Charles Krauthammer was not much impressed with White House spokesman Jay Carney’s twisted pretzel logic today:
“I don’t know what Carney is being paid, but it really isn’t enough.”
Via Special Report:

Here’s Charles from Special Report tonight:

There was this hilarious response by Carney today rejecting this – saying, “The Speaker’s plan doesn’t meet the test protecting the middle class because it can’t pass the senate” Now, think about that, how idiotic that is. It obviously, demonstrably and irrefutably protects the middle class because it affects everybody up to a million dollars. But, he’s saying it can’t protect the middle class because Democrats will reject it which will not enable it to protect the middle class. I don’t know what Carney is being paid, but it really isn’t enough.




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  1. I loved the other part when Charles said he was willing to give Hillary a full cranial examination. Priceless.

  2. Doesn’t matter Charles

    No matter what Obama and the Democrats do the utterly corrupt and soulless MSM will just spin it to make him look like Jesus and the Republicans look like Satan

    Stop playing the political games of 20 years ago. Obama has ushered in a new era of politics. We either adapt and survive or crumble.

  3. I think Carmey ‘s overpaid. He’s nothing but a worthless hack.

  4. Does anyone pay attention to Krauthammer any more? His stock is certainly in decline.

  5. IMO, anything over min wage is too much.

  6. Carney is a complete tool, we all knew that. His argument today made ZERO sense.

  7. Carney gets paid in bags of marijuana. I mean… it isn’t obvious?

  8. Republicans could do this rather simply: No meaningful spending cuts, no entitlement reform, no closing of loopholes all equals NO DEAL. Walk away and let Barry and Dingy Harry own it. The cliff is not bottomless.

  9. Squirrels eat nuts, and so does Carney.

  10. Charles Krauthammer is an American treasure

  11. Researchers have found that when someone tells a lie the tip of the nose heats up.

    When Jay Carney tells a lie, the tip of his nose turns brown.

  12. Does anyone even bother with watching or caring about the daily press briefing ?
    I mean really?

  13. Who will help us defeat the BSMedia??

  14. It never was about saving the middle class, halfwitts…It was about destroying them.. When everyone of you MSM outlets start to report that, maybe we all can sleep better. Until then the fear remains. We will fear your talking points and everything else in between. This was never about saving one red cent for the working class, get it, understand it and frigging report it..

  15. I don’t agree with Krauthammer on everything, but he’s dead right on this one. The man is brilliant!


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