Far left thinker Michael Moore blamed America itself for the killings Friday at Sandy Hook School.
Moore said, “Killing is our way. We began America with genocide.”

CNS News reported:

Liberal activist and filmmaker Michael Moore says the mass murder of children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. is representative of “who we are” as Americans.

“I hate to say it, but killing is our way. We began America w/ genocide, then built it w/ slaves. The shootings will continue-it’s who we are,” Moore tweeted on Sunday.

Between Friday and Sunday, Moore sent out several tweets regarding the school shooting.

Moore also says, “America believes in killing.”




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  1. Says the liberal moron voting for those who kill millions of innocent babies each year.

    We build schools out on non combustable materials, then put up fire extinguishers and reduntantly add fire sprinkler systems and fire drills and fire depts are close by waiting to protect our schools. Yet no child has died in a school fire in 50 years. We have thousands of beatings, stabbings, shootings and bombings etc over the past 50 years yet refuse to see that having little security and no armed security or staff has greatly contributed to the number of these deaths !

  2. Sicko and I won’t waste anymore words on this moron.

  3. Wonder how many guns Moore owns?

  4. Moore acts like there was one form of history, and one form only. The Pilgrims loaded their guns,and started shooting up anyone and everyone that didn’t look like them. He makes it sound like it was a scene out of a Quentin Tarantino movie.

    He’s a delusional person that needs professional help.

  5. He should just come clean, and admit his hatred for our Founders and our Constitution.

  6. No, he doesn’t hate to say it, he loves to soil his own nest and lie in it.

    He loves to hate his own because he can. This is such a despicable, lowlife coward he doesn’t deserve the light of day.

    Wouldn’t it be better to ignore him?

  7. Yes Michael is right, Marxists have always been about Genocide. The grand Daddy of Marxism – Karl Marx advocated mass slaughter of ethnic groups that have not progressed to the level of “class” awareness.

  8. No, lib moron. America began with freedom and thanksgiving.

  9. Moore also says, “America believes in killing.”

    Hey Michael, are you ever going to be outraged about the unborn babies that are killed every year. You know, the babies that don’t have a voice, or a choice in what’s going to happen to them. You know, the babies that have their Civil Rights violated.

    Do they count in your “America believes in killing” comments bright boy?

  10. #3

    Probably none. He relies upon his armed bodyguards for protection.

    But that is ok. He is an important man. You and I, on the other hand, are just peasant scum.

  11. If a fat fool said something hateful and outrageous and no one heard it would it matter?

  12. http://www.qando.net/wp-content/uploads/league-450×611.jpg

    Hmmm… America seems pretty safe by comparison.

  13. this is the only way for this fat-a## to get attention…….don’t give him any attention and he’lll go back under the rock he crawd out from….

  14. What a nasty, dishonest piece of work.

    This is the a$$hole that said that we shouldn’t worry about terrorism because the odds of dying in a terrorist attack are so low. Well, the events at this school don’t change that statistic.

  15. Bet his bodyguards are armed.

    Force and the threat of force has ruled this world since the fall of mankind. Greater force wins, equal force stalemates.

    There would be no society if there were not the threat of force.


  17. Go ahead commie, admit yourself to prison since you believe in killing. JackA$$.

  18. By the looks of him -this fat ass probably kills a dozen cheeseburgers a day.

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