewing some dimwit from ATF last night on Special Report, some Asst Director or some such title. I guess when it comes to mass slaughter ATF knows a thing or two. What’s the body count up to for F&F? 200? 300? Ah, who cares? It’s just Mexicans & a few border agents.

  • Mike Schmidt

    Everyone under the age of 18 should have to wear body armor at all times. Problem solved.

    And altar boys should be issued firearms.

  • mg4us

    Beyond the sadness of this awful Tragedy is the disgusting work of media clowns who try to spin things to fit their libtard narrative that guns need to be banned.

    Whatever happened to professional journalism?

    Just the facts. .without the drama. . .in context.

    I would not be surprised to learn when the dust settles that the mom was a cop and the only affiliation she had with the school was when local police provide support and various info sessions at grade school.

    I also would not be surprised when we see Adam Lanza (the shooter) to find out how he had been bullied all these years and teased and mocked. Leading a lonely life. . all by himself. Maybe he himself went to that school and something happened in whatever grade he shot up that scared him for life.

    Finally would not be surprised that Adam had a stash of violent video games and DVD movies which libtards will call Action-packed adventures.

    Also Adam is a byproduct of a society that shuns GOD in the classroom, diminishes the value of morality, and sees warfare all around (class warfare, was on women, war on oil, war on. . ) and a President promotes division.

    A president who supposedly shed a tear over this but look at the picture people. . he is giving us the finger. .

    Why? Because he is laughing that 20 something little rich whitey kids got taken out when in Chicago and across the country almost same number of black kids are shot and killed weekly if not daily.

    Guns don’t kill. .people do

    Until we restore civility from the top as well as God in our Schools. . .expect more outrage as unemployment sores, more people drop out of the labor market, and prices go up on everything as our country crumbles apart.

  • mg4us

    Heard he may have been on a drug for his autism too. . some of these drugs induce suicidal tendencies. . .

    For me a lot of these sick-o behaviors can be attributed to poor parenting/schools/friends. . .

    Here he is a 20 yo. .was he attending college? Was he working? (can’t find a job)
    Was he going to church or temple? Was he involved in community activities? A volunteer?

    Or was he isolated and drugged on his meds?

    When someone feels they have no self-worth then they become unstable and deranged.

    Going forward under our present system, little white boys will be facing the biggest reverse discrimination ever as we seek to sympathize with women, illegals, muslims and blacks. . . that is the Obama way. . .it was in the documentary 2016: Obama’s America.

  • Marian Robinson

    The Liberal media is reporting that he was not autistic, that he was in fact very bright, and that he graduated from high school in only two years.

  • anti-bho

    It shouldn’t take one of those Philadelphia lawyers too long to set the brother up financially for life over this mucked up travesty of ‘reporting’ the shooting…
    It’s our damned news media and their leftist mindset that’s twisting all of the facts.

    News orgs circulate Facebook profile, photos of wrong shooter | Poynter.

  • Mildred Smith

    The BBC is reporting that hee was very bright and graduated from high school in just two years.

  • shadow

    Until we restore civility from the top as well as God in our Schools

    Right. Lord know no one was ever killed in the name of God.

  • Ray

    Murdoch is now pimping for gun control. He was already an amnesty shill.

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  • Sasja

    Murdoch is an old fool and does not like it when people start tweeting “uncomfortable” questions.

    “Hey, Rupert: Why is your life more deserving of protection than a battered woman’s or a 7-ll clerk?” is a good question. We all know the answer. He’s part of the “elite” and therefore is entitled to special considerations. The great unwashed are not so deserving, donchaknow.

  • squeaky

    [While mental health experts wax dreamily about a perfect mental health system where trusting relationships rather than medication are the road to recovery, law enforcement executives lament the reality…] maybe it’s the need to address the mentalhealth care system and the laws that allow the dangerous to remain free until they prove that they are dangerous.

  • Great job Mr. Hoft on the relaying the reporting. I am sure it cannot be easy, when all of the ‘media’ outlets change the story multiple times.

  • FurryGuy

    #38 December 15, 2012 at 2:22 am
    Highlander commented:

    Journalism is truly dead. They’ll print or say anything they think will gain shares, without the least bit of concern for the truth …

    That actually is the core of journalism, pushing an agenda to change public opinion which changes public policy. Reporting just the facts so readers/viewers can make up their own mind as to the applicability is what is dead and has been for quite a number of decades. Journalism schools don’t teach reporting, they teach how to influence.

  • FurryGuy

    #52 December 15, 2012 at 8:46 am
    shadow commented:

    And atheists are free from that curse? Ask the tens of millions butchered in the name of Communism in the Former Soviet Union and Red China if they would agree with your warped world view.

  • Patty

    Adam Lanza’s Mom Pulled Him Out of School: Relative

    The aunt of Connecticut shooter Adam Lanza said the shooter’s mother pulled him out of Newtown’s public school system because she was unhappy with the school district’s plans for her son.

    Adam Lanza’s mother Nancy, 54, was the first victim of his Friday shooting spree. Lanza shot Nancy in the face and then drove her car to Sandy Hook Elementary School, where he killed 20 students and six adults before taking his own life.

    Marsha Lanza, who is Adam’s aunt and Nancy’s ex-sister-in-law, told Evelyn Thomas of ABC-owned-and-operated station WLS in Chicago that Nancy had once been a classroom aide at the Sandy Hook school.

    Marsha, who lives in the Chicago suburb of Crystal Lake, said that Nancy had home-schooled Adam after pulling him out of the Newtown public school system. She did not know when Adam had left school. According to former classmates, Adam had attended the local high school at least through part of 10th grade.

    Nancy Lanza divorced her husband Peter in 2009, when Adam was 17. Marsha said the divorce left her well off.

    Marsha also said, however, that Nancy had purchased guns because she was living alone in a big house. Nancy was originally from New Hampshire, said Marsha, and comfortable with weapons.

    According to police, a Glock handgun, a Sig Sauer handgun and a Bushmaster rifle were recovered after the shooting at Sandy Hook. Authorities say that Nancy Lanza had five weapons registered to her, including a Sig Sauer, a Glock and a Bushmaster. Police have not confirmed that hers were the weapons used in the slayings. VIEW
    An undated photo of Nancy Lanza was provided by a family member. (Courtesy Family of Nancy Lanza)

  • Patty


    Obama administration, Congress quietly let school security funds lapse

    Before Connecticut tragedy, administration eliminated emergency preparedness program,let school violence prevention programs lapse

    But last year, his administration took a less muted tone as it submitted its 2012 Education Department budget to Congress that eliminated the Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools (REMS) funding, which for years provided between $20 million and $30 million in annual grants to help schools create emergency and crisis preparation and prevention plans for tragedies just like the one that unfolded Friday.

    The Education Department’s Web site says it last made REMS grants in 2011.

    The funding was cut off even though the Government Accountability Office, the investigative arm of Congress, warned in 2007 that many “many school district officials said that they experience challenges in planning for emergencies due to a lack of equipment, training for staff, and expertise and some school districts face difficulties in communicating and coordinating with first responders and parents.”[…………………………]

  • donh

    That picture of the satanic butcher makes me seriously doubt Nancy is the real mother….It looks like mAnn Coulter had a love child.

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  • Ella

    I have a question for you all. We always hear that the killer killed himself. Do you guys suppose that if some adult nearby shot and killed the murderer that that would get accurately reported by the MSM? Would they have a motive to be honest in their reporting in that regard? Just curious. I just wonder how much of a coward such a killer would be.

  • Sasja

    Patty, are you trying show there is a correlation between the REMS funding being cut off and what happened at this school? There was already what these libs thought was an ideal security arrangement in place only it wasn’t secure, was it?

  • ★FALCON★

    Why is there still no picture nor background of the mother other than a well off divorcee?

    What gives?

  • ★FALCON★

    Here’s the latest from the UK Daily –

    This is interesting – Reports have also emerged that the gunman, Adam Lanza had visited Sandy Hook Elementary the day before Friday’s massacre during which he was involved in an altercation with four members of staff at the school – three of whom are now dead.

    If this is true – and it may be – why weren’t cops at the school in case Lanza showed up?

    This entire horrific story has some missing components.

  • ★FALCON★

    I retract my earlier post – the UK Daily has a picture of the mother. Still little to o background.

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  • bg


    RIP Sandy Hook Elementary victims

    Charlotte Bacon, 2/22/2006
    Daniel Barden, 9/25/2005
    Olivia Engel, 7/18/2006
    Josephine Gay, 12/11/2005
    Ana M Marquez-Greene, 4/4/2006
    Dylan Hockley, 3/8/2006
    Madeleine F Hsu, 7/10/2006
    Catherine V Hubbard, 6/8/2006
    Chase Kowalski, 10/31/2005
    Jesse Lewis, 6/30/2006
    James Mattioli, 3/22/2006
    Grace McDonnell, 11/4/2005
    Emilie Parker, 5/12/2006
    Jack Pinto, 5/6/2006
    Noah Pozner, 11/20/2006
    Caroline Previdi, 9/7/2006
    Jessica Rekos, 5/10/2006
    Avielle Richman, 10/17/2006
    Benjamin Wheeler, 9/12/2006
    Allison N Wyatt, 7/3/2006

    Adults Sandy Hook Elementary Victims:
    Rachel Davino, 7/17/1983
    Dawn Hocksprung, 6/28/1965
    Anne Marie Murphy, 7/25/1960
    Lauren Russeau, 6/8/1982
    March Sherlach, 2/11/1956
    Victoria Soto, 11/04/1985


  • Nancy

    A bit off topic but Whittle does touch on the second amendment. A must see video of Whittle of Conservative versus Liberal philosophies

  • anti-bho

    As usual the U. K. papers have more details in a paragraph than our home country rags.

    Connecticut school shooting: Massacre gunman shot each child between three and 11 times | Mail Online

    includes photo of his Mother @:

  • shadow

    And atheists are free from that curse?

    Nope. But then I’m not the one offering overly simplistic solutions to a complex problem.

  • Lee

    Don’t blame President Obama. He didn’t kill the innocent people yesterday. People always want to blame someone. Blame Mr. Lanza.

  • Jerry C

    @ #74 Lee-“Don’t blame President Obama. He didn’t kill the innocent people yesterday. People always want to blame someone. Blame Mr. Lanza.”

    The Man of Lawlessness is not to blame? He creates chaos in the world, orders innocent men, women & children killed by drones, approves abortion & inficide and does everything he can to divide & conquer through racial, class & econcomic warfare. Everything he says is a lie; just like his father, the devil.

    You may not see a direct coorelation between the escalation of evil in the U.S. and the rest of the world, but there are those of us in touch spiritually that transcends the physcial world. It will only increase & with much greater frequency. Welcome to the End Times.

  • bigL

    the state police better get someone to check the files.I bet this kid has been out “free-lancing” on bums, Milk-carton kids, also tortured animals,all swept under rug. This is not his first rodeo. Maybe the mother is in witness protection-tetified on some one. That is why the guns. Where is dad? Or were these kids adopted or hatched. What do his sch records show? where did he come from.We have to grow up right now and if you know some dipstick kid,better talk to someone.
    Every school needs off duty police or parent volunteers, armed, to be at the entrances. It is not a big deal or cost. It is the national will. We will have to recognize evil exists tho.
    The police said beaucoup times,different ones that they found the auto rifle in the car. Now that story has been given the hook and the rifle was used. I smell an assault-rifle scam.
    The story is being molded.

  • olm

    This story is being molded. I don’t get why. I also, (besides the fact that I completely turned off coverage when it was clear they had named the wrong shooter and then also said the father was dead, then he wasn’t dead……………..WTF?) do not understand how you murder, murder 20 children and expect that this kind of molded story nonsense is going to fly.
    The mother was a teacher, now she isn’t a teacher, she lives in a big house and has a landscaper? Huh? Not many teachers live like that. A 24 year old brother doesn’t know if his brother is autistic or mentally ill?
    Where’s Breitbart? This stinks.
    Thank you Jim Hoft.

  • Thanks , I’ve recently been searching for information about this topic for a long time and yours is the best I’ve discovered till now. However, what in regards to the conclusion? Are you sure about the supply?|What i don’t realize is in truth how you’re no longer actually a lot more well-appreciated than you might be now. You’re so intelligent.

  • John Sholtes

    lobro says:
    December 17, 2012 at 3:51 am

    lanzo only killed gentile children, didn’t he? (looks like one exception there)

    talmud forbids jews and by extension shabbas goys to shed tears for dead gentiles, children and other livestock included.
    obama doesn’t at all look like he is upset, only going through grimace repertoire trying to select the proper one … currently repressing a lecherous grin by the looks of it.

    all this about antidepressants and how they stoke sui+homicidal urges is smokescreen for the fact that a) jewish pharma designed these pills and “side” effects and b) how is it that in israel, all the killers take it out on palestinians, not their own, richly deserving kind.

    my guess is that lanza was programmed, just like all the other ones (columbine, etc.), as part of a mind control experiment and also to provide excuse for disarmament of citizens lest they finally decide to start doling out some long overdue justice to the nonhuman elites.
    John says:
    December 17, 2012 at 4:19 am

    Guliani was the mayor of New York when 911. He went along with the official story coverup and never demanded an investigation. This would be the first concern as the mayor to want no stone unturned and to follow up on all leads especially the dancing jews, the Mossad moving company, Silverstein saying pull it and profiting from his doubled insurance claim, Amdoc and Converse, the 60 Israeli spies and everything that the vidoe missing links brought to light. So Guiliani had to have been in on it.

    Now we have Bloomberg a jewish mayor who is a staunch gun control advocate jumping on the school shooting that just so happened in Lieberman’s home state Connecticut. Lieberman was just made to resign. There is definitely a link hers since Lieberman was also a big gun control advocate.

    So far the jewsmedia has given many different versions to what happened. First they said that his mother was shot at the school then at her home, first they said he used a glock and then he was said to have used an assault rifle. They also are not following up on the second shooter story they gave. Nobody at the school even knows about a Nancy Lanza she never even worked there. This shows that they are in the process of creating the story that best fits their purpose. It is always the same whether it be Waco, the Oklahoma City bombing where they never even talk any more about the bombs that were reported to have been found inside the Mur building. Because the American public seems only to be able to remember the news that is being fed to them at the moment and forgets quickly yesterday’s news they continue to get away with creating stories. Then nothing gets done about any of the lies that they tell. So many swindles that every day there is a new one and the serious resistance is overwhelmed with so many lies that they also get overwhelmed and scatterminded.

    The solution is to get a list of every swindle begin making a list of suspects and compile a data base for the files to be used when the coup attains the leadership role of setting up the Provisional Government that will be needed to sustain order while the councils set up elections that will include people with Nationalist interest and hold the necessary backgrounds in businesess farming and organizational skills necessary to run the Republic. So lets get started. The time is now.

  • Donna

    @ Multitude and Betsy Young before you start calling Obama a murderer maybe you need to do some research during the terms of Bush Sr,Clinton and Bush Jr over 250,000 children where killed during the Iraq war!!! But you want to point the finger only at Obama stop drinking the Republican kool-aid

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