Lib Ben Affleck May Run For John Kerry’s Seat

Hollywood liberal Ben Affleck supported fake Indian and socialist Elizabeth Warren in the election this year.

Now he wants to join her in Washington.

Far left actor Ben Affleck is considering a run for John Kerry’s Senate seat.
Big Hollywood reported:

According to CBS reporter Jon Keller, actor-director Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt, aka Ben Affleck, a longtime liberal and devotee of anti-American author Howard Zinn, is considering running for John Kerry’s open Senate seat in Massachusetts. Writes Keller:

Go ahead and laugh if you want to, but keep in mind, anyone who’s over 30, a citizen, and able to get 10,000 certified signatures can enter this race.

And you don’t even have to be a legal resident of Massachusetts until Election Day.

With Ashley Judd considering a run for Senate in Kentucky and Al Franken already in the Senate from Minnesota, the Senate could become a film festival in the near future.

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  • Patty

    Why is it that these Hollywood actors feel so empowered. They have the money and publicity. Shameful reason but they just have to get their liberal agenda out there. And now, floating around is one of the most left wing nuts or another one Judd, Ashley Judd recently went to College so she would have something besides Failed Acting under her belt.


    Sarah Palin falls under video attack by Ashley Judd over aerial hunt program

    Can you imagine an America with them in Washington.

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  • Nelle

    Great. There are probably enough stupid people to elect him. But first, did he finish high school? I know it’s not a requirement, but if we made it one, it would keep most actors out of office.

  • Restless

    I’m sure he’ll be just as competent as Al Franken.

  • Time

    Oh just wonderful. We will have another actor, fake politician in the people’s house. He will blend in just fine. He will cry on que, and act his plot well. I am just dam fed up with all this junk. How these Hollyweirdos with their hatred for the constitution can push their way and pay their way into seats in Washingon. If you have the money and the push, pull, your guaranteed to get your foot in the door. Winning anything on merit, honesty, integrity and truth is not worth squat in this nation. As long as you have money and connections your in.. Dam tired of the whole game of cards. The deck is stacked against us and we Americans are All In..

  • Why not congress has become a joke anymore….they have no power under this marxist’s regime any how……..T

  • Mad Hatter

    The DNC members that contacted him to run the idea past him, are showing that the Democrats don’t have any up and coming members in the State Houses that can win a Senate. Ashley Judd is considering running for the Senate seat in Kentucky.

    It’s safe to say that the DNC is going to the “1%” in order to attempt to win Senate seats.

  • Patty

    Anyone with a lick of sense will never vote for Affleck. But I said that in this past elections.

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  • DomesticGoddess

    The egos of these useful idiots know no bounds. Let’s see – their platforms are global warming, gay marriage, animal rights, and free tickets to their movies.

  • Joe Blow

    If he runs he will win. The American people are stupid in the age of “American Idol”. Affleck and his buddy Matt Damon were tutored by a far left guy Howard Zinn. Zinn died in 2010 and is listed as an academic and historian, but was very far left, some thought he was a communist. Affleck should fit right in in Washington.

  • ★FALCON★

    Might as well be Afleck – that way we’re not subjected to his terrible new movies while he’s a delusional Senator. Let’s face it – anyone from Massachusetts is gong to be as off the rails as Afleck, so it might as well be him.

    Plus, I want to hear the reports about how bored he is 6 days after he takes the oath.

    I want to hear the bitching and complaining about how he’s stuck in Washington and there’s no real friends and he’s lonely.

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  • SeniorD

    No big worries. Kerry’s “Far Left Senate Seat” won’t be leaving the reservation. Affleck will make sure of that. Massachusetts’ dalliance with a Hamiltonian Senator is over and the Marxists and the Irish Mob are back in the cat bird seat.

  • aprilnovember811

    He has such an inflated opinion of himself.

  • buffy

    ahaha…one word. Gigli. Worst movie ever made next to Heavens Gate. Male lead…Affleck. Check it out but warning. Have barf bag ready. But hey, given the tastes or lack thereof of the MA crowd they’ll probably love him.

  • FMB42

    Political aspirations require high levels of the personal desire for public adoration, easy wealth, and power.

    Most actors already possess the first two desires.

    Many actors and politicians also share the desire of fooling the general public into thinking they’re something that they are not (just look at that SON Arenee).

  • Economan

    This administration is a circus that keeps recruiting even more clowns.

  • Bob

    Only in Massachusetts can you have this type of unqualified representation of the people. You had a murdered (Ted Kennedy) that is treated like a founding father of America. Lizzie the Liar Warren fraudulently captured the Senate seat.
    Enjoy it Massachusetts and keep all of your politicians agendas to your state.

  • what?

    Ronald Reagan was an actor.

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    If you can sing and dance, act or tell jokes you’re a natural for political office with the benighted class.

  • xiphos

    When I read that Ben Affleck May Run For John Kerry’s Seat, I thought that would be a Barney Frank move. My mistake.

  • greenfairie

    Maybe he’ll get Kevin Smith to be his spokesman.

  • AuntieMadder

    Hey. The guy’s gotta’ do something for a living. He sure as hell can’t act.

  • AuntieMadder

    @ greenfairie #24: LOL! I’d listen to that spokesperson.

  • jb books

    He is apparently confusing popularity for capability. His would be constituents will too. Fail

  • bigL

    Six years of no roles? We could be lucky!

  • i think he is as qualified as kerry. if he isn’t he can always lie about his qualifications, voters in mass think very highly of that.

  • NoResolution

    Ben AffLib please quit talking and acting. Along with your friend Mat Damoncrat.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    After the wannabe Commie and fake Indian managed to win there, there is really no reason to give a sh-t what happens in Massachusetts.

  • Highlander

    Congress is a kangaroo court anyway. Might as well fill it up with actors …

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  • Captain Kirk

    They need to quit labeling themselves as liberal. Nothing but fake liberals. Time to call them commies or socialists.

  • YourMaster

    if he runs I doubt he’ll win.

    one reason…

    Jennifer Lopez will destroy his political career and reputation.

    that’s all the GOP has to unleash on him.

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  • Bruce

    Wasn’t there an actor that ran for presidency once? What was his name?….. oh. Oh, yeah! It was Ricky… Robert… Ronny… oh, now I have it. Ronald Reagan! That’s right!

    Hey, actors are people too… and you people may forget that tinseltown is a business, and to become a famous actor you have to be smart and have a good understanding of business, finance, life…. you may hate him because you’re jealous of his finances, or because he’s liberal and you’re not (I’m not)… but that doesn’t make him incapable of performing well in the legislate. Our government is for the people, by the people – and he is “people” too. As much as anyone in our government. Who cares if he’s an actor considering senate… it’s not like he’s Alec Baldwin! America!

  • CarolO

    That’s what they said about Ronald Regan.

  • CarolO

    And Arnold Swart-a-what’s-his-face.

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