Leftist Idiots Barricade Themselves Inside Keystone XL Pipe in Texas

Two liberal idiots barricaded themselves inside the Keystone XL Pipe in Texas this morning.

It looks like a good time for a flow test.

They were later arrested.

Using a blockading technique never implemented before, Matt Almonte and Glen Collins locked themselves between two barrels of concrete weighing over six hundred pounds each. Located twenty-five feet into a pipe segment waiting to be laid in the ground, the outer barrel is barricading the pipe’s opening and neither barrel can be moved without risking serious injury to the blockaders. Tar Sands Blockade

Liberals want to see the US import expensive oil from unfriendly nations who exploit the environment.

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  • Tom in CA

    Whoever was storing these pipes should have just started throwing their garbage, dead skunks, old dirty diapers in there just to be hospitable.

  • Ripped

    Stunts like this should answer anyone’s question as to how an idiot like 0bama was re-elected?

  • valerie

    Texans don’t take kindly to criminal trespass. I hope they are creative about getting rid of the varmints.

  • forest

    Roll it away and use another section of pipe until those spoiled suburban kids get hungry.

    I’d say roll it down the hill, but too many legal hassles. Just bypass them until they go away.

  • CR

    Just pound on the pipe with sledgehammers until their ears bleed, then do it some more.

  • srdem65

    It’s going to get pretty stinky in there after a few days.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Located twenty-five feet into a pipe segment waiting to be laid in the ground,…

    If I were the construction outfit, I’d have welded steel eyes to the pipe at each end, then attach it to a crane and lifted it to a height of fifty feet in the air and let it sit undisturbed until these “protestors” work out their mental problems.

  • Joe Berk

    A couple rolls of duct tape, applied properly, they will want out. Call their bluff. Just sayin’….

  • Another Bob

    I wonder how these idiots got to the pipeline?

  • Jill

    I say let a skunk in each end and see what they do.

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  • Leave them there until they starve and their corpses rot then drag the remains out with a hook. The time for concern over this sort of human life has passed.

  • bg


    oops, that is going to make Susan Rice
    awfully mad, ergo hat will Obama do?? 😯

    oh yeah, a bit more of much more here..


  • Remco Kimber

    As Lawrence Welk would happily declare, “Turn on the bubble machine!”

    In this case, let the hot oil start flowing/

  • Rainmom

    nice pics at the site.
    the picture at the top of the linked page is of a tree house built by my nephew on his property- property that was taken illegally via eminent domain. it would’ve been nice
    if my nephew had been paid for his entire property instead of for a slice cut right
    out of the middle, diminishing it’s value.
    and, who cares that the product will be refined in tax-free zones and 2/3 of it made into
    diesel fuel shipped to the orient because it’s more profitable?
    when my nephew first talked to me about this, i told him this was a cause that conservatives could get behind because it’s a property rights issue. that was a mistake.
    conservatives don’t care about individual property rights any more than liberals do.

  • bg
  • Send in four or five hungry hyenas, seal it up, go for a few beers and return in a couple hours. May want to install some cameras to record the fun.

  • Send in a half dozen hungry hyenas, seal it up, go have a couple beers and return to let out the hyenas. Also, install cameras first to record the fun.

  • luckyone

    Board it up, use a fire hose, or smoke them out.

  • Leonard

    Just seal the idiots in and keep going. Nothing lost anyways.

  • I do care about our enviroment, but these 2 clowns have the priorities mixed up. I want a clean enviroment too, but we don’t have the technology at this time. I guess you can’t fix stupid!

  • Winston Wolfe

    Look! It’s JHarp!

  • myohmy

    Environmental wackos are funded by the arabs. If they are truly passionate about the environment why are they still driving cars?

  • bg


    re: #14 December 3, 2012 at 4:47 pm bg

    i know Trumka is feigning madness, and albeit for
    other reason, i suspect Boehner is mad too.. 😡

    not to mention the rest of the crooks of all stripes
    in what used to be the 3 branches of the US Gov.. 🙁

    power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely

    and i still hold the info in here as being one of
    the main keys as to what is happening today..


  • Buffalobob

    The questions are, is the pipe more comfortable than their Mother’s basement, will they be trespassed and arrested and jailed if they violate the order? Will judges ever put these people in jail and make them pay for damages and disruption?

  • bg


    re: #25 December 3, 2012 at 5:08 pm bg

    a more direct link..


  • bg


    i am confused, i thought it was the conservatives against the Pipeline under Bush..

    at any rate.. THE FOLLOWING IS A SURPRISE ME, as i could swear the
    MSM et al were tearing George to pieces over the pipeline, go fig.. /s/

    The Keystone XL pipeline, recently approved by the US State Department
    and awaiting President Obama’s declaration that it is in the “national
    interest,” will carry oil that is too dirty for the US government to buy
    under legislation signed by George W. Bush!


  • Economan

    I say throw in a cottonmouth in one end and seal that end. I’m sure they’ll find a key to their chains really quick and scamper out the other end.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Send a stink bomb or two in there and taze em as they stagger out.


    Why even give them attention??? seal it up!!! what people in the pipe? you’re nuts, I Didn’t hear anything!!



  • Exile1981

    Duct tape the ends to ensure no worker harasses those idiots. Then use a different pipe. show that they didn’t even inconvenience you.

  • Rainmom

    re: #28
    thank you, bg!

  • SeniorD

    Raw crude oil is highly toxic. Just saying.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Perform a flow test – Problem solved.

  • SeniorD

    Even better, the pipe IS supposed to be buried, right? Just install the pipe section as planned, no more protesters. Message sent and received by all concerned – actions have consequences – the stupider the action – the greater the consequence.

  • bg


    Few Americans are ever likely to see George
    W. Bush’s greatest environmental legacy ….

    [Bush’s action was the most sweeping use of the Antiquities Act
    since this somewhat obscure but highly effective conservation
    law was enacted in 1906.]

    Report Shows Air Quality Improved During Bush Administration

    [President George W. Bush drew the ire of environmental groups throughout his eight years in the White House, perhaps the loudest in 2003 when he announced that he would end a Clean Air Act program that required older power plants, refineries and industrial sites to install pollution control devices when they expanded their operations.

    But in looking over the data on air quality from the Bush years, Hayward notes that levels of most air pollutants decreased at a faster rate than they did during the Clinton administration.

    “Mostly of it’s technological change. Quite a bit of it’s been forced by regulation, but a lot of it has been the marketplace,” Hayward said. “The EPA has models that project an 80 percent decline in auto emissions. Nothing Bush could have done was going to change that.”]

    re: Kyoto

    [Putting on a climate-friendly face

    When Al Gore and Bill Clinton came to Kyoto to take part in the negotiations, they had already given up hope of achieving an agreement that would be acceptable to the Senate, according to the researchers. Gore, who led the negotiations for the Americans, knew that he would not be able to get the minimum 67 of the 100 senators needed to support ratification.

    “Instead Gore and Clinton set out to negotiate an agreement that would give the administration a climate-friendly face. They succeeded, but the agreement was so unappealing to the US legislators that the president and vice president did not even send it to the Senate for deliberation when they came home. That was how certain they were it would not be accepted,” Dr Hovi explains.

    According to some US delegates to Kyoto, the US negotiators believed it was possible to get the Senate’s support for an agreement that committed the US to a zero per cent increase in emissions from 1990 to 2012. But when Al Gore arrived at the table, he said the US had to give more, and consequently the delegation ended up committing the Americans to a seven per cent reduction in emissions. Gore knew that US legislators would not accept this since the Senate had just unanimously approved a resolution that went in the opposite direction.]

    re: #28 December 3, 2012 at 5:20 pm bg



  • bg


    Rainmom #34 December 3, 2012 at 5:51 pm



  • bg


    the evidence points to Bush having done more for the environment
    than Gore & Obama combined, and they haven’t even begun bilking
    US fools yet.. 🙁


  • owl

    #16……………Interested in hearing more about the eminent domain. My first instinct was to attack because I am sick to death of the ‘treehuggers’ who starve farmers out of water, etc.

    Taking the land without making the owners happy is another story. I HATE that and I am a Texan. They crawl in a pipe in TX, they are coming out and going directly to jail. Pronto and not next week.

    As I said, I have zero tolerance for the enviros but also, zero tolerance for that law that steals. I wanted that group to take the Supreme’s house under ED. That would have been justice. Eminent Domain is nothing but a license to steal in many cases. Legal theft and they can pretty it up all they want, it is still legal theft.

  • serfer62

    Just wait…costly yet wonderful.

  • Ceroth

    In the middle of the night, when they’re trying to sleep, have someone bang on the pipe for a while.

  • The Central Scrutinizer

    2 word solution = German Shepard

  • Desiree

    Arrest them for trespassing, give them a fine and ship them back north where they can sit around all day and not work, somewhere else!!!

  • kato

    Twenty years in jail will probably suit these two cretins just fine.

  • bg


    The Central Scrutinizer #44 December 3, 2012 at 6:52 pm

    pit bull.. 😆


  • Jon

    Just weld their section right into the pipeline. Let them go into the ground with it.

  • bg


    UPDATE: 10:40 am – Police threaten to
    lift pipe and dump out Glen and Matt 😆

    UPDATE: 5:30 pm – Police pulled so hard
    on the barrel that one of the chains broke

    Update from Glen in jail: the blockaders did not unlock voluntarily.
    Police pulled so hard on the barrel that the chain on his wrist broke.
    Glen doesn’t think anything is broken, but the extent of his injuries
    has not yet been determined.


  • Militant Conservative

    Brother is a welder. You cut the end of it hoist it outta the way. continue on, billing the

    trespassers for the work slowdown. easy, minor problem.

    Ya wanna be fun just weld both ends shut cept for breathing slits.

    Still gets aweful hot in Texas in the summer.

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  • Missy8s

    There’s a simple way to deal with these stupid children, paraffin and wet green pine bark, light it on fire at both ends of the pipe…

    They will leave…

  • msr

    I think a flame-thrower would have cleared them out.

  • Joe Blow

    Dump out a bag of rattle snakes after you pitch in some mice.

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  • Rose

    Time for Soap sticks.

  • Rose

    Dims will think it is a treat. They’ll ask for more.

  • Pleasent Peony

    Repeat after me: F.I.R.E. H.O.S.E

    Yup, looks like it’s time to flush the system and move a few turds down the line.

  • dwdude

    just gas them and light it on fire

  • Highlander

    I would have given them one warning to exit the pipe, and then if they refused, simply weld it in place, and move on … if they choose to crawl on out before it fills with oil, fine, otherwise, let ’em drown.

  • Chundog

    2 words…Pit bull.

  • keeping the united states dependent on middle east oil is very important to the left. the rise of muslim power and extremism is directly linked to the world’s dependence on their oil.

  • Nick

    Place some high carb high fat food next to them, release Honey Boo Boo down wind, once that nasty creature locks in on scent she will enter the pipe and drive the other morons out in short order.

  • 18Delta

    Just get a crane, stand the pipe up on its end and let them get themselves out. I imagine it would be too high for their fellow whack jobs to get food and water in to them and it would get pretty messy at the bottom there with all their human waste. Let em stew in their own juices so to speak.

  • Neo

    Just purge the pipe with nitrogen or propane

  • Paul in N. AL

    Just seal them in, they’ll be trying to claw their way out in a while. Either that or bring in a nice animal to coax them out like a bear or something.

  • thegoldman

    Those people are a disgrace !

    They should of been laying pipe instead of looking inside for vermin…

  • Callie369

    No one ever claimed Dumbamabots had any brains! I agree……….remove that section and set it aside. eventually the idiots will have to come out, and should be arrested on the spot. There shoudl be quite a few charges that can be pressed against them…….enough to keep them in prison for a