Spoken like a true leftist.
Kirstin Powers was on America Live today to discuss blowhard Bob Costas and the Jovan Belcher murder suicide case. Towards the end of the segment Powers said this,

“Why did he have a gun?… I don’t think he should have had a gun.”

Why did Jovan have a gun?
Because it is a right in this country, Kirstin.




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  1. Can’t a black man have a gun in this country? Kinda racist thought no? But if it is not the guns fault, it must be Sandy related (imagine if he was a jet or giant and his house was damaged?) or we always have the default position of Buuuuush’s fault. Psst. maybe we should look at fast and furious, where gov’t willingly gave guns to the ‘bad’ guys.

  2. What, she didn’t know that there was no such thing as murder before the gun was invented?
    And the groundskeeper who hung himself at the brown’s stadium. Maybe ropes should be banned.

  3. I don’t think this ignorant bitch ought to have a job either but that’s just my opinion. She needs to STFU! There’s nothing stopping this moron from packing her bags and leaving this country. Hit the bricks….please!

  4. People were murdered last week in Wyoming with a bow and arrow.

    How many stabbings occur each year?

    Should we outlaw bows and arrows and knives too?

    How many people die in car accidents? Outlaw cars too?

    If Jovan did nt have a gun, he would have killed his girlfriend in another way, he was sick in the head, a gun law won’t change that.

  5. Welcome to our http://www.NewNation.org

  6. Thank God he didn’t burn her to death, it would be a real pain in the arse if the leftards wanted to ban fire.

  7. Kirstin Powers is on FOX because of her looks, not because of her smarts or common sense.

    Jovan Belcher was 250 pounds of solid muscle – he could have killed his small girlfriend in many ways.

  8. Choking on gnats while they swallow the camel.

    Meanwhile, MSM blackout of Social Security Building IED bombing continues.

    FBI is saying very little and and will prosecute Abdullatif Aldosary for simple explosives and arson charges because of “the political sensitivities involved.”

  9. Never Waste A Good Crisis

  10. What’s so unusual about an irate black man killing his girlfriend? Happens in the urban ghettos of America about thirty times a day. And then the good reverend and his flock of dolts will call for a march to stop the violence.

    Someone wake me when blacks aren’t killing blacks.

  11. Listen up idiots.

    If he had not had a gun she would not have been shot. Period.

    That is the point.

  12. UGH – I am so tired of this woman.

  13. ++

    hey Kirsten, where there’s a will, there’s a way..

    ergo, sooner or later, he would have most likely used someone else’s
    gun, and not only that, but in all probability, it could have been worse..

    but that’s jmho..


  14. THANK YOU for posting this! We have the Bob Costas SNF “Rant” posted now on CC…


  15. “Why did he have a gun?… I don’t think he should have had a gun.”

    This is, without a doubt, Monday morning quarterbacking.

  16. A black shouldn’t have a gun, just because? Isn’t that. . . R A A A A C I S T!!!!!!!

  17. If he had not had a gun she would not have been shot. Period.

    She could have been offed in a different manner, Idiot. Of what difference is the method of the crime?

  18. Hey Kristin,

    If someone breaks into your home, and he’s carrying a knife out in the open, would you rather have a cell phone in your hand to call 911, or would you rather have a loaded 38 snub nose in your hand?

  19. jharp #12 December 3, 2012 at 2:35 pm

    Listen up idiot.

    If he had not had a girl friend she would not have been shot. Period.


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