Latest Hollywood Humor: Jamie Foxx Says “I Get to Kill All the White People!” (Crowd Roars)

It’s funny to joke about killing whitey.
Jamie Foxx went on a racist tirade last night on Saturday Night Live.

“I got a new movie coming out ‘Django Unchained’. And in the movie I got to wear chains. But don’t be worried about it because in the movie I get out of the chains. I get free. I save my wife and I kill all the white people in the room. How great is that?”

The crowd loved it.

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  • ★FALCON★

    Typical low information Obama voter. Not to mention low IQ, very very low.

  • briscuit

    So, as whitey, I can say ” I save my wife and I hang all the black people in the room. How great is that?”, and that is considered funny as well, eh? Just wanna know the rules here.

  • Noovuss

    The rules are that the universities, public schools and the media are controlled by communists.
    It’s as they say, “game over”…………..

  • Noovuss
  • Mad Hatter

    You hear the low iq voters cheer this racist, and his “how black is that” lines. People will come off saying, “oh, it’s comedy, no big deal”. The reality is, the Alinsky Left uses comedy as a political weapon.

  • Stephana

    Hey in the hood they kill a bunch of black people.

  • i wish af-am folks would remember they were SOLD INTO slavery by muslims.

    and liberated by WHITES.

    and that anglos ended the global slave trade.

    so tat today, slavery is ony practiced in islamic nations.

  • Tom Doniphon

    Well I’m not worried about Jamie because his Lord and Savior will redeem him!

  • Swifty

    I found that offensive.

    I hope he has socked away money from his previous work. As a consumer who makes entertainment choices, this man is dead to me. How great is that?

  • TheDefLeperecon

    This is really simple to solve! The whiteys need to stop giving their hard earned money to these Hollyweird 1%ers. Whitey supports their lavish lifestyles. Whitey buys all of their toys, posters, cds and garbage. My family does not. Not 1 penny. No movies (haven’t been in a theater since 1986) no renting movies, no toys associated w/ movies, singers, tv shows etc. It’s not hard to do. When you do something enough, it becomes habit. I have raised my 6 kids to do the same. They laugh at these people and those that support them. It’s more than a boycott. It’s a lifestyle choice and a choice of where mom and dad’s hard earned money go. We support those people and companies that are like minded and we agree with and don’t give anything to those who use, exploit and bleed us dry so they can get their time in the spotlight as a “I’m famous so do as I say, know it all, actor/singer God’s gift to humanity, I know better than you fool.” Just stop supporting these liberal, commie loving, elitest bloodsuckers. Your mind and wallet will be better for it.

  • MarkJ

    “Well I’m not worried about Jamie because his Lord and Savior will redeem him!”

    I reckon that, given where Jamie is likely going to end up, he’ll be dealing with a lot nastier and far less forgiving dude.

  • Economan

    It takes a Black Muslim Marxist President to bring out the stupidity in people.

  • Mad Hatter

    I can’t wait for Saturday Night Live to have a white guy come out, brag up white people and what they’ve done, and end each line with, “how white is that”.

    You mean it won’t happen? Gee, I wonder why?

  • ss2522

    I will never watch any movie this guy is in, Dont know about you but at our local movie place the evil whites are the patrons even in a well populated black area? AS MICHAEL JORDAN ONCE STATED when asked why he doesnt bring up politics?


    Wake up you Hollywood imbasils!

  • Alvin

    Wonder how many white audience members were applauding.

  • doc

    Yeah, but it wasn’t “meant” to be racist, don’t ya know.

  • rolling thunder

    When such racist lines are uttered in comedic routines, they become acceptable in respectable conversation, and then in conventional culture–and that leads to a very dangerous cycle. Jews are very alert to smash any such anti-Semitism from ever getting aired in comedic routines. Whites should replicate Jewish intolerance of such outright racism. Sue the bastard, or at the very least boycott his movies.

  • If a white comedian had done that bit in reverse SNL studios would probably have been stormed with protestors.

  • not a single democratic politican or civil rights leader or news commentator will say a bad word about this.

    cal NBC to voice your displeasure at this racism. call the sponsors ttoo!

  • rhonda

    remember this is the guy who said Obama was his LORD and SAVIOR

  • CT

    I for one do not find this racist Negro entertaining only divisive, remember you reap whatever you sow.

  • Joanne

    He hates white people, people. Do not watch any of his movies or shows or anything else. Let his followers support his racist *ss.

  • Practical Jane


    We bought a Smart TV and signed up for Netflix and Amazon Prime. Then we canceled Comcast and told them precisely why. They sell liberal tripe – and that includes selling Obama to America. Guess what? We were in a long line of customers doing exactly the same thing for the same reason.

    Get Hollywood out of your living room. It’s poison. Fire Comcast, Dish, Direct, Hulu, and any other provider of lefty trash. Never hear the left coming from the squawk box again, and never see another commercial – It’s GREAT!

  • Paul Davis

    Hey, put Jamie’s comments on a large billboard, attributed to him, on I-40, I-70 and I-81.

    Right under his name and comment: “OWN IT, NBC!”

    Just like this:

    “I Get to Kill All the White People!” – Jamie Foxx

    OWN IT, NBC!

    Make them wear it like an albatross.

  • That’s it! We won’t support anyone that hates us. My family will never ever watch another Jamie Foxx movie.

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  • Occupied Territory

    My wife and I saw the whole thing. It was disturbing. Unvarnished racism in the spotlight. Plenty of laughs about killing all the whites, and I’m sure most of them are white. It’s one thing to have this type of thing in a movie itself, but Foxx brought it into the present, into reality. It wasnt’ funny, and I don’t think it was intended to be funny. Don’t know if I’ve ever seen a Foxx movie, but I know that neither my wife nor I will be from here on. (As an aside, what was funny was Foxx’s haircut. His hairline looked like something from a nutcracker. Not sure what was going on there.)

  • Big Al

    Funny how race relations have improved so much since the election of HRH Obama, the healer in chief.

  • Quaidius

    Havent u forgotten Garret Morris – “I’m gonna get me a gun and kill every whitey I see.” SNL song/bit from well over 30 years ago? Jamie Foxx = not new.

  • Look-Out

    The “entertainment” industry is destroying America. Their idea of funny sure isn’t mine —

    Don’t know what the show was, but pretty sure it was NBC that I happened to click on Friday night as I tried out my new remote…

    I’m looking at a lineup of a number of 30somethings. For some reason they were exchanging fast remarks and what became french kisses – especially a couple of the men – exaggerated tongue action you wouldn’t believe – so disgusting

    and I was at a disadvantage: seemed FOREVER before I managed to change the channel. There’s a lesson there about exploring TV with an unfamiliar remote. Or watching any TV at all.

  • gsrider

    I’ll never watch a Jamie Foxx movie again? Where have some of you people been the last 20 years. Progressive liberals have been spewing racist nonsense like this for decades. They happily take your money and call YOU the racists.
    Better late than never.

  • DecentAmerican

    It’s the typical double standard of racist liberal political correctness. You can never be racist if you are black. So saying “black men can’t swim” is ridiculously racist and get get you fired, whereas saying “white men can’t jump” is a comedy movie.
    White voters voting overwhelmingly for a white president because he is white is racist, but black voters voting overwhelmingly for a black president is considered a historic moment.

    We must keep educating Americans with the truth…liberals have always been, and will always be, the true racists. Comedians like Foxx and Chris Rock are obsessed with race, and hence their routines are filled with race jokes, and therefore they are the purist firms if racists.

    When true Americans see this President, they see an incompetent, inexperienced, ignorant, lying, selfish, narcissistic buffoon. When liberals see this President, they only see a black man. So any criticism against him is because he is black, because that is entirely the sum of what liberals see. So who is the racist?


    The evidence is overwhelming, the history speaks for itself.

  • bobdog

    I think I get it. I guess what Foxx is really saying is that I can shoot all the black people that try.

    Seems pretty ignorant and racist to me, but….OK, if that’s what it gets down to.

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  • Harvey D

    OH! not meant to be rascist??? Take off the ignorant glasses and see the truth. If it were Brad Pitt instead of this clown, it would have made national news for attacks on a minority group. Protesters, Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson would have come slithering out from under the rocks lickity-split!

  • Bring it on , boy. Leave the guns at home and let’s go tough guy.

  • tek

    Geez, how does anybody even know he said that? Didn’t everyone stop watching SNL decades ago?

  • Hugh

    Really sick that he even thinks that way and would think that would be funny. What a freak. Imagine if some white dude made comment that he gets to kill black people and people clapped! These people are blind.

  • Left atheists

    90% blacks voted 2nd term. All of their churches should be shut down or made into abortion clinics since they support obamas policies i.e destroying babies after they are born infantcide and gay marriage. HYPOCRITEs! They need to read a bible. I will never watch tom hanks, sara jessica parker..all the libs who walk with this FAKE Christian who wears a ring “ONE true GOD” allah…atheist communist ..and jarrett. What fakes. Its a joke that the liberals call themselves Christians and go to “CHURCH” . I guess the ten commandments is a comic book to them. Foxx is two points above plant life. Kill whitey? LOL He would be nothing without whitey! All of them..Africa has never advanced ..never. They have 3000 dialects. They are the only continent that has NO universal language.NONE. If they would not have been brought here they would still be sitting in mud huts. But FOXX is on tv that whitey invented, recorded by a camera that whitey invented and drives a car that whitey invented..and uses his cell phone that whitey invented.. Without the saxtons (whitey) they would be in muslim tents taken over by islamics slave traders waiting line get to get circumsized…

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  • Mad Hatter

    How convenient, NBCUniversal had the video yanked.

  • Bill

    White folks you better wake up to what is coming. In my opinion any white person that voted
    for Hi As_sholiness is a Traitor,Moron and As_hole just like him!

  • Bill

    Excellent post #40! Obama and his legion of Black followers are emboldened and they are pushing for a race war…well, when and if it ever gets to the point where the white Male feels his has no choice but to respond the black as_sholes ( not good and decent Blacks folks)
    are gonna be real sorry that started this.

  • Lucretia D’Obabydaddy
  • Gail

    He sounds like a typical heathen to me. What’s new? He’s got shiny new pants and a pocketful of money! Racist? Nawwwwww!

  • jony101

    maybe in hollywood he can kill all the white people he want, in the real world today or of the 1800’s, he would not get too far.


    Don’t you love the make-believe tough guys?
    No doubt, Mr. foxx, you’ld not do so well if you were up against real flesh-and-blood souls.
    But keep on traveling in your delusion.
    I was never a fan, but my house will NEVER allow anything he is associated with to enter the home.

  • Cancel your Cable subscription! Yes we can do it. Let O-phone owners pay for SNL!

  • Patty

    Humor? RACIST.

  • Patty

    And Foxx has been saying things so he can get publicity. Some of your egomaniacs, like Foxx and Obama love to stir things up.

    And this is called Chaos. Liberals love them some of that Chaos.

  • If what Foxx says is true, then in the mind of us white folks George Zimmerman should win an Academy Award…….

  • Dave

    HAHAHA – oh man, you guys are killing me tonight. I feel like I should make a drinking game – each time someone mentions an obamaphone, I take a drink. Each time I hear about a obamaphone in real life, I take a drink. I’ll only be drunk online.

  • USMC Thomas

    Blacks never mention the first link in the chain of slavery was their black African rulers selling their own black slaves to white traders.

  • jaxson

    Foxx is a tough guy now….ooohhh so funny…what a P.O.S.

  • Orwellian States

    The wife and I no longer go to the movies. We don’t buy dvds either. A long time ago we said we would no longer support Hollywood’s lefty views. MY suggestions: read, garden, spend time with family, practice shooting skills, etc. Black comedy consists of using the F word, mocking whites, etc. Their culture is largely one parent families, children from different fathers, drugs, basketball, hip-hop. According to Florida’s education system, they can’t cut it in school. What a great culture!

  • American Woman

    Hollywood generally works against God. Look at what it produces, the lifestyle it embraces, the people it pushes as role models. The Golden Age of Hollywood is long dead. Bury it and walk away.

    Don’t go to the movie theater, and definitely don’t bring their garbage into your home. Save your money and your family.

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  • Dave

    Oh please, Orwellian State, tell us more about the Black community! What drugs do all Blacks love the most? Tell me, is it a law that Black mothers have more than one Baby Daddy, or is that just tradition, as you’ve seen it? I had no idea that my Black students weren’t cutting it in school – I mean, I’ve got Black students making an A in my class right now, but that must be a mistake – I’ll fail them immediately. Thank you for pointing this out!

  • Joshua

    Can I kill all the blacks? Oh wait his people are doing that for me. Foxx is just ghetto trash nigg@#!

  • Dave

    That’s right, Joshua, please spew more ignorance and let everyone know how misguided and pointless you all are.


    I have for the longest time thought that this guy was unstable. Time will prove me right. NO. That time has come.


    I have for the longest time believed that this guy is unstable. Time will prove me right. NO. That time has come.

  • Jake Green

    Jamie Foxx, what a racist piece of sh*t. But then that’s why he believes Obama is his “lord and saviour.”

  • Liberal Hater

    Hey J man. I have an idea. How about we ship you and your race back to Africa. Now that’s WHITE. Got another idea J man. How about you pay for all your black thugs. Now that’s WHITE.

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  • Sandi

    Kill all the white people? Too bad Obama’s mother isn’t alive

  • gp

    Jamie’s drugs must be getting to the logistical part of his brain. If all the whitey’s were killed, his lord and savior would never have been born.

  • Yeosailor

    People have always been brainwashable.

    Today, it’s propaganda: Media forces made-up guilt on viewers/listeners to agree to an agenda that the entertainers sell.
    “You are guilty if you don’t help this person. ” “the tea baggers are racists” etc. but their real motives are hidden (power to the manipulators.) I think most in the media are surrounded by others who have been immersed with that sort of thinking, and are just useful idiots. Jamie Foxx sounds like one of those idiots, who actually in fact is a victim of brainwashing. Else he wouldn’t think killing white people was funny.

    We as people actually can recognize common foes, such as the weather or predators. Remember 911 and how everyone helped each other … we were all American and human … no race or class, just real human beings helping each other. But to fear each other? Why would we think another person is a threat, unless we were brainwashed to think that?

    How were the great pyramids built? Brainwashing. How was the great wall of china built? Brainwashing. How did the Mongol hordes defeat so many countries? Brainwashing. How is our USA being brought down? Brainwashing. Why did Germany invade France? Brainwashing. the list is. depressingly endless.