Lovely… Top Liberal Blog Celebrates Christmas with “Silent F*cking Night” Series

It’s who they are.

Daily Kos is celebrating Christmas this year with a series titled “Silent F*cking Night.”

Here’s a segment from this deranged post:

But poor Mary — what happened to her? Why, a veritable convention broke out! First there were the animals already in the barn — “the cattle are lowing, the poor Baby wakes”.

Then the shepherds arrived with their flocks — you don’t think they left them out in the pastures unguarded, do you? Those sheep were the only wealth they had, they wouldn’t just leave them there.

It was those damned Angels with their trumpets, and their harps of gold, bending near the earth to sing “hark! Glory to the newborn King!”; oh, yeah, the Angels did a great fucking job. By the time they were finished singing on high, with the mountains echoing the “joyful strains” to “come to Bethlehem and see”, heaven and nature singing and repeating the sounding joy and the song high above the trees with a voice as big as the seas, everyone and their brother — but no sisters to tend to Mary — had been called to traipse through the cow barn and stare at the Baby.

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  • more of the famous liberal civility. gee these are the people that are so accommodating to the religion of islam.

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  • Yukon Cornelius

    Even though I always see it, I can never understand their hatred of Christianity. Pray for them and our country.

  • donh

    These people would much rather spend Christmas Eve at a Planned Parenthood clinic assisting a single pregnant mother suck a fetus out of her womb.

  • walknot

    They go after Christians because they know Christians won’t saw off their head with a dull knife. Same reason nuts go into “gun free” zone to do their killing. similar mindsets, obviously.

  • Ghost

    God will not be mocked
    Pride goeth before fall
    you reap what you sow
    sow the wind, reap the whirlwind

  • John

    They’re just so cute in their infantile little way. Until their diapers need changing.

  • Economan

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the left is Satanic. Yet people will nevertheless vote them into office then complain when things go wrong.

  • Joe College

    He’s very fair. He hates joos too.

  • ★FALCON★

    There’s one thing that keeps me going day to day in this sewer now called America – it’s knowing after my death I’ll final be free of these communists.

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  • bear

    Simply stunning that so many self-defined “Christians” voted these folks into power.

  • huck

    My favorite part of the season is telling people why the new year begins on Jan 1 No modern christians seem to know. But it was because that was the day that Jesus first shed his blood for humanity and signaled a new beginning for all people. Early christians thought it more important than either the birth death or resurrection and chose to begin the new year at that time, This was the circumcision when they cut the end of his wiener off. It used to be a mandatory Holy mass day

  • It’s Time To Repeal the 2nd Amendment!

    I must ask. Why even bring attention to such dreck???? It only gives them what they want: ATTENTION. Just ignore such people

  • Mad Hatter

    The “open minded and tolerant” left strikes again.

    They can’t help but show what Christian bigots they are.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    #14, while disagree with the name you have chosen for yourself, you do have a good point.

  • Campfollower

    Am I reading that the writer is a mother? How very sad. I cannot imagine passing on that cynicism to a small child. She must be one of the moms who goes around with a phone plastered to her ear all day, dragging the poor kid behind her and signing him up for untold numbers of classes run by OTHER mothers and volunteers so she doesn’t have to talk to him or teach him, but then maybe….thank god for that.

  • It’s Time To Repeal the 2nd Amendment!

    @ #16 Lady Mondegreen

    This is a season of joy and family coming together. Bringing attention to such filth and nonsense serves no purpose at all.

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  • Mad Hatter


    They are the ones that always lecture people about being open minded and tolerant to those that are different, yet, they can never practice what they lecture.

    It’s important to expose the hatred these people are displaying against Christianity, and to expose them being the hypocrites they are.

  • lincoln’s widow

    Someone is having a bah humbug “holiday”. Go figure. 2012 has been one effed up year

  • lincoln’s widow

    …so lets us all agree, at least for a few days, to have a “Merry Festivus for the Restofus” 😉

    Bah humbaug. Lets get onto 2013.

  • valerie
  • shadow

    My favorite part of the season is telling people why the new year begins on Jan 1

    Problem is, there are a few fairly large holes in your theory. First, the bris is supposed to be performed when the male child is 8 days old, making this “New Year’s Day” of yours January 2nd. Then there is the actual day of birth, which was probably NOT December 25th. Finally, January 1st was the begining of the new year prior to the birth of Christ.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    If Mary and Joseph, both Jews, were looking for shelter in the Bethlehem of today a frenzied pack of wild muzz would murder them.

  • Winston Wolfe


    Who gives a damn what these clowns do?

    I certainly don’t.

  • It’s Time To Repeal the 2nd Amendment!

    #20 – It’s important to expose the hatred these people are displaying against Christianity, and to expose them being the hypocrites they are.


    No it’s not. Live your own life. Enjoy your kids. Enjoy your extended family. You are giving in to what they want. Rather than enjoying your Christmas, you are giving in to those that are trying to ruin it for you.

    Christmas is by far the most enjoyable time of year and don’t let anyone take that away

  • lynno

    Moron, Liberal tactic we watch,listen and they think we believe them, We the People wilWl rise and shout when pushed so far, this socialist,marxist and the whole collective belief is wearing thin and beyond my comprehesion. When in elementry we practiced duct and cover the commies are coming.. I thought we won the cold war!! We the People are not known by percentages.

  • bg


    Waking Up


  • bg
  • Whiskeytangofoxtrot

    The godless communists (et al) are now in the driver’s seat in D.C. What other excrement would you expect to spill from the minds and mouths than getting around to mocking God Himself? They have deified a man – a mighty poor excuse for a man at that – and in their twisted minds and hearts have hardened themselves from the truth and the cost of avoiding that truth. What they really are bowing to I shall not say. We who have ears to hear and a mind to reason, and a spirit to discern do know. I tremble for those who have swallowed their god’s poison pill for poison it is and it will command its pounds of flesh before all is over…

  • thestorm

    People,teach your children well. These sorry pieces of human flesh have gotten into our schools. There are a few good teachers left. We need to seek them out.They are teaching isam good, Christianity bad. This is in their school books. Know what your child is being taught.Children need to be strong in their faith to survive. I would add that the destruction of Christianty is part of the Communist Goals of 1963. It is #27. You also need to read: Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto. Communist Goals of 1963: Congressional–Record Appendix,pp.A34-A35 January 10,1963 Current Communist Goals EXTENSION OF REMARKS OD HON.A. S. HERLONG,JR OF FLORIDA IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES January 10,1963

  • dan’l

    Such is the view from Sodom and Gomorrah. The end of these deranged savages will be no less than that of the Sodomites.

  • lynno

    morons, call them out, I am so sick of their vulgar language, enough is enough.

  • ogee

    I like the story. People need to see what the Satanists are like.

    Post more like it.

    Bob Dylan has a song that says “You gotta serve someone” and if it ain’t God then it’s going to be the devil.

  • SturJen

    Yeah I was going to point out the glaring holes made by the whole ‘bris’ theory made by #13 but Shadow beat me to it.

    Jesus’ birth was made to coincide w/the pagan holiday of Winter Solstace. Theory states that the birth was done more towards Easter. The holiday was created to be separate from Easter, so to gain more followers.

    And DUH, a bris is done on the 8th day not the 7th. Even a Catholic knows that! This is what happens when you get your ‘bible research’ from places like the DailyKommie.

  • Kissmygrits

    I’m sure this author would be the first to condemn any contempt thrown toward Islam but doesn’t have any problems trying to sound slick and in with the in crowd of anti-Christian Satan worshipers. What an empty unsettled life this woman leads. They all need prayer that they find salvation which is why Jesus was born.

  • Mike Hunt

    Daily Pus.