Mark Steyn: Michigan Unions Managed to Get Core Message Out Yesterday …(Don’t Cross Us or We’ll Smash Your Mouth)

Mark Steyn was on with Neil Cavuto to discuss the union thuggery, assaults and violence yesterday in Lansing, Michigan. Steyn says the unions did a fine job managint to get their core message out …(That they will smash your face if you stand in their way.)

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  • ShawnP

    The Unions did more damage to themselves than any Right to Work legislation ever would with their boorish, thugish behavior yesterday.

  • Patty

    Now, where is MO, fat slops of America. Get in there MO and do your thing.

  • Patty

    A Fox News producer got creamed yesterday. They actually had a bunch of people using the F-bomb on him and a couple guys took roundhouse haymaker swings at the guy. He was dragged away from one confrontation by the collar. I mean, these union people are fit to be tied, and this is gonna go on through 2014. I think it’s time for me maybe to revisit something about this union fight. In the real world, if you’re talking about real statistics that matter, such as how many jobs are created in states that are right to work. And, by the way, right to work simply means one thing: You get a job without being forced to join a union. You can get a job without being forced to pay union dues. That is the real problem as far as the unions are concerned. It’s the dues.

    The dues, ladies and gentlemen, are nothing more than a money-laundering operation. That is all union dues are. I explained this many times in the past, but I want to go through this again to help put what’s happening in Michigan, what did happen in Wisconsin and Indiana, in perspective. It’s not about jobs. It isn’t about wages. It’s not about benefits. Those are the things that get all the attention. Those are the things that are said will be taken away from people with right to work, but that’s not at all what this is about. To explain this, let me first tell you what the Democrat Party is. The Democrat Party is made up of a bunch of coalitions. There are the feminists. There’s labor. The civil rights groups. The militant gay community, militant, politically active gay activists, and a number of disparate offshoots of each of those.


  • BurmaShave

    Mark Steyn: Michigan Unions Managed to Get Their Core Message Out Yesterday


    LOL! Leave it to Mark Steyn to hit the nail on the head!

  • AnnaS

    There is nothing but gangsters and corruption in this administration and their lackeys (aka unions).

  • Ann Ominous

    So lucid, concise.
    I mean, Money laundering? Really? Pity it’s all bs.

  • Mad Hatter

    I got talking about this with one of my neighbors, and she made a great analogy.

    The Unions will harass, threaten, and committee acts of violence against anyone they see being beneath them.

    People showed up in support for Right to Work, and look how they were treated.

    This is the same thing the racists whites did against the blacks in the 50’s, and 60’s.

    People marched for support for Right to Vote, and look how they were treated.

    It looks like certain Union members are acting like Klan members.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Here in the U.S., thuggery usually only goes so far. At some point, when enough people have been pissed off, the problem will be fixed.

  • squeaky

    [There’s actually an ongoing criminal investigation into the workers conduct for putting patients lives in danger, but even that didn’t stop the Clinton-appointed judge from ordering them rehired.] of the people in their care, how many incompetent to vote were taken to polls and helped to make their choice. a union out reach of sorts.

  • i wonder if my father ever thought his beloved democratic party would have storm troopers?

  • valerie

    #10 December 12, 2012 at 6:34 pm
    tommy mc donnell commented:

    Hey, mine will simply deny that it all happened, because the story was carried by FOX News. 😉

  • Freddy

    On a related note Bill O’Reilly made a terrible MISTAKE on his show tonight. Bill claimed there was no violence at any Tea Party events.

    Clearly, Bill has forgotten the beating administered by the SEIU of Kenneth Gladney. And Bill also forgot the Tea Party guy that had his finger bitten off by a rabid anti-tea Party extremist.

  • Betty

    Freddy……O’Reilly meant that there was no violence on the Tea Party’s end.

  • Don’t doubt the Steyn!

  • Bob

    Unions are a criminal organization and are the largest fund raising arm of the Democrats. You take away the union dues from being forced upon people, they will not join or pay.
    The unions have spoke volumes with this latest behavior and America knows unions NEVER create jobs, but they do KILL jobs with their strikes, threats and greed.

  • Thucydides

    Perhaps what is needed is a dose of lawfare. Sue Unions and union members for acts of violence. When union thugs get dragged into court and large damages are awarded against them, I’m willing to bet the Unions dump their thugs under the bus and leave them with all the damages and legal bills.

    Once word gets out, you will see a lot less people willing to act as Union brownshirts.

  • My neighbor told me this morning that he was not going to watch fox news anymore because they were radicals. He said the fox news producer provoked the union guy to slug him. Did he watch the same film I did? He said from now on he’ll get his news from cnn. By the way he is not a democrat, but I guess if he watches cnn long enough he will be.