Laura Ingraham: Sources Say Paul Ryan to Replace John Boehner as Speaker (Video)

There are rumblings in the House that several Republicans are contemplating a plan to unseat Speaker John Boehner.
Breitbart has an exclusive report on this development.

And, guess whose name keeps popping up?
Laura Ingraham says her sources told her there is a movement to replace John Boehner with Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House.
Via The O’Reilly Factor:

Republicans will vote for Speaker on January 3.

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  • PP206

    The GOP establishment trying to put lipstick on a pig. If I wanted a career Republican Speaker, I wouldn’t have voted for the Tea Party.

  • NeoKong

    Too good to be true.

  • chris

    All I want for Christmas!!

  • ★FALCON★

    This is an early Christmas present.

    Paul Ryan, Godspeed.

  • YES!

  • man_in_tx

    Based on his voting record, as well as his silence in recent weeks (fiscal cliff? gun control?), i doubt that Ryan will be much of an improvement.

    I would, however, love to be proven wrong!

  • ★FALCON★

    Mister Ryan was the most articulate of the Conservative message – and that helped Romney to make it to the finish line. Without Ryan – Romney was toast before the summer ended.

    Paul Ryan also had the only budget that passed the house in the last few years.

    Additionally, the GOP / Republicans / Conservatives need a clear voice, which has been sorely lacking for almost a decade since the departure of DeLay.

  • PP206

    Paul Ryan is tainted by his association with RINO Romney.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    The only cong critters I ever heard stand up to the thug in chief are Allen West Michelle Bachman and Lou Gohmert. All are unafraid and able to articulate conservative values without backing down. The others are basically worthless.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    They gotta get someone in there with some political savvy, because the one that’s in there now doesn’t have any.

  • GotFreedom

    What we most like about Paul Ryan is his ability to STAND UP TO BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA WITH THE FACTS. . .remember how he “schooled” BHO at the Health Care Summit? It was outstanding. . .we need someone who knows and understands how the economy works; is smart enough to do something constructive about it and won’t take any crap from BHO/Dems and we feel that Paul Ryan is that person! John Boehner has lost all credibility; kowtows to BHO and doesn’t strike us as that smart when it comes to facts and figures. If Paul Ryan was good enough to be POTUS (in the tragic event of death), then he is more than qualified to be Speaker of the House. . .also, if he is made Speaker, hope he re-instates the “purged” conservatives to their committee positions and puts more conservatives in powerful positions!

  • ★FALCON★
    Those members and staffers requested anonymity from Breitbart News at this time to prevent retaliation from Boehner similar to what happened to those four members who were purged from their powerful committee assignments a few weeks ago. Their expressed concern is that if Boehner knew who they were, his adverse reaction toward them would be much more brutal than losing committee assignments, such as a primary challenge in 2014 by a leadership-sponsored candidate.

    Let’s face it – Boehner has acted like a Democrat with his vilification of conservative members. That’s no way to conduct yourself when you currently have only one house and need all the votes you can get.

    Further – Boehner’s attempt to raise taxes on millionaires last night was ill-advised and foolhardy. I understand why he did it, however, Boehner has always negotiated from a position of weakness and not strength – after-all, the congress controls the purse-strings and Boehner has never acted like he understands monetary value.

    I hope it’s Ryan – but if it’s not, change is needed.

  • ★FALCON★

    #10 December 21, 2012 at 8:04 pm
    PP206 commented:

    Paul Ryan is tainted by his association with RINO Romney.

    That’s a ridiculous, stupid and dumb comment.

  • Make him speaker, anything to rile his Majesty is good enough for me!

  • AuntieMadder

    #4 December 21, 2012 at 7:51 pm
    NeoKong commented:

    Too good to be true.

    That’s what I was thinking.

  • AuntieMadder

    #11 December 21, 2012 at 8:04 pm
    dba_vagabond_trader commented:

    The only cong critters I ever heard stand up to the thug in chief are Allen West Michelle Bachman and Lou Gohmert.

    Paul Ryan has stood up to and gone a few rounds with Kenya Boy before.

  • AuntieMadder

    @ FALCON #15: PP should only be heard in the restroom.

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  • ★FALCON★

    Another point – based on this – (sorry for the extremely long snippet) – my comment at the end.

    According to the plan as drafted, the first step is to re-establish the election of the Speaker of the House by secret ballot, rather than by a public roll call vote. That’s because the members who would oppose Boehner, if there ended up not being enough votes to achieve their desired result or if Boehner scared via threat or coaxed via prize some of the opposition into voting for him, would be sitting ducks for retaliation in the near future.

    As one hill staffer considering this path told Breitbart News, the members involved in an unsuccessful coup d’etat would be “toast.”

    To establish a secret ballot election for Speaker of the House, one Republican member will need to step forward and introduce a resolution on the House floor on the morning of January 3, 2013, before any other business takes place. Those close to this plan are convinced that a member will step forward and introduce this resolution.

    On January 3, the House of Representatives will convene for the first order of business for the 113th Congress. Normally, the first order of business is for the House to elect a Speaker.

    But if a member introduces that resolution for a secret ballot, the whole House will vote on that first. That vote will need to have a public roll call, meaning the American people, the press, and Boehner will know who voted which way. Even so, those who are considering this path forward to unseat Boehner know that Boehner and other establishment Republicans can’t legitimately oppose the concept of a secret ballot election for a leader of a political body.

    Why’s that? In a 2009 op-ed Boehner himself wrote for U.S. News and World Report, the then House Minority Leader bashed unions for their failure to employ secret ballot elections to protect those voting. Boehner’s op-ed was an attack on the Democrats’ Employee Free Choice Act, also known as “card check” – legislation that would have hurt the sacred concept of elections so badly that, in Boehner’s own words, “it would leave them [workers voting in union elections] open to coercion and intimidation.”

    This truly is the last chance to save the country. I know many will say that our Presidential defeat was game, set, match. However, the leadership of Boehner and Cantor (who I supported two years ago) has acted as Obama’s cohorts.

    A government lacking a system of check and balances is sure to fail and we have see the results of this conglomeration.

    If Boehner is not defeated in this struggle for the party you can literally kiss your ass goodbye. Fin.

  • shadow

    Allen West Michelle Bachman and Lou Gohmert.

    You left out Steve King and Joe Walsh, the balance of the Bat-Crap Crazy Caucus.

  • donh

    The reincarnation of dough face Wig party leader WAGON BOY FROM OHIO must GO….>

    ” He is perhaps also remembered for his sponsorship during the 36th Congress in early 1861 of the proposed Corwin amendment to the United States Constitution which remains to this day technically still pending for ratification before the state legislatures. That amendment would have prohibited any amendments to the Constitution from interfering with slavery in the United States. When it was approved by Congress and sent out to the state legislatures for consideration, it was a last-ditch effort to avert the outbreak of the Civil War. ”

    Corwin as a REPUBLICAN tried to insulate slavery from EVER being defeated AFTER Lincoln won election in 1860….Boner , following the TEA PARTY revolution of 2010 has followed in the footsteps of Corwin …. enabling an outrageous evil moral hazard to continue . He has sought to rewrite the laws governing debt ceilings so the American people can never stop government from spending unlimited money and condemning future generations to the slavery of unbearable debt. BONER MUST GO ! and enough of that little brown noser RYAN too. He is one of the BOYS in a time that calls for MEN and WOMEN. He couldn’t even beat Biden in a debate !

  • Oliver

    Doesn’t really matter who’s Speaker; bottom line is that the GOP just got played big time by the master strategist Axelrod.

    Bush tax cuts expire, Obama implements NEW cuts for the 98%, heretofore known as The OBAMA TAX CUTS and looks like a hero, while House Repubs look like the schmucks they are.

    The whole bunch of them just walked right into it. Pathetic.

  • owl

    I love Paul Ryan but I do not think he is the right person at this time.

    We need someone capable, experienced and with nothing to lose.

    I say we need Newt. I agree with #11 about Bachman, West and Louie. They get it but I think we need a real hell raiser that knows how to shut the place down. It would shock the Scoopers/Dems/Obama into he**.

    Newt would get out there and ask about the budget and then tell you what he really thought about it. Newt likes to hear his VOICE. Newt thinks he is smart and I think he is smart enough to hold it together and give them what Boehner should have done in 2010.

    This nice gentlemanly conduct is bull when we are getting our brains beat out without anyone raising a VOICE.

    We need someone that will turn our side loose. Newt would not have stood for this crap and I am afraid that Ryan is too much the tech/nerd to do us any good. We need a VOICE.

    Willing to consider your Aunt or Uncle but these Wimpy Not Able To Control Anything while doing The Silence has been building in me since 2004. They lost 2006.

  • jackson_murrell

    Paul Ryan would be a helluva House Speaker. He wouldn’t treat the Tea Party caucus like an inconvenient relative and, being tough,articulate, and intelligent, would never be confused for a Dem.

  • Fuquay Steve

    I also heard Laura say that because she has children of a certain age (6 or 7) that gun control really must be looked at rationally and reasonably. Oh well, there goes another one…in a few years when her kids get to be of a certain age, she will think free condoms will be great and abortions on demand will be just peachy. Eventually when her kids hit retirement age, SS better not be touched or modified in any way, after all – they are her children.

  • Fuquay Steve

    No wonder she’s filling in for the great big gov’t secularist, Bill O’Reilly.

  • GotFreedom

    Here’s a question for all of you to ponder. . .if Ryan becomes Speaker. . .would he run for POTUS in 2016?

  • Flintstone F.


    Face and palm suddenly meet.

    Boehner’s got to go. Obama is not an easy person to negotiate with because he’s a Narcissistic spoiled brat elitist thug commie, stoner.


  • Injunjoe

    That would be a real breath of fresh air…

  • AmericaWILL

    I was cheering for this a week after the election. I don’t think Ryan will be as easy to manipulate by the demos.

  • Multitude

    Boehner has been a persistent failure. In the corporate world, he would have been fired at least two years ago. His aggressive actions that divided the party – secretly removing committee chairs that didn’t vote lock-step with his paternalistic, authoritarian command – not only drove away Tea Party folks, but reminded the nation once again that the Republican Party is the party of elite, white privileged men of excessive wealth.

    The left will continue to drive the country into its communist dystopia if unchallenged, and Boehner preempts and precludes any serious challenge. He effectually enables the tyranny of the left through his ineptitude.

    Throw him out, or we’re already gone. Republicans, you deserve no second chance through the astounding bungling you did in 2008 and 2012. You’ve repeatedly ignored the will of the people, appointing Mint Julep white elite males and trashing black men and conservative women. No more!

  • bad actor

    Paul Ryan would be a big improvement!

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    ..or if Boehner scared via threat or coaxed via prize some of the opposition into voting for him, would be sitting ducks for retaliation in the near future.

    Are those people serious? They’re worried Mr Weepy is going to scare a fellow House Republican via a threat or somehow retaliate in the future?

    What’s he done so far? Remove people from committees? If a House Republican doesn’t have one of those assignments then there’s little to lose. And if he is somehow one of those types who is willing to play political hardball with fellow party members but not the opposition, then he should be removed anyway, because his value in his current position is diddly squat.

  • Rose

    Paul Ryan’s budget was little different in total $$$ outlay than Obama – his trajectory of spending nearly the same, delayed in places by as as little as 3-4 months and in others a MUCH as 3-4 years.

    He doesn’t understand CUT SPENDING, and in SEND THE TRAJECTORY DOWNHILL!

    Easy to do, they don’t even LOOK at the real waste – EPA INSANITY needs to be DISMANTLED.
    Dept of Interior, Dept of Ed, HUD


    GREEN ENERGY/ ETHANOL….SLASH IT, Grants and subsidies and tax breaks – OUT!

    If they want Green Energy, let them built ELECTROMAGNETIC GENERATORS on HIGH SIDES of NIAGRA, etc…
    If THAT is not environmentally SAFE – NONE OF THE REST OF IT IS, EITHER!!!!!

    UN spending ENTIRELY wiped out – removed from USA – it’s RUSSIAN AND MIDDLE EAST TOOL anyway – AND WE PAY for them to undermine US.
    TSA homeland security FOR MOLESTERS. Obamacare, Freddie and Fannie, NEA/NPR/PBS, ACORN, SEIU, SEUI PENSIONS.

    Congressional Pensions, WHITE HOUSE PENSIONS, Judiciary Pensions.

    If that is their plan – they should go to the DIM PARTY.

    I won’t help ENABLERS.

    The patronage of public office should no longer be confided to one who uses it for active opposition to the national will. – Thomas Jefferson


  • If you are OK with amnesty get Ryan in there.

  • Multitude

    Does anyone think Boehner matters outside of DC anyways? And seriously now, RINOs, ask youself: Since you guys were such utter losers in the election, do you think anything will happen in DC either?

    Boehner’s all about the short game: no vision. One must give credit to the progressives for playing the long game, investing into infecting education, unions, low-information voters, government assistance recipients, blacks, Hispanics, lazy college women who apparently need $14,000 a year in condoms for sex that puts a prostitute’s frequency to shame, all these demographics were constructed and informed that they need Democrats to exist. Show me a single non-political American that Boehner connects with… anyone?

    Not a soul. At best, they don’t know of his existence. When they do learn, they’re repulsed. Country club white rich man who plays dumb inside DC games for short career games at the expense of millions in suffering.

    Fire his weepy ass and put someone with principles and a fire in his belly in. Or expire, you worthless, mostly dead party. We’ll go build something better.

  • EBL
  • Amjean

    In the years he has been in govt. Paul Ryan
    hasn’t really taken a stand for anything – votes pretty much party line from what I have
    been told. Since Bush’s two terms were rino like as far as fiscal policy with growing goverment,
    that means Ryan voted right in step. Ryan also didn’t light the world on fire during Romney’s campaign. Other than his 6-pak abs that is.

    Also, I heard him lie about his time in a marathon on a radio show. I was absolutely
    shocked! And the host (might have been Hugh Hewitt, I don’t recall for certain) gave him
    an opportunity to correct himself and it didn’t happen.

    I am willing to give him a chance. I liked the way he schooled Obama on the budget.
    Hopefully, he would stand up to the dems. I don’t have much hope tho as they keep trying
    to get rid of Palin, conservatives in the party and the Tea Party. I don’t really see Ryan
    as a conservative; perhaps a faux conservative. He would be better than Cantor.

  • I hope to God this is true. If it is and Ryan gets it, Obama will *hit a brick. He’ll act like his Communist buddies can handle Ryan, and they may be able to come up with all kinds of dirt on him, of course this bunch of Marxist would come up with dirt on Jesus Christ. “Yeah, he rides a donkey everywhere he goes.”, “Yeah, I heard he parties with tax collector’s.” “Have you heard the latest about this guy Jesus, he claims he’s the son of God. Isn’t that a laugh?
    Which God, Alla, ha, ha, ha.” You know who “Alla” is don’t you? He’s the 1600 b.c. mythical god of death and revolution all the Arabs worshipped before Muhammed came along.

    Obama would begin in on him right off the bat by accusing him of being the one who came up with the Medicare reform that cut off all the old people, and called for 4 trillion dollars worth of cuts. You notice Obama nor anyone else calls these cuts, “budget cuts”. That’s what Obama needs to be attacked on without let up and that is that his not demanding Pelosi or Reid come up with a budget. Without a budget the spending Obama is doing is causing our debt to spiral out of control. With a budget it wouldn’t have that tendency anymore at least. And whenever Obama calls for the governments spending ceiling to be raised he doesn’t use the term budget limit increase. He just calls it spending ceiling like there isn’t any such thing as a budget, just spending.

    Ryan would put a stop to that immideately. Ryan would demand that either Obama and the Socialist come up with a budget or he’ll shut the government down right now.

  • Bronson

    If Boner remains speaker I will never vote Republican ever again


  • rolling thunder

    Boehner must go. This is the Hope and Change I believe in.

  • Leslie Franken

    He will be able to spend more time with his bottle.

  • rrpjr

    Sure, let’s try Ryan. Then we can watch him roll over for Obama, too, just sound more articulate while he’s doing it. The current GOP “leadership” is simply not up to fighting the Left. We need a revolution within the party, or a third party.

  • Patty

    And I hope the sources are correct. We need change and Congressman Paul Ryan hopefully will stand up to Obama.

  • donh

    #42 I am inclined to agree with you and I have been voting R my whole life. EVERYBODY paying attention can see Boner has a serious HOSTILITY towards RUSH…the way he jumped on him during the fluke slut incident and the way he spoke to Obama the night of his re-election ” We are ready to be lead…We want you to succeed “…a direct slap at Rush’s ” I hope he fails “.

    Add to this Boner’s comments ‘ there is no Tea Party caucus ‘ . His treatment of Michelle Bachmann in the Huma Abedeen affair. The loss of Alan West. His handling of the debt ceiling…Lip servicing the conservative issues, baiting and switching, caving and trying to fool people with spin. I see nothing but CONTEMPT from BONER for the millions of voters like me who want America to remain strong, prosperous, and faithful to its traditions.

    Boner is at war with his own party while he has dinner with fascist Dems like Steny Hoyer plotting how he can cobble together enough Democrat votes to obstruct the evil heartless racist conservatives demanding an end to socialist economics. Its time for this solemn A$$ to go find a monument to rest under so we can come to terms with the hard work that needs to be done.

  • I was saying during this last Presidential elections as worse case senario that if we didn’t win the President, or the Senate that I would want the Congress to make Obama’s life a living nightmare, every hour of every day! I would want the conservative’s to throw out all the leftist, moderate, left leaning so-called Republican’s by exposing them for what they really are and that is they are Democrats. See, the Democrat Party isn’t Democrats anymore. They were taken over by the Communist Party along time ago. Most all of them are card carrying Communists, like Obama.

    I told my wife’s neice last week that and she couldn’t believe it. See, she was once married to a Black guy and had two kids by him. Now, she hangs out with more Blacks than White people. She has a Black boy friend and they live together. And don’t think I’m some kind of liberal or something that I wouldn’t think anything was wrong with that. She knows and she thinks about that way to, but what the hell, she’s got two Black kids who are grown and have kids, her grandkids. So I use her sometimes to find out what the ordinary Black think and she said she has never heard the stuff I was telling her about Obama, or the stuff he had done to the country, or who his associations were or nothing. The Blacks she’s with and knows are totally in the dark about who and what Obama is. All they know is he’s Santa Obama!!!

  • Patty

    « Breaking News »
    Assad built 10-15 mobile chemical labs a year ago – Syrian defector

    Washington Post columnist David Ignatius quotes US intelligence sources on a revelation by a Syrian defector that in late 2011, the Syrian army started building special trucks able to transport and mix chemical weapons. Inside the Mercedes or Volvos, which looked outwardly like refrigerator trucks, mobile labs were installed to combine and activate “binary” chemical weapons agents. The defector said that, six weeks ago, the Syrian opposition secretly handed Lebanese officials a description of the trucks so that they could watch the border to make sure they did not cross over and reached Hizballah.

  • My wife’s neice who has the two Black kids, who are grown, her son works at the Pentagon, and her daughter runs a small company. That comes from having a White mother who came from a well to do family. She wasn’t about to have her two kids turn out to be Negro’s, she wanted them to amount to something, and they did. Her son is a Marine Sergeant who works with a Colonel doing something, he won’t tell her, and she doesn’t ask. She tried one time and he told her not to ask anymore. So it’s a inside joke now. He’s in the military so he has the same attitude I had about Blacks when I was in the Army, you don’t see color…most times anyway. He can’t understand why no one in his mother’s family, ours, don’t want to have anything to do with him. He has no understanding about the South and Southern families with skeleton’s in the closet, like his mother.

    Obama doesn’t even know what it’s like to be an American let alone a Southerner.

  • Mrs. P

    That is the best news that I have heard all day….Hopefully Ryan will have the Nads to get things done and clean up Bonehead’s mess!!

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Then we can watch him roll over for Obama, too, just sound more articulate while he’s doing it.

    If he’s not up to the task, then replace him too. Wash, rinse, and repeat until someone up to the task is in the position.

    If Ryan doesn’t feel he’s sufficiently tough leadership material or up to the task, then he should say so at the outset so that other suitable candidates can be sought. The current officeholder needs to go, the sooner the better.

  • Voicemale1

    You mean the Paul Ryan who was part of the LOSING Romney-Ryan ticket? The Paul Ryan who was begging Republicans – along with the Three Stooges leading the House GOP – to actually VOTE for Plan B? The Paul Ryan who had a hand in The Three Stooges “purge” of Conservatives from their committee assignments?? THAT Paul Ryan? Uh, you guys better think VERY carefully about Ryan as Speaker. He’s shown more than a few Dark Sides toward Conservatives, and he’s nothing more than a policy wonk. Ryan isn’t so much a Conservative as he is a neo-Libertarian. Examine his voting record closely and you will see plenty of non-Conservative stands he takes. He’s not all he’s been portrayed to be, so don’t be shocked when he disappoints. Caveat Emptor..

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  • charlotte

    I knew Boehner was a sellout when he golfed with Obama.


    Someone said that you don’t have to be an elected congressman to be speaker of the house.
    If this is true, I say the GOP nominates Allen West to keep him in Congress.

  • wtd

    #56 . . .you beat me to it. I was about to type the exact same comment! If one does not need to be a currently elected congress critter to be Speaker of The House, then Allen West should be one of the primary contenders for this position. Keeping LTC Allen West in Congress as Speaker would certainly send an unnerving ‘not-so-fast-sonny-boy’ message to the cretins who undermined that election in Florida.

  • Finncrisp

    Bohener moves real slow, crys a lot, and has a lot of discomfort with his role as speaker. Instead of rejoicing in his firing, why not put some positive spin on his departure? Thank him for his service and pass the gavel to the next generation. Washington is a strange place and it is getting stranger by the day with the likes of Barry in office. GOP needs to retool and get on message. It has been a disappointment to see them take contant criticism and the Dems get to spew their hate without any at all. We need to drop the Wasington speak, keep it simple , and keep it true.
    Principals, not politics.

  • David

    Ryan failed. As far as I am concerned, he should quit politics

  • FMB42

    They’re all sellouts.

    We need to quit falling for the “Dem vs Rep” stagged dramas that these political actors keep playing.

    The true agenda of the Dem/Rep party is to gain ever increasing power and wealth for themselves and their government while, at the same time, decreasing the same for us.

    The endless talk and drama between the Dem/Rep party (of one) is only meant to fool voters into thinking that we still live under a Republic form of government.

    The fact is that we largely live under an unelected supreme judicial dictatorship that has, for decades, ignored and/or over-ruled the majority votes of we the people. This supreme judicial dictatorship has corrupted our Constitution into a tool that they routinely use to suppress we the people. Numerous “pro-government” rulings by this judicial dictatorship during the last 50 years are proof of this (the recent Obama Care, voter ID, and other various “pro-illegal immigrant” rulings are just some of the more flagrant acts imposed against us by this corrupt judicial dictatorship).

    About the only chance we have of returning this country back into an “honest” Republic would be for us to elect third party candidates. This can be done if we ignore the MSM’s blatant bias in favor of mainly Democrat, and to a lessor degree Republican, candidates. We just need to remember that Independent party registered voters out number the Dem/Rep party.

    It will take a third party to break the collusion that “clandestinely” exists between the so-called Dems and Reps.

  • what?

    Yes more of the republican party tearing itself apart! Good good, let the hate consume you!

  • Gravelyvoice Jim

    An improvement somewhat over Boner, but has Ryan ever held a real job in his life outside of politics? Ryan is just another up and comer from the establishment side of the house.

    Here’s a thought: nowhere in the Constitution does it require that the Speaker actually be an elected House member. It could be anyone.

    My pick: Allen West.

  • AnnaS

    #15 I gree! What a dumb statement about Ryan.

  • AnnaS

    Agree (sorry for typo)

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  • valerie

    I hope so.

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  • valerie

    #59 December 22, 2012 at 8:18 am
    David commented:

    Ah, yes! Another Obama supporter heard from!

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  • anon

    Ryan is unacceptable, his budget balances in 28 years !!

    WTF ?? I’m sorry but it’s time to get serious.

    AMA are suggesting Rep. Jim Jordan, outgoing chairman of the Republican Study Committee. A conservative who has bucked leadership (he voted against lifting the debt ceiling last year) and is unashamed. Only he can unite the caucus behind conservative principles.

    Ryan is very smart dont get me wrong but he’s too squishy and would not be a good leader.

  • Mad Hatter

    Wasn’t it Ryan that had the backbone to take Obama to the woodshed in front of the cameras during the Health Care Summit?

  • Kansas

    Newt, Alan West? Doesn’t the speaker of the house actually have to be in the house?
    Just give them everything they want and let it rip. Isn’t anyone else sick and tired of taking the blame?

  • valerie

    #47 December 21, 2012 at 11:24 pm
    donh commented:

    From where I sit, Rush f’d up big time, and he deserved to be called on it. Too bat that particular bell didn’t get unrung. That, and several other incandescently stupid statements by Repubs on similar subjects, won reluctant votes for the Democrats in droves.

  • Sandy

    I like it – I like it – I like it

  • Mad Hatter

    Well, there’s something big going on.

    “Several conservative House Republican members are contemplating a plan to unseat Speaker John Boehner from his position on January 3, Breitbart News has exclusively learned. Staffers have compiled a detailed action plan that, if executed, could make this a reality.

    Since there are 233 Republicans heading into the next Congress, only 17 Republicans would be needed to unseat Boehner. The House would continue having multiple elections throughout the day on January 3 until it agreed upon a new Speaker.”

  • EdinNJ

    Thank you all so much. This has been so entertaining to read. All of you combined do not have the brain cells to form one human brain, let alone dictate policy. I only pray that you all are so close to expiring that your particular form of idiocy is limited to those posting here, and cannot be passed down to future generations. You would all do humanity a favor, especially that vile Rose above, if you voluntarily removed yourselves from the gene pool.

    Allen West or Newt Gingrich as speaker! I’ll savor that special brand of stupidity for awhile. Oh, and Paul Ryan never schooled (!) Obama. He looked like a fool, and going forward, probably single-handedly led to the Democratic landslide. I pray he becomes Speaker, so that your party’s demise is accelerated.

  • Mad Hatter


    Go back to the Daily Kook site, it’s down the hall, last door on the left.

  • Winston Wolfe


    FOAD, already.

  • JohnB

    Paul Ryan is another inside the beltway establishment career politician who couldn’t even out-debate Joe Biden.

    No thanks.

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  • HopeforAmerica

    Lyin’ Ryan as Speaker? What a utter Disaster that would be! Nothing would get done, and Republican rankings would be further in the toilet. Ryan is worse than Boehner. What the Republicans need is a reputable, moderate, level-headed speaker and Ryan isn’t it.

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