Lib Professor Blames Mass Shootings on “White Male Privilege”

Cho Seung-hui, a 23-year-old senior, arrived in the United States as a boy from South Korea in 1992. He murdered 33 fellow students at Virginia Tech in 2007.

Lib professor Hugo Schwyzer, who teaches history and gender studies at Pasadena City College, blames mass shootings on “white male privilege.”
EAG News reported:

Some opinions only get attention because they come from people with advanced degrees who make their living on the taxpayer dime. That’s certainly the case for Hugo Schwyzer, a history and gender studies professor at Pasadena City College.

He has a history of blaming white men for most of the mass killings that take place in the United States. Friday’s tragic shootings in Newtown, Connecticut gave him a great opportunity to spout his nonsense once again.

Less than 40 minutes after the events – while (woefully inaccurate) news was still breaking – he tweeted, “MEN committing acts of Mass Violence is an epidemic that the U.S. needs to immediately address!”

About 16 minutes later, he re-tweeted a statement that came from his children’s pediatrician: “If there is anybody on Twitter who thinks we do not need gun control, go f**k yourselves.”

Minutes later Schwyzer tweeted, “F**k You, Guns…”

What a professional way for an esteemed professor to express himself – like a drunken sailor on shore leave or a two-bit punk on a street corner…

… Back in July, just after the movie theater shootings in Colorado, he wrote:

“Are white men particularly prone to carrying out the all-too-familiar mass killings of which last week’s Aurora shooting is just the latest iteration? Is there something about the white, male, middle-class experience that makes it easier for troubled young men to turn schools and movie theaters into killing fields? In a word, yes.”

More at EAG News.

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  • ★FALCON★

    Black males are seven percent of the entire population of the US. Yet, they commit seventy percent of all gun related homicides.

  • Pink Tie Republican

    I agree with the esteemed Professor, and they need to do something about all those white men killing brothahs and sistahs in Chicago every weekend.

  • vityas

    Hassan Nidal.

  • gastorgrab

    How many white males live on south side of Chicago?

    A mass shooting happens there every weekend.

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  • bear

    The next time I see a white guy walking toward me I’m gonna run away.

    The thugs in Chicago are terrified of white guys, so they shoot each other?

    Who’da thought it?

  • Adirondack Patriot

    Was liberal professor Amy Bishop a white male when she shot up the University of Alabama in 2010?

    How about Asian Wayne Lo when he shot up Simon’s Rock College in Vermont in 1992?

    How about African American John Muhammed in Virginia?

    The REAL mental retards are the liberals.

  • gastorgrab

    I find it particularly enlightening that the prominent liberals who are calling for death threats over the school shooting in CT, weren’t concerned until recently.

    I suspect that they are all racist. They didn’t care that for years, a mountain of black bodies piled up in the liberal inner cities of this nation.

    Are they expendable? Are they just cannon fodder in your quest for ‘Racial Collectivism’?

  • valerie

    There are people with real experience, and real thoughtful analysis.

    Don’t stop with the article, see the long comments from people with other, highly relevant experience.

  • Rachelle

    Just what is wrong with colleges that they hire loons like this?

    A university education costs a fortune and then when you arrive in class a complete fool like this is at the podium.

  • gastorgrab

    “Hassan Nidal.”


    Is this proof that Islam is a mental illness? (like liberalism)

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  • Warren Bonesteel

    I think there’s a reason the lefties keep saying the things they’ve said since the election.

    From their perspective, they think their ‘Long March’ through our institutions is almost over.

    They think they’ve won.

    The only institutions in D.C. they don’t control are the House and The Supremes…and they have both on a leash. All they need now is a ‘national emergency, ‘ declare martial law…and then take advantage of several laws and Executive Orders put into place over the last decade or two. It’d be nice for them if they could cripple The Second Amendment and take the House and/or The Supreme Court, but that isn’t necessary. Now, they just need the right circumstances. A school shooting? A national disaster? An economic collapse?

    I think they’ve fallen into strategic over-reach, myself. They began their ‘end game’ about ten years too soon.

    Their problem is, there’s two minutes left in the game and they’re only ahead by two touchdowns…and they’ve already started celebrating their win. …but they are ahead.

  • NoResolution

    433 homicides in Chicago alone this year, yet the MSM are silent about gun control, but let a white man shoot up a school and they yell for gun control and Obamessiah their leader comes out swinging and politicizing it at NewTown. Where was he for the victims in his place of residence MurderTown, USA of Chicago.

    In this article it is claimed he talked about it. Really? When? If he had, the propaganda media would have talked about it. He must have talked about it in his mind.

  • Jet Jaguar

    #6 December 18, 2012 at 9:42 am
    bear commented:

    The next time I see a white guy walking toward me I’m gonna run away.

    spew… choke… gasp…. guffaw!!!!

  • valerie

    I wonder if this idiot professor bothered to listen to Darrell Scott, the father of Rachel Scott, a victim of the Columbine High School shootings in Littleton, Colorado, when he was just was invited to address the House Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee.

    h/t Logan, whose article was posted in response to this pathetic nonsense.

  • Andrew X

    “Hugo Schwyzer, a history and gender studies professor….”

    Can’t you pretty much stop the sentence right there, and move on to the next post?

    I certainly can, and I certainly will.

  • Granny

    I have an idea . . . why don’t we just round up every white male in the USA and then kill them all preemptively. THAT should solve the problem of “white male privilege” causing so many problems, shouldn’t it?

    /sarc for those who don’t get it

  • valerie

    Hugo Schwyzer, a history and gender studies professor at Pasadena City College, is obviously incompetent and should be fired from his teaching position. People who speak foolishly out of prejudice and malice have no place in our school system, even at the college level.

    There are people in this country who have been studying the problem of extreme violence against the innocent, and who speak from both research, experience, and thoughtful analysis.

    Here’s one.

    Mr. David Kopel is research director of the Independence Institute and co-author of the law school textbook, “Firearms Law and the Second Amendment” (Aspen, 2012).

  • Ruebacca

    Anglo-Saxons should wear a symbol on there cloths so others can identify them and stay away.

  • tj

    Aside from the good professor’s statements not being supported by facts/data…

    If you want to look to cultural causes of gun related violence..

    * Taking Christian morals out of schools should be at the top of the list..

    * EEO – where white men learn they cannot get a fair deal in the US.. some take it into their own hands (no one talks about the EEO backlash.. and unintended consequences)

    * Weakening of Marriage – unwed mothers/divorce.. how many of the killers come from homes like that?

    If you think Christian white men are such a problem.. take a look at Africa.. SE Asia.. China..Muslim countries…

  • Any opinion this male-feminist nut-job writes should not be taken serious…..This guy once admitted to raping a woman,and trying to gas his ex-girlfriend, he preyed on his young students… …

  • Jesusland

    I suspect that if you look at the total number of gun related murders in America, most of them are at the hands of black males.

  • Hippies Still Smell

    “MEN committing acts of Mass Violence is an epidemic”

    Cluebat to Wacademic: Meet Brenda Ann Spencer: (born April 3, 1962) is an American convicted murderess who, at the age of 16, carried out a shooting spree from her home in San Diego, California, on January 29, 1979. During the shooting spree, she killed two people and injured nine others at Cleveland Elementary School, which was located across the street from her home. Spencer showed no remorse for her crime, and her full explanation for her actions was “I don’t like Mondays; this livens up the day.”

    Her explanation inspired the song “I Don’t Like Mondays”, by the Irish New Wave band The Boomtown Rats, which was a number-one single in the United Kingdom for four weeks in mid-1979.

  • All_IS_LOST

    I don’t mind that. As I see it middle to upper class white males have been doing these mass shootings so focus on them.

    Now can we stop strip searching 4 year old white girls and grandmas at the airport and focus on Mid-easterners? In crack neighborhoods can we focus on those that look like crack dealers, even if that means the majority are black?

  • dw dude

    gender studies? is he trying to figure out what he is?

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  • Libtards Lie

    Guess he forgot all about the 20+ murders every week in Chicago alone that are done by black males.

    Again, its liberal neurosis tranference on display.

  • FMB42

    Rachelle said:
    “A university education costs a fortune and then when you arrive in class a complete fool like this is at the podium.”

    A few years ago my wife and I watched a TV program that showcased a public high school class “in action”.

    The students were entering the classroom when we noticed a very slouchy and shabbily dressed male individual among them (his hair was very greasy looking). I mentioned to my wife that I was surprised that some students were still going with “grunge look.”

    We were both very surprised, and disgusted, when we realized that this “homeless” looking individual was actually the teacher…

    However, I will add that the vast majority of my teachers and college “professors” were well dressed and professional in every way. But then again, this was decades ago.

  • dan

    We should stop all government handouts to such colleges….reverse racism…dan

  • Tom of the Missouri

    For those that can’t remember because the main stream media and Obama seem to have completely forgotten, the Hassan Nidal that vityas above is helpfully referring to is the non-white Muslim guy that committed mass murder at Fort Hood on November 5th, 2009 during the 1st Obama administration. Here is his story that the MSM and Obama forgot: This mass shooting of course does not count because the Obama Administration considers it a simple case of “workplace violence”. As a footnote, the soldiers killed were unarmed because they too were in an incredulous “gun free zone” because their politically correct higher ups think they are not to be trusted with weapons in a place like a cafeteria on an Army base. Had they of course been armed the overwhelmingly plentiful shooting skill in the room would have greatly diminished the tragedy.

  • TrickyDick

    The guys a moron and should be fired.

  • Bigkahuna
  • Latin2

    Jacob Tyler Roberts, Nidal Hassan and One L. Goh were not white. He is a terrible history teacher if he is getting history wrong.

    The shooter in So. California mall parking lot was not white…he was Latino.

  • Toa

    #10- Rachelle:
    The reason colleges hire this kind is that they are almost invariably RUN by this kind.
    Here’s his website; this guy is- shall we say, out there…

  • Sandy

    So some jerk blames the shooting won White Male Priviledge. If anything white males have been squeezed out of jobs by talented females and people of color. The metrosexual or unisexual has replaced the he-man and the father as the head of the family is almost extinct. Women have shown that they can have their babies without a male presence. No wonder men are unsure of their roles. Therefore enormous rage has replaced the need to take care of their woman.

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  • BurmaShave

    Hugo Schwyzer – uh oh, could be another mental case.

  • BurmaShave

    #10 Rachelle commented:

    Just what is wrong with colleges that they hire loons like this?

    A university education costs a fortune and then when you arrive in class a complete fool like this is at the podium.


    This phenomenon is called self-selection. It is very prevalent in the media as well.

  • Nate Higgers

    “The next time I see a white guy walking toward me I’m gonna run away.”

    If it’s someone like me, you better damn well run your @$$ off…I just look for a reason to kill a worthless n1gger daily. Please, please, PLEASE chimp out on me….

  • Joanne

    Maybe affirmative action is driving white males bonkers. Maybe giving preferential treatment to dumbies over white males who achieve higher scores is driving them mad or maybe white males are just better at everything – disturbing.

  • this attitude is endemic in liberal america. the left hates the white male because the only thing that stood between the communist and world wide domination was the white american. the left has been waging war on white males for forty years; the colonization program to make whites a minority, racial and sexual discrimination in employment and education, and a non stop slandering of white men in the media, entertainment, and sports(espn). pay attention to how many things you are told you can’t do by the media if you are a white male; sing, dance, run, jump, sex, and on and on.

  • bear


    Apparently you are too silly to see the sarc. Too bad for you. Try your loony threats sotto voce in S. Chi-town.