Like Mother Like Daughter… Malia Obama’s Spring Break Vacation Cost U.S. Taxpayers $115,500

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Like Mother Like Daughter… Malia Obama’s Spring Break Vacation to Mexico Cost U.S. Taxpayers $115,500. reports the following:

Cost to Taxpayers: $115,500.87

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released records detailing the government funds expended on First Daughter Malia Obama’s March 2012 Spring Break vacation to Mexico. According to the records, obtained from the U.S. Secret Service as a result of a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed on September 20, 2012, the total cost of the trip amounted to $115,500.87 (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Secret Service (No. 12-cv-01562)).

The following is a breakdown of the costs as detailed in the documents:

Ground transportation: $23,964.81
Lodging: $21,682.92
Airfare: $47,767.34
“Vouchers”: $21,636.14 (not itemized)
Support Charges: $449.66 (travel for one from Mexico City to Oaxaca, not itemized)

Malia Obama’s spring break trip evoked controversy after the Obama White House reportedly ordered the removal of press reports detailing the trip. On March 19,2012, numerous online press outlets reported that the president’s 13-year-old daughter, Malia Obama, was on a Spring Break trip to Mexico accompanied by 25 U.S. Secret Service Agents and as many as 12 of her friends. However, shortly after the press reports surfaced they were quickly removed from the Internet. The trip took place shortly after the Texas Department of Public Safety issued a statement advising students on Spring Break “to avoid Mexico.”

As reported by Politico:

The AFP, the Huffington Post and other websites have scrubbed a report about first daughter Malia Obama’s school trip. On Monday, the AFP reported that Obama’s daughter was on a school trip along with a number of friends and 25 Secret Service agents. The story was picked up by Yahoo, the Huffington Post, and the International Business Times, as well as UK publications like the Daily Mail and the Telegraph and other overseas publications like The Australian. But on Monday night, the story had been removed from those sites.

In an update to this story, Politico published a statement issued by Kristina Schake, Communications Director to the First Lady, indicating that the removal of these news stories was “a White House effort:” …

“In these economic times, with huge public debt and high unemployment, spending $115,000 in taxpayer funds on a Spring Break trip to Mexico is inappropriate. Is this what Americans are being asked to pay higher taxes for?” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

Judicial Watch has been active in documenting the cost to taxpayers for the Obamas’ personal trips. For example, Judicial previously obtained records from the United States Air Force and the United States Secret Service detailing Michelle Obama’s February 2012 President’s Day weekend ski vacation to Aspen, Colorado, with her two daughters. The records indicate U.S. Secret Service costs, including accommodations at the Fasching Haus deluxe condominium and the Inn at Aspen, were $48,950.38.

Judicial Watch also obtained documents from the United States Air Force and the United States Secret Service detailing costs associated with Michelle Obama’s controversial August 2010 vacation to Spain. According to a Judicial Watch analysis, the records indicate a total combined cost of at least $467,585.

Judicial Watch also obtained documents detailing costs a June 21-27, 2011, trip taken by Michelle Obama, her family and her staff to South Africa and Botswana. Judicial Watch received mission expense records and passenger manifests for the Africa trip that described costs of $424,142 for the flight and crew alone. Other expenses, such as off-flight food, transportation, security, etc. were not included.

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  • bg


    Chump Change

    btw, their children are totally blameless..


  • Cee

    Send the other parents their children’s share of the bill. Babysitting by the Secret Service does not come cheap.

    Thank you Judicial Watch!

  • Rachelle

    Despite the raves of the fashion magazines, that kid looks ugly. Too bad for her, but it’s the truth.

  • sablegsd

    That entire “family” is butt ugly.

  • Campfollower

    While they live the good life, my children’s daddy was in Afghanistan for his second deployment since Jan. 2010. Upon his return, we took our first family trip ever to the beach. Just Florida, about six hours away. For two days. All we could afford.

    I don’t begrudge them something, but this is taking it way too far in times of economic hardship by so many. I mean, if Michelle really, truly cared about the troops as she so often lies about, why not help provide them with something decent in lieu of one of her many little forays into vacationland with her posse. There is so much they could’ve done to set a good example, to inspire young and/or underpriv. kids (black kids!) but no…it’s all about them.

  • BigRed

    That child got the worst features of both parents. She looks like a lab experiment gone horribly wrong.

  • bg


    this is why we lost,

    there are no grown ups left in either party.. 🙁


  • bg


    Campfollower #5 December 6, 2012 at 10:58 pm

    bless you and yours..

    and thank you..


  • Donna Fuller


    It is sad that the military have to give so much, and sometimes their life when the president’s children are ravished with wealth. I am sorry this is the case. I wish the military people received as much in earnings if not more than the famous athletes do. Our government is unfortunately in control of most everything and in my opinion it is not going to get any better. Thank your husband for serving our country please, and thank you for standing by him.


  • Jennifer Hoft Henderson

    This is complete bull-$hit! Come on people! Almost $50,000 on a flight? And all the other expenses? You can buy 5 tacos for $1 US in Mexico, don’t believe everything you read!

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  • BigRed

    “this is why we lost,

    there are no grown ups left in either party.. ”

    So the Democrats can say the most vile things about the Bush twins and Sarah Palins’ kids for YEARS on end but I can’t mock THEIR children? Trust me this ugly creature is getting off easy because what I really want to say would probably get me banned from this site. Not grown up enough for you? Too bad. Some of us are way past the point of taking the libs garbage anymore. Their scorn is well-deserved.

  • bg


    BigRed #12 December 6, 2012 at 11:51 pm

    like i said..


  • bigL

    the kids know. It is all hollow. Tehy feel like crep about it,too.

  • Bubba

    Good grief, what a fugly looking girl. She’s going (is) to grow up with the same whapped concept of money as those two idiot daughters of that Formula 1 guy (the two 20ish out of work naer-do-wells who just bought 100 million dollar mansions “just cuz they could”).

    These Obama’s really are a gutter trash blight on America. Barry is living like the classic banana republic dictator who supposedly rejects the evil capitalist way of life. Everyone knows Castro and his dimbulb brother live like absolute kings while their people live in squalor. So did Idi Amin, Ferdinand Marcos, Baby Doc Chavalier.

    What a repulsive disgusting family.

  • Highlander

    At least 28% of the American public thinks she deserves this trip …. and a lot more.

  • Rose

    That girl is NOT a happy camper.

  • Rose

    #1 December 6, 2012 at 10:19 pm
    bg commented:

    So were Obama and Michelle at their ages – but look how THEY grew up.

    Remember what Bundy said. The influences that made him what he became have been exponentially multiplied, so what will the next generation of it look like.

  • saveus

    why not ??
    only the people who pay taxes pay for this
    the others get their own freebies

  • Jackie

    What do you expect from ghetto trash????

  • CapitalG

    Wow those are some ugly girls.


    I don’t know what is normal when it comes to the protection of a US President’s child, but if it is normal I have no problem paying for that protection. Now if we paid for anything else for this vacation I am pissed.

  • JoAnne

    Why was she given 25 Secret Service Agents and Christopher Stevens was given ZERO security?

  • opennate

    Wow, slow down the insults. It is a bad photo for one. The issue here is the extravagant trip on the taxpayer’s dime. The fact the trip costs this much is appalling, the fact it was charged to the US is abusive, but after this do not lecture about “fair share”. The emperor has no clothes, he is an elitist that believes normal rules don’t apply to him.

  • Daisy

    While I agree that this trip was a total waste of taxpayer dollars, and all the other things wrong with it, I do not think that we should be criticizing the appearance of a 13 year old girl. Many girls are awkward at this age.

    We should not stoop to the level of those who criticized the Palin girls or other children of conservatives.

  • squeaky

    beauty is only skin deep. back in 2009, i remember a black woman [whose daughters attended the obama girls school] talking about the voucher program that allowed her children to attend that private school being discontinued and the prospect of their having to go back to the public school system. i don’t know whatever happened to those girls……

  • anti-bho

    One thing is for sure….. in that photo the girl shows all of the grace and poise of her mother.

  • Indiana

    Bad picture or not; she’s an ugly duckling.

  • Pink Tie Republican

    She is actually not ugly in any way, but she definitely does not look like Barry. Mommy yes, but not daddy. What struck me was all the evil little white girls she attends school with. Guess it is not a public school, huh?

  • squeaky

    “….the evil little white girls she attends school with. Guess it is not a public school, huh?” which had me wondering about the 2 black girls who were faced with re-entering the public school system after o and the gang came out against the school voucher program that allowed them to attend.

  • Skibum

    The Obamas are MILLIONAIRES – why don’t they pay for their kids’ vacations out of their own money? Leeches!

  • Dick Schwanz

    They went to Oaxaca. There is no State Department advisory regarding Oaxaca. The northern states of Mexico are dangerous.

    I wonder if the drank any mezcal? I go to Oaxaca every Christmas and mezcal is the best booze on the planet.

    Military people & their families bitch too much. Nobody put a gun to your head to enlist.

  • Surrounded by white girls?

  • Edward R Boothe

    For someone who isn’t worth 115 cents.

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  • Kompassionate_Kudzu

    Well, obviously over half of Americans approve of this kind of activity. We are living in the new Amerikka, everyone. Better get used to it, its gonna get worse.

    The only thing– the ONLY thing — that is going to turn this country right-side up is a civil war in which we the people are the winners. It’s sad, but it is the truth.

  • Mary

    Dear Campflower, Thank you for your families service to our country.

    To those making negative comments about ‘looks’ please stop. Yes, I know all Republican’s kids have been excoriated by the left, but Conservatives are better than that. Those leaving ugly comments probably are trolls.

    The children of the president deserve protection, but as with so many things associated with the current POS in the WH this trip was unnecessary and excessive. The mooching will continue because the Obama’s believe it’s owed to them; reparations from the rich white slave owners, etc. The fact that they both grew up priviledged get’s tamped-down by the media. Both Barry and Mooch try to spin a different yarn. Liars and Grifters, both of them.

  • djm159

    Well, it is important that the 13-year-old daughter of the entitlement queen have a Mexican vacation with taxpayer funded babysitters. What a delightful use of taxpayer money. This proves that the apple does not fall far from the tree. The rest of the proletariat relax, you cannot afford to send your children on a taxpayer funded vacation. Many of you are too busy looking for work but as long as the Obama’s have a 14 million dollar, 20-day vacation in Hawaii and their children spend taxpayer money accordingly, is anything else important? Next time I hear that Michelle shops at Target I’ll vomit. Your tax dollars at work. Some people will fall for anything.

  • MTXun

    The entire family is CLASSLESS TRASH! Can’t spend it SOMEWHERE in the United States?

  • Good Grief

    I thought all these girls Parents were 1%’ers ??

    Someone needs to tell the Parents of the young lady facing away from the camera that they need to invest in some less revealing shorts for their poor Daughter…..

  • Dave

    You got what you voted for. Quit whining.

  • luce_sociator

    Why shouldn’t the Royal Family of His Majesty King Obama, High Plenti-Potentate and Savior of his people live high on the hog at the rabble’s expense?

  • Roman Jelinek

    She is the Presidents daughter and with it comes the responsibility to keep her safe. Some of you people show your IQ level with some of these comments. The Secret Service Agents are getting paid no matter where they are. The girl needs to have as a normal life as she can and she is a very attractive young lady.

  • yarply

    Like mother like daughter??, so where was the expense the SS payed to have sex with her then.

  • Perplexed

    You have the wrong attitude about this matter. We are so fortunate that we are allowed the privilege of paying for King obama’s daughter’s vacation. After all, we owe it to her because she is a member of a special privilege group. Please, take more expensive vacations so we can experience the thrill of being fleeced.

  • LibSick

    Why are all of her friends white?

  • wishiwererichtoo

    the issue is simple, and the remedy is too…Camp David vacations? no problem – security is good and it’s traditional – trips to their home in Chicago? samo-samo – no charge….other than that – POTUS reimburses the Taxpayers for costs incurred (security, airfair commercial equivalent, lodging etc)- so maybe the girls’ trust funds take a little hit (compared to the accrued value of those funds – anybody actually read the tax returns? I did) – wanna play class warfare, gotta pay the price…y’all are in the 2% (by your own definition 250K) and most people with a pulse and half a brain know it. Pay up and it all goes away.

  • Joe E in the IE

    “Kids, we can’t go to Walt Disney World for the next four years because President Obama needs more time and more of mommy and daddy’s money to make life better for everyone. Now do you understand why we voted for him?

    So let’s all look forward to even more staycations!”

  • MHMaun

    What about the REAL issue: what/who gives the WH the right to order the removal of inormation on this family’s vacation costs from internet websites?

  • walls1

    the parents are to blame for abusing taxpayer dollars. as it turns out, the obama’s are just another black family living in government housing.

  • David

    Those of you commenting about the looks or attractiveness of this girl need to zip it. THAT is definitely inappropriate. She looks healthy, the girl is beautiful as are all our American children. Do not be this way!

    Secondly, the trip certainly was inappropriate considering the current events. A show of discipline bordering on being thrifty is what is needed from the first family. But this particular first family is in love with their own climb into the modern American bourgeois and I don’t think they can bear the irony of getting here only to have the entire show a mess. Thus, not all corners that should be cut are cut. It’s likely they’ll live like royalty for the rest of their days though so like I said, some discipline would be nice but they’re only humans.

    Try to remember though, in this economy there are people scraping in huge profits. The only redistribution of wealth going on is from the bottom to the very tip top thanks to the systems we take for granted in this society. Nobody knows what anything really is anymore. But these super elite barely even have the capability to understand the luxury of something as simple as traveling to Mexico for a bit of a vacation. For many of us this would be a wonderful, exotic, and huge monetary sacrifice. For some it doesn’t cause a second thought. The wealthy are increasingly disconnected from middle and especially low class Americans. It wouldnt’ surprise me if they go build a walled off libertarian city soon for “the (hate to use this overused phrase) one percent.”


  • Chad

    It’s funny how all blacks give the Obama family a pass on their vacation spending at taxpayer’s expense. Blacks are totally clueless on how the Obama’s are screwing them just as much as other races.

  • Marge

    And we’re just about to pick up their $4,000,000 tab for their 3 week Christmas vaca in Hawaii. Something so wrong with this picture when they’re so many famies here without homes suffering. What’s so wrong with just staying home and chilling. This amount probably doesn’t even include Michelle’s new wardrobe that she has to have for each trip!

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    Great…….My family had to stay home for spring break because the price of gas was so high, BUT $115,000 of the taxpayers money gets spent on the “royal children”.

    I guess this is the mythical “hope and change” that we’ve all heard so much about………….

  • marg1

    Leave the obama girls alone. Remember what Chelsea Clinton and Amy Carter looked like when they were young. A little lipstick, a little photo shopping and there you go.

  • Dan

    Ugly inside and out…just like her parents.

  • Disgusted

    Some of y’all really disgust me. I don’t like the Obama’s spending any more than the next guy but to attack the children’s looks? You’re just a bunch of cowards attacking little girls to make you feel better about yourself.

    “Rachelle commented:
    Despite the raves of the fashion magazines, that kid looks ugly. Too bad for her, but it’s the truth.”

    “BigRed commented:

    That child got the worst features of both parents. She looks like a lab experiment gone horribly wrong.”

  • Dennis K

    Teach your children well!!! They say the obama’s are good parents? Yeah right!!! Tax the rich that will take care iof everything!!!!

  • littleneroMustGo

    This kid is turning out to be uglier than Chelsea Clinton… and that’s no easy feat!

  • pam

    Why complain for what?That what Americans people wanted Obama.That’s why,they voted for him again.Stop whining!You voted for him for your welfare check,that what you get,duh!

  • Mari

    The Obamas are multi-millionaires and can well afford to pay the costs of vacations for their family – IF they really had any respect for the overwhelmed taxpayer and only if the Obamas had any integrity/honesty/ decent conscience. Executives of large companies don’t have their company pay for their vacations, so why should we have to pay for the Obama vacations? The upcoming 20 day, $4 million playcation to Hawaii at this time in our fragile economic situation proves that there is no honesty/integrity being shown by the obamas. When will the obamas be asked to pay their “fair share”? When will we insist that their expenses be “means tested” as our Medicare and Social Security programs will be? And then there’s the report that wining, dining, supporting, entertaining the first family in 2011 cost taxpayers $1.4 billion. What do we have to show for it and what are the details – where did all of that money go? Clean up your own backyard, Mr. President, before asking us to sacrifice.

  • Paul

    My wife and I have worked full time jobs since we were teens, often a second over as well the last 36 years and we hope someday to be able to take our first vacation … which seems unlikely as long and the dictator is in charge and we’re asked to work more hours to pay more taxes with money that has less value everyday so his princesses can live like the royalty they obviously believe they are.

  • Dennis K

    David, is right, leave the kids alone. I truly feel for the kids, when you are raised by lying leeching mooch divisive hateful parents that said ” I was never proud of this country” and my grandma was ” a typical white person”. The sooner they can get out of there the better.,. maybe spring break they can see what decent human being act and talk like. Can you imagine having these two as your parents? Rather live in a one bedroom apartment with morality than any mansion with liars and hate mongering divisive people, bigoted people like BHO and Moochelle.

  • Dennis K

    David, is right, leave the kids alone. I truly feel for the kids, when you are raised by lying leeching mooch divisive hateful parents that said ” I was never proud of this country” and my grandma was ” a typical white person”. The sooner they can get out of there the better.,. maybe spring break they can see what decent human beings act and talk like. Can you imagine having these two as your parents? Rather live in a one bedroom apartment with morality than any mansion with liars and hate mongering divisive people, bigoted people like BHO and Moochelle.

  • VicSlick

    Haha once again republicans love to exploit the fact that most conservatives don’t know how to do math. Hmmm, how can we take an obscure and irrelevant figure and spin it to trick conservatives into thinking it’s a big deal? $115,000 = $.00046 per US tax payer. In other words, thousandths of a penny. And of course it’s conveniently omitted that these travel expenses are entirely consistent with, if not even less than all of the past first families that have ever lived at the White House. No wonder conservatives hate education reform, it’s in their best interest to keep people stupid so they’ll keep swallowing this garbage gossip masquerading itself as important news…

  • HughJorgan

    This looks extremely cheap compared to Shrub’s travel budget!

  • squeaky

    “A little lipstick, a little photo shopping and there you go.” so goes for a lot of the entertainment elite. none of them are wash n’ wear. it’s what’s on the inside and what the obama daughters are learning that we’ll have to wait to see. now that we’re entering part deux of the obama dynasty, will he learn about the outward appearance of living high off the hog while the peasants start considering grass to be a valid food choice? when the obama buffet table [of life] is set, many of his supporters will find there’s no room for them. they’ll be dumpster diving with the rest of us.

  • marketfog

    When my kids went on vacation, I paid for it out of my pocket.

  • Marcus T.

    The issue is not the Obama girls. They are just kids, for crying out loud. The problem is their parents, who are hell bent on ripping off the American people, subverting the US Constitution, promoting the take over of our institutions, destroying the very fabric of this country. All the while, the Obamas self indulge themselves in living the high life on the taxpayer’s dime.

  • Dennis K

    Van Slick,
    Okay when you get $.00046 per US tax payer sent to pay for each of our kids spring break then we will be glad to not complain about stealing our $115K not to mention the $6 trillion this man aborrowed from our kids from the bank of china credit card. You neither comprehend math noror morality. Van Slick. By the way did you count the 47% of Americans that DO NOT PAY INCOME TAXES??? Send my $115K to
    We the People P. O. box 1776 MT Vernon
    Zip Code Freedom!

  • jim

    The comments on this site are ridiculous. First of all, many families that can afford vacations have taken their kids to Mexico or Disney or wherever. I include myself in that. However, I don’t have to worry about some idiot kidnapping or killing my kids. The comments on this site prove why a vacation by the first family would cost so much. Idiots like you might be a threat. And why would you choose to call a teenager ugly? Aren’t the teenage years a time of growth and physical/emotional change? It stands to reason that the kid might be awkward at this age. Were you all so perfect that you can bash a kid? And all because you dislike the President. You are all losers!

  • Jim

    I can’t stand Obama or his wife but ripping the kid’s looks is out of line. Not that it matters but I think the picture above is just really bad, she is a cute kid

  • dubsak20

    Save some money and help the economy!Send them to vacation in Detriot!

  • Failed Obamessiah

    Government school for the Obamettes?

    Not on your life…

    Sidwell Friends Princesses

  • AZgirl

    To be “fair”, the Feds should pay for every American’s vacation. Many of us haven’t had a vacation in years, but I’m okay with only getting a voucher equal to the Obama’s next Hawaiian vacation. The $4 million I’ll get will be a bargain compared to all the money the Obama’s have blown through in the last four years. They epitomize the entitlement culture.

  • Dave

    In the universe I live in, 13 year olds do not take spring break trips to Mexico.

  • PeteM

    Well said JoAnne. This pair could care less about anything except themselves! Trailer trash is right, spending other people’s money like it’s going out of fashion! Absolutely NO CLASS!

  • Aubry

    What parent sends their thirteen year old daughter to mexico for spring break? Despite all the “protection”. Would you send your daughter? Did she have the pleasure of the TSA experience?
    Or was she exempt while her friends were groped?

    America what a country!

    Seems some are a lot more equal than others. but wasn’t that the way it was in mother russia after the peoples revolution?

  • Libby

    #3, 4, 6 and others: I think the children are beautiful; however, your comments about the children’s looks say a lot more about you than it does the Presidential family. I hope the children never read these hateful remarks. Shame on all of you.

  • Jim H

    I sincerely doubt it was that cheap. That crew can’t take a crap without it costing taxpayers more than that. The Obamas have WH parties for their friends that cost $1M. Oh and 52 Christmas trees in the WH? Why would that be an issue? Don’t worry, it’s taxpayers money that they have a ‘right’ to. And there’s an infinite river in Washington that supplies all the funding.

  • heavenor

    We pay her father…her father should be paying for her.

  • Timothy-Allen Albertson

    That child is a anorexic. She needs help. Get her away from her awful parents. Can DC CPS intervene?

  • Darrel

    Her Royal Thighness Queen MoochMore is raising her two little Mooch’s in her own style. Meanwhile Mooch’s mother actually raises the two girls while Queen Mooch the First Wookie travels our country and world at taxpayer expense.

    After all that hard work re-electing Present-dent Barry Oblamo, it is vacation time. A four million dollar vacation to Hawaii for the Mooch family. Camp David – blah – let the peasant presidents vacation there.

    You peasants should be pleased to pay for this little jaunt for your royal family. Just work some overtime and the taxes will cover the Mooch’s vacation just fine. Eat your peas peasants, the Mooch family is coming home to roost.

  • leo

    to JoAnne: “Why was she given 25 Secret Service Agents and Christopher Stevens was given ZERO security?” now THAT is a good point too. and she didn’t even ask for it on different occasions. but i digress, the fact this sum of money being spent on a SINGLE child’s vacation during this horrible economic crisis is unforgiveable and this administration KNOWS it. why else would they scramble to quickly remove what judicialwatch had to dig around to find?

  • Gary

    So when Bush was president we got every detail of whatever his children did but with Lord God Emperor Obama we get a news blackout because the lapdog media slurps his backside and begs to be used like a sex doll 24/7.

  • Darrel

    # 79 Libby (liberal Libby).

    The ugly in the Mooch family is more then skin deep. The ugly is deep in the marrow of that family. For the first time in my adult life the president and his family disgust me. Even Barry’s “my grandmother was a typical white woman” learned the ugly in Barry Obama. “The police acted stupidly” learned that lesson as well.

    The Mooch’s are racists, big spenders, and divisive. And you are blind little liberal Libby.

  • eramthgin

    The KING does not care about us serfs. But his royal chilens will get whatever they want at our expense.

  • Anne

    Joanne you are right. But remember we are not the elite it’s only going to get worse.

  • Chica

    @Jennifer Hoft Henderson – “This is complete bull-$hit! Come on people! Almost $50,000 on a flight? And all the other expenses? You can buy 5 tacos for $1 US in Mexico, don’t believe everything you read!”

    Sorry, Jennifer, but you don’t know much about how the “royal family” here travels, do you?!
    “Princess” Malia and her “friends” cannot be allowed to travel on a mere “commercail airline”‘ — they must be ferried to “HRH’s” school break trip on a PRIVATE GOVERNMENT jet accompanied by 25 Secret Service agents to keep the precious little darling “safe” while she and HER “POSSE” flit off to an UNSAFE COUNTRY (for “regular” Americans – let alone the daughter of “prez’dint” obama and his “empress michele”!)

    Oh, and you can be CERTAIN that the “princess” and her friends DID NOT dine on 20 cent street tacos any more than they would have stayed in the Mexican version of Motel 6!!

    No, this is just another fine example of how the obamas make certain that “the girls” are never “disappointed” with their “vacations”!!!!

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  • Chica

    If “Libby” thinks these presidential “children are beautiful”, then she needs an IMMEDIATE appointment with the nearest eye doctor in her town!! They are anything BUT “beautiful” — INSIDE OR OUT!!!

  • David S

    Although I do not agree with what appears to be lavish spending while many in America cannot, the comments towards the President’s daughter are both uncalled for and callous. It is fine to criticize the President, but leave the comments about his children to yourself.

  • Hamburger_Hurter

    obama voters are the lowest forms of life. While they lounge at home on welfare, the KING prepares for his 20 million dollar vacation. Those still working in spite of obamanomics have to pay for the largesse of both of these spoiled classes.

    Revolution looks better and better.

  • Herve Weingard

    Oh Malaria….. PLEASE don’t forget your little white friend when you become Queen!

  • lawyer girl

    Thanks HughJordon for the post with actual information about Bush spending far more time and money on vacation while in office. I find it interesting that such facts have been totally ignored in favor of racist rantings and insults of a teenage girl. Examine yourselves people…this is why you lost. Hate can’t win.

  • Vance

    I’m a liberal and voted for Obama. I hope this trip is a drop in the bucket. I hope he spends money on rims for his limos, golden chalices to drink out of, and gold presidential teeth. I hope you inbred racist idiots all enjoy wearing name tags to work.

  • This little Muuuuuchelle is old enough to know what America is going through, she’s no better than her Marxist parents.

  • Thin Ice

    Enough with the comments about the kids looks. That’s all you can contribute? Why bother – your like little kids! Oops my bad – maybe you are ?!? And yes this news pisses me off also.

  • Joe

    This is ridiculous for people to fault the Obama’s for these expenses, ANY U.S. President in office will require a great deal of security detail. NO matter who was in office these costs would be relatively the same. There is a lot to squawk over, but this is not one of them.

  • jack

    You nasty, filthy fucckers who pick on this kid need your fuccking assess kicked.

  • Tyrone

    In the picture notice Malia’s girlfriend hanging on to her. The gay gene runs deep in this family. Little Malia is as gay as her Daddy.

  • Mike Mazzla

    This is one of those stories that really means nothing. Any time a presidents Child takes a trip or goes somewhere it is going to cost a ton more than anyone else just because of who they are. It could be the Bush twins ( who traveled plenty) etc. This is just a rt wing nonsense story.. just like all the bogus stories about the cost of Obamas trips overseas.. as if other Presidents jumped on spirit airlines and stayed at a red roof inn. Just ridiculous. Grow up.

  • muduck

    why are we paying for this? i want the tax payers to pay for my duaghters spring break too..

  • Internet Hero

    Bring it Jack off. I’m your Huckleberry, you little keyboard brave internet zero.

    “jack commented:
    You nasty, filthy fucckers who pick on this kid need your fuccking assess kicked.”

  • Exile1981

    @ #10 above – Actually having chartered a jet once, 50k is about right for a charter that far for 38 people. I still think they shouldn’t have taken a spring break but the cost of the airfare was reasonable for what they did, though unreasonable that we should pay for it.

    Now as a parent I think sending a child that young out of country on a spring break was reckless and irresponsible. On the other hand they had 2 secret service agents for each kid so how much trouble could they get into.

    I think it bears mentioning that the 115K doesn’t include the wages of those 25 secret service agents. I think 23k in ground transport seems high.

  • Raul

    This is just typical of their kind! I have been struggling for so long and my tax liability just keeps going up and up to the point that I cant even take a day trip on the weekend! I so resent this reckless regard for the taxpayers hard earned money,I’m so sick of struggling,which only started when king zero stole the wh(which is going to get much worse after Jan.) but I wont go on the govt dole,for any rhyme or reason! I grew up learning that you fend for yourself no matter how difficult it gets! This behavior by the usurper is what the TEA party is talking about! If the economy is so bad for the majority of working Americans how can it be so good for the politicians,king zero turned the greenlight on for major theft of the middle class Americans prosperity,it does’nt have to be this way,it’s all engineered for the communist transformation!

  • Raul

    @ #101 Why dont we start with you jackoff communist liberal!

  • BillyBob

    Any negative comments about the Obama’s will just be considered more evidence of “racism”. When the left criticizes white Pres. children, it is just “factual”. Tolerance stops at the frontgate, on and of the “right”. But, while the children are at that awkward age of…..well….awkwardness, it’s not “right” to ridicule the kids, especially about something they can’t help. The money? Indefensible. Where’s the “fairness”? Another term being redefined by the left.

  • Raul

    @ # 103 No buy you’re crap! If maybe the parents were’nt always stealing from the taxpayer it would’nt be an issue!

  • Hugh

    The ugly comments on here regarding the children’s looks are disgusting and make me wonder if lovely “progressive” trolls make it a point to show up when they see posts with the kids or mama Moochelle. The fact of the matter is that this trip was an outrageous use of our resources and a slap in the face to taxpayers. Not appropriate in ANY imaginable way. A gross abuse of power . . . and, in my mind, theft.

  • stargirl

    jenniefer, heres a link to the actual court documents. are you accusing the secret service of falsifying records?

  • JJ

    We should be happy that the “let us eat cake.”

  • Stinking NI@@ERS



  • BlueStateRepub

    Baby Sasquatch

  • Rich

    These comments are hilarious! You all are so entertaining… Ignorant and bigoted, but entertaining nonetheless. Yes, please keep talking… You guys talked yourselves out of a presidential election and you’ll continue to talk yourselves out of congressional seats. Oh yeah, keep trotting out your rape guys too, they’re extremely funny. Love you guys.

  • BlueStateRepub

    Jack-off has some mighty big internet muscles. It takes a really tough guy to threaten people on the internet. What a He-Man!

  • William Penn

    Communist Party officials and their families live splendidly.

  • 13 and going on spring break to mexico? give me a break. and takes her “friends” with her at our expense? I was not aware we had royalty in power in this country. I guess this is what happens when balcks take control of government, they use it for their own benefit. sad

  • Raul

    @ #32 Screw you dick wanker What have you ever done for our country besides being a drain on it with your communist liberal spew!? You would’nt make a pimple on a military persons ass!

  • Mark Carlton

    Learned at the feet of the master, didn’t she?

  • BlueStateRepub

    I’d like to know how many of the outrageously outraged Commies who are getting their panties in a wad on this thread thought it was great sport to attack the Bush twins, and the Palin kids.

    I’m SURE they were just as outrageously outraged, right? Riiiiight?

    Screw that. I am done playing nice with Commies who have destroyed my country.

    Let. It. Burn.

  • Tulane

    Like mother, like daughter. The Obamas are a family of ghetto grifters.

  • Fred

    I am no fan of the president. I would have even chosen Hilary over him.

    But every presidential family has the right to a vacation, or even dozens of vacations, and they have the right to do so, at our expense. It comes with the office. I’m not worried about the expense.

    I’m also unconcerned that Barry plays golf, even though W quit the game our of respect for our troops; if a trip to the links prevents him from committing additional atrocities upon the citizenry, I’m all for it.

    We have much bigger problems to reckon with.

  • Pingback: Malia Obama’s lavish party cost taxpayers $115,000()

  • MrFred

    When an employer pays for personal travel expenses, the amount is usually taxable.

  • Pingback: I could not afford a vacation this year … « Publius Prime()

  • cece

    My family and I didn’t get a vacation this year. It wasn’t in our budget. Her stupid, lazy parents should have forked over some bucks for her vacation.

  • ruben landeros

    where are her black friends?

  • Denim

    Definitly like mother, like daughter. She is teaching her well, and there two of them.
    You bozo’s who voted this moron back in for four more years are going to own it. I would like to talk to you after the four years to see if you could go on vacation, or drop that kind of money on something, because I sure can’t. I have two elderly parents who have dementia and I have no help, no outlet for some “me” time.
    Thanks morons for another four years of pure hell.

  • Dan

    Let them eat cake! You get the submit you voted for….

  • Dan

    Let them eat cake! You get the gub’mint you voted for….

  • sharon kay

    One more reason to NOT raise taxes. All President’s should pay for their own vacations. They well can afford it.

  • A. Levy

    Yeah, it’s called “nugga rich”! And the American sheeple get to pay, again.

  • Patty

    #1 December 6, 2012 at 10:19 pm
    bg commented:


    Chump Change

    btw, their children are totally blameless..



  • Tom

    Ummm…does this really surprise anyone? Who really cares if this child is ugly or beautiful, it is a socialism at it’s best! These people care more about themselves, being on TV, the cover of a magazine and blaming others than they do about America!

  • Patty


    One dollar less

    Today, the conservative media reported on an interesting story. The Department of Defense spent over $100,000 for a seminar. The topic of the seminar? Did Jesus also die for the Klingons?

    As nutty as that sounds, there is a serious question that seminar raises and it has nothing to do with Klingons.

    What is it?

    The government is riddled with fraud; waste and spending that can only be described as mind blowingly stupid!

    Every year we hear budget cuts discussed. But here is the dirty truth that even Republicans do not want to acknowledge. Spending cuts are never cuts. They are simply reductions in the amount the budget is increased.

    When we hear about a five percent spending cut by the government, what it really means in the increase in spending is being cut. Actual spending is not cut. It goes up every year.

    This article continues.

  • Kent Crawford

    Since when are the taxpayers required to pay for a child’s extravagant vacation? And remember the bills for Pelosi’s Ari Force 3.

    Our political elites have no — as in zero — respect for the taxpayers! Reminds me more and more of how the Party elite lived in the Soviet Union! Time for our own Orange Revolution!

  • Fester Thornsberry

    Those transparency glasses the White House uses are opaque. Good thing the Kool Aid obscures this fact.

  • NOTHING is too good for the spawn of the Antichrist and Moochelle Monobrow.

  • John

    His little goblins should not be costing us any money.

  • Josh

    I don’t agree with the spending, but are you really going to criticize the appearance of a 13 year old girl? Come on, try to be less juvenile in your comments. To blame her for the spending is ludicrous. She obviously didn’t hold a gun to her dad’s head and make him do this. When I was little I asked my parent for all kinds of expensive junk, but they made smart fiscal decisions with each request. How insecure do you have to be to insult a child?

  • I hate Obama!

    Why doesn’t the entire tribe STAY in Mexico?

    Are Obama’s kids off target? NO WAY. Look at how the Bush kids, Mitt’s kids, and Palin’s kids were targeted? BY taking the “higher road” just EMBOLDENS liberals. Liberals are NASTY little children that are only HAPPY when they destroy something or someone. Obama’s daughter looks like another unhappy LIBERAL kids that is spoiled silly. Plus she is very UNATTRACTIVE. NO apology for stating the truth.

  • Start to bill them for this personal crap.

  • Bob Higginbotham

    I think the $115k is probably low and does not cover everything. Consider last year Obama and family cost over $1.4 billion on vacations, non-official parties, world shopping sprees, etc. This year’s Christmas vacation in Hawaii is estimated at $4 million. They have even been overly extravagant with official functions. The previous adminstration spent less than half what this one does on receptions and official dinners.

  • bim flake

    I have had dogs that are better looking than that kid.

  • Fester Thornsberry

    They are doing exactly what former mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatric did on his tenure. Let’s hope that the same thing happens to these entitled morons as is happening to the kwamster.

  • reece

    she probably will grow up to look like michelle, ugh

  • Connie Rangatore

    Where are her black friends? If not real, at least for show.

  • “Oh my god, a white, commoner is touching me, please get me out of here”.

  • Avrum Halevi

    Is she sporting a mustache?

  • Avrum Halevi

    And we thought Chelsea was butt ugly.

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  • Patty

    War on terrorism spurs House to grant presidents Secret Service protection for life


    “Protecting former presidents is phenomenally expensive and largely a courtesy rather than a necessity,” said Mr. Emmett, who was in the Secret Service from 1983 through 2004. “Although an attack on a former president could happen any day, it is highly unlikely.”


    In addition to the sitting president and vice president and their immediate families, the Secret Service protects former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, Mr. Bush and his father, George H.W. Bush, and all of the families, as well as Nancy Reagan. Widows of former presidents are entitled to protection, too.

    Taxpayers Spent 1.4-Billion, On Obama Family Last Year

    So, now we can start talking money.

    And where was Ambassador Steven’s and the others protection in Benghazi. Funny, what you get when you are a president but human life elsewhere isn’t as important.

  • Patty


    Sort of OT but the Money is R I D O N K U L O U S !!

  • John S.

    Why does she need a spring break vacation? What THE HE!! has she done to deserve such luxury @ my expense? Oh YEAH mummy insists she make her bed.
    27 day CHRISTMAS vacation in HI, for the fambily coming up in a few weeks.
    4 more years of this. GOD HELP US.
    Query? Why are these supposed “concerned” parents sending their offspring to one of the most dangerous countries in the world.
    As potus (theirs-NEVER mine) progeny; what’s wrong with sending the precious darling to a USA destination?

  • Jay

    And how much has it cost the taxpayers to keep Dick Cheney alive for all these years?

  • Jefferson Davis

    And how much did it cost the tax payers to have the Secret Service hang out in Texas saloons while the Bush girls got smashed on booze? No doubt the Service had to keep an eye on the Texas jerk offs who were inclined to slip the date rape drug into the girls’ martinis.

  • Joe

    I don’t understand why the President’s kids vacations should be paid by the taxpayers..she surely couldn’t be considered to be on government business! Why can’t the Obamas pay for their own personal time?

  • Vicki

    Regardless of your opinions about the costs associated with this trip, I am disappointed by all the comments about this child’s appearance.

    This is an awkward age for all girls, and I am pleased to see that Malia is not feeling pressured to glam herself up every moment of the day, for the benefit of the strangers stalking her.

    Of course there are countless perks to having a father in the White House, but these girls have many factors impacting their ability to have as “normal” a childhood as one would need to grow gracefully into adulthood.

    Please save your barbs for the President and First Lady, who entered into the public spotlight with informed consent… and don’t lower yourself to taking your feelings out on their children.

  • jc

    Goodjob America.

  • kyle

    How exactly does the first daughter contribute to the nation and why is she allowed to participate in such elaborate trips with no concern about where funds were disbursed from? Perhaps we could have spent that money on educating Presdient Obama, and his entire family about “business and ethics?” Obviously the Presidential family has no ethics, nor have they been properly educated. The Iron Law of Responsiblity states “in the long run, those who do not use power in ways that society considers responsible will tend to lose it.” As a stakeholder of this nation, I believe these individuals should be revoked of any further privledges until they understand their consequences.

  • KM

    It’s unfortunate that some here stoop that low and criticize the appearance of kids. I’m sure there is a reason why you don’t show your picture with your post.

    As far as the vacation…nothing wrong with the price tag. We are talking about the President’s kids and in Mexico. Not much different when previous presidents sent their kids out of the WH…..

    from a Bush supporter

  • Jefferson Davis

    And if Malia were “Mary Jo Williams” and looked like a blonde cheerleader and had a White, Republican Potus daddy, you all would keep your pie holes sealed.

  • #160. Agreed. The kids are essentially blameless at this point in their lives IMO.


  • #164. Conclusion jump much?

  • e

    well some of you cant complain you voted for this nightmare again. he is going to all he can these last 4 years to line his pockets and bleed this country for his and his families pleasures

  • Bob

    Punish the President and Punish his family. They deserve to be Punished. Their nasty children should be sacrificed to assassins. They disappointed Dick Morris and Karl Rove. They’re Kenyans. They love terrorists. They’re satanic marxists. They are followers of Saul Alinsky.

  • BlueStateRepub

    Thank you, #158 Jefferson Davis, for proving my earlier point. You Libs find it great, amusing sport to attack teenagers named “Bush” or “Palin” yet you swoon onto your fainting couches with perfumed wrists pressed to your foreheads if anyone does the same to the offspring of Dear Leader.

    Thanks again for proving my point so succinctly.

  • Jose Terneus

    Comon people. Can’t you see that this is all wrong!? This is not a waste of taxpayer’s money, it’s stealing! Even if these trips would cost $2 round-trip. it’s still wrong that the president’s family takes the Nation’s treasury monies to pay for it.
    These are NOT official trips. They might be for the First Lady or the Prez and their staff but a vacation for his daughter? C’mon!’


    My comment on this article may piss some of
    you off, but the way I see it…This is just WRONG! Let me make this perfectly clear, I have always despised Obama..he will never be my President and his wife is just as vile and soulless as he is. That said…I think it is horrible that people can attack a 14 year old child. Folks, she done nothing but have Obama as her father. The article was not fair, the comments from {grown people} were just sick. I hated when everyone made fun of Chelsea Clinton as a pre-teen calling her ugly and other names. Malia Obama does not make laws, governed or create social programs. She is a young girl who happens to live in the White House. So that is my take on this crap article. I would love to hear FEEBACK both conservative and Liberal…How to you feel?

  • Lina

    The question I have is this: Why does a 13-year-old need to go on a Spring BreaK vacation at all?

  • bg


    Rose #18 December 7, 2012 at 4:33 am

    geesh, what utter nonsense.. 🙁


  • BlueStateRepub

    #171 TimeBandit: How to you feel?

    And here come the Drudge Report concern trolls demanding “FEEBACK” whatever that is.

    How “to” I feel? I want my fee back…my taxes that are wasted by a so-called President who refers to half the country as his “enemies” and demands that his followers vote out of “revenge.”

    I want my fee back that went to the auto and banking industries and my fee back that supports Planned Parenthood, and my fee back that supports the lavish lifestyle of Moochelle Antoinette and First Princesses. Just for starters.

    How’s that for FEEBACK?

  • bg


    TIMEBANDIT61 #171 December 7, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    not saying all the posters are attacking CHILDREN, but those of you
    who are verbally attacking a CHILD are no different than those who
    physically attack children at soccer games, you’re either trying to make
    ALL conservative posters in here come off as morons, you are a moron,
    or you’re too immature to know the difference, and some wonder why
    we have a huge BULLYING problem, in America.. 😥


  • bg


    re; #175 December 7, 2012 at 12:25 pm bg

    re; TIMEBANDIT61 #171 December 7, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    sorry, meant to say Kudos..


  • At first I thought it was Scottie Pippen…….

  • SunnyR

    The Inmates are running the Asylum. The Chicago Grifters are running the White house. What else can you expect? These loons will keep spending money as long as the Taxpayers are stupid enough to keep sending it in to Washington.

  • Portia2708

    Maybe I just missed it, but I never read a word about the cost of the vacations or Spring Breaks for the Bush twins. These things are not relevant to anything vital to this nation. They are allowed to go on vacations and they can’t go without the Secret Service, etc. This kind of thing is why so many people are disgusted by ALL media.

  • Seen enough

    Dont mind BG, after she stopped being a libtard she became the expert on all things conservative all of a sudden. So just stfu and do like the former libtard tells you or earn her scorn.

  • Well… look at it this way… the more they fly, the more the odds go against them dodging a airliner crash.. Just saying…. the more opportunities you make, the survival rates begin to dwindle…

  • bg


    Seen enough #180 December 7, 2012 at 12:38 pm

    yes, attacking children because you hate the presidents
    policies is way out there isn’t it you moronic fly by troll..


  • bg


    correction re: #182 December 7, 2012 at 12:42 pm bg

    re: Seen enough #180 December 7, 2012 at 12:38 pm

    yes, attacking children because you hate the presidents
    policies isn’t way out there is it you moronic fly by troll..


  • AnimalFarm

    WOW, the entitlement. People are struggling over a 30 (or 40) year period to pay a mortgage that is $115k – hardly getting by, and will have paid in excess of $300k when they pay it off, if they don’t lose everything before that happens thanks to this same family’s foreign banker & corporate friends who actually rule this nation. Thanks, Obama Puppet – for letting us eat not cake, but SH-T and throwing it in our face. WTF does a 13 year old need a spring break for? I hope justice is one day served… hypocritical scum. This nation needs a new 1776…





  • Drop theHammer

    Why do I know that NBC News will not be reporting any of these figures on any of their news programming. Will we hear any of this from the prime time Obama pom-pom squad on BSNBC?

  • gaelle

    i hate how people say “they are costing us taxpayers”. do you think obama work for free? don’t you know that he gets paid for his job so do you think that with annual salary he can’t afford malia travel expenses? and do you not know that every first family have travel expenses money put aside for them? it is not a new thing so before you go shooting your mouths like headless chicken remember that her daddy doesn’t work for free. he is paid and with that pay can easily afford his daughters expenses

  • Greg

    Fiduciary responsibility is a Conservative virtue! It does not exist in this Administration!

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  • KN


    Thank you, your family, and your husband for being selfless and an excellent example of what people in this country SHOULD put first.

  • bg


    attack the ISSUE, not the KIDS.. else you are even worse than the
    prog-dem-libs, as conservatives are supposedly the ADULTS in the


  • Max

    Where was all this outrage when GWB was on vacation every other week. Oh, I forgot, it is okay for the government to underwrite the 1%. Wake up people, talking about the President’s children only makes you sound weak and pathetic.

  • Rooneyo

    The apperance of anyone here is not important but my question is–why can’t the president pay for his family expenses and vacations like the rest of us have to….that’s the issue. Perhaps if he did the expenses would be cut down..huh???

  • Pingback: Politicians Say, “More Taxes Will Solve Everything.” | The Harald Son()

  • bg


    Max #192 December 7, 2012 at 1:48 pm

    sorry, but that’s not a good comparison (not that comparisons should
    be made, as to each his own merits / demerits should be the protocol,
    different times, circumstances, and all that “in context” stuff), i mean..
    the Obama’s make the Bush’s appear to have been shut ins..


  • DarthEVaderCheney

    I’m getting tired of the rightwing buffoons whining and complaining about how much the Obamas, et al, are spending while in office! I hope they triple the amount of debt for their expenses and you good ‘ol people can just keep payin’ yer taxes! Nice election results, btw!!!

  • bg


    re: #195 December 7, 2012 at 3:03 pm bg

    btw: with the Obama’s it’s not the
    quantity, it’s the cost to you & me..

    who’s vacations cost US taxpayers more might be a better
    comparison, again, not that comparisons should be made..


  • dk

    Quick raise the taxes…… so more folks can spend some quality time in Mexico!! ya homie!!

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  • Ann Ominous

    Boy, why can’t everyone express themselves and get their points across like that bg….
    I mean….. take those last two comments (195 & 197).
    short, the point, ….concise, well upon further review, but….maybe not so much, but…. oh hell, forget it. bg’s are just as senseless as the rest of them.

  • bg


    Ann Ominous #200 December 7, 2012 at 4:42 pm

    yeah, you made sense.. 🙄


  • Chris Boyd

    It is just sad at how mean people can be when they are online. Anyone who would go after a child, ANY CHILD!!!!!, is a bottom feeder. The right lost because not enough of the American people wanted to live that way of life. Calling a child “Fugly” or any other name is not going to change that. Maybe you should try to include more people instead of going after childern. God you people are sick! But that is the best things about the internet, you can speak your mind and heart without a filter. It’s always good to know the truth of how many evil people live on the right.

  • DaneChile

    JW asked the wrong question. Should have asked “what was the total price to the taxpayers for tis trip?” I suspect we footed the bill for her schoolmates, also.

  • ShabbaRule

    Man I have never seen a sadder face. Maybe they should check into that..not good

  • I truly enjoyed your internet site. My mom and dad originate from Asian countries, however i came to be within The united states. This is actually the best region on this planet. I’m hoping we all keep it free. I have book-marked your web site to come back.

  • Ross

    Why are her looks brought up? Isn’t it about the money. Some of you should probably take a look in the mirror yourself. Actually wonder how many OB folks are making the comments. Reap what you sow.

  • Linda

    So Obama says steal from the rich to give to the poor…

    well looks to me like he’s been stealing a lot from the rich for HIMSELF AND HIS FAMILY!

    Guess he lied again!

  • Hong Tam

    What’s wrong with it. If you are the president of US, you do the same maybe more. Why didn’t you tell me how many billions of dollars are wasting to foreign countries that they consider US is their enemy?

  • Pops T

    Just Wait. When Obama’s kids get as old as the Bush Twins, Obama’s girls will make the Bush girls look like angles

  • juan

    Most of the negative comments are a full of *hit, most of us would have done the same thing given the circumstances. As a father i would have sent a seal team and 007 to protect my children. Its a reason most of us are only trusted to lead our households and most of the men do not even do that. Go and ask you wife can you reply, if you have one.


    When I was that age,I NEVER went on a Spring w/friends or by myself. Also, I couldn’t afford to take a SPRNG BREAK even as a College student. Besides being in debt,I did pay off every single penny that was borrowed.People shouldn’t comment about another’s appearance,becaue exspecially young people.They will take you seriously and end up committing suicide.Do YOU what this to happen to another Human Being ? ?

  • Martifr

    Like mother like daughter. Useless parasites.

  • mike

    Hope and change a vacation the 1% would love!

  • k williams

    1,055,677 of taxpayer Dollars spend on vacations is a little much. And they are wanting more money .

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  • hockey

    You cant take give me you owe me whitie out of the ghetto trash

  • brenda franklin

    She is beautiful.

  • Pingback: Obama’s Daughter Spent $115,0000 on vacation | OMG! Ghana()

  • vladius852

    Well as you can read, This is being blown way out but on good points. While the trip and expenditures were costly since ANY Presidents child’s trip would be!!! The Masses are correct in a show of more conservative and less taxpayer cost for the Secret Service detail would have been good. However , she IS The presidents daughter PERIOD. be it bushs-clintons-reagans, doesn’t matter. If the entire country felt the way you bash the President-Romney and his wife would be thinking of how they can change and REVAMP the white house -change the china etc. I agree with the complaint of costs during this time period of the economy. I do NOT agree with the bashing and defamation of character against a child simply because you don’t like the black man president you ELECTED twice! if you wish to bash -then Along with THIS story, send more on all the rest of the abuse of taxpayer money NOT JUST HIS. Fight to stop waste in all areas.
    This is an Opinion and protected under American Law. any and all parties who are cussing and hating over my defense and/or agreement need to remember OUR rights apply to
    ALL LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS…Black or white or redman or Latino etc. President-to garbage truck thrower…
    Thank you and have a Great Day!

  • Byron DelSalvio

    There is so much they could’ve done to set a good example, to inspire young and/or underpriv. kids (black kids!)

    Why the point that it could have been BLACK KIDS? It could have set an example for and/or inspired WHITE KIDS too you typical racist!

  • anna

    LOL— she has no black friends. Even though her father is the first “black” president.

  • jose


  • Pingback: Obama’s Daughter Spent $115,0000 on vacation |

  • MSS

    Jennifer H Henderson , Before you label something B. S. you might want to check the credentials of the people you are bad mouthing , it does draw attention to your own ignorance ( lack of knowledge)!

  • MSS

    Jennifer H. Henderson , Before you label something B. S. you might want to check the credentials of the people you are bad mouthing , it does draw attention to your own ignorance ( lack of knowledge)!

  • When we were kids and the school wanted to go on a field trip, we had to sell candy bars door-to-door till we raised enough to go. I think they should do the same…let the kid sell candy bars and greeting cards till every penny is paid back!

  • Harvey D

    If you ask why, you get the proverbial, “because we can!”
    Power corrupts absolutely. Law of the jungle.
    Obama is bi-racial. Not the first “black” president. Michelle has the mandibles of Marlon Brando in the Godfather. No one is perfect.
    Regardless of the obvious, everyone is so smitten with the first family its ridiculous. Romney is no angel either.

  • FU

    Ahhhh-The nyggers are training their little niggets quite welll these days……

  • bunky

    Does she not have any black friends? What’s up with all the white girl’s????

  • Charles Schisler

    The $115 K is ridiculously low, people! Besides the hard costs itemized, where is the mention of the earnings of the 25-man Secret Service team, with doubtless piles of overtime pay, including setup and breakdown personnel, government concierge efforts, planning and execution costs, etc? Know and believe that if we are informed of 0.15 million dollars of government waste and flagrancy, the ACTUAL total for just that occurrence is from 10 to 100 times more than stated- BE REAL, you ninnies!

  • jazzdrummer

    I notice there are no black kids in the pics other than the skinny beast child of the Obozos.

  • squeakasaurus

    Why on Earth do we provide the First Family with access to Camp David if we also have to pay for them to vacation all over the globe? And for the record, NO 13 yr old child needs to travel to Mexico. Spoiled.

  • I can’t believe how many people poke fun of a young girls looks. She is already beautiful in the eyes of God, and he is the only being that counts, and the only one she needs to please. Any negative comments here belong to the parents and their flaunting how frivoulous they are in blowing away hard earned taxpayer money. Sock to them and their arrogance all you like, but please leave the children off the hit list. Have a blessed day…

  • oseJ

    That’s the most white people I’ve seen in a picture taken in Mexico.

  • Mark Fletcher

    Wow. You people are absolutely horrible. So completely ignorant. Talking about this little girls looks – and you’re grown ups. I KNOW you are ugly. I can tell. Ugliness just dripping off of your fat arses. I can tell exactly what kind of people most of you are. It shows in ways you don’t even recognize. The White people lost the Country not because it was taken from them, but because they mismanaged it. Plain and simple. You know it, but can’t bear to admit it. You people forgot to educate your children. Forgot to hear God’s words. Forgot to take care of yourselves. Forgot to go to the dentist. You deserve what is coming. Face it. Head on.