L.I. Couple Allegedly Assaulted By Pizzeria Workers, Told “This Is For Obama” (Video)

A Long Island couple said they were assaulted by workers at a pizzeria after they complained about their slices.
The couple said they were called the “n-word” during the assault.
The workers deny the allegations.

CBS Local reported:

A bizarre altercation at a Suffolk County pizzeria has resulted in surreal allegations and a strong denial of wrongdoing.

One of the alleged victims, Willie Marshall, said it was the most shocking thing of his life.

A visit last Saturday to Paesano II Pizza in Greenlawn ended with an injury to his eye. and his wife, Alfie, with blood on her shirt and shoes, and an injury to her head too graphic to show on television.

“He stomped me in my face again, then he made a racial slur — I don’t want to say it on the air, I don’t want to do that,” Willie Marshall said…

…The Marshalls claim they turned to leave before the men at the counter, brothers Frank and Michael Meringolo, mocked them, threw a salt or pepper shaker at Mrs. Marshall, hit Mr. Marshall and used ugly language, CBS 2′s Tony Aiello reported.

The pizzeria employees were charged with misdemeanor assault.

“We don’t deserve this, and nobody else deserves this either,” Alfie Marshall said.

“The allegations as they appear to be, that one of the employees had said ‘This is for Obama.’ You tell me what that means?” said the Marshalls’ attorney, J. Stewart Moore…

…“He used the ‘N’ word. He said [expletive] this is for Obama,” Willie Marshall added.

The attorney for the pizzeria’s owner said Marshall threw a jar of Parmesan cheese at his clients, not the other way around as claimed,
1010 WINS’ Gary Baumgarten reported.

The Meringolo brothers also claimed Alfie Marshall was hurt inadvertently when her husband ran and bumped her into the door and that no racial slurs were uttered.

“The allegation by Mr. and Mrs. Marshall that the incident on Nov. 24 was quote a racial attack or an Obama backlash is completely untrue,” defense attorney Richard Toscani said.

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  • Jarred

    Were any of the punk ass black kids attacking whites in their ghetto flash mobs charged with hate crimes? To my knowledge, no.

    Therefore, I don’t care if they did call him a racial slur. When everyone is held to the same standard in that regard, maybe I’ll care some day. Until then, whatever.

  • RealMc

    1……..2…………3………. BULL$HIT.

  • gastorgrab

    How much of this story are they leaving out?

  • bear

    Having been falsely accused of abuse, racism and assault numerous times by those intent on getting “whitey” out of a “black man’s job,” I sympathize with the store employees. We don’t the truth, here, but just as in false and frequent claims of rape, I remain skeptical.

    Expecting al sharpton and his fellow travelers to appear in….3…2…1….

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  • RickZ

    Setup for the redistribution of the pizzeria’s wealth to the offended couple.

  • gastorgrab

    This is all designed to get Sharpton/Jackson to stop by for a protest. They intend to run them out of business. (before anyone finds out what really happened)

  • Sickofobama

    Welcome to Obama’s world – where blacks can sue you for anything. The new way (old?) of getting reparations from you for having white skin.

    Check out the first comment on the story posted on Drudge.

    He speaks for America.

  • Truth Teller

    Is this getting more mainstream attention than the large number of black-mob events and “knock-out games” that have occurred over the past 4 years? I bet so and I would wager $1K the story is false.

  • pink tie Republican

    No justice, no pizza.

    They want a payday, if they get away with it here this will be an everyday occurence.

  • Sidney Allen Johnson

    This is a setup for Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to come into and escalate as a DISTRACTION for Obama. The media will grab this and run with it.

  • donh

    Eat the whole pizza, then complain about the quality to walk out without paying. A common SCAM. ….Sadly… ERIC HOLDER will have an FBI team down there to shut the place down by Monday.

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    if story were the other way around you would be reading it on gateway pundit and not on cbs.

  • forest

    Sounds like a Spike Lee movie. Wonder how this will end.

    (Spoiler alert: It’ll be declared the Italian guy’s fault.)

  • Conservative Ken

    Paging Tawana Brawley!

    I hope video is available.

  • dtih

    Did the stupid TV reporters ask if the pizza place had security cameras? Like Warner Wolf used to say, ‘Let’s go to the video tape!’.

    If I had a business, any kind of business that dealt with the public, I would have video cameras rolling with audio. Now, sue me you racist jerks!

  • Militant Conservative

    Sadly it will get far worse.

    This is the plan after all. Create a mess the legislate a “cure”.

    Gun sales up and ammo too. Cept, ammo is extremely high and rare due to

    the regime buying up most of the supplies.

    It’s ok, we serious patriots laid in supplies long ago.


    Freddy’s Fashion Mart in the making, Al Sharpton will soon be working up the n*****s into a tribal feeding frenzy.

    Do you think they will roast the waps or eat them raw?

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  • cc

    No 17: It is all part of the plan: Divide the country, take away our history and our heroes and then step in.
    We have to be ready to step in ourselves!
    I have never seen such a divide as Obama is creating.